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Personal Dossier

Belchardt Sania

Bel, Blue




Cloud Chasers


To describe Sania briefly would not be very difficult given the fact that she isn’t very nuanced when it comes to the depths of her personality.

Beyond all of Sania’s kindness and polite manner stands a girl who is the very definition of meek, shy, and reluctant. This isn’t, particularly because she lacks any form of courage but rather that she lacks the confidence to be assertive, flirtatious, or prideful in any situation. It is due to this that her innate talent in magic may be seen as redundant because she is so cautious to the point of hesitating and second-guessing herself and the situation; especially when it comes to a scenario where she needs to act swiftly. Ultimately, Sania is very well aware she needs to be brave and be better than she is but the truth of the matter is that she struggles to want to; she’d rather someone think her cowardly or pathetic than see her as evil, dangerous, and threatening — she doesn’t want to be villainized and hated. Her fellow guildmates have found it difficult to break her shell.

Sania was born in a small village of unremarkable reputation seventeen years ago, though she admittedly knew very little of her parents, a fact that was due to their disappearance before Sania was old enough to walk. In her parents stead Sania was raised by an old eccentric wizard named Belchardt Akranos, the only noteworthy individual who took residence in the small village at the time; a man whom Sania would recognize as her guardian. It would be relatively early in her life where she would discover her innate magical abilities; a discovery that would change her relationship with Akranos from foster daughter to student. But her tutelage was not conventionally legal due to the laws of the Librarium, though it wasn’t exactly for this reason that Sania’s idyllic life would come to an end.

The phrase “magic attracts magic” is very old and very true and Sania would witness it when demonic abominations set their sights on her unremarkable village. The resulting battle between Akranos and the demons would result in the near destruction of her home and the loss of her mentor, though she struggles with remembering it in perfect clarity. The surviving villagers branded her a witch, cried for the Librarium, and Sania fled the village in fear for her own life. Following her fearful escape from a place she once deemed her home she now found herself a homeless nomad, travelling place to place trying to survive by any means necessary whether it was stealing food or scavenging what she could. She was twelve years old.

Eventually, she found herself being discovered by someone who offered her shelter. But more importantly what she was offered was a new home and a new family: the Cloud Chasers.
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Guild Membership Card


A bold and brave man with a mighty sense of adventure and desire to battle. Although he is stubborn and foolhardy, he can be a very clever and intelligent man when it counts. Due to his upbringing he is incredibly knowledgeable in many fields of topics and is able to fill the role as a the royal, polite prince though he typically lets loose when he doesn't have to play the part.

He has a sense of honor as a warrior and pride in his country so when he is forced into situations where he represents them, he will do his best to bring honor to his homeland. However, he wishes to never to return to Xia because he does not wish to become king.

Huangdi takes great pride in his skills in combat and whenever he fights he does not pull his punches. He believes that it is the greatest form of training for him and opponent.

He is someone that be described as a strong, free-willed spirit. Due to his life as a prince, his choices have never been his along with his mistakes. No matter what, he wants to make his own decisions even if they very well the wrong ones simply because they are his alone.

“Come on! Show me your fighting spirit!”

| Name: |
Xia Huangdi

| Alias|Nickames|Titles: |
The Warrior Prince, Muscles

| G e n d er: |

| R a n k: |

| Age: |

| Guild : |
Cloud Chasers

| History: |
Huangdi is the son of the current king of Xia, a country in the far east far away from Pandora that was founded by the first king of Xia thousands of years ago. He is the first born son and thus the eldest sibling out of 82 siblings, all of them are the children of the multiple concubines of the king. Being the eldest of all the children, Huangdi was the one who would inherent the throne in the future and thus lived a life of complete discipline and lack of freedom.

Everyday his life was filled with constant lessons from many advisors and teachers that the king himself had appointed to mold him into an heir worthy of ruling Xia. From political history to mathematics to horseback riding to a massive array of different topics he studied under the best the country had to offer though let's just say that he was not exactly a well-behaved student. He was lazy and did not listen to his teachers and would be criticized for this on a daily basis.

