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Bruce Wayne and Pamela Isley

Location: Headmaster’s Office; Academy.
Interacting With: Each other.

Pamela leaned on the sill of her open office window, looking out over the courtyard, watching the large gates that, for the moment, stood open as the students of the Academy began to trickle in for the very first time. Her gaze sought two in particular, heart yearning, wanting to be down there to great them, to talk to them. Her daughters. She looked for their familiar figures- despite having no contact with the girls since giving them up, Pamela had kept an eye on them. As close an eye as possible without bringing danger to them, or letting them know she was watching.

It had been painful; the old pain and sorrow at giving them up flaring each time she laid eyes on them. She couldn’t yet see them, but she knew that they would come. She kept her eyes on the gates, heart aching. She knew she couldn’t simply make them appear by watching but… she couldn’t turn her gaze away. She knew she ought to seek Bruce- now more than ever they needed to present a united front, to their daughters. He’d be hurting too.

She just didn’t want to take her gaze away from the gates. She didn’t want to miss their daughters. The world had changed. She could know them. And she wasn’t going to give them up again, not for anything. She turned from the window, starting out her office, towards Bruce’s. The children would be there soon… and she wanted this done.

She didn’t bother knocking, instead she pushed the door open, standing silently in the doorway for a moment or two. ”Bruce.”

The sound of his name being spoken, in her voice nonetheless, had his head raising just slightly, his dark gaze resting on her beautiful figure only a moment before his attention was drawn back to the student files in front of him. So many new faces and names; each with their own uniquely special abilities and powers… and each of them were now under his charge. He had already done it all; and yet… there was still so much that needed to be done.

His duties never ending.

Not that he cared- he liked it. Busy was good. The busier he was, the less time his mind had to settle on the fact that his daughters would be walking through the gate along with each and every other super who had either been accepted the invitation, or who had enrolled in the Academy. He was a wreck; nervous. Probably as much, if not more than she herself was; though he would never show it. Instead doing his best to keep hidden behind the large wall he had built up all those years ago.

“..the twins are arriving this morning- remind me to speak to Floyd and Slade. We’ll need to increase security. Hopefully though, they won’t try anything stupid like their parents…”

Staying where she was, Pamela watched him. It was easy to do so, especially when he put that distance between him, and what they had to face. “Of course they will. It isn’t like Harley or the Joker ever pulled back on the throttle. Why should the twins be any different?” Pamela wasn’t even too sure what had compelled the duo to sign the treaty, but she supposed they had their reasons for it.

Silent for another moment or two, Pamela waited to see if he’d set aside the work for a moment. It was a defence, she knew. But the time for that was gone. ”But that isn’t why I’m here.” she said softly, stepping inside and shutting the door.

Stopping in his tracks, his gaze frozen upon the the words in front of his eyes, Bruce sighed silently, taking a moment to swallow the rather dry lump that had so suddenly seemed to have arisen in his throat, “..I know…”

Pamela stepped towards his desk, but stopped when she was close, hesitant to do anything else. ”They’ll be here soon...” is they weren’t already. She didn’t doubt that Bruce had something set up to tell him of their arrival. They’d chosen the best option at the time, but it now seemed like the worst.

Things had never been the same. And were likely to never be the same. ”What will we do?” a year, and they’d never discussed this. ”They’re bound to be angry... “

“..they won’t be the only ones; though they are the only ones to matter.” Frowning, his head shaking lightly from side to side, Bruce closed the file, putting it down on the pile before he turned his back to her; his arms lifting to cross over his broad chest as he turned his attention down to the students filing into the courtyard at their own leisure.

“They have every right to be angry with us, Pamela.” An exasperated sigh falling through his lips, he turned only his head, his gaze flicking back so that he was able to watch her from out the corner of his eye, “..however… if they are even the tiniest shred like either of us; then they shall both get through this…”

Pamela didn't care about anyone else except her daughters right then. Perhaps that was selfish, but she didn't care. The other students would be fine. She shifted her weight to her back foot, crossing her arms over her chest.

"They may get through it, but hate us for it..." She said softly, barely managing to keep her voice steady, fear bubbling up, that she simply couldn't push back down.

“..if they hate us; they hate us. So be it- we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But at least we’ll have them in our lives…”

Pamela sighed. It wasn't the answer she wanted, but it was probably the only answer there was. "That doesn't help, if they won't let us in their lives!" old anger welled up, mixing with the fear, and she shook her head. "And it still doesn't answer my question. What will we do? The longer we wait, the harder it will be."

“Then we tell them today..!”

His anger flaring slightly in his frustration towards the situation, Bruce paused. Getting angry wasn’t going to help them any. Forcing his head to turn in the opposite direction, he closed his eyes, taking a moment to calm himself down and to just take a deep breath before speaking again, “..we tell them today, Pamela… this morning; after we greet the new students…”

Pamela hesitated, taking a step back, before she stopped, stealing her resolve. "Alright." She said, dropping her hands down to her side, "Glad that's settled." Her tone a little annoyed, Pamela turned back towards the door.

"..she's dying, Pamela..." Voice soft as he spoke, Bruce broke a single arm from his chest, his hand lifting to roughly rub at the stubble on his jaw as he stared once more down at the students, "..our-... our daughter- our little girl... she's dying..."

Pamela stopped, closing her eyes, and letting out a soft breath. Another thought she'd been trying to keep at bay. Would she- they- reunite with their daughters, only to lose one of them? She turned back towards Bruce, deliberating a moment, before she stepped towards him. "I know... " She paused for a few seconds, before reaching out to him.

"We will find a way to save her.". There was certainly the resources. She doubted there had ever been so many powerful beings in one area before- apart for the treaty; and there were healers... brilliant minds... "We won't let her die." There was no thinking on the other alternative, Pamela couldn't think about that and still be upright.

Head turning, his gaze moving to linger on her as he felt the gentle touch of her hand upon his back, Bruce hesitated a moment; his arms eventually breaking from his chest to instead once more hang by his side as he turned, giving her his profile, the fear and stress of the matter clear behind his dark eyes.

How long had they been angry at one another..? Too long to remember. For the longest of times, they had been at each other’s throat; though now everytime he looked at her… all he could see was pain… pain and disappointment in himself.

Her mere presence nothing more than a reminder of what his choices had cost him…

“..I’ve already spoken to Steven; and he has agreed to take up her care. And there is a girl to arrive today; she’s a lantern. She’ll be interning in the infirmary. We’ll have her assist him in his work…”

Pamela turned her gaze to his, his dark eyes once so familiar to her almost alien, but the fear was almost a mirror to her own. For some time, they'd been happy together... and then she'd been angry, angry at the choice they'd had to make... angry at him. Angry at herself.

"She'll be okay."

She hesitated once more, not sure of the response she'd receive, before she let her hand drop back to her side once more, looking away. They might have their daughters back- or the chance for it- but things wouldn't be the same. "She has to be... "

His heart sinking as he felt her hand slip from his body, Bruce reached out, his hands on instinct taking hold of her sides, holding her close against him as he stared at her, trying his best to catch her eye once more, “..Pamela; I’ll do everything in my power to keep her with us… I promise…”

Pamela, bewildered, did not resist as he brought her close. Turning her gaze back to his, Pamela wasn't sure at all what she'd see. "I know." she replied softly, knowing that in this, she could have faith in him. "I'd expect nothing less... "

Finding herself unable to resist his touch, Pamela sighed softly, laying one hand on his chest. "... Bruce.... "

“..I know… I’m sorry…” Realizing his mistake, Bruce relaxed his hold over her sides, his hands slipping until they were once more hung at his side, pain once more flickering over his tired features as he dropped his head, his eyes closing, “..I-... I have no right to touch you like that anymore…”

That hadn't been what she meant, what she intended, and Pamela frowned. She lifted her hand, laying it against his check. He always carried too much... always held too much back. Never let anyone else take responsibility, rarely let anyone see. She gently traced his weary features. "Always working yourself to death... " she said softly, lifting herself up slightly to brush her lips over his cheek, seeming to not be conscious of the action. "Oh, Bruce"

Turning his head slightly into her touch, his dark eyes opening, Bruce sighed softly, wanting nothing more than to just reach out and hold her close against him; to right the wrong he had done to her in their past, “..Pamela, I-…”

She met his gaze once more, silent for a moment or two, seeking answers that she'd perhaps never get. And maybe that was okay. "I know..." she said, falling silent, waiting for him to say more, her fingers curving gently to his cheek.

He hesitated. This was something he had wanted- the regret of letting her go when he had haunting him from the moment he’d walked away. It had all been too much; something which neither of them had been equipped to handle at the time. But now…

Turning his head further, Bruce paused a moment before finally, he closed the gap left between them, his lips pressing softly against her own in a gentle and almost feather light kiss.

Pamela let her hand drop to his shoulder, before sliding her arms around his neck, returning the kiss, keeping it light. She didn't know where anything was going, but right then, she just wanted her family back.

She pulled back slightly, after a few moments, heart beating just a bit faster, meeting his gaze once more.

Shutting his eyes tightly as he felt her pulling back, Bruce once more dropped his head, his hands resting on her sides as he spoke, his voice barely more than a whisper, “..Pamela... I-... forgive me…”

The words were simple, and yet they were so hard to say. He looked so vulnerable... her heart ached, a slow throb that wanted to be soothed. And she didn't know what he wanted to be forgiven for. "... We... we were both at fault... " and they'd both suffered for it. "... It's okay... " they couldn't change the past, it was what it was.

“..I can’t-...” Pausing, Bruce took a moment to think over his words, correcting them before he attempted to continue, clearly struggling to say what he wanted to, “..I don’t-... I don’t want you to leave… I don’t want to lose you… not again…”

"Then don't..." Pamela replied, not wanting him to use this as an excuse to pull away, not now... now that they might have a chance. "Don't leave... " she added softly.

“..I won’t… not this time…”
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Phoebe Wayne-Isley

Interacting With:No one

The cab pulled away, only after a little encouragement from Phoebe. The cab driver seemed confused and a little concerned at dropping a young girl off in the middle of nowhere, although the school was nearby. She slung her bags over her shoulder, and turned to face the school grounds. The large gates were open, and a few students were trickling in. Her gaze roamed to the large buildings she could see, seeking out the school gardens. She expected them to be spectacular, and was disappointed when she couldn’t see them. So she studied what she could see of the Academy, her thoughts wondering, as they so often had these last few months.

She looked down at the somewhat crumpled letter in her hand. She had read it constantly since receiving it, and now it was a little worn, but its words will still legible. An invitation to join the Academy, the first school for super kids. Where she could learn more about her powers.The message had been signed by Bruce Wayne himself, and Phoebe looked down at the signature, wondering as she had several times, if it was just a generic message to all prospective students.

She had been troubled on receiving the message, not knowing if she wanted to go or not, wondering constantly if her parents might be teachers at the school. Wondering if maybe, she’d finally know who they were. Wondering if she even wanted to know. It had been eighteen years… why would they care about her now, when they had left her at an orphanage? Or were they dead? These were all questions that had wandered through her mind her whole life, especially when she began to develop her abilities. That had been a trying and lonely time, as she sought to understand, and hide what she could do. Now she had a chance to learn…

Dropping a hand to her satchel, Phoebe hesitated, laying a hand over her money. She could leave… she had enough money to stay somewhere for few days… go somewhere else… It wouldn’t be the first time she had nothing, nor, she suspected, would it be the last. But… she had uprooted her life to come here. She hadn’t backed down from a challenge before… why should she start now? Part of her couldn’t help but think that this was different. And that she didn’t belong… compared to some of the students she saw, she was scruffy.

She started to turn away, to run, but she stopped. ”No” She said firmly to herself. She had survived this far in life because of herself, and she would continue to thrive. She realised that she had been standing there for some time, so she gathered her courage, made sure she had all her things, and started towards the gates. Each step brought her closer, and she held her breath, worried she might just turn tail and run anyway.

After what seemed like a decade, she crossed underneath the school gates, and into the grounds. Letting out her breath, she looked about, stepping further within, looking about her, seeking the gardens. If she could see them, maybe she could sneak into them? Feel… more at home? She sighed, looking about her. She saw that some of the other students had their parents with them, and she couldn’t help but look away, a tight feeling in her chest. She couldn’t deny that part of her was hoping that someone was going to approach her… claim her… but she kept that part of her as small as possible. She hadn’t had those feelings since she was a little kid. And those feelings made her heartbeat slightly faster in anticipation and she tried her best to ignore it. Drawing in a shaky breath, she stepped towards a bench.

Dropping her things, Phoebe closed her eyes, and for the first time realised that she was… free. A small feeling of joy grew within her, growing steady, until she opened her eyes. She twitched her fingers on one hand, closing them gently around a flower she formed there, smiling to herself.
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Thracius Laufey and Svanna Laufey

Location: The Bifrost; Nine Kingdoms.
Interacting With: Each other, and Loki Laufey.

Thracius checked that he had everything he thought he would need, and was sure that through whatever means, he could seek what else he required. Although he hoped he wouldn’t have to search far for the answers he sought, and the means to free Svanna from the cruelty their Uncle was putting her through. All because of the precious, soft Midgardians. As he headed out to meet with his father and sister, Thracius summoned to his side Fenrir, the large white wolf, calm for the moment, flashing his fangs as he fell into step beside Thracius.

He was pretty sure Thor would disapprove of bringing him along, and insist that the wolf be chained up. Which Thracius wasn’t about to do. Running a hand through the wolf’s fur, Thracius stopped in the entrance way, glancing about. Leaving for the Academy was only tolerable because it was something Svanna wanted. And there was the chance to cause trouble on Midgard.

Dropping his things as he waited, Thracius contemplated the task ahead of him. Or rather, tasks. Free Svanna, and make sure she stayed on the right path.

Touch soft, almost delicate, as she ran her fingers lovingly through the thick mane of her steed, Svanna allowed her eyes to flutter to a close, her soft lips parting ever slightly as she leant closer, pressing her forehead gently against the horse's snout. She wasn’t ready for this. Eyes opening slowly, she did her best to ignore the ever quickening beating of her heart against her rib cage. Three days… that was all they had to prepare. A mere three days.

She trusted her brother… though even she had her doubts.

