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Dorian listened to the conversations behind her. The useful medic seemed to misunderstand the question she had asked. The shifter turned the question over in her head, the information she had indicated to her that the doctor was the innocent type. Dorian made a mental note to be more blatant with any idea that may require grey area consideration; This note, like most Dorian ever makes about a person, is fluid in its contents.

As local PD approached Dorian prepared to explain her presence and the need for secrecy. However the man’s report impressed the shifter; The cop had good instincts. Dorian listened to the officers conversation and a small smile grew on her lips. The crew would be occupied for a while, and the director would most likely be working on

Even as the shifter decided on her next move Weathers said something that caught Dorian’s focus. ”-me on the Nut case that did this. After which I’d love to treat you all to lunch at the Sundeck where we can talk about this.”

Dorian turned the words she half listened as she turned to face the actress. Dorian tilted her head at the actresses desire to eat while answering questions. As Perfection roared off Dorian turned back to her warp stepping through. Dorian left it open as she strode into the production camp. Watching the trail of dust the shifter saw it stop at the mess tent, she altered course to meet it.

The blonde entered the mess and joined Wendy at the table. Dorian considered the best way to ask why this was the first destination without being what her supervisors called pushy. The question thus caught her by surcaugh, causing her usually controlled expression to break; An eyebrow raising. Recovering her composure quickly the shifter nodded.

“I don’t generally deal with the local police.” She admitted. Dorian studied the buffet being laid out before the group; She began to help herself to a plate. They had time, and if nothing else Dorian can get what she needs either way.
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Katherine, Muse followed in step with the others. She followed the others quietly, her own thoughts a whirl of both her own and the "echos" created by some of her constructs.

Lorelei's voice, initially just a scratching began to form more opaque thoughts. "You know they'll need you to fight," the entity hissed, you need me for this. Muse pushed the thought to the side as she continued, a slender hand pushing her fingers against her temples.

"Yes, when we need to fight. You will be called forth, as promised," her attempt to placate her strongest construct barely kept the psychic pressure Lorelei could exert on Kat left the artist wrapping her duster around her frail body. While her constructs relied on her to provide their sustenance, her duster's nufabric gave her a small boost in turn.

"FOOL! You should let me out now! What if that gamma comes back. You just have a pitiful shield, what can you offer without me?"

Muses' thoughts began to falter, "I have other constructs..." Lorelei's voice giggled softly, as she pulled her head deeper into the hoody. As if the thick fabric would mute the constructs suggestions.

"Fine, just make sure my stencil's ready..." The constructs voice began to fade as Katherine was snapped back by Wendy's request. She was a little shocked as she was requested to lend support. Often other Gamma's simply requested her constructs to battle. Yet Katherine knew she had a subtle calming effect on everyone thanks to her own abilities. It often was mainly applied to focus and direct her constructs, but if it helped. So be it.

"Yes, of course." Katherine took a seat beside Wendy, "I have left two of my constructs to run the desert for any signs of the attacker. I doubt we'll find anything, but if they return I'll know." She said quietly, while Wendy met the gaze of the others. Katherine kept her eyes focused on the plate of food in front of her. She began idly nibbling on a few pieces of fruit as the other Gamma's gathered. "I agree, we will aid however possible..." She muttered softly, as she drew out the cardboard stencil of Lorelei. She began checking the well used stencil for any flaws in the design, for her constructs to work. They had to be perfect, to match the image of the construct in her mind given flesh in the real world.
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The Kat chick was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans it looked like they threatened to cut off the circulation in her thighs, she was one of the special effects Gammas or something. No one wanted to get into Alex's shitty SUV, the gas that was being burned waiting for anyone to spend was agonizing for her slim wallet. It took less than a second to shift out and drive back towards the tent, the brunette who made the portal. Some corporate stuck up just let everyone walk through her portal, whatever it was clear that she did not give a fuck about anything but herself and her portals.

