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Subject PBV-2424, 'Project Proteus', Buford Thomas, as played by TheGrundlesnart

Subject TR-781, 'Project Ichor', Olivia Hare, as played by Naive1

Subject EP1138 v3, 'Project Iris,' Elaine Paige, as played by Serendipity

Subject 481-RONIN, 'Project Ajax,' Jason Ryker, as played by GingerBoi123

Subject 8712, 'Project Elephant,' Kieran Smith, as played by NorthernKraken

Subject 521-OB, 'Project Papyrus,' Sam Hell, as played by Hellion

Subject 631-D, Project 'Scylla,' Emmeline Angle, as played by... me!
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Project File: Subject 631-D, Project 'Scylla'

Emmeline Angle



Date of Birth
April 23rd, 1991


Subject Height: 5'2" - 6'5", variably (seems to prefer 5'10")
Subject Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

Subject was born in a low-income household in the town of [CLASSIFIED], Minnesota, the older of two girls by ten years. Her mother was institutionalized not long after the birth of the second child - a review of her medical records suggest an extreme case of post-partum depression combined with pre-existing mental conditions. Her father's factory job kept him busy for most of the day, resulting in subject becoming primary caretaker of younger sibling. Upon occurrence of incident 3761-B, subject and her sibling (henceforth referred to as Subject 749-A) were among the children of [CLASSIFIED] exposed to Daedalus brand 'Tantalus' mutagen leaked into the water supply by Daedalus shell company [CLASSIFIED]. In accordance with policy, exposed children were tested for side effects - those displaying a resistance to its effects were pronounced dead and taken into Daedalus custody, among them the subject and 749-A; subject was seventeen years old at the time. Subject was kept in a medically induced coma for a period of five years following her arrival at the facility, during which her procedures took place interspersed with further immersion in Tantalus-class mutagen vats; interviews with the subject suggests she is unaware of how much time has passed since she was taken, though she claims to have been cognizant of her procedures in a sub-conscious 'dreaming' state. She has been confined as per procedure and kept in testing with other subjects since her awakening. For further information, see Subject File 749-A, Project 'Charybdiss'.

Subject displays strong empathetic and moral tendencies - other test subjects allowed in proximity have described her as 'motherly' and generally good-humored. Shows an abiding willfulness and frequently refuses to cooperate with even the simplest of Corporation instructions until force is applied. As of time of writing, has attempted to escape her containment cell [7] times, in spite of punishments for failed attempts. Note to personnel in charge of her handling - consider the threatening of other subjects as a means of discouraging rowdy behavior.

After initial exposure to Tantalus-class mutagen, subject was operated on intermittently, with exposure to mutagenic agent interspersed to aid in body's acceptance of foreign muscle matter. Much of the muscle in the subject's arms, legs, and torso has been replaced with vat-grown 'spring' tissue, bands of coiled muscle resembling chains that reach up to ten feet at full length. Subject's nervous system also rewired by mutagenic agent to allow for control of replaced musclemass.

In addition to the enhanced speed and strength granted by hyper-dense muscle-mass, subject is also capable of extending the 'springs' out through holes in her wrists and shins, as well as through her mouth, giving the appearance of long, fleshy chains fired out of her body. Her control of the chains falls short of prehensile - she is able to grab onto things and grip them with a great deal of strength, though complex manipulation with the chains seems unfortunately out of her reach. The chains have an incredible tensile strength - in testing, subject proved able to hold onto two trucks as they attempted to drive in different directions from her, eventually (with some apparent effort) ripping the doors off of them. In addition, she is able to manipulate her musclemass from within her body, allowing her to change her apparent height and weight, though only within parameters.

Subject self-identifies as an excellent chef - consider offering access to a stove in exchange for good behavior. Her Cello-playing privileges have been permanently revoked after the incidents of [CLASSIFIED].

Looking Deeper

What do you value most? What (or who) are you most afraid to lose?
I lost my sister, my family, my home... you took everything away from me, and you ask me what I'm afraid to lose? ... I'm afraid to lose me, I guess.

What was your favorite thing to do, before you were taken?
We would go sledding, Cassie and I. She loved to go sledding.

What do you want?
Where. Is. My. Sister.

Faceclaim: Sophie Lowe
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