“..what if I am unable to do this..?” Her voice barely more than a whisper as she spoke, she paused, taking a moment to allow the words to hang within the air before turning her head, her beautiful gaze moving to linger upon her brother’s figure as he stood apart from her, “..what if the choice I have made is the wrong one..?”

Thracius turned his gaze to Svanna, silently studying her. Always one to doubt, or question. She lacked a certain confidence, but Thracius was hoping to change that. "If it is the wrong one, we can always return home. There is no choice that cannot be reversed. Well. Except the ones that involve death, of course.” He said, "And I doubt any of the Midgardians, even those with extra abilities, can kill us. Our biggest threat would probably be Soren, and its doubtful he’d even kill a bug.” He said, his tone rather contemptuous in regards to their cousin.

”In any case, you are able to do this, Svanna. You are a Goddess, after all.”

“And it’s high time you started to act like it, Svanna.” Thracius flicked a glance towards their father, as he descended down the stairs, “After all, Thor wouldn’t fear you if you weren’t a powerful Goddess in your own right.” He said, sounding quite pleased about that, “Of course, he does tend to underestimate things. Not the brightest spark out there, my brother.”

Her head lifting from where it had been rested against Sleipner’s snout, Svanna’s attention was drawn to her father as he spoke, her gaze holding his for only a moment before she lowered it to the ground between them; her voice soft and unsure as she greeted him, “..father…”

Loki stopped at the bottom of the stairs, studying his children, ”You’ll learn and see once we are there just how different we are from the Midgardian’s, Svanna. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate them, both of you.” He added, looking to Thracius, who resisted, barely, the urge to roll his eyes, "Now, we should get moving. Last time I made your mother mad, it was rather unpleasant.”

Thracius retrieved his belongings, laying his hand once more on Fenrir, glancing back to Svanna. It would soon be time for her to wear the rather vile contraption that would make her 'harmless' to the Midgardians. Thracius had hoped for the time to study it, even briefly, and figure out a way to remove it without the key. He doubted he’d get that time.


Fear flickering behind her eyes at the question, her heartbeat increasing in pace, Svanna shifted awkwardly on the spot in which she stood. They all knew what he was asking. Her fingers curling lightly through the thick black mane of her faithful companion, she shook her head quickly from side to side; the animal, sensing her distress, moving about on the spot in turn, “..I-I cannot…”

Thracius watched his sister, before sighing softly, stepping towards her, setting his bags down once more. "Yes, you can.” He said, his voice calm as he continued, "It won’t be for long, Svanna. I will get you out of it.” He promised her once more, ”For now, we need to be seen to be cooperating.”, although he rather wished it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t something he could tell Svanna, or even let show. She wouldn’t go through with it otherwise.

Eyes growing wet, her body shifting closer to that of her horse, Svanna lowered her head, once more shaking it, though vastly slower than she had before. She didn’t want to put it on- she couldn’t. The mere thought of it causing her heart to ache with the fear of what might happen should her brother fail, “..p-please… please do not make me do this…”

"It is not us that is making you do it, Svanna.” Loki said, a hint of anger in his voice as he regarded the distress his daughter was in. Perhaps he ought to make his brother pay for that.

"It will be okay, Svanna.” Thracius said softly, encouraging her, "You wished to see how Misgard was, Svanna. Trust me… or would you rather stay home now?”

Shutting her eyes tightly, her heart torn, Svanna hesitated. She wanted to go… her parents had both had a fascination with Midgard; each of them choosing to descend for one reason or another. She wanted- no, she needed to know what it was they found there… Their time with the Midgardian’s had only helped to shape them into who they were today… she needed to know if it was going to do the same for her…

“..I-... I wish to go…”

”Good.” Thracius said, stepping back so that their father could come forward with the silencer, glaring at the thing.

Loki held the silencer up, silent himself as he approached Svanna, "It will be uncomfortable, but try not to fight it, Svanna. With luck, you shan’t wear it long.”

Glancing over at the collar, the sting of tears once more hitting her eyes, Svanna hesitated before slowly, she nodded her head in understanding. She wasn’t the first in her family to be subjected to such a thing; though she vastly different to her mother… in almost all senses. Pausing a moment longer, her gaze flicking first to her brother before turning to their father, she pulled her hands back from Sleipnir, using them to instead gather her long beautiful golden locks together in her palm as she stepped toward her father.

Loki placed the silencer around Svanna’s neck, ensuring that it was secured before he stepped back, frowning slightly. The injustice of the silencer was just something else he’d have to ensure was paid back.

Thracius watched as their father collared Svanna, studying what he could of the thing, thoughtful. While it locked, it did have a key, but he did wonder if there was damage to it, would it be able to stay locked? Of course, that held a danger in itself. He sighed softly, stepping back and grabbing his bags once more, watching Svanna.

Her eyes shutting upon hearing the soft ‘click’ of the two ends of the collar meeting, her hands falling back to her side, Svanna held back no longer- she couldn’t. Allowing the tears to fall freely down her face as the silencer set to work. The contraption expanding up and over the lower half of her face before finally, it locked into place, leaving her stood before her father and brother quiet, and shaken; fear and pain clear behind her gaze as she looked to them both.

Thracius stepped towards Svanna, shifting his bags so he could hug her, "I will remove it as soon as possible.” He said, wishing he had had more time to research the silencers, but they simply hadn’t been given much time to prepare, "You are strong, you can survive this.”

Her heart breaking, wanting desperately to respond though knowing that any attempt would be futile, Svanna lifted her arms, wrapping them tightly around the back of his neck; the tears silent as they continued to roll down her cheeks.

Thracius waited for a few moments, letting her cry, not wanting to be cruel. At least, not to her. He didn’t like seeing her like this, especially when he couldn’t do anything to prevent the suffering, until he’d learn how to remove the vile thing, "It is going to be okay. Have I lied to you before?” He said, knowing she couldn’t really answer, "No, and I’m not now. I’ll see you free.”

Yes, he’d set her free, and then… then he’d find a way to make Thor pay.
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Naevia Udaku

Location: The Front Gates; The Academy.
Interacting With: Her mother.

Things here were vastly different from what they were back home…

Turning her head so that she was able to glance out the window, Naevia shifted her body over the backseat of the limousine, her legs crossing over one another as she watched the scenery passing them by- this world… it was hardly believable that this city shared the very same Earth as the savanna’s she had roamed all her life. While her own home was so vastly technologically advanced, it still held fast to the deep culture and traditions of their people; this city was so… busy…

The gentle growl emanating from her left catching her attention, she tore her gaze away from the cityscape, instead allowing it to linger over one of the two large animals that laid at her feet as the sound of her mother’s voice filled the air, commanding her ear, even though her dark eyes remained fixed upon the felines lain on either side of her.

“..Naevia… una kiila kitu unachohitaji..?”

“Yes mother. And should I have trouble, I shall seek out father for guidance.” An annoyed expression flickering across her otherwise gentle features, she reached out a hand, her fingers disappearing into the soft mane of the lion closest to her- Kovu… he was always so much more docile than his brother, Crixus, though both had always been gentle and full of love when it came to her. But then she supposed that was inevitable when she had been the one to raise them from cubs.

Taking a few moments to relish within the memories that flickered across the forefront of her mind before eventually, her attention was brought back over to the woman sitting opposite her- her mother… Mari McCabe… The woman was a beauty; both a model and an actress- one that was known throughout the world for her photo-shoots and roles on TV and the big screen, “..tamaa… you have nothing to fear for me…”

“I shall always fear for you, Naevia. You are my daughter… the heir to Wakanda, and voice of the animal kingdom.”

Her attention caught by the stirring of her lion’s as the limousine slowed to a stop in front of the academy gates, Naevia made no move to get out, she knew better than to interrupt her mother while she was in the middle of one of her lectures… even if it happened to be one of her smaller ones. Remaining silent, she kept her gaze on the woman sitting before her eyes, letting her know that despite the fact that she might not like it, she had her full and utter attention at that precise moment.

“..be sure to never forget where it is you come from…”

“..ndiyo mama…” Bowing her head out of respect towards her mother, and of what it was she was asking of her, Naevia began to move, climbing out of the limousine and back onto her feet as the driver opened the door for her. Things were going to be very different from now on…

Her gaze torn from the large and rather imposing buildings that were spanned out behind the cast iron walls surrounding the academy, Naevia’s attention fell, watching on as the two lion’s followed her lead, each of them taking up their place on either of her sides. It didn’t matter that she was being uprooted from her homeland in order to take up the invitation, and to attend the academy for those who were (in her father’s words) like her… none of that mattered…

With Kovu and Crixus by her sides; she would always have a piece of home with her… she would never be alone…

“..kuja…” The single word fell from her lips confidently, causing each of the lion’s to growl contently in response as the three began to make their way forward and through the gates into the academy, her arms swinging lightly back and forth at her sides in time with her hips as she moved.

“..baba amepanga kwa ajili ya malazi yetu…”
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Tobias Coulson and Salyssa Moone

Location: The Front Gates; The Academy.
Interacting With: Each other.

The large half grown malamute had her head outside the car window, happily trying to eat the air as it whizzed past them. The brown haired young man- often mistaken as a boy for his young appearance and joyful attitude- would have stuck his head out the window if he could as well. Instead, he settled for pressing his hands and face against the window, eagerly seeking out the Academy buildings even though it was too soon to see. He was barely able to keep still, and his thoughts raced a million miles an hour.

His father. Over the last year, Tobias had been thrilled that his father was no longer required to go on difficult, dangerous missions that had even the tiniest detail classified and kept secret even from his own son. Although his father had been tied up in helping with the school, Tobias had seen him more and more throughout the year, although he spent just as much time with Salyssa and her family.

As thoughts of Salyssa entered his mind, Tobais turned to look at her, grinning like a kid on Christmas. ”We’re nearly there Salyssa! No turning back now!”

That thought was frightening…

Her attention drawing out the window he was pressed against, her heart racing within the confines of her chest, Salyssa looked out over the buildings that were passing them by. It was all so different from what she was used to… rarely had she spent too much time in the city; and what time she did was normally spent in large museums that housed her mother’s discoveries.

Gods did she love working in down in the archives. All the books… scrolls… tapestries… artifacts… It was all so thrilling. Her fingers curling slightly over the pages of the rather worn book she had held on her lap, she forced her gaze away, no longer wishing to focus on what was to come. She was still on edge; nervous. With her mother taking up a teaching position at the new Academy, it was expected of her to do the same; and with her best friend also to attend, but-... she wasn’t like him…

“..yes… I expect so…” Attention falling once more to the book she held, Salyssa fell into silence; not wanting to ruin the excitement that her friend had built up for himself.

Tobias went to turn back to the window, but stopped, returning his gaze to Salyssa. She didn’t seem happy, and Tobias tilted his head, trying to figure out why. He didn’t like seeing her troubled- Salyssa and her family had done a lot for him, and he’d do anything for her. He shifted, as much as he could with Akila invading his space as she eagerly leaned out the window, ”What’s wrong Lyssa?” He asked, watching her still.

“..I-I am not like you, Tobi… I-...” Her voice soft as she spoke, Salyssa hesitated. They had been friends now for years- introduced as children, and practically inseparable from merely a few hours later. She was a fool to think that she could attempt to mask what she was feeling from him. He knew her well; probably better than she knew herself, though it was because of that very fact she was sure he wasn’t going to fully understand…

“..I am not-... I am not… ‘human’...”

A little taken aback, Tobias wasn’t too sure what to respond. He had never considered Salyssa to be anything other than his friend- he’d been intrigued about his father placing him with those from a different race, but he hadn’t considered it a difference to be worried about. ”So? None of us are normal… I suppose a lot of us would be considered genetic mutations. And aren’t there Gods there? Probably at least another alien, right?” He frowned slightly, trying to think what to say, to make it all better. He supposed he just had to hope he wasn’t making it worse.

”You aren’t alone… and if anyone makes a comment about it, I can always stick them in a bubble” He said, giving her a smile, hoping to see one in return.

He was trying… he was trying so hard to cheer her up. He always did. No matter what he tried his hand at, he always put in his all; it was just who he was. Fingers curling further over the pages of her book, her eyes both closing, Salyssa shook her head lightly from side to side, “..how can you know for sure..?”

”Because its a school. For kids. With powers and abilities. And it doesn’t matter to me if you’re half-alien or what. And if people care about that, then they aren’t people we should be friends with” Tobias said with a shrug, ”Besides. You’re an awesome person, and that’s what matters isn’t it? And as long as we have each other, we can deal with anything!”

Lifting her head, turning it so that she was instead looking at him rather than her book, Salyssa stared at him, her soft lips parting ever so slightly before eventually, she nodded her head. He had never steered her wrong in the past; she saw no reason for him to do so now. Shifting her body closer to his, closing the book over her lap as she did so, she tilted her head, ignoring the large excited ball of fur as she brought it to a rest over his shoulder.


Tobias smiled, taking her hand in his, content and pleased he managed to make her feel even slightly better. ”Besides, I’m the one that is most likely to level the grounds” he said brightly, glancing out the window- or trying. The ball of fur was in the way, and he gave a small laugh, looking back to Salyssa, ”Do… do you think that will be a problem? Making an earthquake without meaning to?”

“..your father has been working with Mr. Wayne on the Academy project,..” Smiling softly at his touch, her fingers entwining with his own, Salyssa leant further against his side, finding comfort in just being right there beside him, “..I am sure he would have kept you in mind when they were coming up with the infrastructure of the school… it would, after all, need to be able to withstand and hold within the grounds the powers of multiple students ranging from various backgrounds… maybe there will be others who are as strong as you… who can do what you do…”

Her voice trailing off, along with that thought, Salyssa once more fell silent. What if that happened to be the case..? What if he found others; people who were more like himself..? What would that mean for her..?

Tobias thought on that a moment, before shaking his head lightly, ”There might be some that could do earth or water, but both? I think that’s rare… “ He said, but it was an interesting thought. He’d never met anyone else that could do what he could. How rare was it? ”And I’m not that strong… “ he said softly, but again, how would he know? It was a troublesome thought. ”Besides, what could they teach me? They’d be learning too. And I’m a bit too weird for most people. he said, keeping his tone light, ”I’d much rather just stay with you, Lyssa.”

