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Real Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Powers, Abilities, and Gear:



High Concept:
I want to give a re-telling of the Black Suit Saga that gives this period in Peter's life the gravity it deserves. Too many takes on the symbiote end up as a clumsy rush to the finish line in order to get Venom, or turn Peter into a moustache-twirling cartoon villain (or, God forbid, have him break out into dance numbers). I want to really explore what it would be for a good-hearted kid like Pete to be at his lowest point, and see how (or even if) he manages to bounce back. Then he can fight a drooling slime-monster at the end.

Motivation and Conflict:
Peter is still consumed by his guilt and shame, blaming himself for Gwen's death and taking out his torment on people he thinks have it coming. How long this lasts before innocent people end up suffering at Venom's hands is anyone's guess. Internally, Pete knows that the Black Suit is bad for him, that it's something that shouldn't be there and is turning him into something he shouldn't be, but every time he starts to think of asking for help, some voice in his head talks him out of it. How much of it is the Suit exerting more influence over him and how much is him simply losing himself remains to be seen.



Player Name: Andy C.
Preferred Contact Method: Either PM or Direct Message via Discord
Why This Character?: Spider-Man is, without exaggeration, my favorite character in all of fiction, and I go out of my way to push my writing abilities to their limit when I get to write him.
What Can You Bring to the RPG?: Beyond running the game, I have a strong knack for characterization and for emotionally-driven plots.
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Master of Kung Fu


Real Name: Zheng "Shang Chi"
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Powers, Abilities, and Gear: Although possessing no superpowers, Shang-Chi has a lifetime of combat training behind him and is an expert in all known forms of terrestrial martial arts, enabling him to equal and even best many superhumans. He is highly revered as the "Master of Kung-Fu.", arguably being one of, if not, the most advanced Martial Artist on earth. Although he prefers to fight empty-handed, Shang-Chi can also formidably use any martial arts weapon and is skilled at improvising weapons out of ordinary objects in his environment.

Shang's mastery of chi allows him to disperse physical trauma across his entire body (as opposed to accumulating at any single point) and strike with enough force to break through reinforced steel. On many occasions, he has also demonstrated the ability to dodge bullets from automatic weapons after they've been fired. Shang-Chi is usually seen with a pair of bracers made of an unknown material, but known to be durable enough to deflect bullets.

Shang-Chi is a master of meditation and relaxation techniques as well, allowing him to receive psychic premonitions, limit the spread of toxins in his blood stream, and render his pain receptors insensitive. While possessing no superhuman senses, Shang-Chi is highly attuned to his surroundings thanks to his training and having spent most of his life thwarting his father's assassins. He is able to pinpoint the breath sounds and heart beats of silent aggressors, as well as the distant loading of firearms by gunmen. Due to his training, Shang-Chi is also less susceptible to mental attacks than most humans.

Origin: Shang-Chi, who's name can be interpreted as "Rising of the Spirit" was born in Honan province in China, son to a wealthy international crime lord named Fu Manchu and an unknown American woman genetically selected by his father. Trained privately by the greatest masters of various disciplines, Chinese and otherwise, Shang had limited contact with his parents.

When he did see his father, his father told him that all of his training was being directed toward some sort of great humanitarian goal, as his father manipulated Shang into thinking that he was a philanthropist. When the time finally came for Shang to face the outside world and carry out this mission, he was transported to England, where his mission was assassination. He knew nothing other than to honor his father with complete loyalty, so after stealthily sneaking into his target's home, he killed who he thought was an evil man in one swift strike.

British secret agent Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith arrived on the scene in time to catch Shang, but of course couldn't keep him there. Shang later sought out his mother, now living in London, who then told him the truth about her former husbands life of crime and evil. At that time, Shang swore to become his father's enemy, and do whatever it would take to topple his evil empire.

Shang-Chi became a regular ally of Sir Denis Nayland Smith and worked with him on missions for MI-6, British intelligence, and later for Freelance Restorations, Smith's own independent agency.

Shang-Chi ultimately contributed to his father's apparent death in a confrontation at the Honan retreat. His "Elixir Vitae," which had allowed him to live and remain in his physical prime for many decades, was no longer sufficient to maintain his youth. Rapidly aging, his father needed his son's blood to restore his physical vitality. Yet, Shang-Chi wrested away the blood-filled test tube and spilled it on the ground.

