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Haven had rarely suffered from much crime, just some minor stuff here and there then some more major things every now and then. So when not only one but six bodies were found murdered and the bodies were those of all Previous Chosen… it caused major panic and fear through the city. Someone had gone and killed six Previous Chosen… assassinated them, leaving the city under the protection of the new generation of Chosen and one Veteran. Of course fingers were immediately pointed at the Disciples of Death and the Chosen of Death despite the Previous Chosen of Death also being assassinated. All those who believed it was them had ways to explain that though, saying he asked to be assassinated as he was on his deathbed already which was a true statement causing many to take up this theory furthering the ridicule of all those under Death and furthering the distrust between Azrail and the rest of the gods.

The gods took the next two months to look into things around the Midplane more and then create a plan as the Chosen were given time to mourn and get used to having full power. At the end of exactly two months since the assassinations the Gods called all the Chosen together into the middle of the city. There the Chosen were given their assignment of leaving the city and going through the land, finding the rifts and closing them, and searching for the missing relic while they were at it. The Chosen were then given a day to prepare themself for the mission and left the next morning just as the sun rose over the horizon, crowds of people seeing them off.

The first few hours of travel were silent between all of them none of them talking to each other. But now it has reached midday and they are stopping for their first break. So far they had been lucky to simply only encounter a few basic undead so they had yet to see much battle where they’d need to rely on one another. But they would need to get to know one another and learn to work together if they were to have any chance of survival.

Hell. That’s how Esmeray would describe having to go on this ‘mission’. Her own personal Hell. She had been through enough shit the past two months from attacks and damaging of the Death temple to people attacking some of Death’s disciples to people just crowding around outside yelling out their opinions on those who served Azrail.

The worst thing being done was the defilement of Thann’s grave. Many still believed she killed him but what they don’t know is that finding him dead due to a stab wound and not a natural death like the one they both knew was coming soon. It tore her up on the inside, it devastated her in ways she didn’t know death could. Such raw emotion from her triggered her to activate Decay causing the bed below his body to rot away and parts of her shirt to just disappear as she clung to herself even causing small amount of rot on her own skin that were later healed when she was more level headed. Now she has those scars as a reminder of not only his death but also just how strong death of those you love make you. It will be used by her as a reminder that whoever is responsible for all that is happening, well they are going to wish for death when Esmeray is done with them.

Esmeray fiddled with her bracelet as she glanced around at everyone as the stopped and now had a fire going with some food cooking. She was standing a bit away from the others just observing, Osseus asleep in her bag as she did so. As her eyes landed on her brother she simply shot him a glare before moving her eyes away from him. Out of everyone here, he was the only one that worried her. He knew her biggest secret and she hated that and him for it. Someone would have to eventually start the conversation but it wasn’t going to be her. Not this time at least. Right now she was too wary of all the others to even think of speaking. So she settled for silence as she stared on with her piercing red eyes.
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Well at least we have a talkative group... she tried to make herself feel better, but all she could do was think about this whole situation. All her old team mates dead, in ways that shouldn't have happened, and on top of all of that, sending all them into the wild. She dropped her hood and looked around at the surrounding area, she stood, Iarzu under her in a slightly bigger form then his typical full size. She didn't remember when it happened, but she just remembered that he summoned himself to let her ride and let her feet rest. Now she just felt bad, knelling down and petting him, before hoping off and stretching. Taking in everything around her, she wished she still had two eyes, everything would have been so beautiful. The lush dense greens of the forest that surrounded them, they had hit it a while back and it just seemed to never end, which both worried her and made her glad to see something different and new.

Iarzu now reverted back to his baby form and chased a rodent up a tree, exploring the trees and jumping from branch to branch "This forest really does go on for forever" he spoke down in a cute squeaky voice. Ka'ora stared up at the baby bear jumping around and smiled, it was nice to see him like this, he had been sad for a while being coped up in town. Looking around everyone seemed to really be reserved, of course it was warranted but they needed to start getting one at least a first name basis if they wanted to all come back on this mission. Never have the gods given a task like this to ALL the Chosen, so that meant they consider this a huge threat, to much for a small team to handle. Whistling to get Iarzu's attention, as well as everyone elses, the bear jumped from the branch, aiming to land on her head.

Ka'ora caught him and dropped him "Nice try, mind transforming again for me?" Iarzu eyes instantly glowing, he blew up figuratively and almost literally, growing in size and standing. ka'ora climbed up and got on his shoulders, leaning on his head and looking down at everyone "ALRIGHTY, so i think there has been enough silence for one day, i know we're all still feeling the effects of losing important people. I lost not only my team mates, but my friends, so i understand. I just think we should all get on a first name basis, I know all of you know me, but i've only met you guys a handful of times" glancing at Ethan and Lach "and I dont know about you, but i plan on getting everyone back in one piece. We're gunna need to know each other for that to be possible, we're all connected and no one will understand you better then the people around you now. So needless to say, ill go first, Im Ka'ora Uilic and im the lightning chosen, something like that, add a fun fact if you want to, just trying to break the ice between us all" she looked at everyone with hopeful eyes.
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Jonah Kalrem

Two months ago...

The day was overcast. Dark, dreary, cold, but not going to rain. Jonah knew these clouds well. He'd been told that water in the air was too free for him to grasp without help from the Fire Chosen. He smiled, defying his feelings and the bleak day, just to try and convince himself that he was stronger than he actually was. It wasn't working. Mostly because his mentor and musical teacher had just died.

"Something.... Everything is wrong."

Jonah stood in the cemetery alone today. He tried desperately to remember the good times he'd had with her, but the memories were fleeting, just like the happiness. The Water Chosen reached his hands out above, desperately trying to make it rain from the cloud. In vain, Jonah spent his magic energy trying to force the water to fall.

"Please. I don't want to cry alone today."

After a few more minutes of wasted time and energy, Jonah decided to pull out his Viola.

"I'm still working on that composition, Jane." He said to the grave. "I think i'll play something else though... something I heard once in a dream."

The young man placed the bow on the strings and pulled, making a note just to get his bearings before he played. The song was slow and sad, a reflection of how the player felt. Helpless. Lost. Desperate. Jonah didn't know what to do. Fear and sadness overcame him despite the music. Music had always helped Jonah to feel better, but it wasn't working.

Then came the second half. The notes picked up, and more instruments seemed to play despite there being only one. Although the viola part sounded simple and sad, the undertones created provided a dark and anxious theme. Feelings, other than sadness began to well up within Jonah- Frustration. Rage. Jane's death would not go unpunished, so long as Jonah could help it. He would find out who did it. And he would have them brought to justice.

And as suddenly as the other instruments began, the entire song stopped. It started raining.

Why did it have to be so damn hot today... Jonah thought to himself. Thankfully it was an uneventful morning outside the walls. A very few minor undead had shown up, and were dispatched easily. The group collectively, and silently decided to sit down for awhile now. The Water Chosen had pulled out his half-written composition from his backpack and studied it, trying to decide where the music should go.

Before he could get a train of thought going however, an annoyingly upbeat woman spoke up. Ka'ora Ulric, the Lightning Chosen. She tried to break the ice and get everyone talking. Instead, Jonah simply turned back to his paper and kept studying it, before producing a pencil and adding in a few more notes, ignoring the woman and her familiar.
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Slightly paranoid, yeah, that would describe Ethan's current mood. The last time he had been outside of the wall...He didn't even want to continue that thought. He and Gust had been watching and listening intently the entire time the group had been travelling, and even though the reports of the so-called 'Storm Reaver' had all but stopped recently, he knew it was still out there somewhere.

Once the group had to stop and make camp, he allowed his familiar to freely keep watch, her mobility and nigh invisibility making her ideal for the task.

Ethan cringed a bit at Ka'ora's suggestion for introductions, but relented for her sake. Given how reserved alot of the group seemed to be, and rightfully so, it would probably take another person or two to actually get any real response from some of the others. He stood up, forcing the semblance of a smile to his face.

"I'm Ethan Uilic, the wind chosen. I...I hope we can all at least get along well enough to...well, not die out here." He said, partly joking. Though, the risk was very real and present, he believed at least a little brevity would help everyone lighten up a slight bit.

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As they traveled, out of all in the group the one who seemed most comfortable with his surroundings was Lachdonon. He walked casually and seemed like he was not even paying attention to his surroundings. But he was listening. From all his time outside the walls alone. He found out quickly that it usually became very quiet when something dangerous was around. It had become second nature for him to pick up on the absence of sound now. But still, with how far they traveled, It was unlikely they could run into something yet. When they did run into something though, he let the others handle it. They needed the practice.

Lach sighed as they came to a stop for lunch. Looking around at the group, none of whom were in the mood to talk. He couldn't blame them, most of them had lost their mentor's only two months before. Where he lost that and his father. Even though he admitted he was feeling so tired and weak...the time was surely any day for him...but he didn't deserve to die like that.

To make it even worse...he had lost two people he loved within Six months. He glanced over at Ka’ora. Eurika’s mother. Even though they were not genetically mother and daughter, he could see a lot of Eurika in Ka’ora. It made sense...she did raise her.

He was jolted out of his thoughts as Ka’ora whistled… and at the same time Mia hopped up and leaned on his thigh with her front paws. Hey, I’m going to get some food! He nodded as then Mia bolted into the woods.

Ka’ora then spoke up, trying to lighten the mood and get everyone to make introductions. When she finished he noticed Jonah just ignored her to go back to his sheet music. Rolling his eyes he walked over to him while Ethan made an attempt to lighten the mood as well...mostly because he had to it seemed.

Lachdonon gave a quick light slap to the back of Jonah’s head to get his attention. Once he would look up he would see Lachdonon giving him a serious look that clearly said, ‘you should listen to the woman.’

After no one else jumped in he turned and hopped onto a rock and gave one of his contagious smiles. Despite not being in the mood himself honestly. While mostly looking to the girls of the group he said. “ My name is Lachdonon O’brien, Earth chosen. I like relaxing, taking walks in the woods and cooking, and giving Ka’ora a hard time.

He turned to Ka’ora and gave a smug smile. As he thought back to all the times he purposely tried to irritate her, pull pranks or just joke around with her. Most of it was before six months ago though.