A small smile playing over her lips, his words helping to ease the worry on her heart, Salyssa couldn’t help but to squeeze his hand lightly in thanks, her head tilting so that she was looking up at him from where she was rested over his shoulder. He was such an amazing guy… he had nothing to worry about in her eyes.

“..thank you, Tobi… but please do not knock back the thought of learning from others. Doctors study for many a year in order to perfect the techniques and skills needed in for their particular choice in career, and yet still they continue to learn from colleges through to even patients.” Pausing a moment, her gaze dropping, she let her mind wander. She didn’t want to lecture him; she knew he understood what it was that she was trying to tell him, “..forgive me… I just do not want you to miss out because you chose to stay with me…”

Tobias frowned slightly, ”But it isn’t a choice… You’re my friend Salyssa… I’d be lost without you. Why would I give you up just to learn something I could figure out eventually?” He didn’t understand why she was trying to encourage him… did… did she not want him around? ”Did.. Did I do something wrong?” he asked worriedly.

Her soft pink lips parting slightly, the worry in his voice causing her heart to sink within her chest, Salyssa sat herself up, ignoring the way the book threatened to fall from her lap as she twisted in her seat to face him better than she was, her free hand moving to hold onto his own, panic flickering behind her eyes.

“..w-what..? No… Tobi; you could never do wrong… I promise…”

Tobias hesitated, a little unsure still, ”Then why do you think I’ll miss out, if I stay with you? I’ve never missed things before… why would I now? I got to see so many things with you! And we’ll get to see so many more!’

“Of course we will, Tobi..! Everything we do, we do it together; always have. But…” Pausing a moment, letting her mind think of how to word it so that she could both ease his mind and make him understand, Salyssa held his gaze, gently squeezing his hands to try and reassure him, “..but I do not want you to hold back because of me… You are such an amazing person, Tobi; and I have been so lucky to know you… but here, I cannot keep you all to myself. You are going to meet new people- people who will love you just as I do, and they will want to get to know you as well… I never wish to lose you; though, please do not let me get in the way of you getting to know others at the Academy…”

Tobias frowned and shook his head once more, [color00aeef]”But if they don’t like you what’s the point of getting to know them? You’re family, and I’m never going to give that up. Why would I want to hang out with people that don’t want to hang out with you?”[/color] he said perplexed, ”Besides. You underestimate yourself… More people will want to know you than me… “ She never seemed to see herself clearly, no matter how much Tobias tried. ”You’re kind, and compassionate, and… you just have something that draws people in Sal… You’ll see.”

“..oh Tobi…”

Her hands breaking from his, a gentle smile once more gracing her lips, Salyssa leant herself forward over the backseat, her body resting flush against his as she wrapped her arms one by one around the back of his neck, holding him close in a tight though loving hug. He was so good to her- too good to her at times. It made her wonder just what she had done in life to deserve him in it…

Returning her hug, Tobias smiled. He’d get her to see one day just how amazing she was. He was quite determined on that. He hugged her close, wanting to soothe away all her doubts, but not knowing how. He gave a soft, contented sigh, ”Love you, Lyssa”

As the car started to slow, Tobias looked about, not letting Salyssa go, eyes widening as he saw buildings looming closer, the car turning into a driveway. ’Oh! I think we’re here!”

Tilting her head, never once lifting it from where it was rested against his shoulder, Salyssa stared up at the buildings as they approached, the mere sight of them causing her soft pink lips to part ever so slightly, panic flickering across the surface of her eyes. This was it. They were here. There was no turning back now.

“..together… right..? Promise..?”

Tobias nodded, giving her a smile, and hugging her once more, ”Together he said cheerfully.
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Ky’ vie Jones

Location: The Front Gates; The Academy.
Interacting With: Her son, Simon Jones.

Things were never going to be the same…

A soft sigh falling out through her bright red lips, Ky’ vie leant into the window, shooting a quick glance in the direction that they were headed. A cab… they were headed to their brand new future together in a cab… but then, that was what happened when you had no choice but to uproot your life, and move to another country in order to attend a school for the ‘supernaturally gifted’, or at least, that’s what it said on the invitation that she had received…

Worry flickering across her gentle features, she tore her gaze away from the scenery passing by the window- she’d never been to the states before… already it made her feel homesick. She missed her friends- her home. Everything in her life had been perfect… but she needed this- no, they needed this. This opportunity at a better life was more than anything she could have asked for… and it was giving her the chance to provide something better than she ever had for her son… for the one true love of her life… It didn’t matter what it was; she would do anything just to see him happy… to see him smile…

Turning her head, she shot a glance over at her precious little boy- Simon… he was her everything; the reason she worked so hard; the reason she had accepted the invitation to go to the academy… he was the reason she did anything; including getting up in the morning.

Reaching a hand out, she ran her fingers gently through his hair, a loving smile playing over her lips before she leant in, pressing a soft kiss against his forehead before she slipped her free hand into the duffle bag she had brought with them, fumbling around for but a few moments before she pulled out his favorite stuffed toy, holding the dingo out for him to take, “..we’re almost there, sweetheart…”

“Tanku mamma.”

Yawning, Simon stretched out his little chubby arms to take the stuffed toy from her and hugged it tightly to his chest, his chin every so often nuzzling the worn-down fur on the top of it’s head. He fussed a little, though it was more out of tiredness than anything else and his head ended up snuggling into her side, the stuffed dingo squished between the two of them.

“Iwa ice cream…” he managed to whimper out, trying to fight sleep.

A gentle chuckle falling from her lips, Ky’ vie shifted ever slightly over the seat, her body twisting as she reached down, scooping him up into her arms as best as she could before she cradled him in her lap, holding him close against her chest as she watched him try his best to not go back to sleep, “..maybe later, bubby…”

Lifting her hand up, she once more ran her fingers back through his hair, her head tilting lightly to the side before she returned her arm back to its place, cradling him lovingly against her body as only a mother would… as only a mother ever could. Her own mother had left her high and dry; dumping her on the doorstep of her grandparents before taking off without so much as even a letter to explain why she chose to do what she did… there was no way in hell she was ever going to be like that woman.

“..first we need to get settled into our new home remember, and then we might be able to take a walk and find you some ice-cream, okay..?”

Nestled contently in his mother’s arms, Simon made slight, tired noises of protest for not getting the ice cream any sooner, but the moment his head rested down and onto her chest, his breathing became heavy as sleep finally won out in the end and took the small boy back into dreamland.

Her arms tightening ever so slightly around the boy’s small figure, Ky’ vie pulled him just that little bit closer against her body, making no move to let go, even as the cab pulled up in front of the academy gates. An arm breaking away from Simon, she slipped her hand back down into her bag, fumbling around for a few moments before she found what she was looking for, the young woman quickly working to pull a few notes out of her purse and hand them to the driver before she put her purse away once more, this time reaching out to open the door.

More than one bag, and a sleeping child in her arms..? This was going to be a challenge…

Cradling the back of her son’s head, she climbed out of the backseat, taking a moment to stretch her legs before she turned back to the still open door, the young woman being careful not to wake the snoozing boy as she reached back into the cab, awkwardly grabbing first her duffle bag, then her son’s bag before reaching back in to grab her other bag, throwing them all over the one shoulder with a wince before she shut the door behind her, quickly shooting a glance down at Simon to make sure that he was still nestled contently within her arms before she turned her attention back up to the academy.

To say the least, this was possibly one of the most daunting things she had ever done in her life… this was either going to make her, or break her; and in turn, it was going to determine the outcome of her son’s future…

“..well… this is it, Simon… the first day of our new lives…”

Rolling her shoulder a couple of times under the weight of the bags she was carrying, Ky began forward, her dark eyes flicking up to the gate before she passed under it, her lips parting slightly and a soft though frustrated groan passing through them as she caught a familiar flash of orange falling from her arms, causing her to come to a stop as she glanced down at the dingo laying on the path, her arm once more breaking away from her son, and her body twisting at an odd angle as she tried to pick it up without disturbing him, her voice soft as she muttered to herself.

“..ah, bloody hell…”
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Kaimana Curry and Paradise Wayne-Isley

Location: Beach Cabin; Virginia, USA.
Interacting With: Each other.

The early morning sun shone over the waters edge, Kaimana smiled to himself at the serenity of the place. The small, pleasant sound of water lapping against the shore both familiar and subtly different to his oceans, but nevertheless giving him a sense of… home. The landscape was absolutely stunning, but it wasn’t enough to hold his attention for long as he turned back towards the cabin, although slightly larger than what he’d consider to be a cabin. It was certainly big enough for Paradise and himself, with room to spare.

He trotted back towards the cabin, knowing that despite wanting to stay for even one more day, they couldn’t. The Academy was opening today, and as new students, they had to be there... if only so Paradise could experience it. Opening the door, he let it shut with a soft bang, calling out ”Paradise?” He waited a moment, trying to hear her, before walking through the cabin, searching for her. Maybe she was still asleep? He had headed out to the water early.

It was so peaceful here…

Leaning lightly against the balcony door, her soft pink lips parted from one another, Paradise watched on as the waves washed back and forth over the shore; the gentle and repetitive motion reminding her of home. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss it. Hawaii may not have been where she was born; but it was where she was raised… where her family and friends were...

Her head tilting to the side, she let it come to a rest against the frame, the ball of her foot resting just behind her other as she continued to lose herself to her surroundings; her thoughts lingering upon those she had left behind... and those that had followed. A small smile playing over her lips at the thought of the man who had followed her across the country just to stay by her side, she dropped her gaze, giving her mind a chance to wander aimlessly down whatever path it chose as she watched her hands in front of her body, her fingers playing with the old and rather worn orange material that made up her both torn and over-sized sweater.

Searching through the cabin, Kaimana soon discovered that she wasn’t asleep. Nor did it seem that she was inside the cabin. Pausing a moment, he glanced about seeing that all their things were still there, heading back outside again, looping around the cabin to the balcony, seeking sign of her.

Sighing with relief as he saw her, Kaimana watching her a moment smiling. She looked so peaceful, not troubled by everything, that even if it was for a few moments, he didn’t want to disturb her. Finally he said softly, ”Paras...” stepping towards her.

The sound of his voice catching her ear, she stood up a little straighter, her cheeks reddening slightly as she turned her head, her beautiful greenish brown eyes meeting with his before she twisted, her back now resting flush against the frame as her smile seemed to grow, “..good morning, Kai...”

Kaimana continued to close the distance, until they were close together, returning her smile. He was always struck by... well her.

"..did you sleep well? I slipped out to the water early and didn’t want to wake you.” He’d wanted her to sleep just a little more, knowing that it would be a long day at the school.

“..yes; it’s very peaceful here. It... it reminds me of home...” Nodding her head lightly in response, her attention once more drawn to the water, Paradise watched them roll in and out a couple more times before her gaze was lifted back to him. He was so kind... so considerate...

..what had she done in life to deserve such a guy..?

“..I kind of figured you may have gone for a swim when I woke up, and you weren’t there. How was the waves..? The water looks good; I would have joined you, but...” Her smile fading slightly, Paradise let her gaze fall from his, her head dropping until she was once more focused on her hands, not wanting to continue, knowing that it would only upset him.

Kaimana’s smile faded slightly, always aware of her illness, but not wanting to let it take over every aspect of their lives. The academy to him wasn’t a place to learn about his powers, it was a chance to save her. “Different from home...” he said softly, reaching out to her, smiling once more, “..you looked peaceful sleeping. I wanted to let you rest.”

He’d known it would be hard... but he’d do anything for Paradise. And there simply was no question about staying. He wasn’t going to leave her.

”I love you, Paras...”

Her heart fluttering madly against her rib cage, she pushed away from the door frame, her body falling into the warm circle of his arms. She was so tired… the last few days since having arrived, she’d barely done more than sit curled up under a blanket on the couch with him, or sleep.

Turning her head, gently letting it rest within the nape of his neck, Paradise closed her eyes, her hands holding softly onto the front of his top, “..I love you too, Kai... so much...”

Keeping her close, Kaimana knew he could stay there forever with her like that, and he was sorely tempted to, before he sighed softly, "I could stay here forever with you... our own little slice of peace..." he kissed her softly, wanting to steal even just a little more time before they left for the school.


The word was such a simple one; and yet, it was so vastly different... the meaning worlds apart for the both of them. For him, forever meant forever; for her… The familiar sting of tears hitting her eyes, she shut her eyes tighter, her gentle features scrunching up as she did what she could to ignore it- the last thing she wanted to do was to cry.

“..it’s beautiful here… I-... I’m glad I got to see it...”

Too late, Kaimana realized he had said the wrong thing. He was always doing that. Always giving her a little bit of pain when he spoke of forever or of their future… always forgetting, too wrapped up in her. He hugged her closer, ”I’d show you the world if I could..." maybe that’s what they should be doing instead. But...

The Academy gave him hope for a cure... or a way to at least extend her life. He reached up, and with a gentle touch, stroked her cheek.

The hold over his top increasing ever slightly as she felt his gentle touch over her cheek, Paradise could feel her heart sinking lower within her chest. She wanted to go see and experience the world- no... she wanted to go see and experience the world with him. Everything that it had to offer.

But it just wasn’t possible… not for her...

Curling further into his embrace, she turned her head, her long and wavy vibrant orangey-red locks all falling forward and over her shoulders as she buried her face against his chest, not wanting him to see the few tears that had managed to well within her eyes, “..I know you would... and I really wish that we could...”

”Maybe we can..." Kaimana said, trailing off, he moved his hand to stroke her hair, ”..but as long as we are together, I’m happy wherever.” Maybe the school would have some sort of hologram technology. It was better than nothing...

”We should get moving... knowing dad, if we don’t turn up, he’ll send a search squad out.”

Remaining silent, content where she was in his arms, Paradise hesitated. She’d been the one to want this… to experience what it was like before-... The thought trailing off in her mind; the young woman not wanting to think on it, she nodded her head lightly against his chest.

“..yeah… we should go…” She said it; though she wasn’t sure if she believed it or not. A single hand breaking away from where she had been holding onto his top, she lifted it, her fingers subconsciously seeming to take hold of the beautiful, though rather unique necklace that hung around her neck; the strange blue gem shown between what looked like tentacles sparkling lightly in the morning sun, “..we should finish packing and head off… I don’t want to worry your dad...”

