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Enshiro Mana is a ghost, perhaps most in the way that few would care to approach her. A delinquent appearance of unkempt hair and sullen eyes speaks true of a wandering soul in need of help that any common pedestrian wouldn't give a passing glance. At an average and unassuming 5'3", she nevertheless strikes a certain nervousness in those around her; baggy, dirty clothing could always hide a knife, right? She either doesn't take particularly good care of her health, or some drugs are involved, but regardless, she maintains a pale appearance, and certainly not the sort gained by nobles who never worked in the fields. For all her downtrodden looks, Mana still stands tall and walks with a purpose and confidence. Familiarity and wisdom with her life situation keeps her head high, even if her poor chances at happiness should really keep her head down.

As a poor and unskilled young girl living in the city, Mana lives a life paycheck to paycheck, fortunately held slightly away from rock bottom with the inheritance of her mother's death. Despite the monotonous nature of it, she has given up on something better. A turbulent childhood and poor life choices have rooted her in a mental landscape of hopelessness Capable of taking breaks from her part-time but never-ending job, she loiters to stave off the loneliness of living with few genuine friends, and fewer opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest. For Mana, simply surviving is about as much as she can do, and taking the small victories here and there drive her to at least maintain a certain level of energy and activity. A nicely-sized paycheck after a hard week of work means feeling the squeeze slightly less. Even with an inheritance to use, Mana is reluctant to do so; a certain guilt and depression keeps her back.

Her father left quite early in her life. His involvement and importance meant so little to her, she's forgotten how old she even was, or if she was even old to remember for that matter. Left with her mother, a well-working middle-class woman who cared very much for her, Mana's path to adulthood had seemed as normal as could be. When she had turned fifteen, Mana's mother began to suffer from an early-onset dementia. Too often, making sure her mother was alright took precedence over her schooling. Behind and exhausted, Mana's focus on graduating with decent grades slipped through her hands, instead replaced with a desire to find peace from the nightmares of her home. She fell in with a delinquent crowd, whose disdain for the unmerciful education system meant Mana could fit right in. Their antics, aloofness, and general misbehavior only served to dig a deeper hole in hr life.

When graduation came around, Mana saw no future for herself, and quickly relegated herself to part-time work, a life she considered the only future for someone like her. No longer bound by school, but wary of the growing dangerousness emerging in her friend circle, she abandoned them in favor of simply trying to get by. Her mother soon died, but had the sense to write a will for her daughter before her mind had drifted too far gone.

Since then, Mana has been a nobody.

Smokes often. Horror movie enthusiast, but nevertheless quite afraid of supposedly haunted locations.
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