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1.) No back-to-back posting.


3.) Make sense. If we can't make heads or tails of your posts they're likely to get skipped over.

4.) Get permission before using another player's character in your posts if it involves changing the scene or making actions. Everybody will take beatings in this game in battle however, so don't get pissed if you get punched or blasted into a wall by the bad guys! Namely me or the Co-GMs controlling the badguys...

5.) Problems with the game or players should be sent directly to me or the Co-GM through PM's. I don't want a bunch of bickering in the OOC. And I don't particularly like it when some random argument costs the game players and story potential. So don't be dicks to each other, just send your concerns to us.

6.) Abandoned characters will be used as NPC's or killed off within the context of the story.

7.) “I was waiting for [insert player/character] to make a move” is not how this game is played.

8.) There is no rule #8.

9.) My word is law.

10.) Obey the law.

11.) In the event that I'm offline for any period of time, the Co-GM [need a new one already!] will take control and HIS/HER word will then be law.

Aquaman had gathered his team together in an undersea cave beneath an old Atlantian Colosseum outside of Poseidonis that was anything but natural. It looked like an extension of the Justice League HQ in Washington DC on the surface world. Complete with computer systems, monitors, living quarters, a training room, etc. the headquarters was something Aquaman had hoped to make a reality much sooner in his career. He was glad to see it nonetheless. For years Batman had his cave and various partners and sidekicks. Not all of the HQ was under water; some areas remained sealed off and dry for one reason or another.

“I’ve gathered you all here today to help me defend the Seven Kingdoms as well as Queen Mera. I’m sure you’ve all heard about her tour across the oceans to visit the kingdoms?” Aquaman asked in the submerged meeting room, blonde hair flowing in the depths.

“Basically like presidents do top-side, kissing babies and looking good for the press?” Leviathan asked.

“You’ve got the right idea. The League’s insider mentioned something about a possible attack on Atlantis, and attracting a few mercenaries. Anybody with the resources. I need everyone to stay alert in their kingdoms, while I roam the seas with Ariana and Orgaan looking for anything out of the ordinary.” Aquaman explained to the group.

“I’ve been living in the ocean now for three years, dude. Everything is out of the ordinary…” Leviathan mentioned.

Levi was admittedly an Aquaman fanboy. The hero has been active for over a decade, and was one of the reasons BA enjoyed swimming so much as a child in the rivers and lakes in Virginia. Kids pretending to be Superman couldn’t fly, but anybody could jump and splash around in the water and pretend to be Aquaman. It is what influenced the would-be sidekick to want to join the Coast Guard years earlier, despite not doing so. Now after two years of patrolling Sub Diego putting on his best Batman dark hero approach, Arthur helped the hero up his game with some decent duds. BA kept his mask though…

“The Queen’s first stop in her tour of Atlantis will be Tritonis. Mirage, I need you to keep your eyes open for anything coming in and out of there the next couple of days. The Justice League let me borrow these ear pieces to link us to one another. You just say the name of the teammate you want to contact and it links us. Or you can say ‘everyone’ to broadcast to everyone.” Aquaman said as he handed out the devices. “I can swim faster than anything in the water and I’ll likely be first to respond in any event.”

Somewhere in the depths of the ocean Black Manta waited. With several armed sea combat ready mercs at his side in his Manta Ship, he grew impatient with Deadshot. And word in the supervillain circles spread Captain Cold was trying to get in on this despite nothing really being offered as payment aside from a giant bag of odd golden Atlantian coins from the 1600’s delivered to the Secret Society. The top tier super criminals formed an alliance, and since Cold was over the most of the Rogues of the Twin Cities [Keystone and Central City] and wrote the book on organized crime in the age of the metahuman… he made the cut along with the likes of Black Mask, Deathstroke, Doctor Psycho, the Calculator, etc.

It didn’t matter, as it was another pro to help in Manta’s revenge against Aquaman. Deadshot and/or Cold was a win/win. Just as Manta began to get impatient a giant sea creature resembling an armored octopus grasped the ship in its larger than live arms.

“Manta what the hell is THAT?!?” one of the other deep sea ready mercs yelled as the men geared up for what may have been in store for them.

“THAT… would be the woman who wants the crown. She shattered the trident of Atlantis. And that severed Aquaman’s ability to control sea creatures. He’s more vulnerable now than ever... It's about to get Game of Thrones down here.” Manta exclaimed getting the port ready to visit with the Creature Queen outside commanding the giant octopus. His giant eyes glowed red hot with energy. “Lawton should have been here for this…” he thought upon his entering the depths in his suit with a few of his men.

- Ω
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Arianna aka The Drifter

The silvery seal scoffed at Leviathan's comment. "Things are only out of the ordinary when they're not where they belong, human."She mind-whispered to him. Then she swam over next to Aquaman and did her best to copy the Atlantean soldier salute with fins. "Ready for duty, sir" Even if that duty was going to involve serving with a raider. Her skin crawled, thinking of the aftermath of Exsules raids she'd witnessed.