Kaimana kept his arms around her, not wanting to let her go. He leaned down slightly, brushing his lips over her cheek, before kissing her softly, taking just a little bit longer, stealing a few more moments, before pulling away just enough to speak. ”Yeah… and if you want, maybe we can see about staying in the cabin, rather than the dorms?”

It would mean traveling to the school each day, but… it was nice here… and it was just the two of them.
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Barca Ashur Xavier

Location: Academy.
Interacting With: Himself, mostly. Naevia Udaku @vicier.

The shiny black car, not new by any standards, but still expensive looking, drove smoothly along the road to the Academy. The young man driving it drove faster than the posted speed limit, despite knowing well in advance what the sped was. He also drove through red lights- knowing which ones had cameras, and if there were any cops nearby. He seemed to consider himself above such petty laws, after all, he carried the… well, he supposed universes, amount of written information in his head. He could talk his way out of a ticket faster than the cop could say “License and registration”. That is, if any were lucky enough to catch him.

Of course, there was a lot of useless information in his mind. He really didn’t want to know about what people were doing in their free time, but that was the curse that came with being an utter genius so far above known human intelligence. His incredible willpower meant that he didn’t turn into a blithering idiot under the sheer amount of information and knowledge. It was exhausting, but such was his lot in life.

And it was such a lot that made him sure that he would breeze through the Academy- what was there to learn, that he didn’t already know? Part of him figured that his father merely wanted him somewhere secure. This were still uneasy, even after the treaty. Another part of him thought that his father figured there was something to learn. Either way, what else was Barca going to do? This, at least, could provide him some amusement. Thinking about the school brought the layout to his mind, all the classes, and students enrolled… He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment, slowing down just slightly.

Seeking the part of his consciousness that wasn’t overrun with information, Barca let himself float there for a moment or two, before opening his eyes. His route had not changed, he had not wavered on the road. He suspected that he could drive blind, so long as the roads were marked on a map. It would be in his mind, and he’d be able to read the minds of other drivers. Perhaps there could be an interesting experiment on that…

When he neared the Academy, Barca pulled over, looking at the school building in the distance, before sighing and leaning back in his seat, closing his eyes. He opened his mind just enough to let his senses roam, seeking other students minds, and perhaps teachers. He wanted to see just what he was getting into, even if it was troubling. One girl just arriving at the school was in agony, both over coming to the academy and at the prospect of meeting her parents for the first time. If there were in teachers at the school.

He cast his mind out, seeking information on this Phoebe, given the last name smith as so many orphans were if they didn’t have a last name. Just an identifying mark, nothing special. As he sought for anything on her, he was surprised to find that there was nothing written down about her about her birth, the only records about her, her school records, and DMV records. Nothing else. There was no documents anywhere about her parents. Except…. She’d been left with another girl, a younger girl. Siblings? Interesting. The girl didn’t seem to be aware that she had a sibling. This could be fun.

A little further, just coming to the school, he could hear a couple of students thoughts. One excited, one hesitant. Typical stuff there, although it was rather interesting… the boy had nothing much on him either. Adopted by Phil Coulson… but no indication of who his biological parents were. Again, interesting, but…. Not enough to gain Barca’s attention.

Other mundane thoughts Barca sighed, retreating for a few moments. There was certainly some things that he could look into, and turn to his advantage… A small rustling sound brought his attention to the gorgeous white owl sitting comfortable in his cage. Glaber. Asleep, Barca knew that he would be until night fell. He smiled, letting himself indulge for a moment or two. He’d take the owl over just about anyone or anything anyday.

He returned back to his spying, everything he was learning being stored away for later use, for the moment content to stay within the car.

He eventually made a move to get out the car, stopping as he saw a limo pull up nearby. He raised an eyebrow, wondering who was important enough to warrant an escort in a limo. He focused his telepathy on the limo, and the girl within it, not even bothering to follow the conversation she seemed to be having with her mother, at least not having it being his focus. Why bother, when he didn’t know if it was worth it yet? The girl seemed to thinking about… Africa? That was enough to intrigue his interest- there were only a few supers he knew off that were from Africa. For a brief moment, he tuned into the conversation the two appeared to be having, following the girl’s thoughts as he did so.

Sadly, the conversation seemed to be a lecture of some sort from the girl’s mother and Barca sighed softly. He waited for the girl to get out, before doing so himself, watching her with two lions. He retrieved Glaber from the back seat, carrying the cage by his side, he waited a moment or two before following the girl, a little wary about the lions… although he supposed he could always blast them away if he wanted to. So, what did he have to fear?

Barca approached her after a moment or two, making sure the lions weren't about to attack him. "If I say hello, will they bite?"
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[Location:Academy Grounds
Interacting withNo one… well. Every ones emotions

Kalinda had chosen that morning to head to the academy, reluctantly, with her mother. Things the last several months had been tense, and she was rather looking forward to time away from her mother, who had become overbearing… even since that night… Kalinda looked away from her mother, and out the window. The drive was a load of nothing, with splotches of human habitation. She sighed heavily, resting her forehead against the cool surface of the window. She didn't like to think of that night…

Emotions can drive people to act in strange and unusual ways. Love can cause you to do crazy things. Sadness can throw you into lethargy. Anger can lead you to violence. And murder. Kalinda closed her eyes tightly, wrapping her arms around her middle, her stomach hurting at the moment, the pain of that night. Her empathy… had manifested all at once… and it hadn't boded well.

Even now, months from the incident, Kalinda still couldn't remember all of that night. Except for the blood and the screams… those haunted her nights, her dreams. And her abilities were what had caused the tension between her mother and herself. Her mother wanted her to go where she had trained her empathic abilities… but kalinda didn't want to go to a different dimension. And she had heard about the Academy opening. Sequestered in her room, Kalinda hadn't trusted her mother to do what was required to get her into the school.

And so Kalinda had contacted the beneficiaries herself, once it had been announced who they were. Ultimately, that had lead to her enrolling in the school, being sent information about the school and what she needed, as well as what to expect and to be asked if she needed anything. Satisfied with that, she had told her mother. And they hadn't spoken for days. Kalinda had locked herself away, not wanting to… not wanting to hurt someone again. Yet she still felt the emotions of those around her, the sheer strength of her empathic ability tearing through her.

Even now, away from people, she could feel emotions… weak, but as they neared the school… growing stronger. She wondered if this was a mistake, and she hugged herself tighter. She'd just have to make it not a mistake. Shifting, she opened her eyes, and looked down at her gloved hands. Black leather gloves, thick enough that even with wear, there wouldn't be holes, long enough to cover her hands, wrists, and lower arms, so that no bare skin would touch another's.

Touch made things so much worse…

She looked over to her mother, and gave another soft sigh. ”Please don't leave things the way they are, mother.” she said softly, ”I'm sorry, for what's happened, but… this is right for me. I'll be okay.” she promised her, and when there was no response, Kalinda looked out the window again, watching the Academy draw closer and closer. When the car stopped, Kalinda looked at the gates with an increasing feeling of apprehension. She slowly got out the car, gathering her things, and looking towards the school, leaving the door open. She turned back to the car, and set her gear down, before leaning into the car and giving her mother a hug.

”Bye... “ She said softly, picking up her things once more and heading to the gates. The press of emotions on her was daunting, but Kalinda managed to keep herself distanced for now. It wouldn’t last, she knew. For now though… she’d be okay. It was easier to let the emotions come through and sort of… have them come in then fly back out again. She slung her pack over her shoulders, and wheeled her suitcase behind her, looking about at the other students, she was afraid of approaching them… afraid of anything that might get her too close to someone else… but she’d come here for a chance, a chance at life, a chance at some semblance of normal, of control… She drew in a deep breath, and let it out again slowly.

Maybe she couldn’t do this. Maybe her mother was right… but there was no way that she was walking back to that car and letting her mother feel like she had won. So Kalinda carefully scanned the students in front of her, as she stood just inside the gates.

She hesitated as she saw a woman and a child, the woman struggling with the child and all her gear. She hurried over after a moment, There was no way she was going to take the kid- children, she had found, had such potent emotions-, but she’d more than happily take the bags. ”Here, let me help you. I can take the bags” She offered, reaching out, she stopped realising how forward that was, ”I can take them by the straps so you don’t have to shift the boy” Again, she seemed to backtrack a minute, a little flustered. ”Oh, sorry, I’m Kalinda” She suddenly noticed the toy on the ground, and she moved to pick it up, offering a smile as she turned back to the girl.
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Adeline Wilson

Location: The Front Gates; The Academy.
Interacting With: Her driver.

It felt… strange…

Biting down softly upon her lower lip as she felt the car slowing to a stop, Adeline turned her head, her soft pink lips parting ever so slightly from one another as her attention was brought to where she could feel the door pressing against her arm, her beautiful though ever unseeing light blue eyes staring out the window and up at what she could only imagine was her actual destination. The academy… it felt strange to be here without either of her parents at her side, and she couldn’t help but to feel nervous, her stomach fluttering with butterflies.

Why couldn’t her father come with her..? Or her mother..? It hadn’t been very long since she had said her goodbye’s to them at the San Francisco airport, or at least, that’s how it felt to her anyway…

The nerves continuing to bubble away within her stomach, she turned her head down, her brows furrowing out of worry as her fingers lightly began to play with the hem of her dress, the sound of the door opening beside her causing her to jump in her seat. She had been correct; they had arrived at the academy… a new chapter in her life ready to be opened and explored; and if that was the case, then why was it that her parents had been so reluctant to accept the invitation when it had first been extended to her..?

Lifting her head up as she felt a warm touch brushing lightly against her hand, she couldn’t help but to hesitate; was this really what she wanted..?

“Miss. Wilson..? We’ve arrived at the location your parents advised me to bring you… are you sure that this is where you need to be..?”

It was a simple question… but one that, right now, was loaded. Was this where she wanted to be..? Or did she simply want to go home… be with her parents… right now, she wasn’t so sure what she wanted… The feeling of soft fur brushing up against her flesh caused her mind to come back to the present, her attention drawn to the young though energetic canine as he hurried to climb over her, quickly jumping out of the car forcing the driver to hurry after him with the leash leaving her sitting on her own.

It seemed now, she had no other choice… her dog had inadvertently made it for her.

Shifting her body slightly, Adeline reached out towards the door, her hands resting against the frame to help her out of the car and back to her feet for what was the first time in what felt like hours… first the plane, and then the car… the journey felt never ending…

“..o-oh, no… I want to be here. You brought me to the right place, please don’t worry about that…” Reaching out towards where she could hear him wrestling with her dog, she took pause, waiting until she felt him take a hold of her hand before she began to move, allowing the man to lead her up the curb and over the path, only coming to a stop once she was stood in front of the large iron fence they had pulled up in front of.

“Your parents wished me to remind you that your luggage has been sent ahead of you, and should already be waiting in your dorm room… now, is there anything else I can do for you Miss. Wilson..? I’d hate to leave you alone-...”

“It’s okay; I understand. You’re very kind, but I assure you, there is no need to worry about me sir. I do believe I’m not the only one who is meeting here this morning.” Smiling sweetly as she cut him off, she nodded her head lightly in understanding, her hand lifting up to lightly brush the small stray strands of her long bubblegum pink hair back and off her face, neatly tucking them back behind her ear- he was concerned about her… not that she could blame him; most people tended to worry about her…

“..it’s the first day of school for us; I’m just-... I’m just a little nervous, that’s all…”

Her hands curling gently to take a hold of the leash as it was handed to her, Adeline tilted her head lightly to the side as a comforting pressure was placed upon her shoulder, the excited dog moving about, making his way back and forth around her legs as he sniffed around at all the new scents.

Breaking a single hand away from the lead as she felt the weight lifted from her shoulder, she lifted it up, giving a small wave in the man’s general direction as the sound of the engine starting once more hit the air before eventually, it was gone altogether. Her smile fading somewhat, she dropped her head once more, her long and wavy pink locks falling forward and over her shoulders as she did so, the woman making giving no sign that she was going to be moving from her place anytime soon- sure, she had gotten out of the car… but she still wasn’t sure if she wanted to go in, or just go home…
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Jayla Blaze

-Daughter of the Ghost Rider-

Featuring - Johnny Blaze

-The Ghost Rider-

Interacting with: Each other





"Jay Jay, please say something. I can hear your silence over the radio and it's making me uneasy!"

Shifting in her seat on the passenger side of her own car, Jayla tucked the toe of her boot behind the heel of the opposite one, twisting her torso as to give her father her back even further, really making an effort to look out the window as the scenery passed them by.


"Jayla... Please..."

The softer tone her father was taking with her nearly broke her heart. Despite everything the two of them had been through over the last few years, despite the fact that he had kept his identity as The Ghost Rider secret from her, only to get caught up in the thick of it all and forever changing her life as she became the second Ghost Rider, despite her wanting to spend more time with him only to get shot down because he wanted her safe, despite him having to post bail on her a handful of times for the trouble she managed to land herself in with school and illegal street racing, despite her mother being kidnapped (and possibly killed) by the Devil himself... despite everything... she still loved him. And she would always love him. She couldn't just keep ignoring him the way she had been once he had decided for her that taking her to the academy was the best thing for her. Not because he couldn't teach her about her powers himself. Not because he felt like she needed a better education. But because he felt it was the safest place for her to be.

"There's nothing to say, dad. I'm getting dropped off at the babysitters, I'm to be a good kid, and I'll see you again soon. And then maybe we could go out for ice cream."

The dry sarcasm in her voice did not go unnoticed by her father, who gave her a sideways glance before sighing. She got that from him. Most everything about her, actually, came from him, except maybe her nose. She had her mother's nose. His gut clenched at her memory. For months, now, she had been gone. Not a word from the bastard that took her and only a thin line of hope that he might return her unscathed once the job was finished.

"...you know I'm doing this for you. I can't have you out there right now. It's too risky."

"Dad! I'm cursed, same as you. I can't get hurt! This fucki-"

"Jayla! That's enough!" Her father's stern voice cut through her like wet tissue, and Jayla relaxed her tensing body back down into her leather seat, now looking forward but slouched and with her arms crossed over her chest.

