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A Beacon of Hope

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Asha laid in her bed, staring at the clock on the wall of her small room. The airship had picked her up about a day ago, and Asha had expected that the airship would have arrived and delivered her at Beacon about a day ago as well. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The genius who had planned the airship route had arranged a zig-zagging route across all the continents with no sort of fuel conservation or time efficiency in mind. Asha wasn't sure whether the first trial at Beacon was a test of patience to see how long the young lady could bear sitting in a tiny room without her luggage waiting for her arrival and the first step towards a new life, or whether or not the people in charge at Beacon were imbeciles. Perhaps both.

Luggage had been stored safely away from Asha in the underbelly of the titanic commercial airship- as such, Asha only had her prized weapon with her in the room. To call it a "room" was an overstatement- the small chamber was more like elbow space, a cramped space with only a bed, a nightstand, and a small minifridge with a pitiful variety of food (and by pitiful, she meant two). There was also a bathroom, with the door to it jammed in the only place that wasn't a wall- above the headboard of the bed. Brilliance in engineering, of course.

Asha was painfully bored. Airship policy had it so she was stuck in the room while the airship was at max speed- which the airship had been in for the past two hours. Hence, she was confined like a prisoner to her little room, with no tools to use or toys to fiddle with. She had to content herself to stare at the lightbulb on the roof. Some entertainment.

Suddenly, a crackling noise was heard. Ash glared towards the pitifully small, low-quality loudspeaker propped up in the corner of the room. Finally! Something was happening.

"All passengers, we will be arriving at Beacon Academy shortly. You may now leave your rooms and wander about while we activate our landing gear. We should touch down in no more than ten minutes. Thanks for your patience."

Ash leaped from her bed with enthusiasm. She dusted off her clothes- a brown shirt and chocolate leather jacket, along with a skirt and a tall pair of boots- from the lack of movement in the past few hours, before opening the door and striding out to the viewing gallery.

The viewing gallery was the center of the airship- a long bridge with semicircular windows that gave a nice view of land beneath them. She approached said windows, gazing out at the lush forests below. In the distance, she could see arching stone castles and a large tower- no doubt the revered Beacon Academy.

She got lost in the scene before her. As a machinist and tinkerer, nature had become an afterthought for many of her years. It was good to experience it again.

She was so caught up in the scene, in fact, she lost all sense of her surroundings. No doubt were other people coming out to get a nice leg stretch and look at the view.

It was quite pretty, after all.
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Two day prior, a certain Faunus had just got his haircut and returned to his apartment. The Landlord gave him a nice smile; real wolf of a man too. "Heya kiddo... Ready for your first day tomorrow?" Timidly the Young adult looked at him and gave a nod.

"You sound really excited to send me packing... What's the deal with that?" The Young adult responded before the gruff man simply bowed his head to the interior of the complex. "Right... inside conversation, got it." He looked to the clouds and rolled his eyes slightly. Just great... so much privacy for something that was no big deal... At least he was offered good hospitality where he lived with the type of privacy he needed. To him, Vale was more pleasant to him in an uncanny way... If there were racist, they knew how to hide his prejudice. It isn't like Mistral where it was about public in many places... But he felt even that was unfair to his hometown. Not everyone was a racist to his kind, it was just common for you to see posters around.

The male could best describe Vale as a sanctuary for the most part. At the very least he wasn't help up behind places at gunpoint, or with weapons with the intention of harm. Granted... That wasn't by people, it was by Monsters that call themselves The White Fang... That is another thing he noticed in Vale... A lack of White Fang sympathizers. It could be entirely possible that it was "Out of sight, out of mind" type affair. It was just a nice place for him to feel at peace... He just wish his family was there with him to enjoy that peace.

Making his way into the complex, the male was lead to an office in the back; this was where the landlord kept paperwork and the like. And if need be, spare keys for storage. He closed the door and took a seat at his desk, and seemed oddly chipper. "How y'ah holding up kiddo? You look..." Both were seated at this point, the Younger male had one leg over the other, clearly in a nervous posture, both arms crossed over his chest.

"Like shit?" The male retorted, almost unenthusiastic in every sense of the word. "Eeeh... I'll be honest and say this whole ordeal is stressful. You know the situation Mr.Grayman..."

The Gray Wolf rolled his yellow eyes. "I never said you look like... that... Your look healthier but your eyes say you're distant, and it has me worrying. You being next in your bloodline to be a Hunter and all that. You need to at least hold the appearance of you are in control before you can feel it." He tried to urge. "Works for me when I was your age... I'm not you, I don't have the social standings you were stuck with. But I'm just going to say this. Best foot forward. And chin up. Any type of poise will earn some form of respect even from your enemies." He tried to give his some type of advice.

The male took a breath, he was frustrated because he had no reason to doubt him; but not doubting doesn't mean he can't be skeptical of how to apply it to himself. "It's nice that you care, it really is... but... I'm not in the thick of it yet. So it's one thing to talk about it, versus actually being there... How are they doing by the way?" The male asked.

