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As a reminder, please do not post your Character Sheets here. They belong on the wiki as articles, but don't post them there either until your sheet has been explicitly and officially approved.

We will largely not be using this character section so as to avoid clutter; however, you are permitted to have a post here with a compilation of links to the various wiki articles for your creations in this RP.
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Asceal Wiki Articles:
The Goddess - (divinus-iii.fandom.com/wiki/Asceal)
Her Sphere - (divinus-iii.fandom.com/wiki/The_Lustr…)

Posts Asceal Appears In:

1. Asceal enters this universe. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4836440)

2. Asceal meets Aelius, Phystene, and Kalmar. She and Aelius discuss their desire to offer the lost souls of the universe some measure of what the Architect has given them. Phystene offers her support, Kalmar is confused. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4838618)

3. Asceal and Aelius devise a plan to offer the lost souls warmth and comfort by bathing Galbar in eternal light. Together they construct the Heliopolis and the first Celestial Furnace. This done, they illuminate half of Galbar. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4839348)

4. Having departed Heliopolis Asceal and Aelius arrive at her empty sphere. Aelius takes a nap and Asceal creates a world of crystal which will magnify the effect of the second Celestial Furnace and illuminate far more than just the other half of Galbar. Before she finishes the Furnace Aelius awakes and warns her Melantha is attacking Heliopolis. They speed off to prevent the destruction of the first Furnace and repulse Melantha. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4840066)

5. Asceal and Aelius confront Melantha and try to persuade her to leave. When this fails they resort to threats which provoke Melantha into attacking. Her attack causes superficial damage to Helopolis and she flees before there can be any retaliation. Asceal sets off for her own sphere fearing it will be Melantha's next target. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4842038)

6. Asceal returns to her sphere and finds it intact. She completes her Celestial furnace and activates it, but notices it has been sabotaged at the last moment. Before Asceal can fix the Furnace it explodes, destroying her sphere and injuring the Goddess. As she floats amidst the wreckage of her home Asceal despairs before noticing a nearby soul that was disoriented by the explosion. Asceal sees the souls destination, realizes Katharsos is burning the lost souls, and saves it from its fate. She makes a body for the soul and names it Liana. Together they set off for Heliopolis. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4842141)

7. Asceal and Liana arrive at Heliopolis. Aelius, who has witnessed the destruction of Asceal's sphere, is shocked to see her alive and well. The two share a moment as Asceal comes to terms with what has happened to her. Afterwards she tells Aelius of Katharsos massacre of the lost souls. Asceal then pledges to do all she can for both the souls that survive the slaughter and those that rise from the ashes of their predecessors. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4847684)

8. Azura arrives and Heliopolis and is greeted by Aelius and Asceal. From them she learns of what Katharsos has done and the three agree to share information regarding the state of Galbar. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4849834)

9. Asceal and Liana return the wreckage of the Goddess's sphere. Asceal rebuilds the Lustrous Garden as Liana looks on in awe. As a gesture of friendship Asceal fills the reforged Garden with shimmering vines which she gives Liana dominion over. The two finish the sphere together. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4850871)

10. The effects of Asceal remaking her sphere play out on Galbar. The Goddess struggles with feelings of guilt and responsibility for both the destruction of her Sphere and Katharsos massacre. Frustrated with herself and her self-pity she creates a gateway and flies to Galbar. Once there she decides to create a land that will both hide her gateway and function as a sanctuary for the souls she swore to aid. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4851355)

11. Asceal senses the presence of another god on her island and investigates. She meets Xiaoli and is disturbed by her behavior. Worrying Shengshi, who Xiaoli fetches, is abusing his subordinate Asceal questions the pair on how they came to her island. Xiaoli's answers and Shengshi's affable manner assuage the Goddess's concerns and she accepts the river gods offer to stay for tea. They share a friendly conversation and Shengshi introduces Asceal to food. After eating a number of fruits Asceal decides she likes Mangos most of all. The Goddess invites Xiaoli and Shengshi to the Lustrous Garden and leaves to finish her work on the island. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4857060)

12. Asceal asks for Phystene's aid in populating the island. Phystene arrives shortly thereafter and recounts her harrowing experience at the hands of Orvus. Asceal is shocked and offers Phystene any support she might need. Afterwards Asceal conveys to Phystene her desire to create a land where no creature need fear the dark; Phystene interprets this as a request to make every plant and animal on the island bioluminescent. Asceal creates a number of hotsprings at Phystenes request and the nature Goddess goes on to craft an glowing ecosystem that relies on both the sun and the springs for energy. The two admire their work as the night falls on Galabr. - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4858337)

13. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4865313)

14. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4865417)

15. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4866337)

16. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4866433)

17. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4867311)

18. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4869490)

19. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4875877)

20. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4880143)

21. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4881401)

22. WIP - (roleplayerguild.com/posts/4882999)
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  • Melantha, the Dark Flower, Goddess of Darkness
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Cyclone's To-Do List of Wiki Articles:

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