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Red...muddled red...ooh, even blue! As the group went about the journey to their destination, Vita had taken the time to study each individual person's aura. It was fascinating to see how they were all interconnected in some way. Her eyes flitted between several of the Chosen and found several bonds that had been formed. It shouldn't have been surprising, knowing that some of the Chosen had past emotions that had connected them once on a deep level. Yet, an intense sadness was also intertwined with the bonds. The girl didn't know most of her companions' histories, but her studies helped to make everything seem rather textbook.

The group soon came to a stop for lunch, drawing a relieved sigh from Vita's chest. She didn't mind the burning of her feet or the distance they had traveled. Rather, it was what they were walking towards that made her stomach churn in despair. The thought of having to fight something monstrous overwhelmed her.

Finding a large boulder to sit upon, she cleared her throat and watched the others as they had begun to introduce themselves to the group. She rose a brow at the only three who had spoken. Anguish and loss was apparent with each of them, and it was mostly centered towards the lightning chosen. Vita had heard of the woman before and knew that she had been the chosen once before. It was odd for a past chosen to remain in control. Maybe their emotional chaos revolved around the person who was meant to be the next chosen?

Suddenly she realized that she still had yet to speak to the group. A bright smile tugged at the corners of her lips as a hand shot up in greeting. "Uh, hello, everyone! I'm Vita Axelle, the life chosen. I'm just here to help, really. To lend a shoulder, or an ear to anyone who might need to talk.." Her eyes glanced over to the three before adding to her statement. "'Cause I'm an psychiatrist, by profession. I'm a great listener. Really. My office is always open."
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Thea glanced around at the other Chosen and saw most seemed lost in their own worlds. They had travelled so far with barely a word exchanged and whilst it was hardly surprising, lightning was right, it needed to change.
She was about to step up when a couple of the others got there first, she didnt mind as she was curious about them. Clearly some of them already knew each other which would make life easier.

The Wind, Earth and Life Chosen introduced themselves and Thea's eyebrows rose at Vita.

"Seriously? A counselor Chosen. That must be a first. Hey, you could always distract the bad guys with therapy while we take em down!"

There was a loud and very distinct sigh that clearly originated from the bird perched on her shoulder.
Please excuse Amalthea. She has the annoying habit of putting her foot into it at every opportunity.

Thea scowled at him. "What? It could work.

Another sigh which Thea ignored with the habit of long practice. She checked her bow was still propped beside her, another habit of long practice, before continuing.

"Somehow I see Ka'ora there kicking your ass regularly Lachdonan. Damn that name is a mouthful, and trust me I should know with a name like Amalthea. So Lach it is. Anyway, I'm Thea and this is Dart, don't get in between my bow and its target and we'll all get along juat fine."
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So this must be what it’s like outside of the walls… I’m not very impressed so far Sammael thought to himself while he walked with the rest of the group of Chosen. The journey thus far proved to be surprisingly uneventful. Just a few simple undead in several hours? If it was so dangerous for citizens to venture outside Sammael expected something much more challenging. Then again he knew the real fun of this journey was yet to come...

As they had been walking Sammael was making sure to glance around, keeping an eye on his surroundings while getting lost in his thoughts. It was the only thing to keep him occupied in the silence of this group that he got stuck with. He thought of the recent events and of the previous Chosen being killed off. How brutal. Though it seems many of this team were negatively impacted by the deaths of their mentors, or in some cases family. He was on odd case, his mentor had died 4 months ago, 2 months prior to the recent slaughter. Sammael held no remorse for the old fool or the newfound power he had obtained.

They had finally stopped for a break and Sammael gladly took an opportunity to rest his feet as his familiar, Soleil, slept in the hood of his cloak. He started glancing across the faces of everyone in the group until he landed upon his sister as she looked at him. Sammael responded to to her glare with a look just as cold as he knew that she could reveal quite a lot about him. As the lightning Chosen, Ka’ora he thought he heard, whistled to gain their attention Sammael lost focus. The griffin that before was resting peacefully was startled awake and climbed out of her hiding place and climbed onto the shoulder of her master.

Introductions, eh? Could be useful to know the rest of these fools a bit better, not like I plan on getting friendly with many of them As Sammael listened to the introductions of the few who went before him he paid attention. Currently his biggest concerns were the Earth and Fire Chosen. Lachdonon and Thea. They seemed like they would get on his nerves quickly. He pushed that aside and stood up. He gave a small bow to his comrades with Soleil doing the same as well as she could from atop his shoulder. “Greetings. My name is Sammael Lionsun, the Chosen of Light. This is my familiar Soleil. It is my pleasure to be travelling with you all.” Sammael made a gesture to his sister, a trace of a smirk on his face. “My sister has rudely chosen to neglect introductions it seems so I shall do that for her. Her name is Esmeray, she is the Chosen of Death.” He had made sure to include who she was exactly, knowing full well that most had begun to distrust those of Death since the incident.
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Ruby Dewer

It wasn't supposed to be this way. That was what had been going through Ruby's mind for the past two months ever since the bodies of her mother and the other elder Chosen had been discovered. Her mother hadn't had much longer left, they both knew that, but she wasn't supposed to die like that. Ruby could still fear the knot in her stomach when she felt that surge of power in her, that signaled her mother's death or rather her murder. Ruby wasn't ready to lose her, nor was she ready to take on the sole responsibility of the chosen of Shadow. But like always ruby didn't have a choice. She spent the two months that came after with her father, morning and trying to heal. They both knew their time with Alyssa was limited, they both told each other that they spent as much time as they could with her and let her knew that they loved her as much as they could, but it did little to help ease the pain in their hearts.

And then Ruby was ordered to leave with the others. To go deep out of the city and find rifts and an ancient relic, so that the city would be safe. Ruby didn't want to leave her father behind, nor did he want to see her leave. But neither said anything to this effect, as this is what the gods wanted and instead said their goodbyes as if this could be their last.

So that was how Ruby found herself outside the city with the other chosen, in new territory. To be honest, it felt like Ruby knew her surroundings better than the other chosen. Ruby was a quiet girl, not one for much interacting with others over years, even at the meetings they all had to attend. She knew them all well enough that before this, she could have seen them on the streets and go "yes, that is one of my fellow chosen" but honestly that was about it for most of them. It made traveling with everyone kind of...awkward. She at least had Cecilia with her, her loyal companion who was draped over her shoulders as they traveled, that being her favorite spot when Ruby had to move around. But now that they were taking a break, Ruby was just sitting in the shade of the tree, waiting to see what would happen next.

She didn't have to wait long, as Ka'ora got up on her familiar Iarzu to announce that they should all introduce themselves to get to know one another better. It took a minute for someone to get up, but when someone did, it was Ethan, who seemed a little nervous about being out here. But considering what Ruby knew about him, that wasn't too surprising. Next was Lachdonon who introduced himself after trying to get Jonah to pay attention. Lachdonon was probably the guy Ruby knew the best because he had been born into the same boat as she was, as his father had been the previous earth chosen. It was a weird kind of connection to share in which Ruby didn't know if it made her more comfortable around him or more...awkward (because talking about how you were slowly killing off your biological parent by just existing wasn't exactly a fun topic to discuss). Then came Vita who offered to listen to anyone that needed to talk which was kind of her considering the situation must have been as hard on her as the rest of them. Then Amalthea who was rather curt but at least kept her introduction short, though Ruby felt like she was going to have some trouble interacting her. Then finally Sammael, who introduced him and his sister Esmeray. Honestly Ruby didn't know how to feel about either of them. Sammael because he was the opposite element as her, Light, so that kind of made Ruby feel uncomfortable around him already and while he seemed like a nice enough person, her mother also rarely let her interact with or even get around him growing up. Esmeray on the other hand, well there elements were the only ones that liked one another, and yet Ruby hadn't interacted with her much at all over years either. Probably because of who her twin was, which was a shame. Though maybe that would change over the adventure.

Well, besides Jonah, she was the only one left to introduce herself. Ruby got up and came a bit out of the shade so the others could get a better look at her before taking a breath and saying "Um, Hi. My name is Ruby Dewer." She said it, not a nervous tone but more of an unsure one. "I'm the chosen of Shadow, and um...My mother was the previous chosen of shadows." She faltered a bit at that but quickly tried to recover, "U-Um this is my familiar Cecilia," She gestured to where her familiar was resting on her shoulders. "And um, it's really a pleasure to be working with all of you." With that Ruby quickly retreated back into the shade of the tree and sat back down, resisting the urge to sink into the shadows over how that just went.
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Staring on, Esmeray watched as the group introduced themselves one by one. She had the full intention of doing so when it seemed like a good time for her to take her turn, unfortunately for her two things happened. First Osseus decided the wake-up and climb out of the bag lazily, biting down on Esmeray's arm gently causing the girl to grab the dragon by his tail and pull him off her arm before he could begin chewing on her arm again. Secondly, Esmeray's lovely brother took the opportunity to introduce her before she got the chance, calling her rude at the same time which really it did seem rude and make her look worse than she did.

Letting out a sigh Esmeray looked to the group again, "I was never actually given the chance to introduce myself yet so please ignore my dear brother..." The pinkette shot a look to her brother, "But as he said I'm Esmeray and yes I am the Death Chosen. But hopefully, you all will be able to learn to look past that so we can work well as a team and get everyone back safely." A warm, soft smile graced her lips as Esmeray finally got Osseus settled in her arms, holding him as one would hold a baby. She knew she had a long way to go before she gained the trust of everyone but it was what the Chosen strove for, that and to clear the names of Azarail and everyone who supports him... even if she died trying.
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Jonah Kalrem

Jonah turned his head and glared at Lachdonan, annoyed that he hit him in the back of the head. Lach gave a look to Jonah however, and the Water Chosen realized that he really should introduce himself. After rolling his eyes at Lach, he put away his sheet music carefully. Ill have to continue some other time. He told himself. After that, he stood and listened to everyone else.