His father seemed to spend his last minutes of life frantically licking it up when the retreat was demolished by an explosion set off by other aides of Smith. Shang-Chi escaped, but his father was assumed to have been killed. Due to the guilt of this loss, he withdrew from the life that he formerly knew and traveled the world to find his own path.

Recently, this has led him to the "City that Never Sleeps", New York. While originally this was a place that he was just going to be passing through, the growing level of crime and vanishing of this city's hero seems to have taken a toll. Seeing the Police of the land struggling, Shang decided to use his talents for good...


High Concept: What I plan to do for Shang-Chi's story is to bring a character that heavily questions ethics as we know them. An example would be, if you were to ask other people what's right and wrong, they may give you their definitive answers based on their perspective in life. With Shang, being that his whole life was effectively a product of deception, his answer would be that he doesn't have all of the answers. This isn't to say that he's more or less an Anti-Hero, but that he's a lighter shade of grey between black and white. Something else I'd also add on, would be the fun, classic, "Kung-Fu" movie action that Shang-Chi basically lived his entire life through.

Does this mean that there will be constant high-flying moves and exaggerated gestures? To a degree, yes. That aspect will be kept to a lower key, but they will be there.

Motivation and Conflict: The driving force behind the character of Shang-Chi, as I interpret it, is that of actually trying to find a purpose for himself. All the while, he'd also coping with the guilt of all the people that he hurt, stolen from, and killed in his father's name under the farce of being an agent of good. He isn't going to be all mopey about it, like Batman or something, but there will be bouts and flashbacks from time to time.


Player Name: DC the Dragon
Preferred Contact Method: PM or Discord
Why This Character?: Shang-Chi has always been a favorite character of mine when I first started getting into comics growing up. He's always been a pretty obscure character and continues to be today. So, even though I may never make it to some kind of team that handles his comics or anything like the MCU, I would like to portray his character here in some sort of consolation for a character that has made it to my Top Five out of all of Marvel's heroes.
What Can You Bring to the RPG?: What I can bring, as I've been told, is a sense of characterization. That I can get into the head of my character and actually go about things as them, instead of trying to mold them into a branch of myself.
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"But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
Matthew 9:13


Real Name: Matthew Michael Murdock
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Powers, Abilities, and Gear:
Thanks to his training at the hands of Stick, Matt is an exceptionally talented martial artist; by Stick's own reckoning, he ranks as at least a tenth degree black belt in Ninjutsu, although he is also proficient in boxing and Jui-jitsu. His training has also left him an expert acrobat and aerialist, skills heavily utilised on the rooftops of Manhattan.

As a result of the accident that blinded him, Daredevil's other senses were enhanced to the Nth degree, enabling him to see without seeing using a radar sense. The extent to which his senses have been altered and their limits do not substantially differ from that of his 616 counterpart's - he has difficulty differentiating between colours, cannot interpret screens, and sensory overload or deprivation can render his abilities useless.

Daredevil is armed with a custom-built billy club, a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a variety of different weapons and utilities, not limited to but including: two short blunt weapons, a staff and a grappling-hook.

Matthew Murdock was born into a low-income, Catholic household, the son of John and Maggie Murdock. His mother ran out on them when Matt was too young to remember her leaving his father, a heavyweight prize-fighter known in the ring as "Battlin' Jack Murdock", to raise him on his own. Unable to see his son fall into the same dire life that he led, he insisted that Matt study hard so that he might one day go to college and get a real job. He was eventually approached by the mob, and a man known as The Fixer, who were willing to pay him to throw his fights. He reluctantly accepted, knowing he would struggle to raise his son without a real income.