"Your family?" Grayman responded. "They're fine from when we last talked. They told me to keep an eye on you. And I guess to watch your spending... And tune that Bowblade of yours... which I see isn't very mechanical like many weapons are today's. But your grappling Hook has been tuned up, gave it more reach. New thread and all. That being said... Why not get an early night?" The older Faunus smile, his wolf like smile was somewhat infectious.

"I might do just that... Also... regarding getting to the station in the morning..." The male spoke. "You said we were going to talk about that."

"Well Cas, I have errands to run in the morning. But Mathias will take you. I would avoid dressing flashy until you all land." The landlord urged. "But in the event you ever get in a bind, or need a break... The door is open for you." he offered.

A genuine smile formed; it was such an alien feeling to him... it hurt, and he hated it because of that pain. "You're a lifesaver... I guess I'll try to rest." Cas stood up before making his way to his room.

With the next morning, he decided to keep everything simple for himself and got dressed up after a nice shower, flossing his teeth as well as brushing them after with a nice use of mouth wash as a finish... He wasn't sure what to wear to keep it simple. He decided to just stick with basic knee high boots, Gray pants, with a gray tanktop with a small vest over it. It was basic, and didn't stand out.

With a knock on his door, he got his luggage together and made his way out. A tall, broad muscular man stood there with short, wavy hair. "Ready to save the world?" The man joked, having a far deeper voice.

Cas rolled his eyes a bit before locking up behind him. "I guess I am..."

"Could have fooled me with your lack of spirit in what you say." Mathias chuckled. "Let's hit the road."

"Just as long as you don't blare your loud death tunes in the car, I do not care." Cassius chuckled. "Right, let's be off."

With the drive being done, a goodbye wave, Cassius was off onto the ship... Where he'd be staying for the next what feels like a day in a half... But at least he got to sleep. For the majority of the flight, he stayed in the least occupied spaced with a duffel bag with a change of clothes... But really had to ask himself. "Who the fuck makes a flight this long... Isn't Beacon literally on the same continent? I could have climbed there... But no... We have to go everywhere else... WHO PLANNED THIS?"

With the next morning with the announcement, Cassius took his bag, with a quick few sways he went to the bathroom Cabin area of the ship; while it wasn't a cabin as far as he knew, it was just a small room with a sink and a toilet... He is just glad the room was well cleaned. After he did his business, he changed into his Gray shorts, into a sleeveless Tunic with a crisscross pattern, placing on his long boots and of course... the world's most flashiest coat that adheres to his name.

If he never stood out before, now he did. He made his way up top to take in the view while his layered wavy hair blew in the wind... "Wow, I'm pissed... I could have walked here... or they could have dropped us off here earlier... But I guess they have to build up to this to act like it is more impressive with how you could frame this as a painting based on if you were obnoxious enough to take pictures with your scroll and added a shit ton of ugly, dated filters... Social Media... Never change." Cassius commentated to himself, aware he probably sounded negative... Better to establish who you are before others can establish you, for you.

Folding his arms, he stared off into the distance... Finally.
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When Indigo first boarded the airship to what he thought was on it’s way straight to Beacon, he was almost shuddering from the anticipation and excitement building up inside him. To him, today was the day that would move forward to the rest of his life, and he was pumped to get there. Who needed to wait, he was taking charge of his future right now, and today, when he’d arrive at beacon, be believed it would be worth the wait. With each passing step he drew closer to his room, a large smirk appearing as he reached for the handle. Today!

What Indigo didn’t realize was that the day he was picked up was not the day he’d arrive at Beacon, a fact he only came to realize as that first day on the airship drifted slowly onward. Any excitement he may have had was slowly drifting away into a never ending boredom that was near impossible to fight in the stuffy room he was stuck in. A majority of that first day was spent vexed as he stared up at the wall above from his bed, despising the lack of free space his room provided, and attempting to figure out ways to entertain himself. A way to keep active in such a confined space, it almost sounded unrealistic. But then it hit him, if he was able to properly sleep on the bed, then that meant there was just enough room to do some simple exercises. If he couldn’t run and since any of his weights were in his luggage somewhere on the ship, then he’d have to stick to some mediocre pushups, situps, and things like planking. The bed would make it hard to stay properly upright as he wouldn’t have a good base to hold himself up, but at least it was something in his eyes.

It turned out to be a great way to pass the time, and when he felt his body feel close to collapsing, he dragged himself into the bathroom for a nice, relaxing shower to ease and sooth his muscles. It was hard to fight the sleep that kept poking at him, and it felt like whatever strength he had left was being used to stay awake for just awhile longer to enjoy the warm cascade of water. He was glad that it was approaching night by the time he was finished, and without hesitation, fell asleep content.