The Wind Chosen, Ethan seemed to be fairly shy, or un-confident as he talked about not wanting to die. Lach spoke up, but Jonah didn't really pay attention. The two of them were already good friends. Afterwards was Vita, the Life Chosen, who also happened to be a psychiatrist. Jonah gave a light chuckle, glad that nobody else heard. He found it oddly appropriate that they had a therapist of some sort with them, especially since a bunch of Chosen had just died.

Next came Amalthea. She was the Fire Chosen, and had made some remark about not being between her and her target. She gave Jonah a very serious and commanding impression. Following her was Sammael, the Light Chosen. He spoke very politely, bringing the term "knight" to Jonah's mind. Ruby spoke up afterwards, introducing her role as the Shadow Chosen. She also seemed a bit flustered, like Ethan was earlier. It was only natural, since this is the first time most of us were outside the walls.

And lastly, was Esmeray, the Death Chosen. She made a quick appeal about looking past her title, before ending. Jonah didn't really understand why the Death Chosen had gotten all the flak for the recent deaths, like everyone was going on about. This especially bothered Jonah, since a Death Chosen was also a part of the killings. To the townspeople, you'd think that the Death Chosen were equivalent to demons. Why did people so vehemently dislike the Death Chosens?

It was a few more moments before Jonah realized he was the only one remaining who hadn't introduced himself. "....Right. So..." Jonah said, collecting his thoughts. "I'm Jonah, Water Chosen and.... I like music." He said simply. Jonah stayed standing for a few moments longer, before sitting back down on the ground and getting his sheet music back out. He wasn't much for social situations, especially around those he wasn't familiar with, so he had very little to say.
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Ka'ora say up above watching and studying each member of the group. At first it being silent, her son spoke up, introducing himself. She was so incredibly thankful to have him along, she knew at least one person in the group would always, ALWAYS have her back and that's something she needed not knowing most of the group to well. The next person to introduce themselves was Lachdonon, it pained her to see him, not because she hated him or was upset with him, but because he reminded her of Eurika. The relationship they had, it made Lach and honorary member of her family. He too was someone she could trust to have her back, not to the same degree as Ethan, but she loved him like a son. She rolled her eyes at his remark, she winked at him to thank him for joking, hopefully it was helping lighten the mood.

The rest began to follow suit, introducing themselves one by one. They were all so different and...angsty wasnt the word she wanted to use, but the only thing that came to mind. Chuckling as each person said their name, most of them didn't seem as sassy as they were coming off so that was good. There was however something that worried her, one being that Sammael, the light chosen choose to call out his twin sister she was assuming, and two that the she was unfamiliar with the death chosen. She had only met her maybe and handful of times, and she was familiar with the previous death chosen, they weren't the best of pals, but she trusted him. She wasn't going to assume anything or distrust anyone, but she couldn't be sure. Making a mental note, as the water chosen was the last to introduce themselves, she cleared her throat and stretched again "Alrighty well, thank you for sharing, you didn't have to but thats a step in the right direction. I dont want to come off as overly happy or trying to form an instant bond, i just need you all to understand the importance of us all being a unit. But enough of the dramtic talk, its nice to meet you all, lets just enjoy this down time, we'll have to get moving soon enough" Iarzu dropped to all fours and Ka'ora hopped off. Putting her hand on lips, she thought for a moment, her other hand crossed over herself. Looking over to Ethan and Lach, she motioned for them to come over to her.

Ethan had been carefully watching the others. Lach going after him was a given, he probably had the same idea Ethan had when he stepped up. While Ethan didn't consider Lach to be family on the same level that Ka'ora did, he was still certainly someone he looked up to on some level. Frankly, anyone that his sister had respected had a very easy in as far as that went. Sure, him being around reminded him of Eurika, and that wasn't exactly pleasant...but it wasn't something he could blame Lach for.

Sammael's quickness to draw fire to his own sister rubbed Ethan the wrong way. They were family, and yet he seemed to be more than happy to hurt her... That reason alone was enough for Ethan to doubt the light chosen's words. He could almost understand if he was cautioning the others for their sake, but it almost felt like Sam took pleasure in it. It was then that he made the decision to confront Esmeray about it personally, though that would have to come later.

Before Ethan even knew it, everyone had finished their introductions and Kaora had essentially allowed everyone to speak amongst themselves. Once she waved both him and Lach to her, he quickly made his way there, curious as to what she may need.

Lach glanced over to Vita as she introduced herself...He smiled, despite everything that had happened in the last few months, she still is one of the most happy and honsestly kind people he knew. She already had helped him so much in these last six months.

When Amathea then spoke up, commenting on how she could see how Ka'ora would be constantly kicking his ass. He shrugged and lowered his head in acceptance of that statement witth a smirk. "Sounds about right Thea." As she automatically shortened his name, he did the same for her. He did whisper under his breath... "Eurika was better at that though..." he said fondly, remembering the girl with a 'shocking' attitude. A mental image of her rolling her eyes at his horrible pun, popped into mind, bringing a smile to his lips. His hand reaching in a pouch on his hip, his fingers running over a silk ribbon.

As Samael spoke up, and introduced his sister, Lachdonon gave the guy a glare of his own. He wanted to smack the guy right then and there. He seemed to enjoy throwing his sister under the bus. In light of what happened and the rumors that ran rampant in the city. He was always taught to protect his own younger sisters. It was a role/duty of the older brother to do so. It was clear neither liked each other as she spoke up it just seemed to confirm it with her look to him. He closed his eyes and focused on the ground just under Sammeal. Even from here he could tell the dirt below him was loose, filled with gravel and dirt. Using his foot, he sharply shifted his right foot from left to right. A movement so lokey it was meant to be hidden unless you were looking for it. The gravel under Sammeal suddenly shifted. To everyone else...it would look like Sammeal just did the splits on his own accord. Lachdonon would only have a slight michivious smirk on his face. Though in his oppinion...he got off way to easy.

He glanced over at Ruby as she spoke up, he knew of her... abeit the fact that being the previous chosen's child was rare...two of them in the same generation was unheardof. Though he never got around to really talk to her. She did seem really shy though. Perhaps he could change that with this trip.

Lach glanced over at Ka'ora as she motioned him to come over, as well as Ethan. He had almost a spring to his step as he lept off the rock and over to her. Coming to a stop next to Ethan he folded his hands behind his head at the base of his skull. "What's up Ma?" he asked. Ma being what he called her ever since he and Eurika got close...

She looked towards the forest stuck in her thining pose, Iarzu came to sit next to her curling up and poofing into his small form. Ka'ora covered her mouth covertly, speaking low so only Ethan and Lach could hear "I want to ask you guys about this group, this is your generation of chosen, so im sure you guys have all met more then i've met them. I need to know who we need to keep an eye on, who i can especially trust" she looked up towards the other scattered chosen "I just want to make sure this mission runs smoothly."

She looked over to Esmeray "and my last question is, how well do you know her. I'm never going to judge a book by its cover, but i want to make sure i can trust her to have our backs, or if we turn the other way, she'll kill us just like all the rumors are saying she did her master. I knew that man, he wouldn't have died easy, so i already dont believe them, but i want insight from both of you because i trust you two with my soul" she looked at the both of them letting them decide who would speak first.

Lach lowered his hands to his hips as he twisted his lips to the side of his face as he thought about her questions. He then said softly. "Jonah is odd and likes to keep to himself. but he will work with us if he had to. Vita needs to be watched over, she's not much of a fighter, and tends to freak out during battles. But she wont shirk away. We do work well together." He glanced over at Esmeray and added as he looked back to Ka'ora. "I am sure Esmeray is not the murderer. I've talked with her before, and in that encounter there is no way a girl like that could kill six people in cold blood."

He slapped Ethan in the shoulder. "We gotta watch out for this kid though. Surrounded by all these beautiful girls...he's sure to knock them dead." He said with a warm smile.

Ethan glared daggers at Lach the second his hand made contact with his shoulder. It wasn't that he had too much issue with physical contact, but he had essentially predicted the words that came next. He decided not to dignify Lach's encouragement with a verbal response, instead looking back at Ka'ora.

"I don't really know most of the others too well. I mean, I've run into some of them a few times...just haven't had much reason." He said as his eyes roamed around to each of them. "Other than Esmeray, back when..." Ethan cut himself short instead of revisiting that whole event. "I trust her." He said with an affirmative nod, not bothering to look to Sammael. "That one though...anyone that would try and turn everyone against their own sibling...and so easily. I don't like it."

Lachdonon simply nodded at his last comment about Sammeal. "I agree wholeheartedly."

Ka'ora shook her head in agreeance pacing back and foward thinking about what was said "Okay, good, i trust you two are telling me the absolute truth, so ill act as ive been told. If this is the case about Sammael, then Ethan i want you to watch him and Es, make sure nothing fishing happens between them" she walked close to run her hand through Ethans hair "and lighten up kid, we got bigger things to focus on, like makin sure we get back home, yeah" she grabbed the back of his head "I wanna talk to Lach for a second okay, wanna grab some food for me? Maybe take some over to Es, eh?" she smiled and hoped that he would at least try for her.

Ethan clammed up a bit at Ka'ora's suggestion. It wasn't-he didn't-why would he...Nope, not happening. He didn't even know Esmeray, nor did he have all that much interest just yet. She seemed cool and everything, but...wait, why was he even trying to justify all that in his head? He didn't care really.

He retrieved a bowl of whatever was on the fire and sat by himself. Maybe he was being childish about the whole thing. He had no reason to think his mother was trying to set him up or anything, she probably just trying to make him have Esmeray feel a bit less alone...yeah, well he was definitely being an idiot.

Without even taking a moment to eat, he stood back up and grabbed another bowl and brought Esmeray one too. "You should probably eat too. It's probably pretty draining to have to deal with someone like him your whole life." Ethan said, subtly nodding towards her brother.

After Ethan walked away. He felt slightly jealous that he got that job. Esmeray was a pretty girl. Kind as well. He shrugged the thought off... Didnt mean he couldn't get to know her more either. He glanced back to Ka'ora and asked, "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

Around this time Mia came back to the camp, a large rodent in her jaws. She walked over to Lach and Ka'ora with an air of pride around her for catching something so quickly. She then came to a stop next to Ka'ora and dropped the rodent while leaning agianst her leg. Despite the natural deposition between lighting and earth, Mia had grown quite fond of the of the lady...her daughter as well. Mostly because of all the times she shocked Lach.