When Matt was twelve, he was blinded by radioactive substances after a truck carrying hazardous materials overturned next to him. The chemicals also increased the strength of his other senses. In order to pay for Matt's medical bills, his father began to take on small jobs for the mob. Jack struggled to keep this up, however. When Matt was older, John, realising he was in too deep, tried to pull out of his commitments to the mob. He was told to throw one last fight and he wouldn't hear from them again. Seeing Matt in the crowd, however, he couldn't go through with it - he couldn't let Matt live by his example. He stopped throwing his punches, knocking his opponent out in the second round. After the fight, the mob confronted him. He was murdered in the alley as the two left. Unable to identify the killer, Matt vowed to get justice for his father. Here, the seed was sewn for him to become Daredevil. He was soon moved to an orphanage, where he remained for his formative years.

Not long after his father's death, a grieving Matt Murdock met Stick, a blind ninja master from an ancient order. He helped him to realise the potential of his gifts, possessing a similar radar sense to Matt, and taught him how to see using his other senses. For months, he tirelessly trained Matt in martial arts, eventually abandoning him when he realised he was not the weapon he was looking for. Despite this, Matt continued to train, pushing the limits of his mind and body. It was at this time he decided he would become a lawyer.

It was at Columbia University where Matt studied law, and where he met his future partner, Franklin Nelson. In "Foggy", Matt had a best friend who he bonded with over the seven years they spent at law school, eventually finding employment at Nelson's mother's lawfirm after they both took the bar. After a year, they left to form their own practice, taking up rent of a property in Hell's Kitchen, which became the Law Offices of Nelson and Murdock. They quickly took on a secretary, Karen Page and started to accrue a few low-level cases. They initially struggled to make ends meet, offering pro bono legal services for clients that couldn't afford the justice they deserved.

Unbeknownst to Karen and Foggy, it was at this time that Matt would begin to use his other gifts for good, becoming a vigilante. Armed with his altered senses and martial skills, he started to take the fight to the criminal underbelly of Hell's Kitchen. As time went on, he formed a makeshift costume to protect his identity, and armed himself with weapons of Stick's design. He soon drew the attention of New York's criminal elite, including the Kingpin of Crime himself, Wilson Fisk.

At the time the roleplay begins, Daredevil has been active for around three years. With the help of The Defenders and other heroes, The Kingpin was finally taken into custody, with Nelson and Murdock ensuring that he stayed in jail. The high profile case finally put the struggling lawfirm on the map, attracting a great deal more attention. As Daredevil, Matt has begin to disassemble the remains of Kingpin's criminal empire and continues to protect the Kitchen from those who would do it harm.


High Concept: I want to explore Daredevil at a time when everything should be going his way. But while the defeat of the Kingpin has offered the Kitchen a moment of peace, Murdock knows that challengers to Fisk's mantle are inevitable. In his attempts to break up what's left of Kingpin's criminal empire and maintain the fractured peace, he discovers another faction operating in the shadows of Hell's Kitchen with their own designs for New York. Principally, my story will follow The Man Without Fear's investigation into a cadre of criminals using adapted Chi'tauri tech, led by Jonathan Ohnn (The Spot).

Despite the fame that their efforts in prosecuting Wilson Fisk garnered them, the law practice of Nelson and Murdock continues to struggle getting off the ground financially. I will be exploring how this effects the relationship between the two lawyers, as well as Matt's attempts to make ends meet, alongside Foggy's continued knowledge of Matt's other life as Daredevil.

Motivation and Conflict: Daredevil is fueled by his desire for justice, his love of his friends, and his catholic faith. His internal struggle stems from trying to reconcile a life as a vigilante and as an agent of the law. Ultimately, he is determined to see justice done whatever the cost to his body and soul.



Player Name: ErsatzEmperor
Preferred Contact Method: Guild PMs/Discord messages are the best way of reaching me.
Why This Character?: Daredevil is a character very near and dear to my heart and has been for the longest time. He's the best example of a street level hero that I can think of. He's been seeing a lot of love lately and I figured I'd share in that love.
What Can You Bring to the RPG?: A generous helping of self-loathing and mild neurosis, and an eye for detail.
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The White Tiger

“I think of crime when I'm in a New York state of mind.”
― Nas


Real Name: Kevin "Kasper" Cole

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Powers, Abilities, and Gear:

Through imbibing a synthetic drug that mimics a Wakandan herb, Kasper has peak human strength, speed, and agility. In addition, he is a trained law enforcement officer who has experience with armed and unarmed combat. His White Tiger outfit is a repurposed Black Panther suit. Vibranium is weaved through it, rendering it nigh indestructible and allowing his claws to cut through every known metal. In addition, he wields a pair of 9MM pistols loaded with non-lethal gel bullets.