Back in the tent, everyone was settled, and the SUV parked. Alex entered with everyone else and began to collect food, a big plate of food was formed within a few minutes. Alex sat down with the others at a table that was grandiose for the star in question. Of course, there were questions to be asked and answered, who was the flying mother fucker laying hell down on the set. Why was the salad bar so lacking, and why the helpful Gammas like Alex were there in the first place.

Who was the Kat chick who got to sit beside Wendy, regardless the focus on the conversation became the Gamma's that had shown up. "Yea, here for the pay, food and the fun I guess. Didn't expect an attack though, that's out of my spectrum. More of the doc's thing, so who'd you piss off? Mega-corp rival, stalker fan with a murderous thirst? Or maybe a psycho-ex? We all have those, just not me. Also, thank you for the food miss."

With that, the food on the plate was slowly devoured by Alex.

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Wendy had barely begun to answer questions when a whispercraft with UN markings sped across the dry lake bed coming to land about 75 meters from the film companies parimeter.

It’s passenger door opens revealing the woman who even governments fear ”Trinity Jones AKA The Witness who strides through the glare causing as much a commotion as did the incident earlier. She is the world's most renowned retrocog and linguist; the woman who can reveal all secrets no matter how well hidden.

With her are two uniformed UN Security personnel armed with genius rifles and wearing armored Eufiber body suits and full face comms helmets which conceal their identity though not their sex one being male the other clearly female.

Before Witness heads to the crime scene she looks at those in the tent and blows a kiss then heads off to do her work.

What the Hell

Wendy seems to react oddly to the Whispercraft when it lands but when the Retrocog blows a kiss she blushes slightly and sighs before recovering.

”Why the hell would he involve her?” she says before stuffing an eclair pastry in her face and eating it in 4 bites.

”What Alex saw”

As Alex sat trying to think of something to say or a witty remark she sees a guy sitting at a table that moments ago was empty but before she can say or do anything he mouths “I’ll call you” even mimicking a phone to his ear with his right hand just before he shimmers like a mirage and vanishes.


I know it’s a short post but I want to get things moving

All those who are playing investigative characters write me a list of questions and PM them so I can answer them as any of the NPCs you might ask then you will be able to post your questions and answers or I can post them in the next GM post

Also any wanting to ask questions of myself or the NPCs PM them to me and I will answer
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Dorian was more than content to let the local constabulary question the actress.The shifter preferred other methods for retrieving information. And so she picked at her plate, listening to the discussion at the table; At least until a very familiar pink haired head strode past.

Dorian sat bolt upright seeing Trinity stride by; Dorian’s left hand twitched as the retcog blow a kiss. Wendy’s words snatched the shifter’s eyes away from the pink hair and blue catsuit. Dorian got to her feet. “Please excuse me.” She muttered as she headed towards the tent’s exit; The shifter moved her plate to rest near the medic that appears to be all mouth.

Dorian moved through the camp shadowing her trio of co-workers from a street over. As she strode behind a tent she silently changed her form. Dorian’s pace didn't change as he became a man in his mid twenties with dirty blonde hair. His nose had obviously been broperfectime or two, his white tee was dirty with age. Any close observer would notice that Dorian was the same height and build of the male escorting The Witness.

As she passed another tent she shifted again. She looked almost identical to the male figure she had just been. This figures nose had never been broken and she had a smattering of freckles across her face. Dorian wasn't positive the twins were Trinity’s escort, but given the situation they were the obvious choice. Although another appropriate choice would be; Dorian’s thoughts froze as she realized what she was doing. The shifter was focusing on a problem she had an answer to, rather then deal with the questions she did not.

Dismissing both Dorian turned away from Trinity's path, shifting again. Dorian’s pace quickened and he belined for the editing tent. Stepping through the flaps he barked. “Bring up the footage of the explosion and get out.”

The editor opened his mouth but Dorian interrupted. “I have had a psychotic detonate an explosive on my set while trying to kill my stars. My shooting schedule is now fucked while we wait for that corset wearing idiot to get out of the hospital.”

The films editor blinked at the wave of rage crashing over him; Before he could say anything however the director continued. “And reshoots will only work if lil miss perfect is willing to uphold her contract and return. If your life was at risk would you come back?”