Ka'ora bent down and pet the fox, Iarzu stirring and playfulyl tackling the fox, wanting to play fight. Standing, Ka'ora grabbed Lachdonon's shoulder and smiled "I'm sorry i havent been able to come see and check on you as of recent, i've had a lot to deal with but how are you doing? You need a haircut you know that, just cause we're going through some grief doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of ourselves, i have one eye for christsake and i still look after my hair, what's your excuse huh?" she laughed, sighing and getting serious.

Lachdonon smiled as she pointed out his hair. Running his hand through it he shrugged. Oh come on... the girls love the thick hair. Makes me look dashing... he said with a smirk. It vanished when he noticed her getting serious.

Mia pushed her head into Ka'ora's hand enjoying the feeling untill she was rudely interupted by Iarzu who tackled her. She shrugged him off and tried to ignore him, as he attacked her again and again. Finally turning on him and tackling him. The two rolling away in their mock fight

"I need two things from you, and i need more then just your word Lach" she looked down into his eyes and exerted how serious she was through her aura. "I need you to watch over the healer girl, thats something i wont ask to make a God Agreement Contract for. Promise me you will look after this group and lead them back, even it kills you, not just this one time either, everytime we go out. Not only that, but more specifically i need you to watch over Ethan if anything happens to me, and to make sure everyone else is safe if something big comes, before jumping back to foolishly help me, are we in agreeance?" she took took her finger and etched her gods seal on her hand using lightning "blood agreeance..." she stared seriously at him through one eye.

Protecting Vita was simple, he already planned on doing that, he could never let her get hurt. But as soon as she started to say for him to lead the group back he started to shake his head, but she didn't give him an inch to say anything as she pushed on...adding more and more, to his promise. Ethan he understood, and already had givin himself that promise...believing that was what Eurika would have wanted him to do. She even started to make a God Agreement Contract with him. He shook his head and held up his hand to stop her. "Why are you saying this? You already know I will protect Ethan. You also know he wont listen to me, and why would the others? What are you expecting?

"Im expecting you to lead this group when i cant, you are apart of their generation, you are the oldest and you are the only person i can trust with this Lach. Between me and you, me being alive is a mistake, and i think whatever killed the other Vet Chosen, would have killed me if I wasn't the only remaining Lightning Chosen. That puts a target on my back, this is why i need you to make this agreement, Im not asking you as Eurika's mother, or Ethan's Mother, or even a friend Lach, I'm asking as a Chosen, so will you? For me?" she pushed her hand out and let it hang in front of him "If im asking to much tell me...but this is what I am asking of you from the bottom of my heart."

Lach's eyes never left Ka'ora's as she explained. He sighed and was silent for a moment. He didn't like it. But he couldn't just say no. He knew she wouldn't ask so much of him if she didn't believe in him. He bend down, shoving his hand effortlessly through the ground and pulling a sharp rock he just created with his movement. Standing up once again he paused to look at her, her hand outstretched to him ready to seal the agreement. He didnt' look as he took the rock and carved the seal of his goddess into his palm. "Thats unfair... you know I can't resist a plea from a lady." He said half jokeningly. Dropping the rock he reached out with his sealed hand and took hers. "By way of seal, gods hear our agreement and etche it in stone"

"By way of seal, gods hear our agreement and etche it in stone" Ka'ora made sure no one was looking as their hands glowed dimly and disappeared just as fast as it appeared. She let go and sighed "sorry for making it a big one, but i needed it for my concious, you're free, im gunna take the rest of the break looking at the map and making sure about our path, have fun" she glared at him jokingly "just not to much fun..." she smiled and turned on her heels, sitting against a tree and Iarzu coming to sit in her lap and look at the map with her.

Lachdonon nodded, showing he understood where she was coming from. Only to smirk when she told him not to have too much fun. "Cant promise I wont." He added as he glanced over to his familiar.

Mia came back and before picking up her rodent she said "That's right run away! That'll teach you to try and mess with me!" She said as she walked away, slightly panting. Clearly taking it as a win in her eyes.

He went over to the pot and grabbed himself a bowl as well. Looking to everyone in the group. His eyes settled on the two girls he didn't know very much. Amathea and Ruby. He then asked "So...Amathea and Ruby right? This your first time outside of the walls?"

Mia plopped down next to him and started eating her hard earned dinner. Not caring what the others might think.
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Thea fetched herself a bowl of food and found a not too uncomfortable rock to lean against, she began spooning the food into her mouth with gusto, the world could be ending and yet Thea would always make time for food. She watched and listened as the other Chosen introduced themselves and she noticed straight away the tension between the brother and sister. Man was she glad she was an only child as having siblings seemed to suck. She decided that the brother, Sammael, was an idiot but his sister seemed okay. She obviously knew all the rumours going around about her previous Chosen but she wasn't going to judge. They'd know soon enough if Esmeray was going to be a problem. She watched Ka'ora, Ethan and Lachdonan with fascination. They had a close connection, they were family, and Thea couldn't pretend she wasn't a little jealous. She missed Karkand right then, he would say the perfect things and have everyone talking within minutes, he might have been quiet and preferred his own company but he had been surprisingly good at socialising.

"You're thinking again, never a good sign in my opinion." Thea rolled her eyes at Dart who was still perched on her shoulder.

"You're the one always telling me to think before I speak." She reminded him.

He snorted, a very odd sound coming from a bird Thea was sure no such sound had ever been heard in the wild, and grabbed a chunk of her hair in his beak. He yanked on it, not hard enough to rip the hair out but enough for her to notice.

"Ow! Damn it Dart! Stop doing that!" She yelped standing suddenly and glaring at the bird. They made a very odd sight, a bird yanking a person round by the hair and that person trying to glare at their left shoulder.

"Stop brooding and I will." Was the mumbled reply.

"You stop this instant or I swear I will leave you with my mother for a week!" Thea snapped with a very evil looking grin.

"You wouldn't dare." Dart's mumble was slower coming this time.

"Watch me." Thea crossed her arms and and lifted her chin.

Dart hesitated for a moment then released her hair with a grudging click of his beak then flew to a nearby branch grumbling under his breath about crazy mothers and unreasonable Chosen. Thea watched him for a moment before breaking out into a laugh, a full bellied no holds barred laugh that brought tears to her eyes.

"Alright." She wheezed trying to get her breath back "You crazy bird, you win I'm not brooding any more."

Dart settled himself on the branch. "Mission accomplished." He said, his voice smug.

Thea turned back to the group realising that they must think both she and Dart were crazy. She hesitated for a moment before grinning and making a bow.

"Thanks for watching. We'll be here all week." She fetched herself another bowl of food and sat back down. "If that wasn't a good enough icebreaker." She drawled "Then hell if I know what is."

It was only after she had finished her second bowl of food, Dart having returned to her shoulder and eating the tidbits she fed him, that she remembered Lachdonan had spoken to her. She looked at him and smiled, damn he was too good looking for his own good.

"Yup first time outside, I'm an outside virgin. Not that I didn't want to come out here but you know it was all training and being zen. Fire and emotions make one combustible combo, who knew?"

She stood and stretched, receiving a grumble from Dart who had settled down for a nap with his head hidden in her hair, before sitting down next to Lachdonan.

"It's clearly not your first time though. You and I obviously had very different training plans, but don't worry about me I'll shoot whatever needs shooting no problem." She then grinned again "You know our gods only tolerate each other right? So guessing we're supposed to be the same. I was never one for doing what everyone else is doing so what do you say we break the mould and be friends?"

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Sammael waited as the last three began to finally introduce themselves. The Water Chosen, Jonah, and the Shadow Chosen, Ruby, seemed quiet and and reserved. It didn't seem like he would have much of an issue with those two. Then there was his 'lovely' sister. Of all the people in this group, she would most certainly cause the most trouble for him.

Or at least, that is what Sammael thought. He was soon proven wrong when the ground below him started to move suddenly. "What the fu-?!" his voice was cut off before he could even finish his exclamation as he was forced into doing the splits. Sam winced in pain as flexibility certainly wasn't his strong suit and it took him a moment before he was finally able to stand back up. He of course knew the only person who would be able to do this... Lach. That one is going to be trouble.. he's lucky I can't do anything yet He made sure to shoot his newfound annoyance a glare with his eyes glowing golden until he felt his familiar peck at him to get his attention.

"It's not worth it, Sammael." He knew that Soleil was right, so he reluctantly turned away. It was just a score for him to settle some other day.

Esmeray held back a laugh only a small smile coming to her lips as she watched her brother fall into the splits. Flexible is a thing he was not so it had to have caused him pain, something she felt he deserved at this point. The entertainment was short lived though as people went back to doing their own thing, so she did too.

The pinkette was soon interrupted from her thoughts as Ethan approached her and brought her food. She looked to him shocked that the boy had just brought food over to her. It was the last thing she had expected, someone to bring her food especially after watching the trio glance at her a few times knowing they were definitely talking about her. So for one of the three to bring her food, especially Ethan... it was unexpected.

The last time she had seen Ethan was almost six months prior when he came to her and Thann in hopes of contacting Eurika and Flurissa. Unfortunately things hadn't ended well and that had caused Esmeray to believe he hated her especially with the such terrible news she gave him. But here he was giving her food which she gently took from his hand and then had to for a minute play keep away from Osseus before she could thank him.

"Thanks..." Esmeray muttered as Osseus landed on the ground and stomped away to find his own food.

Ethan looked to the side, avoiding eye contact. "I...I'm sorry I haven't said anything since...y'know." Ethan said slightly dejected. "I mean it wasn't your fault it was just really difficult to hear that and..." He sat down nearby to at least pretend to be comfortable. "You risked yourself just to help a stranger get closure, and after all that I didn't have the guts to thank you for at least trying. So...thanks." He said, not exactly expecting to open up out of the blue like that.

Esmeray stayed silent as he spoke taking a bite of food everynow and then. She definitely also wasn't expecting a thank you so when he thanked her, Esme froze and dropped what was left of her food staring at him, Osseus running out of the shadows and quickly devouring the food.

