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Rome, the Republic


Hannibal, freshly defeated as Zama, remains fresh in the mind of many back in the Eternal City. Pushed nearly to the brink of defeat, the Republic not only remained as one, but were unified and victorious. The provincia of Sicilia, Sardinia, Corsica, Hispania Ulteria and Hispania Citerior have all been added to the protections and services of the Republic. Her navies rule the sea and her legions are battle hardened. The future of the Republic is limited only by the ambitions of her Great Families and the keen blessings of the Gods.

Rome, the Republic is a faction and nation based roleplay where players take on great, albeit fictional families that seek to expand power into Rome. Whether Rome remains a Republic or not is determined by the actions of the players. Power can be established by hoarding wealth, earning the loyalty of Legions, gaining popularity with the masses and consolidating legislative power within the Senate.

The game begins in 197 B.C., approximately four years after the official defeat of Hannibal of Carthage and the consolidation of former Carthaginian territories into the Republic--specifically the Mediterranean islands of Corscia, Sardinia as well as the coastal territories of Hispania Ulteria and Hispania Citerior.

Each player controls a Faction, which could also be considered a family, though certain characters will not be directly related through blood. The base personality is considered a Character and every Faction begins with 3 randomly generated Characters. During each turn, which represents approximately six month, each player takes a turn assigning a single action for their character.

Additionally, every other turn, their Character will age. Over the age of 50, there is a 10% chance of death every turn. Characters will each have a Popularity rating which determines how popular they are with the Masses, a Wealth rating, indicating how much money they have to spend, an Influence rating if they are in the Senate, as well as can develop traits based on actions taken. There is a Corruption level as well, known only to that player unless revealed through Prosecutions or Events.

Example Character
Mettius Avidius Novellius [44] (Senator) [?]
- Location: Roma.
- Popularity: 5
- Wealth: 14 [+2/Turn]
- Influence: 13
- Trait: Gambler (10% chance every turn of losing 3 Wealth).

Actions: Every Character can take one Action per turn.
- TRAVEL: Can move from one adjacent Province to another. Seas can create adjacency.

- HIRE: Can Hire a Retinue.

* Tax Collector: Place in a Provincia that you own and will collect taxes for you every 4th turn. Costs 1 Wealth per Turn.
* Bodyguard: -2 Die Roll Modifier on Assassination attempts. Costs 3 Wealth per Turn.
* Informant: May reveal one Hidden action that occurred in the Provincia he's located in. Costs 1 Wealth per Turn.
* Assassin: One time hire. Select Provincia and a Target. Assassin will wait 2 Turns and attempt a strike then. Cost is 1-5 Wealth with a 1d10. Success on 8+
* Pleasure Girls: Attracts the more deviant and less scrupled to your gravity. +1 Influence per Turn. Costs 2 Wealth per Turn.

- PAY: Can pay any amount to another character. If not in the same Provincia. Must pay an extra 2 Wealth for it to be transferred per Provincia it must travel. This can also be used on NPC Nations.

- MARRY: May select one of your Female Characters (unless she has the Matriarch Trait) and Marry her off to another Character. The Male character immediately gains +1 Popularity and +1 Influence.

- CONCEIVE: Action can only be taken by a Married Female character. Will seek to create a child. 1d6 Roll. Success on 2+. For every 1 Child activated, +1 is required for the 1d6 roll.

- GOVERN: Must be Governor and present in the Provincia. Roll 1d6 and add that number to the Defense, Income or Stability of the Provincia. Will also Receive Income from Taxation and decrease Stability by 2.

- MARSHAL: Must be present with Attached Legions. Roll 1d6 and add that number to the Loyalty, Strength or Fortitude of the desired Legion.

- CALL BILL: Player chooses a Bill to Vote on for the Next Turn. All Players vote.
- Character's Influence determines Number of Votes.
- If Character is not present, they may not vote.

- Population: 65
- Armies: None
- Defenses: 35
- Stability: 76
- Income per Turn: $360
- Costs per Turn: $86

- Population: 13
- Armies: 6 Heavy Infantry, 11 Light Infantry, 5 Equites
- Defenses: 16
- Stability: 91
- Income per Turn: $99
- Costs per Turn: $21

- Population: 9
- Armies: 3 Light Infantry, 1 Equites
- Defenses: 6
- Stability: 51
- Income per Turn: $46
- Costs per Turn: $19

- Population: 23
- Armies: 10 Heavy Infantry, 22 Light Infantry, 12 Equites
- Defenses: 4
- Stability: 33
- Income per Turn: $109
- Costs per Turn: $19


Hey all. Here's my Rome game. If you're interested, just say so.
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I likes me the sound of this idea. Count me in.
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I'll throw my hat in.
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Ave true to caeser
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I'm in.
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Sounds good. Colour me intrigued
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