"While yes, I want you safe, this is beyond that. I need your mother to remain safe, too. I can't-"

"-You can't have me fucking things up." There was a silence between the two of them. They had, had this argument plenty of times before. He thought her incapable of doing anything right. He thought her too inexperienced, too unpredictable. She was nothing but a liability and he didn't trust her - not when it came to her mother.

"I've been dealing with Mephisto for many years now-" There was a squeak from a covered cage in the back seat.

"Shut up! He wasn't talking about you!"

"-he's capable of so much. Jay Jay, I don't know what he's going to do to your mother, if he hasn't already. And I don't want to even think about it. Just trust me that I'll do this the right way and bring her back to us. After this is all over, I'll help you out, okay? But let me just do this..."

"He chose me for a reason, dad! He wants me to help you get this guy! He didn't just-"

"-he chose wrong." His words stung, and Jayla was vaguely aware of tears that were starting to prick at the corners of her eyes. As much as she hated being cursed into the Ghost Rider job, she hated not being amount to anything in her father's eyes even more.

"...he chose wrong... at this current time..." Johnny then reiterated, after realizing that he had misspoken.

"...we're here..." Jayla had no problems in changing the subject. She wasn't going to have this argument with him. Not again. She couldn't take it.

The two drove in silence as they approached the campus, the only sound being the static of the radio signal lost long ago and the occasional bump Johnny's motorcycle wheels would sound when hitting a rock or some other small debris. It was the easiest way to travel - both head up to the academy in Jayla's car with Johnny's bike being towed from behind in a small trailer, and then Johnny take the bike back, leaving Jayla her car. He had his hesitations about leaving her car to begin with, not certain if she wouldn't just take off the moment he did... he just hoped that by doing so, he was showing her that he did trust her.

The moment they were parked, Jayla got out rather hastily and slammed the door shut. Her fingers dug into her back pocket where a bent (and obviously used) packet of cigarettes resided. Pulling them out, she was quick to procure a cancer stick and perch it between her lips, lighting it with just a finger and took in the heavy smoke.

Johnny, after ensuring that the car was properly parked and off, began the process of unloading the backseat of Jayla's things and setting them to the side - a few suitcases and the covered cage where Jayla's bat had settled himself back down to sleep.

"...Do you want me to walk you in?"

"No. I've got it." she replied quickly, but made no urgent move to get going.

Sighing, and running his hand through his hair, Johnny went through the same habit of reaching to his back pocket, pulling out a cigarette, and lighting it with the tip of his finger. Although they were on opposite sides of the car and couldn't properly see one another, they both took in a drag, blew it out, and sighed.

Keeping the cigarette between his practiced lips, Johnny, after a few moments, picked up her things and carried them over to her side of the car, setting them by her feet.

"I'll be in touch as much as I can. But I need you to at least give this place a try. What- what is this? How do you plan to make a good impression like that?" With hands free, Johnny plucked the cigarette from his daughter's mouth and tossed it aside. Jayla's eyes, in that precise moment, made their Penance Stare look like a fucking joke.

"I love you, Jay Jay. This will all be over soon." He brushed away the dark hair covering one side of his daughters face and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. Jayla felt almost forced to wrap her arms around her father in a tight hug, pressing the side of her face into his chest. He was being such an ass lately, but she couldn't deny that she loved him too. But she wasn't about to say it. She was still angry...

Pulling herself away after a few moments, she wiped her sleeve across her face, collecting any stray liquid that might have escaped and snatched her keys from her father's grasp.

"Yeah... whatever." Grabbing her things, stacking the smaller suitcase on the larger one and holding the cage in the other hand, Jayla headed towards the school where she would be spending quite a bit of time, it seemed. She almost forgot to even notice that there were so many others all around her - each with their own story as to how and why they were there. She didn't know any of these people - their parents, perhaps, but only in story. And she... she was perhaps the same to them. Did anyone even know that Ghost Rider had a kid? Hell... she didn't even know herself until just recently.

God she missed living out in the country...
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Jason Tiberius Stark and Connor Tony Stark

Connor sat on his bed, the beginnings of morning just shining on the horizon outside his window. He was more than a little hesitant for what the day held, and hadn’t slept much, worrying constantly about it. Connor had thought his first day of schools were over, asides from college. He didn’t know why he was so… stressed about it. Sighing softly, Connor looked down at his hands. He didn’t even know why he was going to the Academy, asides from it being what his father wanted. And Ben was going… That was probably the reason why Connor was going too. They’d learn how to fight to together, and become… heroes together.

It still didn’t mean that he wasn’t hesitant about it all.

He sighed, glancing at his phone, to see if there was anything from Ben, before he rose deciding that if he was up, he might as well have breakfast. Moving silently downstairs, still in his pajamas, which consisted of sweats and a shirt, Connor ran a hand through his hair. He turned the light on in the kitchen, glancing about before he went to the fridge, taking out, for lack of wanting to cook anything, ham and cheese pockets.

As Connor moved to get up, he could hear music coming from his brother down the hall in the lab, indicating that he was once again up and working on something at the crack of dawn. The pair had basically been given their own section of the family house to work and live, mainly due to Connor’s online gaming and Jason’s music when he was working, much like his father’s. After a few minutes, Jarvis appeared as his cuboid hologram and got the attention of the older of the two Stark boys. “You brother has gotten up, Jason. Perhaps make sure he’s ready for the beginnings of today?”

Jason didn’t respond right away, instead finishing up the programming on the little watch in front of him, which was one of the longer projects that he’d undertaken. After a couple of minutes, Jason sighed. ”I already know, Jarvis. Ares has been keeping an eye on him all night, making sure he gets plenty of rest. Turns out he didn’t. Ares, kill the music.” The music shuts off immediately before the hologram of a Spartan warrior appears.

“He’s making himself some breakfast now, Master Jason. I’ll prep your armor.” Jarvis released a sigh before both holograms vanish and Jason made his way to the kitchen, grabbing the watch on the work table and a matching one off a stand nearby as he goes. The walk is short and soon he’s watching his younger brother make the breakfast pockets. After a moment of silence, he speaks.

”Ares says you didn’t sleep too well last night, Con. Everything OK?” He heads towards the fridge to grab a bagel before stopping and turning, tossing one of the watches. ”Oh, and catch.”

Connor looked over to Jason when he spoke, leaning against the counter. Catching the watch, Connor studied it a moment, using it as an excuse not to reply right away. He put it on, before finally speaking, ”Just a lot on my mind. New school and all.” He said, giving a shrug, turning to keep an eye on the breakfast pockets.

It was always so hard to explain. Part of it was just that he didn’t know how to explain. ”And I wasn’t really tired. I just… thought things through.” He shrugged, reaching up to run a hand through his hair once more, ”I’ll be okay.”

The deadpan look on Jason’s face said just how much of that he believed, even coming from his brother. Of course, that was likely because they were brothers and so it wasn’t hard to read each other. ”Uh huh, and I’m the king of England. Come on, Con, I’m your brother.” Cutting the bagel in half, he puts the two halves in the toaster before heading back to the fridge for some cream cheese. ”Tell me what’s really going on. Or is this one of those things you don’t want to say in front of Jarvis because he’ll tell dad?”

If Jason was honest, he was more concerned with how well his brother would do when they flew to the academy today. Dad would be joining them, wearing the legendary MK V Iron Man armor once more, if only so that the three Stark men could all arrive together, flashy and impressive as always. Jason still had his misgivings about some of the kids he and Connor would be going to this place with, but he had decided to wait until he knew them before passing judgement.

Connor sighed softly, pushing the button on the microwave to open it, ”I’m pretty sure that dad knows I’m not like you, Jason.” He said, reaching for a plate, ”It’s always hard going to a new school, and its different this time, isn’t it?” He frowned slightly. It was, and it wasn’t… everyone, even in elementary school and highschool, had known they were Stark children, Iron Man children. ”I’m just nervous.”

He retrieved his pockets, setting them on the plate to cool slightly, turning to look at his brother. ”I’m awkward, shy, and just… not what people expect a Stark to be. It wasn’t bad in highschool or anything, but… this is different.” He looked away, a little hesitant, ”And… what if I crash?”

Jason turned to look at his brother at the mention of not being what people expect a Stark to be and shakes his head, though he did have silent concerns about Con crashing as well. Despite his flight control having become quite good in the practice sessions, landing at the Academy was going to have a certain degree of pressure, since Dad had wanted the three of them to make something of a show out of it. Still, as he started spreading cream cheese on the two toasted bagel halves, he sighed.
”Don’t think so hard about the landing and you’ll be fine, just like when we’ve done it in the practice sessions here in New York. Remember, forget the people, focus on what you’re doing and you’ll get it down in no time. Besides, me and Dad will still be there.” Finishing spreading the cream cheese on one, he started on the other after taking a bite. After finishing chewing, he continued on.

”As for what people expect of a Stark, all they expect is a brain, the rest is icing on the cake. Besides, you can’t trust most of the people at our old high school, simply BECAUSE we’re Starks. I’m sure you remember that girl who tried to get with me, and when I turned her down, she started a vicious attack on Dad through her dad because ‘daddy’s little girl will get what she wants.’ I still remember his face when Dad bought out his law firm and then fired him after liquidating his assets.” He sighed, finishing putting the cream cheese on the second one as Smalls wandered in, a soft meow coming from him at the sight of his owner, who called him over and took a moment to stroke his back while he talked. ”I did warn her it wouldn’t end well if she did it too…”

That was something Jason had put up with once his junior year had started; people pretending to be his friend until they realized he wasn’t going to give them what they wanted, and then trying to hurt him somehow in retaliation. Connor still didn’t know that because he’d turned down a girl’s advances once, that was why he’d become the her younger brother’s target for bullying; at least until Jason had busted the kid’s arm after warning him that doing what big sister asked was a dangerous thing to do and he literally said that Connor was too much fun to pick on regardless. When Jason tried again to talk him out of it for his own good, the kid had thrown a punch, and it was game on from there.

Connor looked down at his food, thoughtful. He tried to figure out just what to say. He had never really given many of the students at their school a thought, once it became clear he didn’t really fit in. He’d had Ben, after all. ”Jason, you were extorted, I was teased. At least until you or Dad did something about it. They knew they could get away with it, at least for a little bit. They enjoyed doing it. I guess they figured it made them powerful, even for a little bit.” he shrugged, picking up one of his pockets.

”I don’t want it to be the same at the Academy… “

Jason grimaced at the memories, taking a bite of a bagel while still petting his calico cat. Most of those people hadn’t even noticed the two Stark boys until their dad had publicly announced that Jason would be the heir to Stark Industries. After that, the pair couldn’t catch a break. ”Water under the bridge I guess. But I doubt it’ll be that way at the Academy, after all, we’re going to have similarities with these people, not to mention Uncle Steve will be there, Uncle T’challa, Aunt Natasha, plus Mom and Dad and essentially all the Avengers. Even Peter will be there.”

Finishing the bagel, he rested a hand on his brother’s shoulder. ”End of the day, we’ll be fine. Plus Smalls is coming along, so what can go wrong?”

Connor nodded, turning his gaze to Jason, ”You’re right.” He said, although he still couldn’t help being a little worried, he returned his gaze to his food, starting to eat, thinking a moment. ”I’m guessing the watching isn’t a normal one, then?”

Jason chuckled, going over to retrieve his sword and fasten it into place on his waist. ”Con, when is anything I build normal? Think of it as an upgraded Apple watch, only this one can shoot stun blasts and record video, along with acting as an SOS beacon. I’m going to give dad the SOS channel for yours and mine before we leave.” He glanced down at the time and sighed. ”Speaking of leaving, we need head to the armory, it’s getting close.”

Finishing his breakfast pockets, Connor nodded, ”Alright, I’ll meet you there. I should get dressed first.” he put his plate aside to be washed, before hurrying out the kitchen, back to his room. It didn’t take long to get ready, and he quickly grabbed his phone, and glanced about to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything.
As he made his way to the armoury he sent a quick text to Ben, saying he would see him there, before slipping the phone in his pocket.

Still worried about crashing, he slowed when he reached the armoury, a little hesitant.

Nodding to his brother, Jason took just long enough to usher Smalls into his cat carrier before heading for the foyer where he dropped the carrier and his sword with his luggage. Slipping the cat a few cat treats before he left, his next stop was the armory, where their dad was doing the last few check ups. ”We all set to go, dad?” Tony Stark didn’t look away from the feed Jarvis was giving him, but answered all the same.

“Just about. Waiting on your brother and for the last of the luggage, of which I assume Smalls and your sword has joined, to get loaded up for transport.” Nodding, the Stark heir headed over to the Iron Knight, beginning his own feed and making sure Ares was properly installed. A few minutes later, he could hear Connor approaching, though there was hesitation in his footsteps.

Going to the door, he waved his brother in. ”Come on, Con, no need to worry. Dad and I will be right there with ya.”

Connor knew he should have faith, in his father and brother at the least. He nodded, stepping in and towards them, ”I know.” he managed a smile, going over to his suit. He knew he shouldn’t be in awe of the suits, having been around them his whole life, he couldn’t help it. They were marvellous creations, and they could constantly be updated and redesigned.

He let himself slip into the familiar tasks of making sure the suit was functioning, and that Ignot was ready. ”Looks good.”

Jason followed behind his brother and went back to the Knight, running diagnostics on the energy sword for it. After a few minutes, their father turned off the feed from Jarvis on the MK V and got his sons’ attention. “Alright you two, if you’re all set, we’re ready to go. The last of our baggage is off and your mother is on her way to the school from the San Francisco airport. That means it’s just us. Bets on travel time?”

Jason wasted no time, the Iron Knight already closing up around him as he did some number crunching. ”I figure we can be there in an hour if we hit the stratosphere and go supersonic. Otherwise it’ll be around an hour and a half, maybe two.”

Thoughtful for a moment or two as he stepped into his suit, Connor judged the distance between them, and the Academy’s location. ”As long as we avoid schedules flights, we can hit the stratosphere. An hour seems a good estimate.” He took another moment to settle himself in his suit, ”The weather will be in our favour there, could get there sooner” he mused, making sure his suit was completely sealed, and taking the time to ensure Ignot was ready.