Officer Kevin "Kasper" Cole is an NYPD narcotics detective, the son of "Black Jack" Cole, former corrupt cop now in prison. During an investigation into a Manhattan gang, the ambitious Kasper took things too far. Stealing a Black Panther suit from one of the king's NYPD allies, Kasper raided the gang's cook site and ended up crossing paths with T'Challa, the Black Panther, and his adopted brother, Hunter the White Wolf. Caught in the middle of a power struggle he didn't understand, Kasper helped Black Panther defeat White Wolf and the street gang he was backing.

During the fight, Kasper was thrown into the chemistry lab by White Wolf and doused in chemicals. Afterwards, both Kasper and T'Challa realized the chemicals were a synthetic substitute for Wakanda's famous heart-shaped herb, the one members of the royal family consume in order to have the abilities of the Black Panther.

Now, Detective Kasper Cole works downtown as a member of the NYPD's Organized Crime Squad, a five-man unit that makes major cases on all the city's underworld organizations. In addition to his work as a cop, he continues to moonlight as a vigilante. While Wakanda has the Black Panther, New York has the White Tiger.


High Concept:

I want to do cops and criminals and capes. Three things I love, and three things that taste great together. Potential story idea:

Big Trouble in Little Mogadishu

The OCS turns their attention to a Brooklyn neighborhood nicknamed Little Mogadishu. The nickname is appropriate as it is a viper's nest of criminal organizations, drug dealers who style themselves as warlords, and feudal territories. As the team monitor the situation, Kasper grows impatient. As White Tiger, he enters the fray as a catalyst to an already tense situation. War breaks out on all sides and Kasper has to navigate the shifting landscape of grudges and alliances in order to stay alive.

Motivation and Conflict:

Kasper is motivated by his ambition. As the son of a disgraced cop, he wants to surpass his father and be known as more than Black Jack's son. White Tiger is essentially a means to achieve that. His activities are supplemental to his work as a cop. He's not out there taking cats out of trees or running into burning buildings. He's circumventing the law as White Tiger in order to arrest criminals as Kasper Cole. As far as conflicts, he is about as impulsive as you'd expect from a man who beats up criminals in a costume. He often gets knee deep in the shit by his rash actions.



Lieutenant Francis Tork -- Supervisor of the OCS and Kasper's boss.
Detective Sergeant Jean DeWolff -- Brilliant, chain-smoking cop, second in command of OCS.
Officer Denzel "Daz" Pierce -- OCS muscle, smart and tough.
Officer Vin Gonzales -- Ambitious cop and newest member of the OCD.
Jon "Black Jack" Cole -- Imprisoned former NYPD officer.


Player Name: Byrd Man

Preferred Contact Method: Discord/PM

Why This Character?: It's in my wheel house, but not the same old same old Marvel character I opt for (See Luke Cage, DD, Punisher.)

What Can You Bring to the RPG?:

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Ms. Marvel

Don't meet your heroes.



Real Name: Kamala Khan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Powers, Abilities, and Gear: Polymorphism - a more science-y way of saying shapeshifting. Kamala can grow (and shrink!) parts of her body at will. She can also physically change her appearance to that of pretty much any other person, and rapidly recover from otherwise fatal wounds by shifting back to the not-hurt version of herself. She can't shift again until she's done healing, however, and the healing can take a hell of a lot out of her.

Also, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) can fuck her shit up pretty good.

Biokinectic burkini + bangles - her suit shifts with her, and her cute lil wrist gauntlet can hold a cell phone and some Motrin.




High Concept: Look, I'm all about this push to bring a new generation of young women into the comics fold. But I'm also not 12, and have little to no interest in the woes of high school. I adore Kamala & co, and I'm ready to see them out in the world. NYC is, in theory, a little grittier than Kamala's Jersey City. I wanna know what she does about it.

Also, her origin story has always felt a little vague to me. I think I'd like to explore that some.

