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The United States of America, more commonly known as the East Coast Enclave, the Capital Wasteland Enclave, or simply the Enclave, continued to occupy Adams Air Force Base after Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel assaulted it four years ago aided in battle by the Lone Wanderer. Although sustaining additional crippling losses to personnel and equipment that have only in part been replenished by the recent integration of the Midwest Enclave outposts, they were spared from the annihilation that instead befell the Citadel by their greatest individual adversary. Reorganizing under the leadership of Dr. Grant, the Enclave is now entirely refocused on their initial presidential directive of establishing an extraterrestrial colony, having finally come to the grim realization their diminished population cannot endure another war on the scale of the Purifier Conflict. To this end, the Mobile Base Crawler has been demilitarized, and currently serves it's original prewar purpose. The industralized center of the Enclave war effort, Adams Air Force Base, although largely incapable of mass production, is not only self-sufficient when it comes to food and water (the latter thanks to the Purifier), but can readily manufacture vehicles as well as equipment. Albeit considerably weakened, the Enclave nonetheless still possesses a fleet of vertibirds, a few trucks, several howitzers, military grade robots (primarily duraframe eyebots), force field technology, plasma weaponry, and perhaps most significantly, upgraded hellfire power armor for the average infantryman. Due to birth rate concerns, women who have predominantly served as officers in the past are barred from combat duties until they have a third child, a controversial policy that came with a mix of positive and negative results.
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Name: Virginian Guardsmen (Nickname:Conrad’s Company)
Location(s): National Guard Depot
History: Orginially raiders over the wasteland specifically in the DC area. After the LW took out the robots at the National Guard depot, the original boss Black Eye Joe lead the group to scavenge for weaponry. But when his second Lucious “Iron” Conrad saw an opportunity for more he challenged his master and won. Conrad then decided to take up residence in the Compound and his men followed him. He set out a new idea to become mercenaries for the surrounding lands and he had even grander dreams what they could be only he knows.
Leadership: Lucious Conrad, runs the Guardsmen with an Iron fist. He cares only about profit in caps and power. Providing his men to whoever and wherever they are needed.
Economy: Being in the former national guard depot, the guardsmen are able produce small arms such as rifles, shotguns, and pistols. They are also have a great deal of armor from the former military that used to be there.
Technology: All the damaged robots that the LW tore through.
Military: Being formerly raiders they have a knack for combat and small unit tactics but under Conrad’s command the group is ever faster becoming more disciplined and acting like a real fighting force. Though the use of drugs are still rampent and some individuals go off the deep end raiders from nearby have begun to use the Guardsmen as a safe haven for their kind and as a place of honor.
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The Peoples Liberation Front

"Unity! Labor! Socialism! Trust in the Chairman and trust in the Liberation Front. Onwards, Comrads! Victory awaits!"

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Atom's Avengers

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