With the Knight sealed and ready to fly, Jason stepped away from his station as Tony got into the MK V and sealed up, before speaking to Jarvis. “Alright, buddy, open the doors.”

“Of course, sir.” A moment later, the ceiling of the Armory, which was really just a fancy hangar door, opened up to allow the three suits of Iron Man armor to depart. Tony looked at each of his boys and behind his mask, a giant grin split his face.

“Alright you two, see you in the stratosphere.” And he was gone, his jets kicking in to send the MK V soaring into the sky. Jason met his brother’s gaze before he closed his own mask.

”Remember, tune out the extra stuff, focus on what you need to do.” And then he was gone as well, the Iron Knight soaring towards the stratosphere at an angle so he could avoid any flights that might cross his path.
Jason’s last advice was easier said then done, but Connor did his best, taking into the air after his father and brother. He entered the stratosphere, managing to keep his flight smooth, although he wasn’t worried about the flight. Just about the landing. He sighed at himself, trying to push those thoughts away. He didn’t want to disappoint either his father or Jason. He had to do this right…

Focusing on what was required, he sought out the other two, while he knew that he could follow the flight plan, he didn’t want to lose sight of them.

They were hard to miss, especially since Jason fell back to guide Connor to where he and their Dad were sitting within the stream. Every one of the Iron Man armors were already designed to fly faster than most military grade combat jets, but supersonic speeds were easily achieved almost by accident if they wanted. Soon enough, they were in a smooth flight pattern, with the Academy drawing ever closer.

As the Academy drew closer, Connor once more began to fear the landing, still somewhat hesitant, waiting for his father to land, before he followed suit, slowing his descent just enough that he wouldn’t damage anything, particularly if he did crash.
He tried to keep his descent smooth, but was sure it wasn’t as good as it could be when he finally touched the ground once more, inside the Academy’s gates.

While Connor’s landing was most definitely the tamer of the three, as they had discussed, Jason and their dad were...well, showy. As they headed for the area just inside the gates, Jason split off and did a twist mid-air, a shower of flares coming out before detonating in brilliant flashes of red and blue, Tony doing the same on the opposite side before they both flipped through the air and landed in a kneeling position before both stood, Pepper coming in the gates behind them. While she went to both scold the boys’ father for planning something over the top, again, Jason went over to his brother, raising his mask. ”See? You did fine.”

Connor nodded, raising his own mask, ”Yeah” with a few quick movements, Connor had his suit retract into the backpack appearance he’d created, simply to be able to carry it around with ease- although he could have sent it to the armoury, Connor had decided it might be wise to keep it close. At least until he was more confident in his abilities. He glanced around, ”Still… I could do better… which is why I’m here I guess”
He shrugged, glancing over the grounds and the students arriving. This was going to be a test to so many people. Turning, he approached their parents, deciding he might as well be ready for whatever came.
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Alan Southern

-Son of Archangel-

Interacting With: Adeline Wilson @Vicier.

Ah, the wind in his face, ruffling up his already mop of messy hair. Was there ever a better feeling than flying through the air? The sky was such an open space that made all of life’s little problems seem to melt away. It was where he went to escape, most times - the only place he knew for sure that he could be alone.

Alan flexed his wings, bringing them closer towards his body practically cradling the backpack he had nestled between them, and tilted himself downwards in a sharp drop. The air licked at the bare skin of his chest as he gained speed, his wide eyes watching as the Earth came closer and closer until finally he pulled up and let the g-forces take over, shooting him back up into the sky.

He let out a loud whoop of joy, the gravity finally kicking in and making him hover in the air for a dead second before opening up his wings and simply riding the air current he created. He twisted his body, circling in a horizontal cyclone style three or four different times before pulling out of that, diving down once more and pulling back up again.

The smile couldn’t be wiped from his face. He felt so free when he flew, so far from the people he knew were staring and judging him. He should have been used to the looks by now - having lived most of his life at a circus - but the last year or so at Xavier’s school for the gifted gave him just enough confidence to start flying without fear of judgement again.

But his time as an X-man had come to an end, and a new chapter was opening up in his life. The Academy - organized by Bruce Wayne himself! It was an honor to be asked to become a part of it, and he was excited.

Not twenty minutes later, Alan could see the structure of the Academy cutting into the clear skyline. Tilting his wings to create a bit more resistance, Alan slowed down his speed and began a gentle descent. The closer he got, the more he began to see - students mostly, but the occasional animal or vehicle as well.

With the grin still on his face, Alan finally managed to touch down at the start of what he figured was a driveway that led to the school. He didn’t want to cause any kind of “grand entrance.” Though he had been a performer for a good chunk of his life, when it came to his mutation, he didn’t particularly like it when people were looking at him. He had only grown used to it. There was a difference.

The large, golden wings folded back into his body, seeming to melt into the skin where they would remain hidden until he called upon them again. Like practiced clockwork, his hand reached for his belt where a shirt was tied and unknotted it, removing the backpack with one hand and throwing the gray t-shirt over his head to cover his bare chest with the other. He positioned the backpack of his belongings back onto his back and shifted the weight.

There were so many people ahead! Though none seemed to notice him dropping down far behind him. Curiosity got the better of him, and with a bit of concentration, his vision began to blur and then changed into a variety of colors.

Most everyone within his vision were radiating a soft blue color - understandable, no one had given him a reason for him to not trust them yet. Really, they were just a bunch of other kids just as excited to be there as he was.

Walking along the path set out before him, reverting his vision back to normal, Alan came up behind a young woman with striking pink hair. She seemed to just be standing there, unsure of what it was that she was supposed to do. A rather young looking yellow lab was circling around her, seeming to be more concerned about licking his privates than paying attention to her. But as soon as the canine became aware of his presence, the pup began to bark happily and strained against his leash to get to him.

”Cute dog.” Alan complemented, closing the distance between himself and the pup. He squatted himself down and started petting him, making sure to scratch him behind the ears. ”What’s his name?”
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Barca Ashur Xavier, Naevia Udaku and Jason Tiberius Stark

Location: The Courtyard; The Academy.
Interacting With: Each other.

“If I say hello, will they bite?”

The voice unfamiliar though catching her attention, if just for a moment, had her head turning ever slightly to the side, the woman’s step slowing to an eventual halt before finally, she gave him her profile; her dark eyes moving to linger upon the figure who was either brave enough… or stupid enough to approach her as he had just done. Either way… she had to admit that she was the tiniest bit impressed.

“..only should they see you as a threat… or should I deem that you have wasted my time.” Her hand reaching out, touch gentle… loving, Naevia ran her fingers through the thick mane of the lion closest to her; the large feline letting out what was almost considered a purr at the action, his large head leaning further into the palm of her hand, seeking that little bit more attention from his mistress as she spoke to it, “..mmm… tamaa, upendo wangu…”

Crixus… always so impatient- so impulsive… always so willing to jump to her defense. Her big boy, always doing her proud. That very thought bringing a small smile to her otherwise bored features, she brought her attention back to the man standing before her, not bothering to hide her actions as she allowed her dark gaze to so freely roam down and back up the length of his body before she spoke again.

“..you have my ear. Speak.”

Despite the fact the girl seem to have the lions controlled, Barca kept an eye on them. He kept his free hand by his side, trying to stand relaxed and casual, not wanting to give the lions any reason to attack him. Studying them a moment, he gave them each a nod, hoping that was considered respectful towards them. He gave respect where respect was due, and the lions were obviously well trained, something he attributed to the girl.

Besides, he didn’t want to be in the stomach of two lions. What would the world do, without Barca Ashur Xavier?

He turned his gaze back to the girl, smiling although a little frustrated that he couldn’t understand the language she spoke to the lions. A lapse he would have to rectify, and soon. Perhaps… his father would hear about this, and help fix that lapse in Barca’s knowledge. Yes. Satisfied with that, Barca made a mental note to ask him.

”Well, I will try not to waste your time, or that of your magnificent lions.” Barca said rather genuinely, surprising himself. He smiled once more, adding a bit of amusement to it. This girl was rather interesting, and seemed to be a challenge. Both rather thrilling to Barca. Someone worth his time. And wasn’t that interesting?

”I am Barca, and my companion here, although forgive me, he won’t wake until the night, is Glaber.” he said carefully, looking down at the owl and smiling slightly before once more returning his gaze to her, not sure how to read her.

”May I have your name?”

Jason watched his brother approach their parents with a shake of his head. They could talk more about everything later, for now, he was going to see if anyone he knew was around yet and with that, turned away from the group. Almost immediately, he spotted Naevia who was speaking with a blonde haired boy with an owl, which was odd. Though he himself flew with the Iron Knight’s armor, he never understood why people had such a fascination with birds. As he approached the pair, he wondered if he was simply prejudiced due to more than one mid-air collision with the avians. ”Molo unjani, Naevia.” Her father, T’challa, was a bit of adopted family for the Stark brothers, who regarded him as an uncle and with much respect. ”It’s good to see you decided to accept the invitation.”

Now that… that was a voice she knew.

Her head turning further, stopping only once she was able to look upon the ever familiar figure that was the eldest of the two Stark children; her smile seeming to widen just slightly at his presence by her side. He had decided to attend after all- Connor, she assumed, would have always agreed to go to the academy whether his brother was going or not; though Jason… Jason was a force all his own.

A gentle chuckle falling through her lips, her hand falling from the fur of her beloved pet as Crixus moved to greet the familiar figure, Naevia shook her head lightly from side to side, the simple action causing her long and wavy dark locks to brush to and fro over her back, “..how could I say no..? Father wishes to keep me under his eye until I take the throne. Staying at home was… not an option. And you..? Yangu, yangu… I did not expect to see you here, Jason; and yet, here you stand before me, as handsome as ever. As always you exceed my expectations…”

Barca was disappointed as someone chose to interrupt, and that it was someone the girl knew. He frowned slightly, but soon smoothed his features, waiting patiently for a chance to speak once more. And perhaps learn a little something. Had the guy greeted her? Was it a formal or more familiar greeting. All of which he could get from either’s mind, but that wasn’t challenging nor would it be easy. And wouldn’t do him much good if he didn’t know the meaning.

Still, he had to assume he’d spoken her name. And she had mentioned taking the throne. Musing on that a moment, Barca waited another minute before saying ”Pardon me, I’m Barca.” he repeated his name once more, shifting Glaber’s cage, ”And we were having a conversation I’d hoped would be pleasant.” he said, his tone mild as he watched them both.

Jason took a moment to have Ares compact his armor into a backpack before kneeling down to stroke Crixus’ mane, smiling as he did so. Smalls would be incredibly jealous if he saw, but the calico cat wasn’t there and what he didn’t know wouldn’t earn the young man a hairball on his pillow. It was during this time that the blonde spoke his name, presumably for the second time.

Glancing at him, Jason smiled. ”Pleasure to meet you. Jason Stark.” He then stood and faced Naevia, his grin growing larger. She always had a way with words when it came to banter. ”And you look as beautiful as ever, Princess. As for coming here, I couldn’t let Connor and Ben come alone, god knows the kind of trouble they’d find.”

The sound of her gentle chuckle once more filling the air, her smile becoming rather coy, Naevia tilted her head lightly to the side, her dark eyes sparkling lightly with the playful glint of a kitten readying itself to pounce as she spoke, seeming to brush his words of compliment to the side, “..heh… you flatter me, Jason.”

Her mood lifted, even just slightly, now that a familiar face had made themselves known to her, she turned her attention back to the stranger that had approached. Barca- that was, she assumed, correct. He had, in such a short amount of time, said it twice. Taking a moment, she looked him over once more. He was... dressed well enough she supposed… The man carried himself, clearly, with a sense of elitism; and seemed to hold a certain charm to him. Though she knew for a fact; looks could be deceiving…

“..Naevia Udaku… it is a pleasure…”

A Stark. Perfect. Barca shifted slightly, letting his thoughts run, as he sought answers. He once more waited for them to stop talking, pleased, for the moment to have names at the least. He paused a moment, running through the information that came through his mind.
”Pleasure” he said, when he realised he’d been silent a little longer than necessary.

He took a few seconds to compose himself, ”your families know each other, then?” he asked politely.

“Yes… the Stark’s have been welcomed and loyal friends of my father since his first encounter with the Avengers came to pass. Since then, we have spent quite some time within each other’s company.” Her smile twisting… changing into something more genuine, Naevia once more allowed her gaze to lift to Jason, the younger of the two lions gently using his large head to nudge against his leg while the other turned, wandering off though not seeming to go very far.

“..Jason has been there for me for many a year… he even chose to be by my side to help me mourn the loss of my brother, when father would not…”

Jason’s face took on a slight red tint, but he nodded an affirmative as he kneeled down to pay Crixus more attention. ”Her dad gave me some hand to hand training as well. I’ve known Naevia for a number of years, and the only person I trust more than her is my brother.” He had decided to avoid discussing her older brother both out loud and to a stranger, as that kind of thing wasn’t his to share. Instead, he moved the conversation to Barca.

”What about you though? You gave us a first name, but no last. Don’t know your parents or just not in a sharing mood?” Now that he had regained some focus, though being around the Wakandan Princess always distracted him to some degree, he was able to refocus on how long it had taken the other young man to respond to the two of them.

”I apologize. People hear the name Xavier and immediately are worried about mind reading. Rightly so, but it does tend to make conversations difficult” Barca said, ”My name is Barca Ashur Xavier. And I assure you both I have not dwelt in your thoughts. With an effort of will, I tend to tune thoughts out.” Most of the time, Barca only had a mild annoyance to the buzz of voices in his mind. Still, some stray thoughts were stronger than others

He studied the duo, a little curious and of course now he wanted to explore their minds. But puzzles weren’t meant to be cheated, and while Barca often made use of his abilities, he did not see anyone as a threat here.

So this was the son of the famous Charles Xavier. If Jason was honest, he wasn’t overly impressed by him. Of course, the mind reading was something of a given, but the rest of him seemed average enough. Only time would tell with that. ”Barca Xavier. Well, knowing your full name, it’s an even greater pleasure.” Still giving Crixus the attention he was wanting, the young man turned to Naevia once more.

”If you’re up for it later, I haven’t had a good spar in awhile. Could be fun.”