Motivation and Conflict: Harboring a post CWII-esque sense of disillusionment with many a masked crusader, Kamala is on a path for self-discovery. Consciously, she's in training of the ethical variety -- achieving that level of hero-dom (and Adulting®) that somehow magically instills her with the unyielding sense of Right And Wrong everyone else seems to have.

Subconsciously, she's looking for a mentor. And feeling both desperate and a little raw.

Notes: Alright, so I've taken some events out of context and written out the consequences of others that haven't happened (yet).

CWII -- didn't happen (I assume?), but the much-lauded falling out between Carol & Kamala did. I've written a highly minified version of it with the intentions of keeping Captain Marvel mostly out of the way. Carol is now off somewhere Captain-ing, I guess. She can exist in just about any iteration, so long as Kamala feels cheated/abandoned/generally besmirched by her.

BFF Bruno is also MIA. Not necessarily in Wakanda, but not necessarily not in Wakanda. He's definitely not in JC, though, and his current activities may be a bit shifty. HYDRA-level shifty.

In general, Kamala is feeling pretty wary of any masked hero, herself included.



Player Name: Dot!

Preferred Contact Method: idk try shouting. Or PM, I guess. I can be shamed into using Discord, should the need arise.

Why This Character?: IMO, Kamala has a solid, if somewhat underrated couple of arcs, and like every woman of color ever, has to work twice as hard for half her due. I firmly believe she can hack it recast in a grittier, NYC-street light.

Also, I keep meaning to pick up Champions, and then getting distracted. This is like a cheaper way to meet that need.

What Can You Bring to the RPG?: Optimism. Tense and uncomfortable silences?
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"So you love a little wild one, and she brings you only sorrow."


Real Name: Elektra Natchios
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Powers, Abilities, and Gear: Various weapons, melee and otherwise. Premier martial artist, ninja, and assassin. Billionaire.

The only daughter of an uber wealthy Greek gas and oil executive with more secrets than the EYP, unsurprising for a former EYP (Ethniki Ypiresia Pliroforion) field agent that operated heavily in the Cold War. Late in the 1990s her father, Hugo, is tabbed as the Greek Ambassador to the United Nations. While polarizing back home, Ambassador Hugo Natchios surprises even some of his friends and allies with the way in which he seemed to have put his own private pursuits on hold to serve his nation, and the new world that came soon after 9/11. Elektra follows him to New York, studying political science at New York's Columbia University for her pre-law.

Less than an hour after a meeting with an old contact of his from his EYP days, a man named Stick, Hugo and Elektra are taken hostage at their Manhattan penthouse by "terrorists." To this day, Elektra still isn't entirely certain who the men were. She knows only that they were incredibly well supplied and trained, and while they spoke mostly bad English she does recall a little Chechen spoken by one of them--the one she shoved through a broken 40th floor window to his death after a shootout broke out in the area of the penthouse the attackers had isolated her father in.

The gun fight was a Federal anti-terrorism task force deciding to end the hostage situation, because the United States refused to negotiate with terrorists. One of the American commandos shot her father in the chest on accident, yet somehow allowed one of the "terrorists" to escape. The incident created a series of diplomatic problems for the US, but the most embarrassing as they could offer no information on Hugo Natchios' daughter; she had simply disappeared. The NSA believed they found her the next day in grainy security camera footage on the Columbia University campus speaking to an unidentifiable student. Without being able to confirm it, the US was able to offer nothing of substance to the Greeks.

Elektra would later prove herself very much alive to claim her father's incredible estate. The case regarding the attackers remains open for both countries.

It was her father's old contact (and Elektra would later learn her father's old friend) Stick that got to Elektra before anyone else. Stick had his fears about something happening to Hugo (the meeting between the two men just an hour before the attack no accident) and he was determined to get his old friend's daughter out of harm's way. Elektra stayed with Stick for some time, continuing the martial training her father started her on early in her life by joining Stick's order. After a year Stick would tell Elektra to leave the order, because, in Stick's own words, "You're just too damn hateful and chaotic, girl."