He wasn’t sure of the exact time he woke up, but he felt refreshed and energized, ready to face the new day and tackle… the wait? He wasn’t sure exactly, the entire process was extremely idiotic to him, but if his assumptions were right, maybe they just wanted everyone there at the same time? But if that were the case, why not… He shook his head, he had just woken up and already he was thinking about the weird schedule Beacon had set for picking up students. It wasn’t worth worrying about anyway, and so Indigo lightly slapped his face several times to jolt himself awake, stretching slightly as he started getting ready. By the time he finished, he was in luck, as the announcement played that they would be arriving soon.

Grabbing his weapon, Indigo’s excitement from the day before resurfaced as he rushed to the viewing gallery. The view was simply breathtaking, definitely an improvement over Vacuo! He couldn’t help but grin at the castle in the distance, beginning to stretch a bit more as he stared outside. After all, if he was going to be among the first to get out of this thing and arrive, he’d need to make sure he wasn’t about to pull something!
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Excitedly a young woman runs down the halls of her house, a huge pack on her back and a pair of suitcase trailing behind her. One appeared to be a more traditional luggage bag, the other is a bit larger and quite an expensive-appearing, and rather high tech. The sort of container meant to carry something delicate with little worry of damaging it. She was all packed up and ready to go, personal items on her back, clothing, toiletries and other essential home away from home items in normal case, and various tools of various natures used to refine dust, maintain and repair her weapon, as well as a more than generous supply of already refined dust.

“Moooooom!” she called out. The house wasn’t exactly a massive estate exactly, but it wasn’t unfair to call it a small mansion of sorts. Well, at least that probably what the property was originally intended to be. At this point wit all the modifications Her mother had made to it over the years To be extra fair it was almost more of a live-in Laboratory/workshop at this point There were her and her moms bedrooms, decent living space, a kitchen that was in all honesty half converted into additional lab in its own right. All other parts of the house had been converted for the purpose of her mother's various work needs. Peaking quickly into each room she began to narrow down the options.

It was fair to say her mother was something of a tinkerer. A master of many of the sciences and their applications, she did what most people of her skill were often roped into doing in this country. Working for the military. She was technically one of the chief minds of an “independent contracting company” that worked very closely with the Atlus Government. But Cyan knew better than that, and her mother never was the sort of person to mince words; especially in private. She knew that her company was all but officially owned by the Military and government of Atlus. After having her child she had preferred doing as much work from home as possible, hence the strange living arrangements.

Not in the fabrication room, nor the dust lab, or the chem lab. It wasn’t a Tuesday so they wouldn’t be in the conference room. Last she remembered mother said that shipment of special order ammunition for her latest experimental weapon wasn’t due to arrive for another month so she probably wasn’t in the ballistic testing range. “Darn it, mom, I want to say goodbye, but I’m not going to be late for you.” She grumbled to herself

Eventually, she found her in the cybernetics lab. Working on a prosthetic limb of some sort.
“Gee Mom.” Cyan said in a playful tone. “I’m not even gone yet and you are trying to build a replacement daughter.”

Her mother, a petite woman with a youthful, fea seeming features was still relatively young given her standing in the scientific. She looked up from her work at the sound of the daughter's voice. “Oh...sorry hon, I guess I lost track of time.” She put aside her project and sighed. “Or...maybe I just didn’t want to believe my little girl was going so far away and went to bury myself in work.”

Cyan shook her head “Mom, we’ve talked about this.”

“I know dear, but you can’t blame a mother for wanting to keep her only child close.” She walked over and gave her a tight hug “You will contact me regularly, right?” Cyan returned the hug just as tight “Yes mom, assuming you're not so buried in work to answer it. If I come across dad I’ll you know, and tell him to give a call as well.”

Her mother's grip tightened a bit at the mention of her father. Their relationship had always been an odd one, or so Cyan had been told. Not married, no living together. Both seemingly devoted to their work first and foremost. But even so, they seemed to respect the dedication each showed to their respective. Kindred Spirits, one might say. Dad wasn’t around a lot, but he made it a point to stop by for a few weeks a couple times a year. It was rare to go more than 5 months without at least hearing from the man. It had been Almost a year and a half since he last been heard from. Mom hadn’t really started getting worried until he didn’t even show for Cyan graduation from combat school. Cyan was stubbornly sure he was out there, still alive and doing his best to keep people safe, her mother...had started fearing the worst.

“Hey, this isn’t about him okay.” Her mother said pulling back and looking her daughter firmly in the eyes “This is about you, and the first steps on becoming the woman I know you are deep inside. Even if you must grow into her from across the sea, I just know you’ll do great things.”

Cyan felt an intense cocktail of emotions. She swallowed them down and offered her mom a confident smile. Couldn’t show her how nervous she was about being out of mother's shadow in a far off and very different kingdom. “Thanks, mom. I better get moving, shouldn’t be late for the ship.”