That name… Xavier… The feeling of familiarity tugging at the recesses of her mind, Naevia was only partially aware that Jason had asked her a question as she tilted her head lightly to the side, her gentle features rather thoughtful while she did her best to place the name to a face, though the task was proving to be quite harder than she had first believed. Over the past years learning under her father’s guidance, she had met more than her fair share of politicians, tradesmen and important figures that she would have to deal with once she took the throne.

Perhaps… perhaps this was a name that she had heard it in passing..?

“..Xavier… apologies; I fear I am unable to place name to face.” Frowning slightly, her attention lingering upon the man stood before Jason and herself, she shifted lightly, the gentle bump against her hand causing her to lift it up, resting it naturally upon the top of Crixus’ head as he once again sought for the attention he was no longer gaining from the Stark boy, “..I believe I have not yet had the pleasure of crossing paths with the house of Xavier…”

Barca frowned slightly. He was under the impression that the Stark boy was dismissing him. Which made him a little annoyed. He would have to ensure that that wouldn’t become a habit. He turned his gaze to Naevia giving her a smile, charming as always. ”Well, it is rather refreshing to meet someone that hasn’t heard the name Xavier. It’s rather challenging having your parents influence how people treat you. I’d rather be treated by my own achievements rather than theirs.” Barca paused a moment, wondering if that sounded bragging, but decided that it didn’t matter right then.

He continued ”Although I must say, it isn’t often I’m hit with something I don’t know. What language, may I ask, were you speaking?”

Jason raised an eyebrow at Barca, a hand absentmindedly resting where he normally kept his sword. ”It was Wakandan. Uncle T’challa started my tutoring in it, but Naevia continued it. Stark Industries is my inheritance, so they thought learning the language of one of our closest friends was a good idea.” The sound of another vehicle arriving caught his attention and he turned, recognizing it as the small jet with his and Connor’s belongings. Which meant Smalls was there. ”Mind if we talk while we walk? I have a cat to rescue from its carrier.”

“Hapana kabisa. I hold no objection.” Making her answer known, her fingers gently moving to scratch behind Crixus’ ear, Naevia turned her gaze back over to where Barca stood, a fairly questioning look crossing over her features, “..and you..? Are you to join us..?”

”A wise investment, it is always sensible to learn the language of those you deal with” Barca said, making a note to ensure that he rectify that lapse in his language, now that he knew where to look. ”Yes. I think I will” Barca said, deciding that he may as well spend his time with interesting people, even if the Stark boy was somewhat dismissive of him.

Nodding, Jason beckons the pair to follow him towards the small plane. He was sure Connor would have heard it arrive as well. Approaching the right side, he popped open two compartments, first retrieving his sword and putting it in its place on his waist before pulling out a cat carrier. Inside was a decently sized calico cat, sleeping away thanks to some sleeping meds Jarvis had likely given him to ease the flight.

”Hey Smalls. Welcome to the Academy.”
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Location: The Front Gates; The Academy
Interacting With: Her Cat

Lavi Kyle was not particularly pleased, nor was she irritated, at the prospect of being sent away to some fancy Academy. She did not, however, expect for her mother to actually follow through with it. The last few months for the mother-daughter duo had been especially tense, thanks to the dramatic reveal of Catwoman’s true identity. Catwoman was used to being in the hot seat. Selina Kyle, however, was not. In fact, things had been quite terrible. Not only was Selina Kyle fired from her job and practically shunned by everyone in their city, but Lavi suffered a few setbacks herself. In just a couple of days, Lavi went from being the “ghost” of her school to being the center of attention. And the attention wasn’t always good.

“So what’s it like having a thief for a mother?” One boy had asked on her way to calculus.

“Your mom’s ass looks hot in that leather suit,” another idiotic male had joined in.

“Do you have powers too?” One girl whispered into Lavi’s ear, to which she simply rolled her eyes and kept walking. Pretty soon, Lavi found herself being targeted by just about everyone in her school; they’d either pester her with a million questions about her mother, or shove her into lockers and call her a freak. She bottled up all of her anger, refusing to explode in front of those people and having them laugh at her even more. Instead, she waited until she got back home to let her frustrations out on her room decor. Her mother came home to find Lavi standing in the middle of her room; it looked as if a tornado with claws had blown through. Wallpaper and posters had been torn and thrown, pictures had been shattered, and her bed had even been flipped onto the opposite side.

“I think it’s best if you got away for a while,” her mother had said, before closing the bedroom door and returning to her own devices. That was the first and last thing that Selina Kyle had said to her daughter before she was carted off to the academy. That, and a quick "see you soon" before Lavi left. So there she was, sitting in the backseat of a black SUV, her head leaning against the tinted window and her eyes shut tight. She didn’t reopen them until it was time for her to get out of the car and make her entrance. The driver, an old friend of Lavi’s mother, opened the door for her and handed her the large duffel bag that contained some of her things. As it was, she brought few things with her; only the old duffel bag’s worth. Everything else had been sent ahead, thanks to her mother calling in a favor with an old friend. After she was situated, the driver, Wilson, gave her a quick pat on the back before getting back into the driver's seat and pulling off. The young woman and her black cat, Leo, stood and watched expressionless as the truck disappeared back down the road.

“I guess this is it, huh?” Lavi spoke to her cat as she adjusted the strap of her bag and began her walk towards the gates. Leo simply meowed in response, falling into step beside her. She wasn’t surprised in the slightest to see that a good handful of students had arrived before her; Wilson was a slow driver. With a curious dark gaze, Lavi surveyed the others and took in all of her surroundings.

The academy was to be her base of operations for the foreseeable future, though she doubted it would ever be so warm and comfortable enough to be considered home. There were worse places she could have been sent, however, like that boarding school that her mother had threatened to send her to back in middle school after she’d gotten into her fist fight. The shape of some of the buildings were exquisitely expensive looking, the sort that might have fine modern art pieces adorning the hallway walls. There would surely be something flashy and suitable to decorate her own room with, should she choose to indulge in her kleptomaniac ways.

Big cats fascinated Lavi, and they always had. So she couldn’t help but stare in admiration at the two that flanked a beautiful young woman. Even Leo perked his ears up when he caught sight of the two lions, but he knew better than to leave Lavi's side. She decided against approaching the young woman when two other men joined her, not wanting to disturb their group conversation. Instead, she continued on, her high heels clicking on the concrete as she confidently strolled. She stopped once she’d reached an empty bench, placing her heavy bag down before popping a squat right next to it. Leo hopped into her lap instinctively, just as he always did.

“We’re a long way from home, huh, Leo?”

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Evelina Lance-Vince

Location: Academy Grounds
Interacting with: No one at the moment

Evelina looked up at the wall, as if contemplating why it wasn’t a door. Dressed in leather, she made a small noise as she moved, reaching up to brush her long, blonde hair back from her face. She studied the wall for another moment or two, before pursing her lips and turning towards her mother. ”I think this is the wrong entrance, Mommy Dearest. After all, there isn’t even a gate” Amusement danced in her voice as she addressed her mother, smiling cheerfully. Sticking a lollipop in her mouth, she watched her mother a moment, ”Why, mother, it’s almost as if you want to give me a challenge. How nice of you, but… “ She grinned, sucking on the lollipop a moment, ”I’d prefer an actual challenge” She said with a small chuckle, before she took four quick running steps towards the wall.

Propelling herself up, Eve pushed herself as high as she could go, her feet landing against the wall for a fraction of a second, one hand pressed against it, before she propelled herself up again, her hands coming to grip the edge of the wall. She paused for a moment, before tensing slightly, and vaulting over the wall, landing smoothly and bending at the knees to take in the impact. Her laugh echoed all around her, "Parkour, Bitches" She said to no one as she stood up, smoothing away imaginary dust and crease, she bit down on the lollipop, making a rather pleasant crunching sound.

She waited for her mother to join her, glancing about her a bit. She had said goodbye to her father a couple of days ago. She didn't think she could do both of them at the same time. this was better. While her parents had stayed together a few years, Eve had been nearly a toddler when they split, and since then had spent most of her life traveling back and forth between them. If she had to say goodbye to them together... it might have gotten a bit messy. This was better. Or so she told herself.

It was better he wasn't here... She loved her father with all her heart, but this wasn't something he could understand. Being a super? Sometimes she could hardly believe it. And sometimes she thought that that was why her parents had split- her mother had had very specific ideas about how she was to be raised... less traditional.... In the end, she had been raised learning how to fight, and kick ass, as well as the normal, typical childhood things. She had learned to have a healthy tase of freedom, which to her meant making her own decisions, and not letting herself be controlled by anyone.

Glancing up as her mother leaped over the wall and joined her, "I'll see you later, then, Mum. I think I can make it to the front gate from here" She said, accepting the duffel her mother handed her, the backpack she wore on her back the only other thing she had. But it was more than enough. Eve had learned how to travel light and efficiently. Just because she'd spend longer at the school than her normal trips, didn't mean she had to lug half her room with her. Besides. There were... chances she'd gather more stuff. From admires. "I love you, Mum. I can handle myself. Go home. And make sure dad doesn't starve? He never did seem to get the hang of that cooking thing. Blew the microwave up the last time I was there!" She chuckled, rather shamelessly trying to manipulate both her parents, before nudging her other back toward the wall.

"Bye!" She watched her mother vault back over the wall, and then stood there a moment, before she glanced about her, thoughtful. She appeared to have landed in a garden, and a rather extensive one at that. She pursed her lips, before slinging the duffels strap over her shoulder and making her way towards what she hoped was the exit of the gardens. It seemed that a lot of the plants had just been put in, and yet, they were already budding and seemed to be thriving. Well, the brochure did say Pamela Isley was a teacher here, makes sense the plants would be thriving She thought to herself, finishing the lollipop, she chewed on the stick, humming to herself.

She shook her head after a moment, and began to jog across the gardens, settling into a easy rhythm that she could maintain for a long time. Her blonde hair, loose, moved with the breeze and without stopping she reached back and tied it up and started to run.
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Una O'Brian
Location: Airport, Academy front
Interacting with: No one
Mentions: @Vicier as Naevia Udaku; @Zarkun as Jason Tiberius Stark and Connor Tony Stark and @Caits as Barca Ashur Xavier

Una is a striking girl of 16 she is tall and slender with a dancers build. Her light auburn hair falls to mid back in waves. She has pale blue eyes that are framed by dark thick lashes. And of course like most natural redheads she has freckles. She refers to them as her stars, partly because they look like it and partly because she is obsessed with astronomy.
Una got off the plane from San Diego and plugged in her ear buds to listen to her music. Selecting a playlist that she put on random Una went to collect her luggage. As she stopped at the luggage carousel she was listening to "Down On The Corner" by CCR tapping her foot to the beat she hummed softly to the melody of the song. About three songs later her lime green paisley print luggage came into view. moving to the beat of "Walking On Broken Glass" by Annie Lenox she gathered up her luggage and headed out to the lobby area to see if the pick up that her parents had paid for was there yet.
As she is walking through the airport "Fly Me To The Moon" comes on by Sinatra. Unable to resist she gets caught up in the music and does a little bit of the routine that she choreographed for the song. Its not bad. Could defiantly be polished and made better but for a 16 year old shows potential. As the song ends she opens her eyes and people are clapping and she bows and looking up sees a man holding poster board with her name on it. She goes over to him smiling and says "That's me!!"
He smirks and takes her luggage and says "Follow me Miss O'Brian." They walk out to a black car and he puts her things in the back. "I'm to take you to the Academy then hand over your luggage to you and depart." Una nods and gets in as he holds open the door to the back seat.
"Thank you. Do you mind if I look over my class schedule and the grounds, so I can memorize them both?" Una asked smiling.
"That's fine Miss." The driver shuts the door and gets in and they drive off.
Una popped back in her ear buds and hit play on the Meditation playlist that she had. Going over the grounds she was pretty certain that she had a handle on where her classes were and how to get to them. At least I have a handle on that. If only it could also include my powers. She thought as she looked at her planned choices for her classes. Power Development. Yeah I need that. But that is why I'm here. She remembered the last episode even with the prescription she was on. She was tired of relying on medication and wanted to be able to control her powers consciously. Having dreams become a reality was pretty cool but not the nightmares. They were so interactive that she had almost killed her parents. They had decided as a family that she needed to seek outside help.
Una's parents were a psychologist and a lawyer; her mother was the lawyer and her father the psychologist. They had met at work and fell in love and married only to find out within the first 5 years that they couldn't have children, so they adopted. Una had been perfect. redheaded like her mother and blue eyed like her father and such a tiny little baby. She looked so much like them that she was the perfect fit. They had decided not to tell her she was adopted. They quickly revised this once Una started to exhibit her powers at the age of 13.
Shaking those depressing thoughts off she thought about her ideal schedule. Power Development, English, Break, Math, History, Lunch, Astrology, Dance. Una was super excited about those last two. She was obsessed with space and the stars and dance was just a passion of hers. Soon they were pulling up and Una jerked herself out of her musing over classes. She switched her playlist back over to her previous one from the airport.
Getting out she collected her luggage from the driver and stared at the Academy. It was beautiful. She absently dragged her luggage to the largest building knowing that was the fastest way to get to her room to put her stuff away and then be able to explore. Looking around Una saw a beautiful girl with two lions, a very good looking boy with an owl just as "Smooth Operator" by Sade came on. Una smirked as she watched them interact then was distracted by a loud noise and looking over saw...Iron Man?!?!? And two others with him? The Stark boys go to this school? She thought incredulously. She watched one of the Stark boys walk over to the beautiful girl and the very good looking boy and watched the interaction between the three. I am so out classed here.
Una shook her head and looked back over at the other Stark boy, the one who had stayed near his dad, and wondered if he was as nice as he seemed on TV and in magazines. As if he'd even look at me with someone as pretty as the girl the other one seems to know. Una bit her lip and looked away from the boy to the entrance slowly hefting her luggage as she went.
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Jocelyn Victoria Beatrix Harmon aka Tonic
Location: Airport, Academy front
Interacting with: No one
Mentions: @Vicier as Naevia Udaku; @Zarkun as Jason Tiberius Stark and Connor Tony Stark and @Caits as Barca Ashur Xavier and Una O'Brian

Jocelyn Victoria Beatrix Harmon, or as she thinks of herself as Tonic; downshifts the 1969 Black Stingray that has everything she owns, which was sadly lacking. A duffel bag full of clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes, an emergency stash of water and power bars, another duffel bag with dog food and toys. Duke, a bull mastiff dane, grumbles a doggy grumble from the front passenger seat.