To prove herself to Stick she gave herself the mission of infiltrating the enemy of Stick's order: The Hand. She would spend years with the Hand in the Asia-Pacific area of the world, training and working for the Hand, yet believing she was playing them. In truth the Hand was playing Elektra. By the time Elektra realized it, she no longer cared, because the Hand enabled her to track down the lone "terrorist" who escaped the American commandos so many years before, helping her more than anything or any else ever had in her personal quest. The man claimed a group known as HYDRA responsible before a sai was plunged into his heart. After the Hand forbid her from pursuing the HYDRA lead, Elektra left the Hand's service in incredibly violent fashion.

Elektra spends the next few years independently chasing HYDRA, occassionally teaming up with SHIELD because of their shared target. She spends time in everywhere from Afghanistan to Russia to New Zealand to Venezula during these years. It was Nick Fury who eventually gave Elektra intel on a HYDRA facility in the Aegean Sea. It's there Elektra learns that Fury, and HYDRA, believe the same bit of information about Elektra's past: that it was the Hand that was behind her father's dead, not HYDRA.

Fury gives her one more bit of information: she has a half-brother living in New York, the old spy and commando hoping the information would help Elektra humanize herself, Fury believing she's become sociopathic. It didn't work. Instead of New York, she went to Tokyo, waging a one woman war on the Hand there. They were hollow victories: the Hand had moved so much of their strength to New York, Elektra had no choice but to follow. In New York City she's currently gone underground, watching and infiltrating in secret, waiting for just the right opportunity.

Meanwhile, she has located her half-brother.


High Concept: Total War. Elektra wants the truth about her father's death, even if she has turn New York City streets red with blood to do it. No one, and nothing, will prevent her from achieving her goal. Will Elektra achieve victory, even if it means the total abandonment of her humanity?
Minnewaska, NY. Elektra locates her half-brother in the New York upscale suburb of Minnewaska. The discovery leads to confrontation and conflict; none of it the kind Elektra has prepared for.
Motivation and Conflict: Elektra wants the truth behind the event that radically changed her life. Along the way, Elektra has to decide what is to become of her humanity; can she come back from the darkness, or is her humanity just another kill on her already impressive list of kills?
Notes: Living relatives: Sophia Natchios (Mother), Giannis Kavadias (Half-Brother). Active NYC Contacts: Cameron Klein.


Player Name: Itsame! Ruby.
Preferred Contact Method: DM/PM/OOC/Smokesignals/whatever.
Why This Character?: A tragic femme fatale that needs a spotlight on her internal, emotional, struggle. What's not to like?
What Can You Bring to the RPG?: Uh. I can delete posts?
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Moon Knight
The Lunar Legionnaire

“We're all crazy. But we're the exact kind of crazy the world needs. The exact kind.”

C H A R A C T E R B I O:

Real Name:
Marc Spector



Enhanced Physiology: Supposedly enchanted by Khonshu, Marc has an array of abilities that include — accelerated healing, supernatural effects of fear upon his enemies, dark vision, partial invisibility when concealed in darkness, and occasional prophetic visions. Though this could be all in Marc's head.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Marc Spector has been described as a master martial artist with a range of comprehension of forms such as boxing, judo, savate, krav maga, and jiujutsu. His knowledge is so expansive that his enemies have witnessed firsthand how brutal and precise he can be in combat. Whilst Marc is not unrivaled in his mastery of martial artsand reactive combat (Black Panther wants a word) he is certainly in one of the highest tiers present.

Investigation: As a former agent of the CIA, Marc has learned the tricks of the trade when it comes to information gathering and reacting swiftly with the analysis of that information. He’s an excellent investigator, detective, and reactive fighter due to such skills and considering he utilizes them every single day it is no surprise he is one of the premier investigative superheroes on the planet.

Marksman: Marc Spector is a former soldier, spy, and mercenary thus it is no surprise that he holds a particular set of skills that lends to mastery with firearms. It is not a far belief to say that he has mastered the usage of assault rifles, handguns, and submachine guns with competency in other forms of firearms. Although he does not rely on such things as Moon Knight on a regular basis he reminds people just because he doesn’t use something doesn’t mean he is unable to.

Peak Human Conditioning: Due to a selective diet, constant training, and rigorous crusades upon his enemies, Marc’s body is in a state of peak fitness where he is stronger, faster, and more resilient than the average human.