There was one man that could challenge the young prince and make his blood boil was Xia's most powerful general. Zhen Fen Qiao. Fen Qiao was Huangdi's martial arts teacher and he taught him everything he knew by beating it into him every day. It was the only way to teach a child as stubborn and foolhardy as Huangdi. Every day they would spar, forcing the prince to learn his martial arts and magic fast during this intense, hellish training. No matter how many times he lost, he would be set ablaze with a new goal to beat his teacher and train by himself whenever he had time.

As the years grew on Huangdi had not only matured but grew stronger and became respected by many for his intelligence and combat prowess though there was also another change in him. His drive and luster had dulled from a depression that had started to consume him. Never had he seen life beyond the castle walls and felt that his world was confined and small when his desire to experience the world had grown more. Life was predictable and he knew how it was supposed to end for him; become king and be forced to marry some princess from a nation as an act of peace.

Zhen Fen Qiao had saw the results of the years of the prince being confined in his royal birdcage and felt pity for him and devised a plan. The Xia Kingdom was sending over delegates to Pandora as a sort of cultural exchange program to promote a new alliance between the new nations. Fen Qiao had convinced the king to allow Huangdi to travel with them and act as an ambassador for the two powerful kingdoms. For once of his life, the prince had seen the world beyond the walls though little did he know that this would change his life.

The airship that was bringing Huangdi, Quia, and the other delegates were caught in between a battle between a pirate guild and the Librarium after a storm had blown the airship off course. Their ship was blown out of the air and the next thing Huangdi woke up in a field of wheat surrounded by farmers of Pandora. They took him in and treated his wounds, provided him with food and water even though they hardly had any for themselves. Their kindness and selflessness moved him though he didn't realize the squaller and mistreatment they faced until he saw the state of their village.

It was on the day where the villagers had to make offerings to the village Deacon, the crops that they had worked so hard to produce. The Deacon was a fat man, fat like a prize-winning sow protected by the Cleric Knights while herding the fearful villagers. Needless to say, Huangdi was livid and fed the Deacon his fist. Perhaps luck was on his side; during his clash with the Cleric Knights the pirate guild, Cloud Chasers, had arrived on the scene and gave him aid in battle. It turned out that the guild was already going to liberate the village from its Deacon.

At this moment, Huangdi decided that he would join the Cloud Chasers. He could finally explore the world and carve his own path.

| Magic: |
Five Paths of God: A magic completely unique to the country of Xia. It is both a martial art and magic that requires absolute perfect control of the users own body in order to properly bring out its true potential. The Five Paths of God was originally meant to be a spiritual practice that was meant to help its pracitioners reach a perfect equilibrium and become closer to the gods.

To break it down to its simplest form, Five Paths of God is the manipulation of the flow of raw magic within the body and match it with the flow of the body in order to create a perfect unity between the body and magic.

The different aspects of this magic can be split into five parts: Path of the Fist, Path of the Step, Path of the Shield, Path of the Body, and the Path of the Mind.

Very few practitions have ever mastered the Path of the Body and the Path of Mind due to the danger that poses to the mage's body. Many have become crippled and many have died trying to attain these new heights, but those that attain and master these techniques without becoming crippled or dying are revered as gods of war.

Path of the Fist: As the name states, this Path focuses on strikes. The flow of magic is used as a medium for his strikes allowing him a variety of strike attacks.

Path of the Step This Path is all about movement techniques, footwork. This is considered to be the most fundemental and the most important aspect of this magic since it does not matter how hard one can hit if they can't even reach their opponent.

Path of the Shield: As the name suggests, this Path deals with defensive techniques.

Path of the Body: This path focuses on enhancing and healing the user's body. As one the two final Paths of this magic, it is considered to be extremely powerful though not without the risk of destroying their own body.(To be attained)

Path of the Mind: This path is considered by many the most difficult to master. The mage directs the flow of magic to their brain and make temporary alterations though at the risk of detoration of the brain. (TO BE GAINED)


| Miscs : |
Ever since he arrived in Pandora Huangdi had discovered a new genre of books he never knew about before: science fiction.
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Guild Membership Card


Adelyn is a young woman who carries a certain amount of grace and elegance about her, brought about by her upbringing. She is stoic, yet snarky. Cold, yet caring to those close to her. Cynical to most she meets, yet for the most part, trusting. Not that she feels close enough to most of her newfound guild-mates, due to the ordeal she was put through she seems to have a disdain and distrust for pirates she doesn't even bother to hide. Despite being a Pirate herself.