Such were the prices though for managing to join Aquaman's Justice League. She wasn't going to screw this up for the rest of Selkie kind. She'd definitely have her jabs at the surface men that managed to invade the team, but nothing that would truly harm her place. Meanwhile, she would do her duty and prove her worth and that of her race. While also having to respectfully disagree with king-consort Aquaman on a few details of how things were going to work. "Sir, I don't think this earpiece will work for my seal form." She stated while precariously balancing the thing on her fin. At the very least, she could quickly shove it under her skin for her surface form to be able to grab a hold of when it came out.
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Kassandra, AKA Mirage

Kassandra looked at the tiny device in her hand as if it were made of precious gold. To her mind, it might as well have been. And to be given a direct order from the King himself? She was going to faint...

Of sheer terror, that was.

Why did she think she was up to this? Aquaman should have left her in the little backwater Tritonis town he found her in. There she'd probably be safe. Unappreciated, unloved, unworthy, but safe. Here - anything was happening. She gave a shy side glance to her other teammates and clipped on the device to her ear. Best to try it out now.

"Um... everyone..." She heard a tiny, distinct trill in her ear and completely forgotthe rest of what she was going to say. "Um... hello? It's me, Mirage. Just testing the equipment. Um... have a nice day."

Oh dear, she was so out of her depth. If only the Queen had decided to start anywhere but Tritonis. But no - it was her turn to do something actually noteworthy, and she would make sure Queen Mera was safe and sound. Somehow.
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Leonard Winfield

Staring at the little aparatus that Aquaman had handed him, Leonard mulled over its usefulness. He supposed it would be a useful backup if nothing else, but his natural telepathy would be far more intuitive and easier for him to use. In any case this seemed like a very strange assignment, at least to his human sensibilities. Or rather, surface-dweller sensibilities. He frankly wasn't sure if he could be considered human anymore. In any case, it still stung him to realize how little he understood about Atlantean culture despite spending his entire academic life studying it.

++Correct me if I'm wrong,++ Leonard said via telepathic broadcast; his vocal chords weren't adapted to underwater communication. ++But the 'regular' Justice League doesn't undertake missions that are this political normally, right? Superman doesn't delegate the entire League as a motorcade for the President of the United States. I understand the Queen is your wife, Arthur, but is the Atlantean League her direct political affiliate? Are there not communities down here that we would be alienating by devoting this level of protection to her?++ He made an ambivalent gesture, trying to demonstrate that he was only trying to understand the situation. ++I only have my experience on the surface to go off of, but if the Justice League acted as a protection detail to the leader of a single sovereign nation, it would be politically inflammatory. And we're dealing with three times as much territory. Are we outright endorsing one of the Seven Kingdoms over the six others?++
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Halle Embragold AKA Serena

Halle looked at the tiny device handed to her by Aquaman with a raised brow. "A bit tacky for my taste but as long as it can help save lives, it would suffice", she said with an accent that sounds similar to Irish. She waved her bright pink hair away and put the device on her ear. As soon as she did, she heard the quiet and shy voice of Mirage. "Oooooh, I get it now. This is like one of those earpieces I used during my concerts. Silly me for not realizing sooner." She looked at everyone with a bright smile on her face. "Everyone. Testing, testing. Oh, this is simply wonderful! I feel like I'm a real superhero", she said as she twirled about in the waters in happiness.

"You know, in Thierna Na Oge, we don't have these kinds of advancements in technologies. I mean we do have vehicles but they're manually powered by our magic, unlike here in Atlantis where everything is automatic", she said to no one in particular. She cupped her face and giggled in excitement. Then she wondered where the voice in her head was coming from and realized it was telepathy with the blond human wearing an eyepatch named Leonard.

"Leonard is right, my lord. I admit my king was hesitant at first to let me join this squad of yours. She said it will make me look like a lackey of Atlantis, but I joined this group as a representative of my home, and also because this will give me the chance to be more than just a celebrity, where I can actually make a difference in this world. I most certainly did not join this group to become a bodyguard of your wife.

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The Blue Devil

Daniel stood stoically towards the back of the group due to his suit's size likely obstructing the view of anyone behind him and he didn't feel like chiming in on the conversation at hand. His nerves had been worn hair thin since his imprisonment within his suit and he felt that staying removed as much as he could would be best so that his first impression of his new teammates weren't negative ones.

Upon being given his earpiece, Daniel carefully looked it over in the suit's massive hands. He doubted he could manage to weasel the earpiece inside his suit somehow and even if he could he would have a rough time getting it to stay in his ear with how much he actually rocked around when moving the suit. Looking over the tech, Daniel figured he could retrofit the tech into the suit but that would take a lot of time or an extra set of hands for the fine details. For the time being Daniel pocketed the piece and focused back in on the conversation at hand.

His teammates brought up some valid arguments regarding just what the team was set up todo but Daniel agreed with Aquaman's decision. "The Queen's a lighting rod for trouble. I'm sure plenty of people don't like her for some policies she's made or her relationship with her husband." Cassidy commented, trying to sway the team from their tangent so they could wrap up the meeting.
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