No one had ever thanked her before, not outside of the people who worshipped Azrail. "I-I... I didn't do anything worth a thank you..." Esmeray shook her head and looked down at her feet. She didn't deserve a thank you... She failed what she was supposed to do. Esme couldn't give him any closure, she couldn't even try and help all the trapped spirits. Something she should have been able to easily... but there were complications and she failed even that. Coming back to weak and on the verge of passing out. No Esme didn't deserve a thank you for that failure.

"I failed what I was asked to do. I don't deserve a thank you." Esmeray's voice was not as timid as it was earlier this time she was felt more sure of what she was saying. So she wanted to make sure it got across.

Ethan wasn't sure how to react to Esmeray insisting that she didn't deserve his thanks. He wasn't sure if it was humility or just self deprecation forcing her to talk this way. "You tried, you almost got hurt...it wasn't your fault that you-"

Of course in the midst of an emotional moment, Sammael appeared to spoil the mood. "It's alright, my dear sister. I'm sure you tried your hardest. Though I am surprised you only tried once, I thought you would be a little more dedicated than that." As much as he tried to cover it up, there was a slight hint of passive-aggresiveness in his voice.

After the small verbal jab towards his sister, Sam turned to Ethan. "I believe your name was Ethan, correct? It is my pleasure to be formally introduced to you."

Ethan looked skeptically at Sammael, one part of him briefly thinking that what he said matched with Esmeray's statement about not deserving thanks. He glanced at her, trying to get some kind of hint that what he was saying was false...Then he remembered the source. Even if Esmeray could have tried again, it would have been incredibly dangerous...that thing had seen her the first time, and given that three chosen weren't able to even truly damage it...even if she had given it her all, Ethan doubted that Esmeray would have been able to do anything about it. He looked at her as sympathetically as he could, but there was a very slight bit of doubt in his mind now.

He looked back at Sammael. "Right, Sammael. It's uh-" Ethan stopped himself, it was way too early to stir trouble in this group. Given his dislike for Sammael may have been unfounded..."Nice to meet you." He finished, deciding to keep friendly.

Sammael only made Esme feel worse about herself. Why hadn't she gone and tried again... Maybe if she had used their dead bodies she could have had a stronger connection and been able to free their spirits. It was too late to know now. Esme had messed up their chance for closure, one that they may never get back. "Sammael is right Ethan... I could have tried more. Done it differently. Used something else to connect with their spirits. I'm sorry..."

"I'm sure you did as much as you could... sis." It sounded so unnatural to call her that, even for him. He did know that it had to be done. His little comment to try and call her out in his introductions back fired. How was he supposed to know that everyone was dumb enough to actually trust HER of all people? He needed to gain their trust and fast.

He stood beside his sister, quickly wrapping his arm around her in a friendly manner and trying to act brotherly. Pulling her in and whispering in her ear so that only she could hear. "You might want to play along here 'sis.' After all, it would be a shame if our parents found out..." After leaning away he plastered a friendly smile onto his face.

Ethan was suspicious to say the least when Sam pulled Esmeray in to whisper. Something was up, but he already knew he wouldn't be able to get to the bottom of it right then and there. "Y'know, I'm sure if you really could've done anything differently. That old man that kept hitting me with his cane would have said something." Ethan said, not entirely certain himself, but not exactly willing to take back his thanks from before. Unlike him, Esmeray had gotten a close look at that thing. If there was even a chance that it could have hurt her, he'd rather she didn't try...at least not before that thing was ripped to pieces...

Esmeray froze up as Sammael put his arm around her and hugged her close to him, it was unnatural and not something she'd experienced since they were children. Then he threatened her. Knowing not to let her face give it away, she kept it neutral but felt a shiver run down her spine at the thought.

When he leaned away she gave him a small smile, "Thanks Samantha... you always know what to say to cheer me up." The words felt disgusting coming off her tongue but she had to play along... at least until she died out here and knew she wouldn't have to deal with her parents anymore. But if she was going to play along she was going to play the teasing sister part. Which she already did, just now she had to actually get along with him when not teasing him. So his nickname was back... well one of many...

At the mention of Thann, Esmeray's smile faltered slightly as her chest tightened. A sad chuckled left her lips as she remebered the many times he had whacked her in the head with his cane... a stubborn man he was. But one who just wanted what was best for her and for her to not be weighed down too much by her duties but also know just how important her role in life was. Before he had died he had already been on his death bed. Sick but staying stubborn as he didn't want to die on her birthday, he wanted to hold out for a few weeks past the first scare of his death. The stubborn man held out for three more months past her birthday. But with each day she got stronger, he grew closer to death. Then he was assassinated, she was blamed and then he wouldn't even speak to her in the spirit realm no matter how many times she tried. He'd only say it'd make her weaker if she couldn't accept his death without visiting him... still she tries and to this day, keeping the jewel from his ring around her own neck.

Meanwhile, a little dragon had been staring up at a beautiful griffin. He was captivated by the creature and was going to fly up to greet her but then the person she was perched on moved... and touched his Esme. He hated the person the beautiful creature perched on. It had been one of three people to be mean to her and do bad things. So he mixed one of his favorite things in with his anger after letting a few of his sharper teeth grow...

Osseus bit the squishy.

Sammael heard the nickname he hadn't heard in a long, long time. Samantha. He scowled at the name. Very few people were allowed to call him anything but Sammael and it was his biggest pet peeve to be called anything but that. He stood up, intending to walk away before his anger got the best of him. "You little-" He started to mumble before he got cut off. He felt a sharp pain, in his ass of all places. It took a moment for it to process before Sam yelled out in pain. "Get this damned thing off me!"

The griffin flew off of his shoulder and landed on the ground by Ethan and Esmeray, giving a slight chuckle. Soleil knew her master was in no real trouble as this had occured several times in the past. "It seems Osseus is very riled up today."

Sammael managed to finally pry the skeletal dragon off him by pulling it by the tail and after finally doing so he tossed it towards his sister. "Take your boney brat and keep him away from me! I'm tired of it doing that..." He complained before stomping off in another direction. Soleil flew up and perched again on his shoulder as he left the other two behind.

A laugh escaped Esmeray's lips, the first one in what felt like forever to the pinkette. Her laughter continued as her brother struggled with the small dragon biting his butt. The others would hear her, see her and probably think she was crazy. But she was just enjoying what she could for the time being.

Catching Osseus the girl grinned at her brother as she patted the little dragon on the head. "Sorry Samantha. You know how much Osseus likes to bite the 'squishy' as he calls it." There was no sense of sincerity in her apology as she watched her brother walk away.

Ethan stared slightly perturbed by Sammael's angry outburst. He could easily chalk it up to getting bit in the ass by some rather sharp teeth, but something told him that it was really just a glimpse of his real personality.

"Well, for what it's worth, your brother probably deserved that. Regardless of what you say, I'm still grateful you tried at all. You didn't owe me anything, so even if someone says you didn't do everything you could have, you still did something." With that, Ethan walked off with a single wave. He was definitely frustrated by the possibility that there had been any possibility of saving Eurika and Flurissa's souls back when Es first tried, but he still knew what they had to do now. If that thing was gone, it wouldn't be dangerous at all to contact them and get their closure...Even if he didn't tell Ka'ora, which he couldn't bring himself to, she would be more than willing if they encountered it again. This time though, Ethan would have to make sure he was there to keep the last bit of family he had alive.
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Her nose quickly scrunched in response to Almathea’s comment. Vita turned her chin to face the fire Chosen and took a moment to study the woman. Shades of red baubled around her, allowing the psychiatrist to begin her analysis. Aura reading had definitely come in handy for her line of work and it allowed her to fully understand this new group of people she was involved with. In Almathea’s case, Vita could automatically tell that the woman was full of energy and very strong-willed. However, the darker shades spoke of the inability to forgive and an underlying ball of anger. She would absolutely have to speak with her later regarding those issues. Wouldn’t want the Fire Chosen to go berserk.

As Jonah continued to write, he looked around and saw that Lach was talking with a few of the other Chosens. Ethan and Ka’ora. After a fairly short time, the Wind Chosen walked away. Jonah decided it wasn’t really his business to know what other people were talking about. It was probably nothing important, after all. He stuck his head back into his music sheet and went through all of the notes so far a second time. Inspiration today, wasn’t his friend. The next few notes wouldn’t come out of his pencil and onto the paper, frustrating him a bit. For now he decided to get out his Viola and spend the break playing what he’d written so far, to see if it was even any good.

until 30 seconds

Vita’s attention was stolen by the music notes drifting in the air. Raising a brow, she glanced towards the sound and watched the young man strumming along. A slow smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she continued to watch him. Before long, the sound of other notes joined in, causing the young woman’s eyes to slightly widen. Was this part of his magic? Nibbling on her bottom lip, she hesitantly rose to her feet and made her way towards the Water Chosen. His muddy gray aura reached out to her and made her breath catch as she neared him. Clearing her throat, she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she gently spoke. “What you’re doing...It’s stunning.”

Jonah tried to continue playing after the notes he’d written down, but the music quickly fell apart and he stopped. “No…” He told himself, glancing at the paper. It was a moment or two more before he noticed Vita standing nearby. “Hi… I’m sorry, did you say something?” He asked, honestly. “I get pretty distracted when I play.” Jonah set down the Viola and put the sheet music into his bag.

Her gentle smile broadened as she moved her chin from side to side. Noticing a stump jutting out from the ground next to him, Vita took a seat upon it before returning her attention to him. She extended her index finger to the instrument and nodded towards it. “Your music. Did you write that? It was gorgeous.”

Blood rushed up into the Water Chosen’s face as he finally gotten his first feedback from someone other than Jane. “Well, yes…” Jonah quickly moved to scratch the back of his head. “You really think so?” He asked, refusing to make eye contact with her. It was obvious to anyone listening that Jonah isn’t used to compliments.