As such, she is more likely to be found immersed in a book than socializing with her fellow crew members. Due to this, however, she seems to give people the perception she views herself as above them. As if talking to them is barely worth her time. As such, coupled with her family's background despite the later reveal, she has very few friends amongst the crew. At best, she tends to act distant and detached to the rest of the crew. At her worst, or when annoyed, she belittles the other guild members and derides them for their actions.

She also seems to have overwhelming confidence in herself and her own abilities, perhaps also owing to her upbringing. Other traits that can be found to have taken root from her upbringing include being able to keep a calm head, for the most part, and her rather wide and extensive vocabulary, which coupled with a sharp tongue, makes for a wide variety of insults. She also shows excessive contempt towards actions or language she deems vulgar, such as cussing or flirting with her. Suffice to say, she will be quick to shoot you down. She isn't without her girly moments however rare they may be, such as getting flustered. This sort of attitude, coupled with her nobility, has earned her the nickname 'Princess' amongst some crew-members.

With them both being the newest members of the ship, and even of the same age, she and Laz are usually paired together in tasks. Despite their constant clashing of personalities, he is one of the few members of the crew who can get her out of her 'shell'. Adelyn finds his 'pranks' to be a nuisance and some of his actions and language choice as 'vulgar'. She even feels the need to go out of her way to tease him sometimes, whether they be of his shortcomings, his height or his feminine appearance.

“Do you mind? I'm trying to read.”

| Name: |
Adelyn Amberfield

| Alias|Nickames|Titles: |
Adele, Bookworm, Princess, Bitch (Laz), Ade-chan

| G e n d er: |

| R a n k: |

| Age: |

| Guild : |
Cloud Chasers

| History: |
Adelyn is the youngest child of the 5th generation of the Amberfield family, a prestigious family that aided greatly in the usurping of the throne over a century ago and also supplies the Librarium with several powerful Cleric Knights and Library Hunter with every generation. She is the only girl, having two older brothers. The family had been promised some land on the outskirts of the city-state of Ketar, in the 2nd Hierarchical realm in return for the part they played in the coup and subsequent disbanding of guilds.

She was raised like any other member of the family, given a chance to learn the family magic so that one day she could follow her family's 'proud' tradition. Not that she was interested, she was more into the fine arts and reading than boorish violence. This leads to many disagreements as she skipped lessons, disobeyed her teachers and parents, avoided training sessions and even went missing for a few days just to show how much she didn't want to learn magic.

So instead, one of her teachers, a retired Cleric Knight by the name of George Freeman, suggested she be taught the magic from the family Grimoire; the Divine Maiden. A magic that could only be taught to female members of the family, as the name would suggest. Her parents were initially reluctant, the magic hadn't had a user for 50 years. And the last two attempted users had died, having failed the second condition of 'a pure soul'. Convincing her parents was the easy part, however; the hardest was getting her to a lesson. However, he managed to trick her by getting her to read the book during a history lesson.

When she first opened the book, she took a week to recover from the sudden onslaught of magic that flooded into her. A risk that Mr Freeman had suggested was likely, due to her refusal to do even the basics of magic, though her recovery time was faster than he thought. She was the new host of the holy magic, much to her annoyance. Over the ensuing years, she came to terms with having the magic and attended lessons to improve her skills when she found that it wasn't a magic meant for violence anyway.

On the day of her 16th birthday, her parents decided to take her on a cruise around the neighbouring 5th realm. Long story short, the cruise was short-lived as they were attacked by Rogue Sky Pirates looking to make a quick buck by attacking the Skyship. During the ensuing chaos, Adelyn was separated from her parents. Scared and confused as fighting broke out on the ship, Adelyn tried searching for her parents to no avail. During her search, she was found and captured by a group of the pirates. But not before trying to put up a fight.