"Sorry that turn was a little sharp. I'll quit drifting, its not good for the tires. Besides we're almost there." She had saved up to buy the classic that was pretty much a hunk of junk when she found it years ago. She babysat and worked odd jobs working her butt off for years of summers to afford the car then to have it fixed. She was lucky that she'd been able to have the previous owner sign it over in her name. Other than what was currently in this car she owned nothing. Although she could remember a time when that hadn't mattered and that females were much less well off than she currently was specifically in the rights area. Hooray for Women's Lib.
Her outfit was purposefully enticing. She was in skin tight high waist black leather leggings, black heels and a tank top crop top with Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch" on it. Being noticed as a sex object made it easier to fool people when you started talking and put them on their ears because an intelligent theory wasn't supposed to come from someone who looked like you. Tonic loved playing stereotypes and flipping it to her advantage. It didn't bother her if they thought she was easy. But knowing her luck this was a uniform ruled school.

Pulling around a limo that let out a good looking boy who made a bee line for a pretty girl with a pair of lions. Then she went around black car that was one of those fancy cab looking one Tonic saw a redhead get out as she passed looking for somewhere to park the car. On the far side of the driveway seems like a good idea for now. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Stark and his boys land. She'd ask Bruce where to park later. She couldn't think of these people in terms of teenager to adult. They'd all been born well after her and when she was frozen making her about the oldest person here. Well besides Logan. I wonder if I'll be able to talk to him. She thought tilting her head as she turned off the car as she had found a place out of the flow of traffic.
She got out gracefully and called Duke out as well. His leap out of the car was no less graceful. Tonic looked at him and pointed at the grass and said quietly "Sit." Duke did as he was told and walked over to the grass and sat down regally regarding everything. "Starting with the regal stuff already? Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you if none of the other dogs will associate with you because you're too stuck up. You'll only have cats to hang with." She bent over and popped the trunk and grabbed Duke's duffel bag and then her own. "Come on. Let's go we have someone to find." Hefting the bags that were pathetically light she walked past the redhead and others with a slow step taking in her surroundings as well as letting anyone catch up with her.
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Connor Tony Stark, Salyssa Moone and Tobias Coulson

Location: The Courtyard; The Academy.
Interacting With: Each other, and Tony Stark.

As the car stopped near the gates, Tobias leaned over to open the door, forgetting to keep a hold of Akita. The half-grown Malamute leaped out the car in a heartbeat, and was eagerly racing towards the gates, and the people she could see, the sounds of fireworks encouraging her to run away to somewhat familiar crowds. “Shoot!” Tobias scrambled out the car, “Akita! I’ll go catch her Lyssa” he said, over his shoulder as he chased after the dog.

He charged through the gates after her, dodging around people. It soon became clear that Akita thought it was a game, and he was soon running as fast as he could, panting slightly.


Cursing inwardly, clearly blaming herself for not having reminded him to put her on the leash, Salyssa was quick to gather her belongings from the backseat; making sure that the book she had been reading was tucked securely away in her bag before she hurried after him, her eyes filled with worry as she searched the figures heading through the gates. He was gone- they both were. Swallowed up by the crowd of people she was sure they were going to be getting to know during their time at the academy.

Panic flickering out through her being, wondering just how far they could have gone, she began to run, her feet carrying her through the gates as she glanced about, her face first getting a dose of what she believed to be bright red hair as her body collided with that of another, causing her to turn and apologize. This was not her day… not even a few moments after having arrived and she was already making a foo-...

The thought gone completely as she felt herself collide with yet another figure, Salyssa lost her footing, her eyes growing wide as she turned, her arms reaching out to cling almost desperately to the mysterious figure as she fell, “..o-oh no…”

As someone crashed into Connor, he reacted instinctively, reaching out to catch them, encircling his arms around them, He stepped back a little bit, so they wouldn’t tumble over, When it was clear they weren’t going to fall to the ground, Connor looked down at the girl that had crashed into him.

She was pretty. Which wasn’t the best of thoughts to have for Connor. Clearing his throat he managed to say ”Are you okay?” without sounding like an idiot. He flicked a glance around them, concerned she was being chased by something the way she had crashed into him, but couldn’t see anything.

“..y-yes… thank you…” Lifting her head, her gaze meeting with the guy who had caught her, Salyssa’s cheeks turned a gentle shade of red, her soft pink lips parting ever so slightly as she stared up at him, the beating of her heart quickening just slightly. He... he was handsome… very much so… Gods, it was just her luck that she would crash into someone like him. Of all people, she was the one to make a fool of herself.

“..I-I-.... sorry… I did not mean-... please, forgive me...”

Connor managed to give her, what he hoped wasn’t a awkward smile. ”It’s okay, it happens. I’m glad I could prevent you hitting the ground” He said, trying to cheer her up, or at least make her feel a bit better. ”What were you running like that for?” he asked curiously, seeming to be unaware that he hadn’t let her go yet.

She had been running… why had she been running again..? The question was an easy one; though her mind seemed muddled, and she had to take a moment to sort through the mess of thoughts before she spoke, giving him the answer that he was seeking, her body (unconsciously) still resting contently within the warm circle of his arms, “..uhm… oh, uh… Akila… she got loose when we opened the car door… my friend… he went chasing after her before I could stop him…”

The explanation was a typically normal one, and that was a bit of a shock to Connor. He realised that he had been expecting more exotic things perhaps because of what the school was. ”Well. I’m sure he’ll be able to catch her, but we can have a l-”

Connor was cut off by his father slapping him on the back, a wide grin of his features, “Ah, Connor! Girls already falling for you, huh? Atta boy!”

Connor starred, utterly embarrassed, at his father. ”Dad!” He exclaimed, glancing away, his face heating up, ”I… I’m sorry…. “

Cheeks flushing a bright shade of red at the words coming from the older man, embarrassment flushing over her otherwise gentle features, Salyssa dropped her head, her gaze lingering a moment on the ground as the sudden realization that she was still held in his arms washed over her, causing her to step back, her hands both quickly taking hold of the strap of her bag resting over her shoulder.

“..M-Mr. Stark… i-it is an honor to meet you; my friend... Tobias… he-... he loves you, a-and your work as the Iron Man… you are his idol…”

Connor let his hands drop to his side when she stepped back, before raising a hand and rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, ”Sorry… “ he muttered, hoping his father wouldn’t be too embarrassing.

Tony chuckled, “I’m always happy to help up and coming engineers, if he’d like that, But don’t be shy! I told my boy he’d do fine here!” He said, reaching over to ruffle Connor’s hair.

Connor wondered if it was physically possible to fry an egg on heated cheeks. ”Dad… “

“Now, now Connor! You gotta be someone that takes a chance!”

Connor sighed, knowing his father could just go on and on even if he objected. ”I’ll try dad.... “ He said softly, relieved when his mother dragged him away. ”I’m sorry… “ he said again.

More than a little embarrassed at the situation, and of the great man she now knew to be the father of the guy she had inadvertently fallen into, Salyssa’s lips parted slightly from one another, her cheeks still pulsing red from the blush, though her eyes followed after the pair of supers as they departed from the scene; the woman obviously scalding the man for his behavior.

Turning her head slightly, her gaze flicking back to the guy apologizing; her attention was drawn quickly back to the woman, her eyes full of awe as she spoke, her voice soft, “..w-was that..? Was that… Pepper Potts..?”

Connor was a little taken aback… this was a new one for him. Most, if not all, were interested in his father, not his mother, despite the fact she was a powerful being in the industry. ”Yes, it was. She’s probably the only one that can control my father” he admitted, glancing to his parents. ”Do you follow her?”

Nodding her head lightly, her gaze finally tearing from the couple, Salyssa once more looked back to the guy she was speaking with; awe and admiration flickering behind her eyes, ”..yes; very much so. She is someone I look up to most, apart from my own mother. She is such a strong woman; so successful… and her business and work ethic is unlike anything I have ever seen. Your father might be my friends idol; though I must admit, Mrs. Potts has always been my own…”

Connor was silent for a moment, taking that in. Had anyone ever asked about his mother before? Certainly not like they did Tony… ”She’s who I look up to most too… I know my father is, well… popular, but I’ve always admired my mother” he said, ”I mean, anyone that can cow Tony Stark is a force to be reckoned with” He continued with a soft chuckle, ”Perhaps when she isn’t scolding my father you can meet her?”

“..she is your mother..? Oh, I would love to meet her… thank you..!” Smiling brightly at the thought, her soft features lighting up even under the blush that still graced her cheeks, Salyssa seemed to relax, her posture becoming more inviting as she tilted her head lightly to the side, her grip upon the strap of her bag loosening.

“..it would honestly be a dream come true…”

Connor smiled, ”I’m sure she’d love to meet you. Especially if you are eager to learn what she does. She’s always looking for up and coming women” He said, looking back to his parents, amused at their behaviour. It didn’t matter if they were in public or not, they still acted the same. ”But… I don’t think I got your name, I’m sorry”

“..o-oh… that was rude of me…” Her features falling, realizing that all this time, she hadn’t even given him her name, Salyssa took a moment, inwardly cursing herself. How had she become so distracted; and so easily as well..? Perhaps she had spent too much time with Tobias… it seemed he was rubbing off on her; not that she would ever consider that to be a bad thing. He was her best friend; and she couldn’t think of a better person to pick up traits from… but while she found his ability to get distracted by the smallest of things to be endearing, she wasn’t sure it was one she should be placing in her repertoire.

“..forgive me… my name is Salyssa Moone. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

”It's a pleasure to meet you, Salyssa. I’m Connor Stark” Connor said, ”And… I am sorry about my father… “ He said, ”I didn’t think he’d do that… “

A shout of “Akila!” behind them warned him someone was approaching, and at a fast speed, and he turned just in time to avoid a half grown dog and the boy who seemed to succeed in grabbing the dog’s collar. “Finally!” Tobias said breathlessly, glancing about him “Oh! Hey Lyssa! I caught her!”

Panicking as she saw the large ball of fur come barreling towards them, followed closely by the excited mass that was her best friend, Salyssa kicked off from the ground, her legs pulling up and out the way as she used her arms to hug her bag in close against her chest, her body hovering naturally in the air above the group and the commotion being caused. It wasn’t the first time the large dog had gotten away from them… and she was sure that it wasn’t going to be the last time either. It was worrisome, though she knew that life just wouldn’t be the same should the bubbly canine be cooped up on a leash at all times.

“Tobi..! You had me worried- you ran off and left me by the car… here…” Body twisting slightly in the air, she opened her bag, a gentle frown crossing over her lips as she rummaged around, eventually managing to find what it was she had been looking for, she held the lead out for him to take, “..please Tobi... put her on the leash before you lose control of her again…”

Tobias bowed his head slightly, “I’m sorry, Lyssa” He said softly, “I didn’t mean to leave you… I just had to catch her before she got in trouble… “ He said, looking down at Akila, and then back up at Salyssa, taking the leash “Okay!” He took a few moments to put the leash on, smiling once more and patting the pup.

“Least she’ll be tired tonight” He said cheerfully, apparently oblivious to Connor, “That’s a plus!”

Connor stepped back, a little trepidacious at the situation. He hesitated, debating about whether to speak or not. He supposed he’d have to get use to other students using powers, although it was still a little shocking. He knew he should be use to it, with Ben; but Ben… was Ben. ”Is, uh, everything okay?”

Nodding her head lightly, her bag once more hanging loose by her side as she leant forward, making sure the lead was clipped on properly, Salyssa turned her head, her gaze flicking back up to meet with Connor’s as her smile once again rose to her lips, “..yes; it seems Tobi was able to catch Akila… I am just glad she did not run out onto the road like she did this morning before we left… she is quite easily excitable…”

Connor hesitated, not sure how to say that that wasn’t what he had meant, ”Uh, no, I mean… you’re, uh, floating… “ He said a little awkwardly, not sure if she didn’t know she was floating or not.

Tobias continued to pet Akila, glancing up at Salyssa, “She does that” He said, brushing it off, and looking about them with curiosity, stopping whenever something caught his eye.

A little taken back by his words, the action something that had come so naturally to her, Salyssa stared at him a moment before quickly returning her feet back to the ground, her cheeks once more taking on that light red in color as she looked away, her gaze and attention dropping to the ground between them as embarrassment became clear upon her features, “..s-sorry… I-... I did not mean-...”

Mortified that he had inspired such a reaction from her, Connor hurriedly scrambled to make it right, ”No, no, it’s okay! You just didn’t seem to notice and… I thought something might be wrong!” he said, his voice rushed as he tried to fix his mistake.

“..i-it comes from being a Lantern… forgive me, I-... I did not wish to make you feel uncomfortable…”

Connor shook his head, ”You didn’t make me feel uncomfortable… I just wasn’t expecting it.” he said, feeling horrible for making her feel bad. He really wasn’t doing a good job at socializing.

Tobias meanwhile appeared to have seen something that caught his attention, ”Lyssa! Look!” he said, eagerly pointing to Tony and Pepper, practically bouncing up and down.

Amused, Connor looked over to his parents, ”Perhaps you can both meet them later,” he suggested, long since use to people fawning over his father at least. He flicked a glance about, seeing the jet with his and Jason’s luggage, but not inclined to go retrieve his just yet, before looking back to Salyssa and Tobias, now petting his dog. ”So… “ Connor searched for something else to say, scrambling to find anything to talk about, desperate to at least make some friends… or at least do well here, ”Perhaps after induction is over, when things quieten down, we could explore the school..?”

Her attention torn from Tobias, a flicker of worry crossing over her features at the thought that he might once again act before thinking, Salyssa turned her gaze back over to Connor as his voice once more hit her ears, his words causing her soft pink lips to part. He… wanted to spend time together..?

“..y-yeah… that-... that sounds really nice… I would really like that…”

Pleased, Connor smiled. Maybe he could survive here well, ”I look forward to it”
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