She grinned and nodded in response to his question. His timidness was a trait the girl was fully prepared for the moment she witnessed the color of his aura. The muddled gray suggested that the man was fearful and anxious, and it drew Vita in like a moth to a flame. “Of course I do. Anyone with at least one good ear would think the same.” She tilted her head and watched him. “Where did you learn to play?”

Jonah gave a small chuckle when Vita complimented him again. He gave a bright smile as he listened to her asking where he learned to play. His mind immediately flashed back to standing by the grave and playing his farewell song to Jane. The Water Chosen quickly started to feel sad once again, and his voice cracked as he spoke. “I’d rather not…” Is all he managed to say.

Tilting her head as his expression changed, her eyes flitted about the space surrounding him. She lifted her hands and ran her fingers through her hair, the tips smoothing over the large carnations tangled in the ends. Vita opened her mouth to speak until something furry bumped against her leg. Looking down at her familiar, she grinned and pet the baby deer’s head. “Hey, Chaka baby…” Something in her mind finally clicked before she looked back at her company. “Hey...Jonah, right? Where’s your familiar?”

Jonah turned his head slightly. Not enough to make eye contact, but he was more or less facing Vita. Frustration was added to his emotions as he spoke. “I…. don’t have one.” He said bluntly. Jonah then reached for his Viola, preparing to play again.

She blinked in surprise and Chakra turned her head to look at the man. The deer cocked her head in his direction. “Well, isn’t he a strange one.” Vita quickly hushed her familiar before placing a hand on Jonah’s shoulder. “Sorry about her. No filter. We’re still working on that.” Her eyes went to the viola and she tilted her head. “I thought all the Chosen had familiars.”

“I guess not.” Jonah replied. He’d had this same conversation several times before, and he didn’t feel like repeating it. Ignoring the deer, Jonah started to play again. It was the same song he played at Jane’s grave. He plucked his bow on the strings, making little pings as he began, before playing properly and drawing the bow across the Viola.


Furrowing her brows, she kept silent as she listened to the man play. He seemed to be playing rather sorrowful songs and it only added to the muddiness of his aura. Vita glanced at Chaka and offered her a small smile. “Go play with the others.” Taking the hint, the fawn hurried over to the other familiars. She returned her attention back to Jonah and cleared her throat. “Is it okay if I ask you something?”

Jonah continued to play gently as he unintentionally ignored Vita. He decided to end the song halfway through. It had managed to make him feel somewhat better. His gaze shifted to see Vita looking at him expectantly. He gave a slightly confused look and said, “...Yes?”

Peaking her fingers together, Vita watched his expression, her eyes glancing only slightly to his edges. She gave him a gentle grin before moving back just a hair once she realized he was growing uncomfortable. Clearing her throat, she merely shrugged her shoulders. “I was just wondering what you’re so afraid of.”

Jonah gave a quizzical look at Vita to try and mask his feelings. “What are you talking about?” He tried to say nonchalantly. Really, Jonah was feeling a bit nervous at her. “Well, of course i'm afraid of stuff. But nothing at the moment.”

The girl cleared her throat and turned back to survey the rest of the group. Every single one of them had their familiar by their sides. Vita remembered the exact moment she had received Chaka- she had fully embraced her powers. Tilting her head, her eyes slowly moved back to Jonah. He had seemed oblivious when the other instruments had strummed along to his music. Maybe that hadn’t been a coincidence. “Jonah...it’s okay to be afraid. You know what I’m afraid of? Violence. Any type of fighting has me on edge. And spiders. I’m all about respecting every creature, but...those things just creep me out.”

The Water Chosen chuckled a bit in response. “Spiders? Well, I don’t really like them either. And, well, sure, there are things that scare me.” Jonah replied. What he was saying was true, but he wasn’t really responding to what Vita was saying. “I don’t really understand what you’re trying to get at, though…” He said, half lying. Jonah turned his head away, trying to end the conversation, albeit very rudely.

She huffed in response. Vita was clearly not going to get anywhere with beating around the bush. Shaking her head, she raised her right hand and waved her fingers around the outer edges of his body. “One of my powers is Aura Reading. You, dear boy, are plagued by fear. Since you clearly don’t notice the other instruments that join you in song, I’m going to say that you haven’t fully accepted who you are.” Vita tilted her head as she searched the boy’s face. “And until you do, you won’t have a familiar.”

Jonah was taken aback at Vita’s bluntness. “I… Other instruments join me…?” He stammered a bit. Shaking his head, the Water Chosen continued. “Well, you…. I can….” He couldn’t seem to form a full sentence. That's because there wasn't anything for him to say. Jonah didn't fully understand it until now, but in the back of his mind, ever since he began training, Jonah knew he feared this power. What Vita was saying was completely correct. “Just go away.” He commanded.

Blinking with surprise, Vita straightened in her seat as she watched him. She had expected a little push back from the man, but not something so abrupt. Tilting her head, she offered a small smile with a shake of her head. “Oh, Jonah, please...I can help you. This is what I’m here for. We can work on this together, if you’d like.”

Jonah shrugged his shoulders, facing away from Vita even more. He decided not to say anything more. That’s always the cause of the problem. Talking. Telling people things. Then they get all nosy, and decide that they can help and force their way into my life. I never should’ve introduced myself… Hell, I shouldn’t have even come on this stupid mission. He stayed hunched over, refusing to respond to Vita.

She let out a small breath of defeat once he turned from her. Vita realized that she had pushed him too far. With a small nod, she leaned over and pressed a light kiss to the apple of his cheek. “It’s okay. I’ll give you some space. Sorry if I overstepped.” The girl stood and smiled down at the boy. “It’s really lovely to meet you, Jonah, the wondrous Water Chosen. We are going to be great friends.” Nodding slightly, she turned and headed back towards the others.
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Lachdonan Obrien
Ruby Dewer
Amalthea Stone

Ruby sat and waited for the last of the introductions. Esmeray, who decided to not leave her introduction to her brother, and asked them all to look past the rumors so they could all work together. Ruby hadn’t forgotten that many blamed her for the deaths of the rest of the chosen, including her mother, but...that explanation never felt right to her. There was no concrete proof just theories and maybe it was because of their god’s bond but Ruby was more inclined to believe her then speculation. After Esmeray came Jonah who said very little and nothing new if you knew anything about the water chosen, as Ruby could remember plenty of times growing up she heard from a distance either him or his master playing their instruments. And then, that was it, Ka’ora told them all to enjoy their rest for as long as they had.

Ruby was content to sit in the shade of the tree for awhile longer, playing with the shadows of the leafs as she did, as she spoke to her familiar. “Cecillia, do you want something to eat? I could get you something?”
To this her familiar chuckled. “It’s alright Ruby.” She said in a soft voice as she started to crawl down her body. “I will find my own food. You should go get your own, besides, Lachdonon is calling to you.” With that Cecillia crawled off Ruby, sinking into the shadows to start her hunt for food.

Ruby sighed, Cecillia had been trying to get her to socialize more before all the strange events that brought them out here happened, and now it seemed she was jumping right back into those attempts. Well, she was right, she needed to eat. But that didn’t mean she went over right away as she watched Amalthea argue with her familiar before going over to Lachdonon and start talking to him. She felt like it would be awkward if she just went over there now and started talking to him so she waited a moment for a better opportunity.

Lach and Mia both paused in their eating while Thea went on her own tangent and didn’t answer him right away. After a moment Lach continued eating his food, while Mia watched and ate with interest...mostly because of the idea of chicken sounded great right now. And the scene was quite comical...reminding her of some of the times with Lachdonon.
When she finally answered him, he nodded. It made sense, fire and emotions going well together. However...he had a feeling the zen lessons didn't...quite stick. He smiled at the thought and sat up more when she stood up, and moved over to him. Surprised she decided to just sit back down next to him.
Mia had finished her food a bit ago… but was still slightly hungry. She hopped up onto Lachdonon’s shoulders and laid down across the span of them. Her tail twitching side to side as she got a closer look at Thea and more importantly….the chicken.

She mentioned he seemed comfortable outside and he nodded, “I’ve been out a few times you could say… with my father.” He wasn’t going to just tell people he snuck out of the walls. That stuff could get him killed by zealots.
He was shocked at her straightforwardness. But he appreciated it. He gave a genuine smile and said, “I tend to go against the mold as well…” Eurika smiling and in his arms flashed in his mind. Normally the Goddess of Earth and the God of lighting hated each other….yet he couldn’t resist her charm. Bringing himself back to the current conversations. “I’m all for making new friends. Especially cute redheaded ones.” He said with one of his mischievous charming grins.

Lach glanced over to Ruby once again and noticed she still didn’t have any food. He waved for her to come over as he got up and grabbed a bowl for her. “Ruby! Come on over I want to get to know you as well!” He walked back to his seat and sat down while still extending his hand towards her with the food. There was another seat next to him on his right.
For a minute, Ruby had went back to messing around with the shadows as she waited for a chance to join the others where they were sitting and she didn’t have to wait long. She looked up as Lachdonon called over to her again and felt herself blush a little as she realized that perhaps she should have just went over the first time, even if the timing would have been awkward. Wanting to fix this whole situation before she felt anymore embarrassment, Ruby picked herself up and went over to them, sitting down to the right of Lachdonon where there was room. “Um, thank you.” She said, not sure what to say at first as she took the bowl of food Lachdonon offered her. “I um, wish to get to know you all better as well. It’s good to know your teammates.” She said, knowing she was just echoing what Ka’ora had said just a little while ago but she was never the best at breaking the ice.

Lachdonon nodded and sat back slightly when he did, He sighed inwardly as he reached into his pouch and wrapped a blue silk ribbon unconsciously around his hand. He honestly wish he could be out here alone...searching for that beast, but now he had to play nice with the others and do the mission. It's not that he didn’t like the others...its just that he needed to take care of things.
But he put on a smile… what he had done for the last six months...more so again in the last two. He glanced to Ruby and asked, “Well?” He said with a well practiced smile. “What about you… have you been outside the walls yet besides today?”