The travel time and method had been practically indeterminable for Cyan. She thought having to try and keep a lid on her personality in Atlus had been rough, being all but locked into the room all while knowing so many fellow students were all around her. A countless number of new faces, weapons, and semblances to meet! And here she was, not even with her dust refining kit to help her pass the time. Granted this room was a bit small for it. And with the occasional bit of turbulence, an explosion was entirely possible. She would take an explosion over this dull waiting.

When the announcement of their final approach and their freedom to leave the again was announced she practically flew out of the door to the viewing chamber. She didn’t know what she wanted to investigate more, her first look at Beacon, or the fellow students.

She swiftly decided that there would be plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone here, that this was one of only a few chances to get a view like this.
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Alone, a young lupine Faunus paced through his home, or rather the husk of it that now remained in its place. For all that once made this building into the home he knew for years had been stripped away, every article and belonging within was swiftly packed into boxes and bags now laying on the doorstep. Every footstep the boy took seemed to resonate with the hollow corridors and chambers, softly echoing within the now barren household. Though he knew that eventually he would leave this place, the boy found it difficult to not reminisce and reflect upon his time in this place, for soon it would be over.

All beginnings eventually lead to an end...

Slowly, the young wolf strode through each and every room letting many a memory wash over him as he continued his nostalgic reflection. He couldn't help but find himself drawn to the once-plentiful bookshelves, now rendered vacant. The Faunus felt a subtle smile overtake him as his thoughts drifted to the image of his mother, He remembered the scene as if it were mere days ago. Morning light shining through the large window as she read to a pair of spellbound young boys hanging on her every word, as the Faunus woman wove a tale of legendary heroes and the great evils they sought to keep at bay. In truth, the young Faunus owed her greatly, for it was thanks to those very same stories and legends that he was set on this path to begin with. He'd made sure to pack a couple of his favourites along with some entirely new stories into his luggage, as both a passtime and memento of his motivations' origins. With one last glance to the abandoned bookshelves, he walked out of the room and made his way further into the now desolate building.

It was not long before he came to the final stop on his nostalgic journey, the bedroom he once called his. The Faunus pushed open the simple wooden door standing in his way, finding his bags left in the center of the room, along with a mostly stripped down bed and a long deep blue coloured coat laying across it. Almost thoughtlessly he donned the article, it was both a gift and yet another memento of his time here, leaving it behind was simply out of the question. Slowly he gathered the myriad of bags strewn across the rooms floor, slinging one over each shoulder and grabbing the third in his hand. As he turned to the exit and began walking back towards the front door of his former home, the Faunus couldn't help but find himself struck by the gravity of his actions. Part of him would miss this place, even with all the unpleasant events that had occurred not very long ago. Yet still he was excited, for today was the day he would take the next step on his journey to become a huntsman. Before he knew it, he had came to the threshold of the house. It was time to leave this place behind, and step into his future.

Taking a deep breath, Kaldyr confidently walked out of the house.

...Yet for every ending, a new beginning awaits.

Within what felt like mere moments he had arrived at the airship's dock, one swift exchange of goodbyes between Kaldyr and his family later and suddenly he was alone once more. The ship itself was beautiful, yet incredibly daunting due to its sheer size. It was easy enough to drop off his bags and get aboard, before being showed to the horribly cramped closet they called a room. Kaldyr wasn't exactly ecstatic about having to spend the travel's duration in what he mentally pictured as a re-purposed prison cell, though there was little he could do about it. Instead of groaning about his circumstances, he took the chance to look over his weapon. He was about to arrive at Beacon Academy of all places, and a poorly-maintained blade made quite the statement about one's character. Luckily for him, Kvöld and Dögun were both razor sharp and raring to go.

Eventually and somewhat abruptly, a slightly grating voice proclaimed his freedom over the loudspeaker. With no better option, Kaldyr reluctantly grabbed his weapons, placed them on his back and made his way towards wherever the crowd was moving. Perhaps he was imagining it, but he swore that he watched a couple of students shoot disdainful looks at him. He couldn't be sure of it, but it wouldn't surprise him if even here people still disliked what he was. I guess some things just don't change... The wolf Faunus thought to himself as he continued towards the observation deck.

A couple of relatively short moments later and Kaldyr had found his way to the viewing chamber, along with a small gathering of others. The first thing he noticed was the absolutely stunning view of the academy. It was massive, far larger than he'd ever imagined it to be. The ebony and ivory coloured castle stood proud against a background of emerald treetops and the brilliant cerulean sky, the towers and spires reaching high up as if they were trying to reach heaven itself. A slight smirk crept its way on to Kaldyr's face, the view was majestic and thankfully he wasn't the only one stopping to admire it.