Dorian waited for the editor to start shaking his head before continuing, “Exactly. So I have to see if I can make what we got work. And if I can’t I’m likely to fire the first person I see. Want to stand in the unemployment line?”

As the editor shook his head Dorian bellowed, “Then… BRING UP THE FOOTAGE OF THE EXPLOSION AND GET OUT!”

The editor scrambled to fulfill his orders and fled. Dorian’s hands flew over the controls, he shifted the camera's point of view, zooming on the unexpected presence. Dorian moved frame by frame until he found what he needed. With a touch of the controls he brought a face into focus; Dorian smiled as he saw it.

During prep for the assignment Dorian dug through the studios incident reports involving Mr. Steel, and this particular face was among those reports. The shifters hand slide across the controls sending the footage to a random image as he turned to leave. As the director left the editing tent, the director entered the tent, scriptwriters in tow. The doppelganger nodded politely to the original as he passed.

Once out of the sight Dorian slipped into a more comfortable form. He made his way towards the crowd gathering around the area the trio of UN Security Personnel. Pushing through Dorian called out. “Trin.”
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Katherine listened quietly to the Gammas around her speak of the attack, and hint at potential leads. She felt Lorelei's voice finally start trailing around the edges of her conscious thoughts.

"Sing like you mean it, and you can ask them for help..."

Katherine nodded, to nobody in particular, "I understand." She reached into the beat up canvas messenger and withdrew a small vial of black ink. It seemed to shimmer various colors as the light struck it, first red, then green, next orange. The ink almost seemed to dance within the glass container. Katherine quickly piled up various meats, and desserts upon her plate before returning to her seat. She gingerly opened the vial, her voice began shaky at first, before eventually reaching a simple melody.

"All I want is a little music with some soul, not some boring shades of grey, now cast your shackles away. Sing like you mean it, sing like your feeling something...."

The little bottle of ink began to shudder as her voice caressed the bottle, a few simple burbles and the bottle toppled onto it's side. The ink began to pool upon the table, in much greater quantities then what the bottle should contain. The song continued as the ink went from a liquid to what almost could be a jelly, ballooning up before the colors began to separate. Katherine's song continued as she called forth her constructs from the prison inside her mind.

"Now throw your broken shackles away!"

With that final note, the ink began to take form and shape, splitting off into three separate blobs before gaining more definition. With that, the legion of inklings took shape. They were odd little creatures, strange little masks, with oddly long arms and legs, and too cute eyes that seemed to take in Katherine before looking about. The larger of the trio, with a wolf mask looked towards her before squawking a greeting.

"Greetings! Lady of Ink and Delicious Chocolate Snacks! How may we, the humble inklings assist you!" It's voice seemed to dwarf Katherine's singing, almost causing a reverb through the tent. Katherine pulled her duster around her, the gold stitching almost shining from within the shadows of her jacket.

"I need your help, I will offer you this plate of meat and sugar." The inklings looked towards the plate before the three put their masks together. A series of whispers and chattering bounced between the little creatures before the leader stuck it's head up.

"The offering, it is acceptable!" The trio crowed. Katherine bowed her head as they began to divvy up their loot. "What can we assist the Lady of Ink and Delicious Chocolate Snacks with?" The lead inkling chirped between bites. Katherine felt a smile creep across her lips as she watched the constructs refer to her by their first encounter when she formed them from her ability. She was idly doodling while eating the complementary studio chocolates. They didn't know much else, but chose to adopt the title as a form of religious relevance for her.

"There was an attack, people were hurt. I want you to search the area, for anyone who may have heard or recognized something that may have not been there, weapon casings, or if you feel any hints of power, I want to know." She asked, quietly and with her head still down. The lead inkling nodded, as it processed her request.

"We will begin our search Lady of Ink! Will you be summoning the Winged Lady of "Please shut them up" if we need to do battle with the foe?" Katherine shook her head, tapping the canvas bag.

