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@Lunamaria Hawke NGL, I'd be hella stoked to see this concept explored. Go ahead and make a sheet and we'll write some stories!

@Letter Bee So that's antagonist numero uno. Bread is also making Alberta, Canada, into Gastown and basically tripling down on North American car centric ultracapitalism with suburbs measures in square lightyears. Pretty antagonistic if you ask me. Sigma's GRI are also antagonistic towards people, maybe, but definitely hellbent on restoring planet Earth, so only villains if your species name starts with Homo. Lotta choices!

@Letter Bee I think that sounds dope as hell. Hope to see you exploring those ideas IRP! Just a heads up that much of the US and Canada has already been taken, but SEA and I think all of Africa are still player-free. Of course - feel free to negotiate with the people in the taken areas about possible shared spaces. That's also grounds for great stories.
@Letter Bee Sure thing. Feel free to pop down your ideas in elaboration, by the way. The 'cord is also open for chats, concepts and shitposting.
@Lunamaria Hawke Hell yeah, it's okay! This is solarpunk, baby. Where could you see it situated?
Would it be taboo, OOC as well as IC, to discuss Nuclear Power and its use in the game?

Edit: Ah; from the looks of things on the server, it might be, so I'll just look for something else.

Heyo and thanks for the interest! I can safely say that we are not nuclear unfriendly, but as with any mode of energy production, it has its costs and benefits. We would love to see those explored in the RP. As for the community, we are happy to discuss anything, really. I am sorry if we gave the impression of otherwise.

If you remain interested in the topic, you are still very much welcome to join! Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Repairing the World - A Solarpunk Nation RP

”... -n… -ome… in… -one… out there? -nyone out there? If… out there… -ease reply, -er. C-...-lling -nybody to… -ait… Allah b-... -raised! Ijah! We… signal! Hello?!crackle Hello! Come -n! This… Ashoka Bodh…padyai. Ugh-! Stu-... -d sig-...-al is so… There! Hello?! This is Ashoka Bodhisattvachatopadyai, calling from Basecamp Nusantara in what was once Indonesia. We have done out best to rebuild here after the… Well, I am sure I don't need to tell you anything. I am sure we both agree that, no matter what happened, Allah willing, we can only move up from here. We have a long road ahead, but hopefully we can rebuild a better world than what we inherited. Tell me: Where are you calling from and how many are with you?”

Art by Jimmy P. Duda, artstation.com/jimmy_duda.

The year is 2100. The wounds suffered upon the Planet Earth and its billions of inhabitants by the heritage of the Industrial Revolution has left the world in an unrecognisable state. The scale of destruction wrought during the past century and a half is beyond any method of measurement, and humanity and non-humanity have both paid dearly for the dreams of the few. Great sorrows have swept across every continent: war, famine, thirst, disease, infertility. Trauma lives in every heart.

Yet while time neither an arrow nor a circle but something in between, it is nonetheless impossible to rewind. Global communications are slowly coming back online, and while there are disagreements and bitter hatred over many things, all that remains of humanity agree on one thing: The mistakes of the past exist alongside us as very contemporary entities, and while they may never be undone, we can do our best to correct them.

In that sense, there is hope that the future may yet again improve.

In this roleplay, you take on the role of a nation, a community or even an individual and explore their existence in a world very similar and yet profoundly different from our own. Most global institutions, if not all, have collapsed completely, and many countries have become unrecognisable from their contemporary form. Remnants of the Space Wars, the fourth frontline in the great wars of the 21st Century, has rendered most satellites completely worthless -- access to the remaining ones is tightly guarded. Parts of the world have been scarred by nuclear weaponry and unchecked pollution. Plastics and various heavy metals have been completely integrated into the food chain on all levels, with rumours floating around research communities that some low-trophic creatures are beginning to evolve to digest plastics as though it was common detritus. Freshwater is more precious than gold, followed closely by books and datapads that contain precious knowledge about the science of the world of our close Ancestors. The elderly are both hated and revered, forced to live with the dual burden of guilt for not doing more in their youth to stop the killing of the planet, and remaining among the few remaining sources of stories and knowledge in the world. The young grow up in a world which may be large or small, but enjoys few of the luxuries the Ancestors afforded themselves at the millennium turn.

The planet is not completely spent, however; pockets of life exist all over, scarred and bruised but recovering slowly. Some of the non-Homo Sapiens creatures of Planet Earth, anthropocentrically named "non-humans", are today even doing better than they have in well over a century. Top soil may begin to recover in places where it was not all spent. With the disappearance of industrial fishing, the oceans can begin to recover, though the overheated seas will no longer welcome many species back to its fold. Massively expanded, the seas have also taken back much of the land that rose after the last Ice Age. Coastal metropolises are reclaimed by the sea, like cliffs on the shores in old postcard photos. The recent decades have seen a disappearance of large swathes of people, and inland cities become grasslands, grasslands become forests and forests may burn to give way to new life.

Perhaps your community will try to amend the consequences of climate change by returning a much less affluent, but stable way of life for its people? Or maybe you want to explore lives of descendants of the global elite who have isolated themselves in impenetrable bunkers on distant islands, continuing their lives much like before? Maybe your community believes climate change was a hoax and that the world ended because it was God's will? Or maybe you want to explore the life of a lone vagrant, travelling the vastness of the world and witnessing the undergrowth reclaiming the soil that concrete stole from it all those years ago? The world is your oyster (provided it hasn't gone extinct).

The aesthetic of the RP is inspired by solarpunk, but you may dress your community in any way you want, from sci-fi technology to palaeolithic. However, I would encourage everyone to explore the holistic consequences of their community's way of life: How would a coal-powered city be viewed by their neighbours in the wake of climate change? Where would the resources enabling your people's affluence come from? Can radical changes in ways of life take place if the community elders grew up in vast luxury? Lots of ways to conceptualise the future - let's play with them!

DISCLAIMER: As you may already have picked up, this RP will necessarily touch on a lot of political, philosophical and religious topics. All are welcome to join and explore these topics, and are encouraged to work with different angles, but I sincerely hope that we can remain respectful of each other regardless of our views.

Discord link: Click here!

Just a heads up that the OOC is on the way! I've just been a bit busy, but it should be out by Friday!
I'll erect some sort of OOC and maybe expand a bit on the world if you'd like, @Andreyich. It's pretty much the worst climate scenarios + a bunch of wars at irregular intervals in various places around the world all the way up to the 22nd century. Some are still ongoing, probs. I don't wanna write too much in stone as I want the players to help imagine what the world will be like, but I will put up the map of the world in 2100 with respect to sea levels as imagined if business-as-usual emissions continue. I'll slap it into the OOC when I make it.
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