Averting his gaze from the marvel that was Beacon for a moment, he took note of some of the others standing around. Among the crowd a few students in particular stood out to him. One was a bright purple haired boy who seemed to be stretching with eyes affixed on Beacon. Based on the tan I'd guess Vacuo...weapon looks like a shortsword of some kind.... The next one to catch his eye would be a short, grey haired girl wearing mostly browns. Is that briefcase a weapon? Very interesting... Following that he spotted a relatively tall blonde girl, also entranced by the view. Is she wearing Dust?! Last to catch his eye was a feline Faunus, in fact the only other Faunus he'd seen so far on this ship. Probably comes from money with an outfit like that, still good to see another Faunus here...

With the room scoped out Kaldyr's gaze inevitably returned to the shining Beacon upon the horizon. This was it, this is where his journey would continue. The tides of emotion welling within, he was nervous yet proud, apprehensive yet excited. But above all else, Kaldyr was ready.
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The travelling lasted forever. At least, for Russell, it did. He was not fond of the long travel time, of the airship deciding to land at Beacon first, rather than last. What genius had decided not to make Beacon the last destination on the list, and forced the Beacon candidates to wait the longest on the craft? Russell didn’t know, and so in his room was kicking about all over the place. On the bed, on the chair, trying to remove himself from boredom. Even the meals bored him, despite being the only interesting thing about the flight. Sometimes, he picked up Cinders and Ashes, making sure that she was clean and properly maintained. Of course, after the first time, it was already properly maintained each other time he looked.

Relief came in the form of a surprise for Russell. He jumped in alarm as the loudspeaker in his room began to crackle. After calming down, he almost thought it had broken for a moment before the pilot, or who he assumed to be the pilot, told the passengers that they were arriving and that they were free to exit the rooms. Russell couldn’t have been any happier, and picked up Cinders, leaving his room as fast as he could to peer outside through the viewing gallery.

He could not have been any happier with the sight of Beacon Academy in the distance, slowly growing closer and surrounded by a blanket of green, from the treetops and the grass. He also got a good look at everyone else around him, everyone else joining him on the journey. If there was one thing that shot out at him, it was that everyone looked older than him in one way or another. He tried to spot someone that looked his age, and was somewhat surprised to find nothing.

It wasn’t truly surprise that entered Russell’s mind, but there was definitely a little shocker. If he was right, still looking over the faces of others, he appeared to be the youngest. He wouldn’t know others’ ages until he asked, but he knew the age limit was seventeen. He expected others like him to get a waiver, others to manage to get into Beacon at his age, at least one other. It didn’t look like that was the case, however. It felt just a little odd.

Tinu was rather content with the flight. Partially because they were on the last stop before Beacon, but also because the flight calmed them rather than boring them. They'd never flown before, so it was a new experience. For the majority of the flight, they sat in their room and meditated. While not the most fun thing to do, it was far from being the worst. Tinu's contentment didn't stop them from being excited once the pilot said they could exit their rooms, though. The chance to meet new people was more than welcome.

Stepping outside of the rooms (making sure to keep their weapons in hand), Tinu quickly noticed two things. One, the view of Beacon was amazing. It brought them a sense of joy when thinking about becoming a hunter. Some parts would probably be boring, but it would be outweighed by the opportunity to travel everywhere and talk to everyone. Most likely both exaggerations, but Tinu would try their hardest to see as many new things as was possible. Two, there was someone! Another cat faunus, who was at Tinu's height but visibly younger. Filled with curiosity, Tinu stepped behind the other faunus, tapping their shoulder.


The scares for the day were apparently not over for Russell. He jumped in surprise, turning on his heels to look toward the newcomer that had scared him. He took a moments to quickly just look over the Faunus that now stood before him, a few moments that helped calm him down a little. The tapping of his shoulder had startled him, both from the surprise of it and his own shyness-induced reactions to the beginning of a new interaction with a person. It took him another moment just to formulate a response.

“H-Hi,” Russell responded, though with a slight stutter and a lot less enthusiasm that had been given to him. He struggled to think of anything else to say, just allowed himself a tiny shy smile.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Tinu said, noticing the jump, "What's your name?" They asked, making sure to put on a smile that made them seem friendly enough.

“It’s okay. I just get startled easily when meeting someone new. My name is Russell,” The cat Faunus explains. He gave a shy little flutter of his tail, his head tilting a little to the side as he peered at her. “Russell Vermillion. And what about yours?” He asks.

"Tinu Si Heuong! Russell," They repeated. In their head they began to form a question, although it wasn't one that was normally asked. Would it make Tinu seem strange? Probably, but it's not like most people didn't think of them to be that way in the first place. Would Tinu like to be asked that? Yes, but would Russell take offense to being asked—"Are you a he?"

Russell was surprised by the question. Any other boy would have responded with an acknowledgement that he was male, but Russell and his innocent mind thought differently. Having been called a girl by bullies in the past, he automatically assumed that this was another negative comment on his masculinity. His tail stopped the little flutters it was giving, and his ears folded down a little. “Um… Yes, I’m a he,” the Cat Faunus replies, a little quietly.

