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1 yr ago
And an early Happy Christmas to you.
1 yr ago
If you like all of the necessary ingredients, pastry and all, why not just make the pie? So many questions.
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1 yr ago
...How in the heavens do you make soup out of a pie?
1 yr ago
Fireworks are fine and all, but why do they have to be so bright, colourful and loud?
1 yr ago
See, I always pronounced Nutella based on how it was spelt. Noot-telly. Is that wrong?


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So, given it some thought and I'm really struggling to find my feet this time around with Strange. I won't drag it out, I'll have to drop for now. Sorry guys.
Expect this post to be up by Thursday. Or don't.
Also, I'm just the worst at committing to organization.

I doubt that.
I wish to report a mutiny.
Pick your side. #TeamByrd or #TeamMorden.

No #TeamBruce?
<Snipped quote by AndyC>

This is where I leave the RP.

To be fair, it's tasteful for Sonic fan art.
If Venom bonds with Blue Beetle is he binding with the Scarab or Jaime?

Surely at that point the scarab would just ditch Jaime and bond with the symbiote. I know I'd rather watch that than two hours of Tom Hardy mumbling.
Just for some, DISCUSSIONZ. Kinda.

@Torack and @ErsatzEmperor how do you forsee Fate and Strange co-existing?

Not given that any thought yet. Can't imagine it would affect Strange much if they weren't to bump into each other.

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