Stealth: The CIA didn’t only teach Marc to be skilled at information gathering but also infiltration and espionage. Even with Khonshu’s blessing there is little argument that Marc is as silent as it comes unless he wants to be heard. He has snuck up on many enemies and allies with little-to-no effort in several situations.

Marc Spector was born in New York City in 1983 to a small relatively mundane Jewish family that had settled in the United States two generations prior when Marc’s grandfather escaped persecution in Germany during the onset of World War II. Marc was raised in a single parent household following his mother’s death to cancer in 1990 when he was seven years old and his brother, Randall Spector was five years old. Marc refused to listen to his father and saw himself falling into grief and angst that he couldn’t cope with. When he was a teenager Marc joined a underground fight ring where he became a prize fighter until one day his father interrupted a fight to which Marc and him came to blows. It would be there in that ring that Marc and his father, Elias, settled their differences in the only way the men knew how: fighting.

Marc joined the military right out of his senior year of High School in 2001. After several tours of duty he was approached by Amos Lardner, an agent of the CIA, with an offer to utilize Marc’s brilliance beyond simple firefights overseas that could be filled by someone with lesser aptitude scores and utility in the field. Over the next several years he found himself coming into his own as a CIA agent and realized just what Agent Lardner meant with applying his efforts with the organization as opposed to the armed forces. Marc was talented, perceptive, astute, and ingenious in his efforts of infiltrating and sabotaging the efforts of his enemies before vanishing like a spectre of the night. However, as things would come out Spector became distanced from the CIA after discovering that the operations were not as “saintly” as he was led to believe. Not willing to cause a stink about his issues, he received a proper dismissal using the proper channels before opting out to try out mercenary work instead.

However, mercenary work was evidently worse than Marc’s time in the CIA. As much was evident when the man who hired Marc, Raoul Bushman, was a French-Algerian terrorist in all but name and the price for Marc’s employment became the price of Marc’s soul. Upon trying to justify his actions working with Bushman, Marc came upon his current assignment when Bushman ordered the pillaging of an unearthed ruin that was being excavated and explored by renowned archaeologist, Professor Peter Alraune. Bushman was met with resistance by Alurane and order his men to kill everyone and loot the remains. With his conscience catching up with him Marc rejected the order and tried to save the life of Professor Alraune. Although grateful, the professor had taken a few shots from assault rifle fire and realized he was on his last legs. He had Marc promise to protect his daughter from harm and gave him her location. However, while successful Marc had taken several bullets and if not for the intervention of the professor’s daughter (she was a academically-trained surgeon) Marc would’ve probably died in the sand-covered ruin. But he didn’t. Waking up alongside the statue of Khonshu he found himself with a new purpose and after receiving a revelation from his near-death state he snagged a white cloak off the statue of Khonshu and began hunting down Bushman’s thugs one by one until Bushman was forced to retreat.

Following his revelations in Africa, Marc Spector had realized that he needed to return to New York City to pursue his quest for redemption and solace. The horrors he had done working for Raoul Bushman alongside many others had made him convinced that he had to repent for the sins he was responsible for. Professor Alraune’s daughter, Marlene, accompanied him back to the United States viewing her father’s death as the last straw in keeping her in Africa though she couldn’t help but admit she had begun to harbor strong feelings for the disjointed former mercenary. However, surviving the ordeal as well as reflecting on his life in the military left Marc disjointed and fractured — the death of his brother by his own hands, countless operations overseas that the government brainwashed him into seeing as rightful, his actions as a mercenary, and other such things had unhinged him from his state of mind. Believing to be the Avatar of Khonshu after convincing himself he was chosen by the god to do his work distanced Marc from many of his former comrades but unbeknownst to them not only was it helping him from falling to pieces it was also very much real.