Sometimes, Tinu's unfortunate habit of thinking out loud would benefit them. Other times, it worked out horribly. Judging by the tail and ears, this situation was one that fit under the latter. "I'm sorry," They looked down in regret. "I didn't mean anything by it, I was just making sure. Not that it's hard to tell! I just..." They sighed, looking away from Russell. Any moment where Tinu didn't make eye contact with someone was incredibly rare. "It's a long story. But," A sudden burst of energy and optimism shot through Tinu. Looking back at Russell, their tail stretched up to the sky. "I am sorry! How can I make you feel better?"

Russell gives a little shrug. Judging by Tinu’s reaction, the other Faunus was genuinely apologetic, a striking contrast and difference to those that Russell knew from the past. In a way, it was almost enlightening to find someone genuinely sorry. “It’s… It’s fine,” Russell responds slowly. “And, well… I don’t know. People don’t usually ask me what they can do to help me,” he says. It wasn’t just that, however - Russell didn’t want to make himself look weak, or rather, weaker, by asking anything from Tinu.

"Hmm..." Tinu came to be lost in deep thought. What would make them feel better and what would make Russell feel better are probably two completely different things. But what would be the most fun for both of them in whatever little time they had before the airship landed? There wasn't much on it, so... "I know," They said, pointing towards the pale, short-looking person with tall boots. "You can meet someone new. And they look so cool, too!"

Russell looks over to the girl that Tinu pointed out, before looking back to Tinu and shaking his head. “Sorry, I just sort of… Clam up, get shy, meeting new people. I don’t know…” He replies, his smile slowly vanishing. It took a lot of strength just for him to meet Tinu, meeting someone else was probably going to make him a little more antsy. Maybe he could, slightly later, but for now, he was content with his new friend.

“What about your team?” Tinu pointed out. “You have to meet them eventually, don’t you?”

“I don’t think I have a team yet,” Russell replies, twiddling his fingers. “Do you?”

“I meant the future,” Tinu walked to look at the view. “But no.” They started to notice the ground coming closer and gasped. “It’s landing! We should get towards the exit, I think.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Russell says, a smile growing on his face. He walks with his new friend to the exit, getting ready.
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Sitting on the floor of his bedroom, the crimson maned young man diligently worked. A large blade, about 3/4th's his own height, rested in his lap as he tinkered away. It was a crudely put together weapon, not as polished looking as most, but it functioned. Having made sure it functioned at top performance, he smiled. He collapsed the blade to it's standby mode and secured it to the small of his back. After grabbing the large duffel in the corner of the room and slinging it over his shoulder he made his way out the door and down the living room. As he entered he was blindsided by a hard flick to the forehead. "Ow! The hell was that for?!"

"For choosing to study halfway across Remnant and not giving a single 'hesitant look at your room and smiling reluctantly as you close the door seventeen years worth of memories'! You don't seem to even care that you'll be leaving your dear, sweet mother to miss and worry about you!" The older woman was an odd mixture of fiery no-nonsense and over-the-top melodramatic that her son could never acclimate too. He never knew what would set her off. "That dumb cliche is your reason?! Wait, you were watching me pack? Geez, you've gotta be the weirdest mom in all of Atlas." Sol rubbed his forehead still stinging from the flick. She wasn't too happy when he told her he planned on going to Beacon Academy. Rightly so, as she wasn't even aware he had been training and building his own weapon in secret or that he wanted to become a huntsman at all. He had his reasons for keeping his training from and the hunstman part was a rather recent development. "Don't just brush off my motherly love and concern as 'weird'!" She sighed and looked over her son. She hadn't noticed how tall and mature he'd grown. When did it start? Or was he just growing up all along and she didn't want to notice. "Just make me a promise. That you'll call every once in a while? Promise? Sol rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I'll try to remember-" His mother pulled him him for a hug. "I know you, Sol. You take so much after you're father and the few things you take after me are so unflattering. That mix makes you a nightmare to get anything real out of. So, promise me you'll call? Sol knew she wouldn't let go until he did and the airship was set to take off soon. He hugged his mother back with some reluctance. "Promise."

The trip itself wasn't much to speak of but as the airship started to approach it's destination, the prospective students started to get restless and head toward the main deck to catch a glimpse of their new home for the next 4 years. Sol wasn't as eager and found the others excitement irritating. While they did that, he hung back in the small room he was provided for the voyage and pulled box our of his duffel. He stared at the box more a few moments, recalling memories that he needed to push aside now. Once he felt he'd put the box and it's associated thoughts at the back of his mind, he made his way to the deck with the rest. "A fresh start and a chance to do more..." As uninterested in view as he was initially, Sol couldn't deny the breathtaking sight of Beacon Academy in the distance.
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As Ash gazed out at the ever-nearing Beacon Academy, she made sure to note the people she was standing with. After all, these other students were possible future teammates, so it was good to at least know the types of people she would be possibly dealing with for these next few years at Beacon. Her eyes flickered from person to person as she assessed them and took mental notes about all sorts of information that may prove pertinent in the future.

