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@Eviledd1984 All good! Welcome aboard!
@Ozzy Cross Nice! I checked it out and all looks good! Now to answer your questions:

1) The actual distance has never been canonised beyond "a while", even on horseback, as in characters will often arrive at Lorenstad "at last" after leaving Struq, so to speak. It's thus up to interpretation!

2) Horseback, birdback, bearback - fantasy mounts beyond the most mythic like dragons, unicorns, hippogryphs, etc. are all game.

3) Sure, Pig Mayor is at the tavern rn, but he could toss a look out the ole window and catch Thad coming over the horizon.
@Ozzy Cross Yo, Ozzy! Big mistake by me! I read your intro post and realised I mighta been too hasty when reading your CS. I assumed Thaddeus was a privateer staying over in Lorenstad, but when I read your post, I realised he was meant to be a privateer with his own ship in Lorenstad. Lorenstad is, however, a landlocked town with no coast. Thaddeus would thus have to make landfall in Struq, the only canon port city, or just canonise another port. Lorenstad, however, is too far from the sea
Mayor Haxe

With a wave of goodbye and a well-wish of "Have a nice morning and thank you for your ever-stellar work," the mayor turned away from the moth-girl and addressed the Sangakuan. "Well, shall the three of us--" He then noticed that the other human had left them. "My, where did Ms. von Eisenberg go?"

The cacophony from a taverny building a stonetoss away drew his beady eyes and widened them greatly with even greater surprise. "Oh, Makers - what has Ms. Firetail found this time?" He dropped down onto all four cloves, turned briefly to nod for Yoshina to follow. "Oh, do forgive me. We are going this way!" The little pigman then assumed an elegant gait, though his steps carried a slight hint of urgency. He oinked pensively to himself and occasionally lifted a front foot to pat his wig into place.

The little street was virtually the only street in the town with paves, and it essentially led in two directions: east and west. It wasn't easy to get lost here, but the mayor couldn't very well leave visitors to figure out where everything was on their own.

His porcine stomach growled. The scent of rolls was thick on the air.

@PapaOso@Ozzy Cross Y'all in, fams! Ozzy, feel free to hop into the discord if you'd like. :D

@Eviledd1984@PapaOso Plenty of room, folks! Welcome, welcome! Just write a small sheet and you're already 99% of the way in.

The porky mayor blinked at yet another arrival and, still holding his cloven front foot out to the human lady to shake, he turned smilingly from Lea to offer the foreign-looking newcomer a smile and a curtious nod. "A greeting to you, too, friend! I assure you - you aren't interrupting anything. I am afraid that my name is not quite 'Ohnayguysheemahzoo', though." He corrected the kerchief about his throat with his free hand and adjusted his small, round hat. "I am Sweinfred Haxe, the mayor of this town, and you are in luck! We are in fact on our way to fetch a morning meal, but since we are so many, I do not see why we don't just go to the most obvious spot: the pride of our humble little piece of Heaven, Tom!"

As though summoned through magic, the faint, yet gracefully present scent of baking buns and sizzling grease came oozing out of an alley between two small shops. The mayor pointed his free foot in the direction of the smell and oinked gleefully. "Oh, right on time. That must mean Minnow is up, bless her soul. Well, if you three are as hungry as I am, why not tag along for a hot serving of croogal eggs with zaft soup and freshly baked rolls? Oh, my mouth waters at the mere mention."

"Oh! Forgive me, friend - I was in my own world somewhat. Lovely day out today, is it not?" The appetising side of bacon came over on all fours, then stood up, tucked at his vest and reached out a front foot, then retracted it and wiped it clean with a handkerchief before reaching it out again. "Pleasure to meet you, newcomer. My name is Sweinfred Haxe. I'm the mayor of this town. If you are looking for a morning meal, I was just heading over to Mr. Kadoka's for some venison and then to Mr. Admoss' for some horseradish. If we're lucky, Minnow might have some leftover rolls from last night's dinner rush - well, if she hasn't gone to sleep already."

The mayor flashed a porcine grin before his small eyes turned to the neighbouring voice and nodded to Lea'Nariya. "Good morning, Ms. en Barcinna! All was well last night, I hope?"
It was a lovely morning in the middle of Summa and Mayor Haxe had stepped out of his mansion with a cupful of schlotschic, that most mysterious brew mixed from the pulverised beans of the schlotch tree and the juice of the hyic fruit. Together, they packed a sweet and sour punch that could wake up anyone from even the groggiest of morning moods. Some of it stuck to his snout and a rough tongue extended with a polite grunt and licked the spot clear before it could make his overdue shave all sticky. A cloven "hand" scratched at his chin and retrieved a napkin from his breast pocket to wipe away that which the tongue could not reach.

Ah, there was something special about today. Something was telling the mayor that the town was about to become just a little more lively than usual. He could feel it. It brought a porcine smile to his lips and he downed the rest of his cup. He set it on its little tea plate, retrieved his little hat, tucked his vest into a more professional shape and strolled off into town for his morning walk.

"Ah," he sighed with glee. "What a wonderful morning."

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