"Lorelei is not needed, if you are in danger, please return to me and I'll call her forth." The Inklings, feeling full from their dinner of meat and desserts saluted Katherine, before quickly nabbing anything they could use to make new movie themed costumes from before scurrying off. As the others looked at Katherine in a mixture of confusion and shock, "they are often quieter then they appear." She bowed her head, returning to her hot cocoa.

Lorelei's voice seemed to go quiet for now, if the action had forced her to take an observing role, or she simply felt that Katherine had finally begun to take action quieted the lightning inside.
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Alex looked over to a man that appeared to be beckoning her call, literally! She looked at the man who was handsome for someone who wasn't sitting and their table. She checked her phone and noticed no call came through, yet. Despite this the man vanished into thin air, a sign of what's to come perhaps. Some dancing ink things appeared near Kat they were talking and eating food, it was surprising that ink could have life just going to show that all life is precious somehow.

Alex got up from the table, it looked like everyone was going their own way even the mean chick. She exited the tent and looked outside, it was still hot and still barren outside. Even the sun looked a little evil, regardless Alex made her trek out along with the inklings who probably zoomed off to the wastes itself. She noticed some eye-popping chick walk into the tent before with some guards, she decided it was worth checking out her ride, hopefully no one was there to stop her.

The bird was high-tech clean and slick, something that the UN definitely had the lady was probably Nabs. Alex didn't know too much about the famous peoples busting about because she was dumb. She put her hands on the helicopter hoping that no one saw or the pilot god knows where they were saw. It was cool, a small rush of adrenaline for doing something unwanted more so annoying. She saw a nervous looking set person, looks like they were running from something or were scared shitless. Alex began to creep towards a tent, the editting tent but by the time she got there no one was there...
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Everything was on schedule even the dumbass curious law dog who popped up when he wasn’t wanted and one of the goons thought they could violate a contract in front of Cypress by trying to kill the guy. Cypress didn’t do snuff; it carried too much weight so she made the moron’s footing too slick for footing.

Then as she started to snatch the law boy up and render his tattletale (Life monitor) harmless the Mindo brothers got angry with her and Acid tried to smoke her and the cop; he shouldn’t have tried that one.

Cypress was the best at what she did and what she did was mercwork and she’d taken more than a few Gamma gangers down for the right price so when Frank’s scalding mist sprayed it found no target but the far wall. Friction had the cop by the collar and was flinging him out into the street when Willy went hyper right into Ghoster before the intangible Mindo could go ghost.

They had picked the worst ground outside of an Ice rink to challenge the Mistress of friction, the bank was covered floor and walls in polished marble. The law boy hit the panic button on his tattletale sending a Gamma alert that would have the trinity Nabs on her and the morons in the bank probably as fast as they could fix and gate a wrecking crew in.

Discretion the better half Cypress ditched the gang to their fates and hit the lock down as she sped out the doors and hit the street.

Like a speed skater she headed up the main boulevard weaving in and out of the traffic as she went through her options.

Con: The street peaks had her and the Trinity Nabs were running her through the recognizer and would have her calibrated in under a minute.

Con: Once her profile was Tagged they would have their Tactical squints on her formulating a plan to hem her in and slow her down as they assembled the appropriate assets to take her out; 3 minutes tops.

It was a rotten window but it was all she had so she moved to the Pro section of her tactics.

Pro: She wasn’t an easy target and as adaptable to the shitshow as there was.

Then she spotted it, a Law Bike and by it’s looks one of the older models which might meant she could pull the radio and disable the killswitch and increase her escape speed so she could try something really insane; good thing she’d been practicing holding her breath.
She skidded to a stop right beside the bike and dumped the Law boy off while she jerked the radio out in less than 3 seconds.

She was off and headed to Trinity Ramp and airport the bike performing as that Gadgeteer a WW never thought it would. It’s traction was perfect, it wasn’t affect by air drag as it moved at angles and vectors that were impossible even for those new spinners bikes.

Her memory was perfect as her internal map drew her path which was purposely erratic so the squints couldn’t glom in on her real plan and if her luck held would think she was just trying to hit the dry lake bed and fly across it in a futile escape.