Suddenly, the ship gave a sudden jerk, knocking Ash off her balance slightly and giving her quite a start. The same voice crackled over the P.A. once again.

"Sorry, ladies and gents, didn’t realize how close we were to the ground. You can pick your luggage up in the bay area under the ship, where you can store it in your designated locker after the headmaster’s speech. Welcome to Beacon Academy.”

At long last. Thought I was gonna die in there.

"Check, one, two." A tall, grey-haired, bespectacled man in his 40s or 50s perhaps spoke into a microphone, in front of a crowd of students. "This is working? Excellent. If possible, I'd like to keep this brief." He looked out to the crowd of Huntsman, desperate to join Beacon for one reason or another. Many of them would not succeed in this task.

"You have come here for many different reasons, whether altruistic or not. But what every single person that steps into Beacon seeks is improvement. It is my duty, as well as the duty of the staff here at Beacon, to help provide that. But perhaps I should change my wording here. We will provide the knowledge that you will need to succeed, but it is up to you - and your team- to grow. As fighters, and as people. Body, and soul."

"That being said, I stated I'd like for this to be brief, so I'll cut off the philosophy here. Dinner will be served shortly, with a wide range of meals catered to your various diets and cultural differences, and then you may head into the Great Hall to sleep. Tomorrow is your initiation, which will determine your future here at Beacon, so I suggest you get some rest. I will see you all tomorrow morning."

As he finished his speech and turned away, the students began to talk among themselves. As he walked away from the mic, a smile slipped onto Ozpin's face.

One incredibly delicious dinner later...

Ash emerged in a cloud of steam from the locker room. Her short, ash gray hair was slicked back and tucked behind her ears, and she was dressed in a casual t-shirt and pair of black-and-white striped shorts. Slung over her shoulder was a bag of stuff that included her sleeping bag, toiletries, an old book, and a flashlight. Ash had changed and showered quickly, and as such the Great Hall was practically empty, save for a few young men attempting to impress each other with their wrestling and literally flexing on each other.


Ash picked a spot along the wall, unrolling a large grey-black sleeping bag, and inserted herself halfway in. She closed her eyes briefly and flashed back through her past few years of training. Tomorrow was the day. The day. If she messed up, at best she’d be sent packing.

At worst, her luggage would be sent back without her.

Needless to say, she needed to be ready, and ready she would be.
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Upon landing and hearing the PA announcement, Cassius somewhat scoffed mentally before he received the affirmative to get his luggage and get off of the ship. And he did exactly just that, not sharing his emotions or making a fuss about everything... But his coat did catch many eyes as he imagined... Part of him was wondering how coloring his clothing after his name gave him a practical advantage. As long as no one received his last name, he did not care as much. He did a flourishing twirl off the ship, his hair dancing in the breeze with him as he made for the academy. Feeling all his joints crack, he let out a slight moan; it was nice to be in a less confined space. But this twirl wasn't needless, he was taking a brief look at everyone behind him... And he was surprised at what he saw to some degree, for better or worse.

"Is that a child...? Either this academy is desperate, or he got his applications mixed up... The battle field is no place for an idealist... Granted, Who knows what monster could be under that flesh in the heat of battle... but I'm willing to bet he might be dead weight to a degree... I just hope I don't get paired with that boy... Probably gets picked on for his looks..." Cassius thought to himself... Due to him being able to read and see pulses, he could see he was in fact a male. Otherwise he would not know it was a male. His company however did not surprise him. He felt she was too delicate as well, but admitted to himself appearances are deceiving, after all, this dance wasn't to entertain others.

The girl by the name of Ash seemed calm to him from what he could see... As did many such as Cyan. It was Indigo that seemed to spark a brow; not that he changed his expression. "Boy, his heart is beating like crazy... Hot blooded? Wait... the red one too? That is a big fucking Swiss army Knife..." And finally, Cassius noticed Kaldyr. "I thought I had a slightly sad expression, but if anything, you are the calm I wish to have in myself... Your pulses are... relaxing. Oddly comforting." With his last twirl done, he bowed playfully to the crowd before spinning on his heel forward, from here he moved at a regular pace. The players were set. To him, the game was just about to begin.


With the presentation with the headmaster done, Cassius went to the dinning hall, to which he devoured a nicely made Gyro, ironically he didn't touch the cucumber sauce, tomatoes or even the onions; he absolutely hated onions and just wanted the savory meat and fries... But he ate the Pita too, by ripping it and eating it. He had some type of carbonated beverage. His appetite seemed like a wild man who's first time it was eating a good meal in a long time, yet he seemed well mannered.