Ruby stirred her soup a little as Lachdonon asked her if she had ever been outside the city. He seemed...uncomfortable. Whether that was to do the the surroundings or the reason they were here was something she couldn’t tell though. “No.” She answered concisely, “This is indeed my first time. I had been curious over the years about what it would be like out here though. After being told for so long that Haven was the safest place for us, I had expected it to be more...chaotic out here. But it seems almost peaceful.” Ruby sighed, “But I know that's just a facade when there are monsters out here. They are the reason we’re out here after all. But there's a part of me that hopes that maybe once we sort all of this out that perhaps...we won’t need to stay in the city as much?” She finished. She had tried to be careful with how she worded her thoughts. Just talk of going out beyond the walls could rile quite a few up. Besides, it would be up to the Gods more than anything.

Thea absently stroked Dart’s feathers as she listened to Ruby, she could understand what Ruby meant about it seeming peaceful. There was something refreshing about being outside and breathing the air which seemed fresher than that in the city.
“It would be nice if one day we didn’t have to stay in the city and could spread our wings. I’ve lost count of the times I have felt enclosed and wished for space and quiet even though I know most people are just grateful that the city is safe.” She grinned. “But then I have never been one for thinking like ‘most’ people.”
Dart snorted quietly. “Indeed. No one could ever say you are like everyone else. Unfortunately.”
“Oh hush.” Thea said fondly.
She looked at her now empty second bowl and debated getting a third but decided against it. She didn’t want to seem greedy to everyone else. She’d always had a very hearty appetite and Dart had often commented on how surprised he was that she didn’t weigh more than she did.
“Right, I’m off to get my own dinner. Don’t eat the whole stew while I’m gone.”Dart said pointedly before flapping his wings a few times and then lifting from his perch on her shoulder. He had winged away a few moments later.
“So.” Thea said looking at her two companions. “What do you think we’re likely to find out here? I mean monsters obviously but what sort of monster? I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess you’ve seen some before.”She finished nodding at Lach.

Lach only nodded his head, finding it funny that these two have a similar thought process as him. He looked down and thought back, no one ever went outside the walls. None of these chosen had any real battle experience. Just training. Hell even the previous chosen had few and far inbetween that had actual battle experience. Just like Eurika…. If he was there maybe he could have saved her. Even though she was powerful, he could have protected her. He had countless battles outside the walls on his own, surely his experience would have been valuable...but the Gods, didn’t think so.
He was pulled out of his thoughts, his hand clutching the silk ribbon tightly when Thea asked a question. He looked to her and hesitated. He had been out a handful of times with his father any maybe one time did they encounter anything...and it was the undead. If he revealed more he could be caught in his lie.
“Undead really… usually this close to the wall there's not much here. Because the God’s power usually makes them keep their distance. However there is the Storm Reaver…” He said softly. As he then looked to the two and said, “Just don’t get separated from the group.”

Thea got the distinct feeling there was more that he wasn’t saying but didn’t push as it wasn’t her place to pry. Hell she didn’t care if he any of them had secrets as long as they didn’t risk her life she was happy to let them be. She nodded as he mentioned Undead, she’d heard that they were likely to encounter those. The Storm Reaver...she had of that too though not much except that it was deadly.
Not wanting to dwell on that she smiled wryly. “You mean wander off in an unknown wilderness and be a damsel in distress? Not likely. “
She glanced at the others gathered in various little groups and then looked back at Ruby and Lach. “So we seem to be an...interesting bunch. I sure wish I had gotten to know you all a bit better before being sent out here of course. Not sure why I didn’t to be honest though Karkand did keep me pretty busy.”
She chuckled slightly. “But then I took any excuse I had to work with him. If you knew my family you’d understand why.”
“Never did like your house.” Dart said from above as he landed on her shoulder. “Bloody cold if you ask me and the house isn’t much better.”
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Time passed as the group sat around talking and eating, by now all had eaten and were simply resting and regaining energy. By now, Ka'ora had studied every inch of the Quest Map. Every step they took, the more the map would appear, and Ka'ora was constantly scanning for anything weird on it. Standing, she arched her back in a stretch and started to yawn, effectively waking up Iarzu. Picking up the map, she pet the bear and pulled him up so he could sit on her head. Walking over to the middle of the camp, she motioned for everyone to come forward. Pulling out the map, Ka'ora threw it into the air, bring her hands together in a praying like formation, she mentally said "Grow so others may see..." letting go, her lightning markings glowed for a second, before the map enlarged to the size of a dinner table, and laid still in the air.

"Okay, i hope everyone's enjoyed the break, cause we have two days walk ahead of us, this is what we've mapped so far" she let everyone get a good look at the map, before moving on "we're going to be getting deeper, so things aren't going to be so calm, the closer we get to the rifts, the closer we're getting to the center of all the chaos. Grab all your things, we're gunna be moving out in a couple of minutes" she let the map hang in the air for a little while longer, before pulling it back and rolling it up. She slid it into a holder that was strapped around her thigh. Iarzu jumped off her head and grew big, waiting for Ka'ora to climb up on top of him, she crossed her legs and and waited till everyone had begun moving and starting to pack up. After the final people were done,she started off towards the far side of the camp, moving down a seemingly endless trail. Turning, she looked at the other chosen "two things before we go, we are stronger together, so no heroics unless you have a partner, we all need someone watching our back. And if you get separated, dont make noise, you dont want that kind of attention, if you have a familiar, use them, they aren't bound to anything but you."

Minutes quickly became hours, which turned into days on the winding forest trail, it being relatively empty, with little to no action. Ka'ora felt uneasy, as would everyone, as they ventured deeper towards the magical chaos that was the rift. The trees suddenly began to thin out, stream rising from the ground like a fog almost. The sound of crunching as tree's being stepped on made Ka'ora stop and hold her hand up. Putting her hand on the hilt of her sword, a slight electrical discharge went off. Fog started to appear from the trees, and not just like light fog, it seemed to be a tidal wave of fog rushing towards them, coming to an abrupt stop, it was clear this was magical fog, or something magical was causing it. Ka'ora unsheathed her sword, taking the flat side, she swung with a tiny amount of lightning magic in her arms. Sending a huge wave of air to sweep across the fog, but it was only replaced with more fog. Taking the two metal rods, she connected them and then connected it to the bottom of her sword hilt. Making her sword spear, she held it across her lap, it coming out over either side of her "unsheathe your weapons, but dont attack anything, especially if its bigger, everything here is unpredictable but not out to kill you. Defense, the more we stir, the more we have to deal with" she looked back at the group "and remember what i said about getting lost from the group, the more noise you make, the more things you will attract..."

Then they stepped into the fog and suddenly sound seemed to become none existent. No crunching of trees breaking, no crunching of the leaves under them. Ka'ora could literally hear everyone breathing and that was it. Whatever used this fog, used it to catch its prey, it dampened the area the fog covers, making everything but you make no noise. If she had to imagine, whatever used the fog had amazing hearing, and hopefully didn't like human. The ground under them gradually started to turn into marsh, muddy and pools of water everywhere. The fog seemed to only let them see around the group in a small circle. Ka'ora began to realize she wasn't sure if they were going the right way, but instead of causing fear, she just kept going forward. Then the shrill shriek howl of a group of somethings rang through the air. Ka'ora stopped, standing she looked around as the group came to a halt, scanning the fog for shadows, anything. Then they came...

Tall blue beings, towering over them, stood in a circle around them. There was 7 at least, and she was sure she saw more shadows lurking around them. They were being studied or stalked, Ka'ora virtually holding her breath and preparing for a hellava fight. Instead one reached down, crouching and throwing its skinny claw like hand towards the standing Ka'ora. Gripping the staff of her weapon, she flinched as the being went to touch her. Stopping just short, it stood back up abruptly. They all released a series of shriek howls, making everyone cower from shear volume. Then they started moving, all of them at once, making the group move forward and following them, without getting crushed. Ka'ora looked back to make sure the group was still together. Turning back, soon the beings began to run, making them run in turn to keep up with them. If they were doing what Ka'ora thought they were doing, they needed to stay with their pace, because she had definitely lost all sense of direction at this point. Suddenly in front of them, a pocket of blue sky was seen, and then just as fast as they had seen it, they were out of the fog. Ka'ora stopped everyone and got off Iarzu to give him a break, the familiar poofing into smoke as soon as she got off. Ka'ora looking around them, she motioned for everyone to join her at the top of the hill, revealing one of the prettiest sights she had ever seen.

Breathing in she smelt the water in the air, not to far from them a building leaked water from its fourth floor onto the water that submerged everything. Ka’ora waved for everyone to follow as they got closer to the water fall. Coming to the edge of the water, where the huge river that ripped through the forgotten city touched the concrete and road, like a beach of sorts. Starting a fire, she stetched and turned on her heels, faceing the group “well we made it, i think another brea-“ she suddenly kicked up her spear from the ground into her hands, throwing it with lightning energy. It was discharging as it flew through the air, impalaing two zombies that were ready to jump on Ethan.

Pinning them to the concrete ruble behind him, lightning arc’d off of the spear and lit the area up, hitting several zombies around the group. It seems they were going to ambush the group, a small horde of about 30 zombies were left. “Circle up around Vita!” She disappeared in an arc of lightning, teleporting over ro her spear, she ripped it out of the concrete, teleporting in another flash over to Vita, kicking a zombie that was going to jump on her into the water. Just when i thought we could take a break...
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Jonah Kalrem

Jonah stayed quiet during the whole walk. He was a bit unnerved at Ka'ora. She made it plainly serious that deviance from the group would most likely get someone killed, be it you or someone who went after you, or even both. For a second Jonah thought it was a threat, before realizing that she just wanted to keep everyone safe. He felt a bit annoyed by her protectiveness. Of course everyone would stay with the group, only an idiot would run off on their own. However, he did understand why she said it.

The Water Chosen reflexively created his Ice Trident and Shield as they entered the fog. Who knows what would be waiting for them? Jonah preferred to be prepared in this kind of situation. It was extremely disorienting to not even be able to hear his own steps in this fog, keeping Jonah alert. His eyes constantly darted this way and that, finding nothing but white expanse.