The Sundeck

All Call!, All Call!

Squawked the radio’s of all law enforcement notifying them that unless they were presently engaged in “Life or Death” to stand by for orders from the higher ups.

Wendy perked up hearing the All Call knowing it meant Gamma level trouble so she tapped her wrist activating her Holo assistant and asked it to Ident the Call

Four Gama caught in Robbery at the Trinity Federal 1 presently eluding police and Gamma apprehension teams on GM Zephyr r90 municipal present speed 375 mph location Storm drain 72 west. Ident is Callsign Friction Alpha level Ability Friction and Vector control augment positive Probability present Odds of Capture 87% and steady

Wendy looked at her wrist thinking her assistant was faulting because the top speed of a r90 was only 125 till she added the floating zero resistance bearings optimized and the bike’s drag coefficient most likely zero as well. Normally that would mean the machine could only do 375 / 435 mph in a straight line till you added tires that don’t slip and velocity vectoring control.

”She must have an eidetic memory” she said out loud then sighed looking at Kat

”Looks like this day is filled with excitement...maybe we should head to the Pulse tonight to keep the ball rolling?” she said to the puppeteer

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Yea yea yea, the alarm went off for some hot shot. Some nobody who was about to get smacked around by the big nabs in blue, not that Alex really cared she was still milling about the tents. Looking for nobody in particular, well more so looking for that weirdo that was making baby-making eyes at her earlier. Her phone still silent, only briefly before the Gamma alert went over her TXT as well. Annoying, what also put Alex off was the fact her super-suit in it's sexy eufiber glory was at home. She didn't think she would need it for this job anyway, just healing people and acting the part and looking professional - kinda.

Hands dug in her pants with no real important things left to do she started to return to the FOOD tent. Possibly to grab more food, in the back of her mind she was hoping the really famous lady would take her along to ride shotgun on this arrest. Entering the tent Alex walked with a bit of grace, trying to act like maybe she was someone important from the sound check crew or something. However, she gave that up shortly now that she returned to her seat - her food mysteriously still gone from when she ate it previously.

Kinda hanging around she saw that Wendy and Kat (the droplet queen), milling around briefly she goes to say something but then stops but then decides against it. "Hey I saw on the news that there is a villain heading our way, guess we should help out? Maybe get paid?" She said rubbing her index and thumb together to show off that invis-scratch. She stops though before smirking, her stance more so cocky than naive this time around. Perhaps she was trying to judge the crowd on going over the baddies.
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Where the Hell are we?

A tiny, isolated town nestled high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Chuyllullo is afflicted with many preventable health and hygiene problems and it is due to its extreme Isolation only connected by a rope bridge to the rest of civilization. It has become one of the many projects concerning the Starchild Foundation but due to its limited personnel resources needs the help of outsiders so Infinity Limited has been contracted to do the job of building a proper metal bridge rated at 15 tons.

There will be delivered by Starchild three container homes by Helicopter as will be the building material.

The Helicopters had flown them from Cusco Peru high into the Andes to the town of Chuyllullo a place so remote they had no electric power before the advent of solar cells that were placed on the mountain tops two years ago by a small group sent by Starchild. But still they were Isolated.

The odd group that made up Infinity Ltd. was deposited near the location chosen by Starchild as the best spot to build their housing which was made of steel containers that had already been provided with all utilities and only needed placing and the interiors setup as living spaces.

The people of the town now surrounded the building site of the group playing flutes, drums, and guitars their voices raised in happy song. Among them was the Mayor of the town and the school children whose letters had begged for a bridge.

Wendy as the rep of Infinity went to the Mayor and children and accepted their accolades and speeches giving one of her own in Spanish which brought cheers and and music from the people.

Then she walked over to her people with a blushing smile saying ”Well they think we’re the Heroes of their dreams so i hope we can live up to it...Oh and there is a feast over there waiting for us to attend so we might need to sleep in one of the habitats because I can’t see us getting all three ready.
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