Once he was finished he took his tray and placed it where it belonged for sanitation. Speaking on sanitation... He shyly went to the Locker rooms before any of the men... He just didn't want to be seen in such a vulnerable state. Once stripped away of his clothing, he took a long, hot shower, going so far to take his time to condition his hair. He stared in the water somewhat as he was being cleaned... And then it hit him he was in quite the public place; and not the kind that pays for a display. Quickly, he made for a spot that had many blind spots and began to dry off. Quickly he got dressed, applied deodorants, and of course put on his night wear.

His nightwear consisted of a gray top that was somewhat loose, and of course, a black set of shorts for comfort before putting on shin length gray socks. He wasn't wearing his glasses, but he quickly darted off, briefly bumping into someone he didn't really stop to look at, but gave a brief, timid apology. "O-oh... Sorry, didn't see you there... Uhh... should be plenty of water left... Have a good night." He said before quickly swaying off.

Upon entering the large open room, he noted the other men flexing... Very awkwardly at that. Yeah, men flexing was viewed as something he didn't particularly care about... It just seemed childish to him, barbaric even. "Yeah... Men are not as impressive as they try to hold themselves..." He said, as if with slight scorn... But he then gave a dismissive chuckle before planting himself against a corner and sat beside it...

He didn't have a sleeping roll for himself, so he'd be cold for the night. He said a few silent prayers and closed his eyes, trying to think peaceful thoughts, trying to ignore the fact people may or may not be staring at not just a lonely person, but a lonely, possibly frail Faunus. In a way, he hopped people would look at him for his usefulness, and not the fact he isn't a human. He closed his eyes and made his peace for the night... 4 years, of possibly the most discomforting stares. 4 Years, of possibly finding dread in others... but hopefully he'd find peace. Yes... Peace... That is all he wanted in life.
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Stretching in the past, Indigo watched as students poured into the area, keeping note of the various people that caught his eye. They all had such diverse weapons, it was hard to not focus on the amazement of the situation. Well, that would have been the case, but that focus was easily broken when the airship jerked upon landing. Calling it a bit rough was an understatement, and a lot of people seemed to fall to some degree, Indigo included. While he didn't topple over, it was enough to cause him to lose his balance and force himself to kneel in an effort to keep himself stable. At first he wasn't sure how to feel about the situation, but after the pilot apologized, he couldn't help but laugh. So this was his first day at Beacon, huh? If it was as unexpected as that landing, he was in for a damn good time.

While the headmaster's speech wasn't exactly enthralling, Indigo couldn't say the same for the cafeteria. His eyes must have lit up at the sheer scale of the place, let alone what foods they must be serving. It had to be because of the large student body, but how could he not be impressed? And the food, there was such a large selection of items he'd never seen that he couldn't help but shy away from Vacuo's finest to try out the various traditions of other cultures. As such, he grabbed plenty of various food items, such as a bowl of meat gyudon he assumed was from Mistral, a salmon and shrimp quiche from Vale, and a weird sounding coffee he'd never heard of from Atlas to name a few items.

When the time came to wash up in the locker room, Indigo didn't pay attention to the others guys inside, making his way to a shower and making sure to come out feeling refreshed and relaxed. When he arrived in the great hall, he was wearing a casual, indigo colored, sleeveless shirt and orange sweats. He wasn't carrying a sleeping bag, but rather a bunch of blankets that he could lay on and wrap himself in. It always felt better to burrito yourself in a stack of blankets than a stuffy bag that you were forced to sleep in. When he glanced around the hall, he first noticed the guys on the opposite end of the room wrestling and considered joining them.

Look at them go! I'm sure they're just as pumped as I am and can't contain it... But wait, what the hell?

His attention turned to one of the corners of the room, he spotted someone huddled up without a sleeping bag, or a blanket, anything really. Honestly, it made Indigo frown a bit, wondering what state the Faunus must have been in to not be able to have something so basic as sleeping material. Well, he couldn't just stand around when someone needed his help, and he wasn't afraid to go out of his way to assist. He began walking over to the male Faunus, pulling out a couple of blankets from stack as he approached. When he got near, he wasn't exactly sure how to get the guy's attention, so he just threw them on top of the guy in a fashion to where they would cover him up somewhat nicely. He then started laying his own blankets nearby, spreading them out as he decided to speak up.

"There ya go! Gotta be more prepared next time man, can't get a good night's sleep without something to warm ya up, yeah?"

He told the Faunus, proceeding to lay down on top of his own blankets without covering up with the remaining ones just yet. He wanted to relish staring up at the ceiling of the massive building, as he doubted he'd be able to stare directly up at it for awhile. Indigo didn't know much of what tomorrow would bring, but at least the past was getting clearer every day. He couldn't help but smirk to himself at that thought, slamming his left fist into his open palm with enthusiasm. Tomorrow was the initiation, how on Remnant was he going to sleep with this much energy coursing through him?!
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