After finally emerging from what seemed like ages, Jonah saw that the group was faced with multiple creatures, each several stories tall on their own. "Oh no..." They had them surrounded. It must have been a trap. Jonah braced himself and prepared for combat, but saw that Ka'ora was instead moving with them. Although confused, he followed her. If she wasn't prepared for combat, then that means one of two things. One, these creatures arent dangerous. Or two, the less optimistic line of thought, these things were too strong to fight.

Sighing in anger, Jonah followed along, dropping his weapons to keep up. Thankfully, it didn't take too long before the group could stop. Jonah breathed a sigh of relief, before looking to see the creatures had disappeared. He turned to Ka'ora, ready for a good break "So what were-" Jonah was cut short as the Lightning Chosen just threw her spear, killing two zombies in one hit.

Now wasn't time for questions, they had to fight. Jonah quickly ran over to Vita and re-prepared his weapons, just in case close range combat was necessary. And it was at this moment that Jonah fully realized that there was water up to everyone's ankles. Smiling, he pointed his trident at three of the zombies, and water climbed up them until their midsection, before turning into ice, trapping them. He then quickly created an Icicle Spear, and lined it up with all three of the undeads, spearing them all in one go. Jonah allowed himself a light grin.
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The Shadow Chosen had only been on the mission as support, all the Chosen knew that. The Gods had already taken care of the rift to the shadow realm, so they would not be needed to close a rift during the mission unlike all the other Chosen. That’s what made the decision so easy for the Gods.

It was during their short lunch break that the Shadow God appeared to the group and informed them of the shocking news. The next Shadow Chosen had been born, it appeared the fates had something else entirely in store for the Shadow Chosen line. They weren’t meant to be out on this mission, no they were meant to still be in the city so that is where they returned. The mission had barely started and the group had already gone down one person, but they had no control over how fate and destiny acted so they would have to just adapt and continue on with the group they did have.

Esmeray walked at the back of the group, a little ways up Osseus was trying to get Soleil’s attention as always but she paid her bone dragon no mind for the time being as he wasn’t hurting anyone. The pinkette thought back to the past days of travel and how they’ve been walking for a long time now. It was almost funny though because they were just walking in a direction in hopes of stumbling on one of these rifts, it wasn’t like they had ever been outside before, well… a few of them had… but not far enough to know anything about the lands beyond those just outside Haven’s walls.

They were the firsts to be walking out here since ancient times. So they didn’t know what awaited them with each step they took. But it was their job as the Chosen Ones to be the ones to explore the unknown and to take on the risky, deadly task of finding and closing these rifts. It was only a matter of time until they encountered something though.

Almost ironically, Esmeray was drawn from her thoughts by a sudden thick fog rolling in. Her body immediately went into defensive mode, keeping her ears open for anything beyond what was visible to the group. It was when the howl was heard that she stopped with the rest of the group. When the creatures showed themselves Esmeray already knew they most likely couldn’t win a fight against these creatures but maybe just maybe if they showed they were a possible big threat… when the creature bent down and began to move its hand towards Ka’ora, Esme used her small size to move to be next to the woman holding her hand down by her side but ready to reach out and use her decay ability at any moment.

What she wasn’t expecting was for the creature to suddenly stand and let out its call causing her to flinch from how loud it was, then the creatures began to walk and Ka’ora followed. It was a smart move, these creatures knew these lands plus they’d most likely be crushed if they stood still. It wasn’t until they began running that it became more dangerous for the group, wanting to do her part to help the group Esmeray whistled and Osseus was by her side almost immediately.

Grabbing onto his back Osseus began to grow in size just as she pulled herself up. When she got onto his back he began to ascend up to a height more level with the creatures while staying just above the group. By the time he was full size the creatures were full on sprinting but they made sure to avoid Osseus thus avoiding the group who could not keep up with such big creatures.

Looking back Esmeray realized not many creatures were left behind them and it wasn’t until she looked back down that she realized the group had exited the fog. Looking forward her eyes widened at the sight, it was beautiful. The water pouring out of the abandoned buildings and the greenery taking back what belonged to it. She had never seen anything like it, she could just stare at it for hours and she would have if Ka’ora shouting orders from below didn’t bring her attention back to her group.

Before the pinkette even looked she felt a prickling sensation up her spine and knew what was happening. Quickly giving the command for Osseus to shrink and land they sped towards land. The sight Esmeray was greeted by as she jumped off Osseus’ back 7ft off the ground and landed with a roll was exactly what she expected. As she used the rolls momentum and continued running, the uneasy feeling that she got around zombies grew stronger as she got closer.

When she got to the main horde she jumped and with her momentum kicked a zombie in the chest knocking it back into a few others. Landing in the ankle deep water Esmeray slowly stood from the crouched position she landed in as she unhooked her bracelet with one hand letting it slip into her hand. Looking up she glared at the zombies as her eyes began to glow followed by her bracelet glowing and growing to its full chain-blade form.

“There is not supposed to be such a thing as the undead.” Esme growled out at the zombies near her, as one lept at her she back flipped and swung her blade slicing it in half. Catching the other blade so both blades were in her hands and the chain behind her. Letting a few zombies charge her, the pinkette began punching and kicking the zombies, using her blade only for the finishing kill. It was no doubt that she could fight well in hand-to-hand just by watching her, unlike most chosen she couldn’t rely on her abilities to fight for her so Thann taught her to fight thus turning her into a fighting and killing machine with abilities as a plus.
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Thea decided early on that she didn't like walking. Not one bit. It wasn't that she was particularly unfit, quite the opposite in fact thanks to her mentor, but more the unending sameness of walking. Yes these were new surroundings and she did distract herself for a time by noticing the terrain around them but there was only so much scenery watching she could do. After a while she fell into a sort of trance, her mind wandering, whilst her body automatically put one foot in front of the other. Dart spent his time flying above them and she knew that he would warn her if danger arose and so she spent the time thinking. On the surface Thea didn't come across as a deep thinker, people saw what she wanted them to see, portraying herself as more of a joker but at times like this she let her mind chew over things that bothered her. The others all seemed to handle the walk in their own ways, some no doubt used to it more than others, and she mulled over the group. Karkand had taught her that fighting with another was about trust, you had to know completely that they had your back. You couldn't concentrate fully on fighting if you were worried about what your team mate was doing. Yet she knew next to nothing about those she travelled with and that bothered her a lot.

When she and Karkand had trained together they had known each others strengths and weaknesses and fought as a cohesive team. He would be in at close range ensuring their enemy, in this case a wild animal as they didn't have monsters to train against, and she would target them from a distance. But how would this group react in a fight? As far as she could tell she was the only one with a weapon designed for long range. Would the others recognise this and fight accordingly? Even her magic was tied in with her bow and she worried that her fighting style would not go well with everyone elses. As time wore on and they had walked for several days she had begun to grow frustrated with herself. She was not a worrier nor a person to doubt herself or the value she brought to a situation so why was she doing so now? With a sigh she realised that losing her mentor had shaken her more than she had been willing to admit. It was not in her nature to show her feelings to others and by burying those feelings she had convinced herself they no longer existed. But here now, faced with an unfamiliar and dangerous world she could not avoid acknowledging them. She had failed him and perhaps the true root of her new found anxiety was that she would fail this group as well.

When the first tendrils of fog began to form around them it pulled her forcefully from her thoughts. In mere moments it had enveloped them and was so thick that Thea struggled to make out the others around her. This was obviously not a natural fog even she, a city girl, guessed that much. Unsure if it would help or not, but feeling the need to do something, she concentrated and a small globe of fire grew in her hand. It provided a small amount of heat and light and she felt better for it's presence even if it provided very little of actual use.
Dart landed on her shoulder and she breathed a sigh of relief, she didn't like the idea of not being able to see him. She watched with not a little awe, as Esmeray's familiar grew into a dragon. An actual dragon. She flew into the air clearly at home on the beasts back and seeing it gave Thea an idea.

"I think it would be a good idea if you flew above this too." She murmured quietly to Dart. "You might be able to tell us how far it spreads."

Dart sighed heavily but made no other objection and was soon winging away, working hard to fly above the fog layer. Thea watched him until she could no longer see him and hoped he would be okay. A howl tore her mind away from her familiar and had her wincing and looking around for the source. Another howl and then the source was all around them. Thea stared up at the creatures in a combination of morbid fascination and fear. They were huge and could have stepped straight out of one of her nightmares and she couldn't help the primal fear that rose within her. Thankfully Karkand had taught her about fear and how to control it but use it as well and she focused on not letting it overcome her. She had her bow out and an arrow knocked as soon as she saw it reaching for Ka'ora, it was dead if it reached her, and her arms were steady waiting. But instead of attacking them the creatures seemed to be herding them somewhere and soon it was all Thea could do to keep up as they began to run. She was not about to be the one that fell behind and got eaten by the monsters.

It was reaching the point when Thea was sure she wouldn't be making it out of this alive when the fog was suddenly gone. She stumbled to a stop and saw the creatures were gone too. They stood on a hillside overlooking the remains of what was once a city, it's buildings covered in wild foliage and water pooling everywhere. Thea scowled, of course there would have to be water everywhere, it wasn't enough that she had just sloshed through the bloody stuff. She was just beginning to smile realising that Ka'ora was going to suggest another break, she had definitely worked up an appetite, when all hell broke loose. They had walked into an ambush and were now facing a horde of what Thea guessed were zombies. Ka'ora didn't hesitate, and Thea had to admire the woman's reflexes, killing several that were on the verge of attacking Ethan. Jonah joined in then using the water to his advantage, and Esmeray also moved into action.

That is some serious ass kicking Thea thought as she positioned herself in front of Vita on one knee bow drawn and ready. She glanced back at Vita briefly grinning briefly before facing forward again. She fired three shots in quick succession, the movements almost too fast to follow and three flaming arrows shot unerringly to their targets. The first caught a zombie lurching at them directly ahead, in the face. The second and third took out the legs of two more approaching from her right. Two more arrows sprouted from their heads, Thea wasn't taking any chances and wanted to make sure they were dead. Deciding that now was the time she had to start trusting her companions she focused on picking off zombies on the edges who might slip through and was confident that the others, experienced in close range combat, would deal with the rest.

"Man these things stink." She muttered as she aimed and fired. "Seriously, you guys ever think of taking a bath?"
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