Which the pirates didn't take too kindly to, and when they eventually overpowered the girl they gave her a rather good beating for their troubles. Within an inch of her life basically. When she awoke, she was aboard their ship, bound by chains. And boy did everywhere hurt like all buggery, her face swollen from the kicks and punches. She found out from a crew member later, that all the survivors of the ship had been put in chains as well. To be sold off as slaves. The rest had either been killed by their hands or killed when they sent the flaming, wrecked ship down into the Wild-lands below. The crew member tended to her various injuries, making sure their product at least seemed presentable before leaving the shattered girl to her own thoughts.

She doesn't like to talk about what happened to her aboard the ship, but when Cloud Chasers took down the illegal pirates after hearing of their human trafficking, they found her covered in bruises and lacerations after having been on the ship for over a week. She spent another subsequent week with Doctor Vetrov recovering. During her two weeks away from society, it had been revealed that the Amberfield family had actually been working with Sky Pirates to help liberate Pandora from the clutches of the Librarium. The Cloud Chasers being a particular guild they had a strong rapport with, her father and the guild master being good friends. With her family labelled as traitors and criminals, she had little choice to stay aboard the ship and become a member of the crew.

It was better than nothing after all.

| Magic: |
The Divine Maiden:
Much like the name would suggest, this magic is of a holy attribute and basically covers that which fits the role of a Priestess. She can use the power of light to create powerful shields, blind her opponents, heal wounds or perform powerful holy attacks, amongst other various uses. To cast the magic, the user doesn't need the book out but having the book out will strengthen the effects of spells. The user also has a low tolerance for corruption type magic and takes increased damage from magic with a 'dark' attribute or of an evil nature. But the flip side is that it does increase damage to opponents with the magic of the same type.

A double-edged sword, if you would. And if the user were to become 'tainted', then the magic will slowly kill the user in a manner similar to that of being burned alive from the inside out.

Her spell list includes:

1. Divine Shield: Adelyn erects a barrier of light to stop incoming attacks

2. Divine Arrow: This spell creates an arrow out of light and fires it at an opponent. Can be fired as a volley, in which case the spell becomes Divine Volley. Can also be 'charged' to make a bigger arrow, though volley cannot be used if this is the case. Adelyn's largest capable volley is that of 5 arrows. There is another sub-spell to this as well, that of Homing Arrow.

3. Cure: A basic healing spell. While it can't reattach limbs, it can certainly close up gashes made by weapons if given enough time or if the user has enough magical power. There are three stages to this spell, with Cure being the lowest tier. The other two are Greater Cure and Extreme Cure. Adelyn can only use Stage 1 however.

4. Purify: The user pours their magic into their target to remove effects. This can be used to remove conditions such as poison from allies, make polluted water clean and drinkable or be used as an attack against 'evil' or 'dark' attributed to monsters. Contact must be made to cast.

5. Holy Soldiers: A spell that summons 'Angels' to aid in battle. Whether that be to protect the user from attacks or to attack her opponent. The Angels are humanoid in appearance but seem to be more akin to statues clothed in bright holy robes with quite large wings. Adelyn is capable of summoning two to her aid at this stage in time.

6. Holy Light: A spell that is perhaps the most versatile of the lot. When cast, the user creates a ball of bright light. The size and brightness differ based on use or the amount of magic used. An obvious use of this is to help see in darker places, though Adelyn's main use of it is to read at night. Can also be used in a 'burst' type manner, used to blind her opponents or distract them if used correctly. Can also be a handy-dandy signal.

She has a secondary magic as well; that of the Requip Magic: The Librarian. Though the only book she has to use to cast magic is the one used for Divine Maiden, she uses it to store her vast collection of books and even as a hiding place for her diary and Grimoire. Also handy to throw books at people with, or retrieve thrown books.
| Misc: |
Guild Mark: A bright topaz-yellow, on the back of her left hand

She also owns various books of various genres. Fantasy, romance, educational, dictionaries. You name the genre, she probably has a book of it somewhere in her collection.

The red earring she always wears is a family tradition, every member of the Amberfield family owns and wears it at all times.
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