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8 mos ago
And an early Happy Christmas to you.
11 mos ago
If you like all of the necessary ingredients, pastry and all, why not just make the pie? So many questions.
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11 mos ago
...How in the heavens do you make soup out of a pie?
11 mos ago
Fireworks are fine and all, but why do they have to be so bright, colourful and loud?
11 mos ago
See, I always pronounced Nutella based on how it was spelt. Noot-telly. Is that wrong?


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I would love to see Magneto wield Mjolnir.

It wasn't much fun last time:

I'm in a bit of a pinch, guys. I think I'll have to retire Strange for a bit and see how my workload changes coming up through summer, or at the very least coming up upon the start of Season Two. I'll be lurking around regardless. But yeah, finding it hard to designate time to write at the moment and don't want to be in a position where I burn out altogether.
Well, it's Monday. You all know what that means.

Weekly Post Check. At this point, you all know the drill. You post before your time runs out, you get an automatic reset. You give a sufficient explanation, you get some extra time allotted. You don't do either, you're outta the game. And yes, this rule applies to all members of the game... even it's GM.

12 Days Due (2 Days Left)

10 Days Due (4 Days Left)

I will do my very best to get something serviceable written tomorrow.
"Strip" and "bush" in the same comment. @ErsatzEmperor was right, we really are writing @Lord Wraith's next sex scene for him.

"What, that? I call it my Yggrbuskr!"
Also, I will do my best to finish my post tomorrow or Wednesday. I know I'm getting close to the two weeks again.

And I really appreciate the mention, @Superboy
Stop, you'll give Wraith ideas for his next sex scene.
Should get next post up on Sunday.
<Snipped quote by Superboy>

I'm partial to this version myself.

Thank you.
<Snipped quote by ErsatzEmperor>

When the little douche was only a couple years into his fame, Facebook banned a guy who shared his name because they thought he was trying to make a fake account. As if celebrity (real) names are unique and no one else could possibly exist with the same name.

Sounds about right.
<Snipped quote by Retired>

Yeah, those are my Bieber dicks.

How many Biebers are running around for there to be upwards of one Bieber dick in the equation?
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