Alongside Khonshu, at first the only allies Marc had at his disposal were his pilot (Jean-Paul “Frenchie” DuChamp) and Marlene Alraune. Utilizing his fortune gained as a mercenary as well as Marlene’s settlement from the death of her former husband, Eric Fontaine, to create the start of his crusade to purge darkness from his city of birth as well as redeem himself in what would be a long and tiring spiritual journey. Marlene’s utter support for Marc was surprising at first but he trusted her as she had been the one who had brought her to Khonshu instead of allowing him to die in the desert ruins. Believing that his former name was “sullied” by his misdeeds he created the new identity of Steven Grant using his connections in the CIA to authenticate it with some legitimacy. But it wouldn’t be until the development of his alias, Moon Knight, that things would truly begin to take shape.

Enhanced by Khonshu, Marc would begin seeing his powers as Moon Knight fully develop; this included but was not limited to protection from evil, the gift of healing, the cloak of the moon, and on occasion prophetic visions that drove Marc continuously further into delusion-induced mania. He became obsessed with stopping the crimes and horrors he saw and knew it was Khonshu’s truest will that he would protect others in his name. His dialogue began to shift into cryptic quips and paladin-esque righteousness; a fact that the criminals of New York City soon found frightening as he began to descend upon them with the wrath of a god behind him. Moon Knight was brutal and ruthless; a reputation that would be cemented when his vigilantism led to Detective William Flint investigating his efforts. Marc could not imagine Detective Flint would become his first ally in New York City, but eventually it was realized to be true when Flint sought out Moon Knight asking for his help with a series of “freak homicides”. Marc agreed.

As Marc began his career investigating these homicides and stopping petty crime where he could, he realized that he needed to be more equipped to which that he was eventually pointed in the direction of a former Stark Industries weapons designer by the name of Buck Lime. After a series of cases crossing over and Lime seeing the good in Moon Knight’s actions he agreed to help design and develop equipment for him as long as their interests aligned. A friendship between the two would take many years to develop but in the beginning the foundation of obligations and threats were how their relationship began. It would be also with Lime’s help that Marc would more accessibly be able to use his natural deductive abilities and tactics he developed as a CIA agent for Khonshu’s benefit and by extension New York City’s as well. Thus it was here that Marc continued to explore the cases the NYPD needed his and Khonshu’s help in providing answers to. Everything from vampires to werewolves to cultists to peculiar serial killers fell in as Moon Knight’s very first foes and he eagerly contended with them with the zeal that was required of him. It was in these actions that investigative journalists began reporting on what they called “The Lunar Legionnaire”; a fine nickname to fit a servant of Khonshu.

However as the years got more challenging, so did his foes.

In the years since Moon Knight has remained an elusive yet necessary piece of New York City. He’s dealt with supervillains, criminal syndicates, supernatural beasts, mystical foes, and corrupt businessmen. He has made many enemies, few allies, and continues to do what he does best in the shadows of the moon. His friendship with Marlene has blossomed into a romantic relationship despite his best efforts to distance her from his madness and zealous crusade; but alongside his small crew he has grown fond of the blonde-haired surgeon. Marc constantly fears for the well-being of his friends and romantic partner, but Khonshu has not willed his quest to be over nor would Marc accept such a conclusion when the world is facing itself in its darkest hour.

As there is always darkness outside of the presence of moonlight, Marc prepares himself for what lies ahead.

S T O R Y I N F O:

High Concept:
Lynn James, the leader behind the powerful criminal syndicate known as “The Committee” in New York City’s underworld comes into conflict with Moon Knight as he begins to unravel their operations thus forcing them to act proactively given the Lunar Legionarie's tendency to drive crime out of the city in the past. Using her money as an affluent socialite, Lynn James hires out a discreet contract to the criminals of the world. One Million Dollars if they can kill Moon Knight.

Motivation & Conflict:
Moon Knight has been a prominent albeit obscure force of justice in New York City for almost a decade now and New York City’s crime families are starting to get tired of the Lunar Legionnaire putting his nose in their business.


P L A Y E R I N F O:

Player Name:

Preferred Contact Method:
Discord, PM

Why This Character?:
I nearly played Moon Knight in an All-Star Marvel knockoff game some time ago, so I’ve had some ideas for Moon Knight in place for some time. Arguably, I may not be a master of pulp noir like Byrd Man, but I think I can write the style convincingly in first and third person perspective.

What Can You Bring to the RPG?:
Consistent and collaborative characterization, long-term commitment, and the usual.

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