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Goblin Gredy

Gredy shrugged a little at the statement, not seeming... all that broken up about the idea that those he had been with were dead. "Yeah I... kind of came to that conclusion a while ago. It's sad and I'll miss them but... well, right now worrying about them isn't going to help me." As it became clear that he was expected to work for his lodgings and food, he nodded his head in complete understanding. "Yeah I figured. What do you need me to do currently? Cause I'm not going to lie, some food and water would be amazing right now."


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Hobgoblin Luz


After successfully landing a successful strike on Gird stomach Luz then stopped thrusting before she took a defensive stance with her spear and begin slowly stepping backward back to allow him to stand back up, once Gird got back up and got back in his defensive stance, Luz then smiled at him before changing her stance back to spear thrusting stance before charging at him and thrusting her spear(the blunt end) four times at him aiming at his torso before using Quick Strike three times in a row, First strike would aim around where she hit him the first time, second strike would aim at the area around right his shoulder, and the last strike would be aimed at the area right below the middle part of his ribs.

Afterword she would stop to take a defensive stance with her spear before jumping back to create a 5-yard gap between them. She then sighed before saying. "You know, it ruins the point of testing your new capabilities if you never launch in an attack." She told him honestly frowning slightly at him, for she wasn't really sure why he hasn't attacked her back by now. She then activated her Stone Skin ability to help protect her from his attacks. Then the changed her stance back to an attack stance. "Come! attack me if you can." She told him as if challenging him; all the while a fire burns within her eyes. If Gird accepts her invitation She plans on using quicken strike on his stomach second he moves into the reach of her spear.
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The ogre went to work and soon completed a proper forge, one that even the God would approve of. The forge was ready and all that was needed left was a fire and metal ore. When the ogre baptized his wolf with it's new name the wolf then gave a loud howl before it's body accepted the crest into it's body. The symbol was now a part of it's fur and now a row of metallic spikes ran down it's head down to the tip of it's tail. It's claws and fangs seemed to be made of the same material. The bright silver clashing with it's black fur and it's large size mad it an animal to be feared. Ren soon realized that in baptizing his wolf for the forgefather he made it the avatar of his faith.

Companion evolved into: forge wolf, the forge wolf is an avatar to the forgefather and is now able to bite and slash enemies as if it's very body was a sword. When gaining a pack they will inherit the same qualities.


Skrik kept his eyes focused on the rabbit and was able to keep his bloodlust in check. When he threw the javelin the rabbit didn't notice him until it was too late. The moment that the rabbit tried to leave was the same moment that the javelin pierced it's hide. It's leg was hit clean threw and when it tried to run it simply made it worse. It only took two more steps before it died from blood loss.

Goblin skrik gained: throwing intuition, this gonlins having thrown enough things has been given insight when using a thrown weapon. He can accurately guess the distance, wind, angle, and strength of his throws. At higher levels can gain pinpoint accuracy to his targets weak spots.


After being confronted with his partners new stance the hobgoblin Luz used a new type of attack. After using her quick strike multiple times and striking within the next moment she gained a new ability. She gained Unrelenting assault: with this ability she was able to keep striking with great speed and as a result she gave the goblin gird no real openings without the risk of taking the full brunt of her assault. At higher levels she would able to use even greater speed to end a fight before it even starts.


He nodded as he said that he could use some food and water. He then said "yeah right now I can use some help hunting. We both need to get stronger and the only way to do that is to hunt. Don't worry I'm not going to let you get killed." he said before he went into the cave and he grabbed a skinny club that was nearly as big as himself. It was of course meant to be used by the trolls but it was the only weapon he felt comfortable using. He then told the trolls to guard the place till he got back and if someone tries to get in that isn't from his tribe to keep them out till he got back.
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Skrik’s patience and care was rewarded yet again. This kill was quick and fairly quiet, though the hit was not as clean as he would have wished. Still, the simple wooden javelin had proven to be powerful enough for this familiar prey. He would have to re-evaluate his opinion on them, it seemed that he had been underestimating them.

He contemplated his skills briefly, noting that his effectiveness mostly stemmed from precision, surprise, and range. He advanced toward his prey and carefully cleaned and skinned it, being careful to keep the fat with the meat and most of the bones inside the skin, but burying the skull in a shallow hole in the shadow of the nearby bushes. Over this, he placed a simple cairn of handy stones that rose about the length of his hand above the surrounding ground. The plenty that this beast had enjoyed would now be a source of power for him.

Skrik also found a couple large leaves and used them in combination as a crude pouch to store a couple handfuls of the berries that the horned rabbit had been eating. The pouch wouldn’t last long, but it wouldn’t have to. He also reclaimed the thrown javelin, checking it for damage before securing it for carry with the others. Even if it was damaged, it would be useful for practice. The berries would serve him well as a travel snack as he continued on his way back to the cave.

He had intended to hunt more extensively. But, he couldn’t justify wanton slaughter for the sake of mere practice. If he had better equipment and a larger pack to carry game and materials then it might have been justifiable but with things as they were he had no need for such reckless harvesting. Still, he did make a mental note as to the location where there had been such a gathering of horned rabbits. He might need to hunt there again. For now, Skrik retraced his steps back toward the cave, moving as swiftly as he dared but being cautious of losing his way. He also took care to keep his guard up in case something more dangerous than a horned rabbit stumbled across him. Still, his goal was to make it back to the cave before nightfall. He would need to verify whether or not anything had made the cave into a den in the absence of the goblins.

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Ogre Ren
The Beginnings Of a Forge > Seeking Cinder > Ore What?/// Noon // Day 6


Ren happily rubbed Ferrus' head with the wolf's transformation. It was clear that Gatoven had accepted him as his own. Through the woods the duo trekked, searching for a mighty flame that could ignite the newly created forge. After some time of searching, the tower Ogre began to notice scorch-marks here and there, made by something.... something BIG. Cautiously, Ren began to follow the tracks of this mighty creature, until he finally arrived at a clearing where there was a massive bear seemingly rooted to the ground. Clearly, not a normal bear, but perhaps blessed by Shirila. At the center of the clearing, was a massive pile of cinder, burning continuously, as if it's flames would never die out; it was exactly the type of flame he was looking for. Slowly, Ren entered the clearing, keeping his distance from the massive beast, shoving his sword into the ground to display he meant the creature no harm. Taking a large, mostly flat rock, Ren used the same technique he had utilized in the creation of his forge to create a long, stone sled; made to transport the cinders. Nearby vines were twisted together into large, thick rope and attached it to his sled.

With that completed, Ren began scooping up the cinders with his bare hands and throwing them onto the sled. It hurt.... It hurt A LOT. Moreso for his right hand rather than his left, as the left hand was made of steel. Once done with his task, Ren gave the large bear a courteous nod, before grabbing his sword, and dragging the sled off with the help of Ferrus. He still needed ore, and without a doubt, the best place to look would be within one of the two caves, and at the moment, the troll cave was closer. Better yet, assuming there were any trolls still there, Ren would possibly even have help mining out the ore.

Hauling his sled of stone, the massive Ogre made his way to the troll cave, hopeful to find some ore.

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