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Name: Fujimaru Kozuki
Nicknames: Foreign Samurai, Twin Blades, Wolf of Mibu (Shinsengumi)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Rank: Troop Captain of the 11th Squad
Specializations: Dual Sword Combat, Single Sword Combat, and Kodachi Combat

Appearance: WIP


Soft spoken, and respectful Kozuki is no stranger to the arts, and intricate nature of politics due to his upbringing. He is a calm individual more prone to thoughtful choices rather than rash actions. He has little in the way of actual ambition though he does seek to better himself no matter the circumstances if possible. He is a loyal man but a practical man though he has sworn his vowes, and wishes to protect the shogunate he will do all he can in order to fight for his squad, and himself. He has little qualms over murdering his enemies, and the thugs of the land ending opponents swiftly without regard for morality. He disregards racism towards him quickly disregarding it he prefers to live the life he has been allotted not worrying about slurs, or comments towards his person. That being said he can be angered in numerous ways including disregarding innocent lives, or killing needlessly. He is a true professional willing to give, and follow orders to the best of his ability. He looks forward to the day his sword is not needed so much though he will live on to the end regardless of the death he causes.


His birthplace unknown Fujimaru was found after a local fisherman found him floating on the wreckage of a ship long lost at sea at the age of 3. With no memories of his past life, and no way to find out where exactly he came from he was taken in by a local blacksmith who used to be a samurai warrior in Kyoto. His adopted father gave him his last name Kozuki, and named him Fujimaru since he had no name of his own. Though the boy knew not of what was to come ahead in life he did his best to learn, and help his new family. He faced some hardship as some disliked his foreign roots though he knew nothing of where he came from he grew up in Japanese culture, and learned the same as they did. The only thing truly different about him was eyes, and skin for all intents and purposes his father made sure he learned all he could to fit in well. It was not a secret that his father only took him in due to his own son dying of illness not five years ago. Left without a proper successor the blacksmith trained his son both in the art of forging metal but also in his sword technique in case he must ever need to serve in combat. Growing up was hard, and difficulties came often but Fujimaru never truly gave into the hardships he wanted to prove that he could fight as well as any warrior.

He was not natural talent, and often he failed especially at archery. However after adopting a new radical technique of using twin blades instead of the traditional two he managed to feel more comfortable. Repeated training, and drilling by his father, and his friends allowed him to eventually master the sword technique, and his black smithing became adequate. Eventually Fujimaru made his way to the military when his father wanted him to test his metal against true opponents. Initially nothing more than a ronin of little renown he bested a known bandit, and managed to hold his own against proper samurai earning himself a spot in the Roshigami. The leader saw potential in the young man and allowed him a spot in their ranks thinking to throw him away if he proved himself worthless.

He served with ability until the disbandment of the Roshigami into the Shinsengumi. With the reformation he vowed to serve the Emperor, and the Shinsengumi's leaders as well as a he could. His capabilities forcibly promoted him to Captain as new members swelled the ranks. With their role as a police force coming to fruition they needed new leaders, and very few met the requirements to match the role of Captain. Given the role simply out of nessessity Fujimaru seeks to fight to the end.

Fighting Style: Fujimaru's fighting style is deceptively simple. His twin blades allow him to unleash a flurry of attacks all at once. Simple movements such as a block, or a strike allow him to feint, or to follow through with another attack. He prefers an offensive flurry complimented with a defense oriented towards the offensive side as well. While he presses he could swiftly counter, and press the advantage into a deadly swift stab. Though poor in archery he does also successfully use single swords be it the Nodachi, or the Kodachi as they were his father's preferred weapons. Though he generally uses his two katana blades he can act like a proper samurai if the situation happens. His skills with the Shinsengumi-Kenjutsu aren't a joke either a capable user of the techniques used in it including the Gatotsu which pales in comparison to fellow captain Hajime Saito's.

Preferred Weapon(s): His twin katana blades however a nodachi is preferable in open combat.
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Name: Toki Yamato
Nicknames: The Bastard of Yamato, Dishonest Mutt
Age: 32
Gender: male
Rank: Assassin
Specializations: Firearms, ambushes

Appearance: Toki stands at 5'7, He seems almost scrawny, but it's clear he is quite fit even despite his looks. His cheeks are a bit gaunt and his nose has broken at least twice. Toki keeps his hair cut short in the style of the foreigners and has decided to go for a mostly shaven look - leaving his thin mustache however. Under his haori he wears foreign clothes - black pants, a thick belt with a sort of bandolier for the shells of his coach gun, riding boots and an officer's coat - he had to pay quite a price for the coat and it is now one of his most prized possessions. He openly carries his foreign weapons on his hip - the coach gun having it's own specially made holster.

Personality: Despite his seeming dishonesty and other less savory antics Toki is quite jovial - lacking the traditional training of etiquette due to his illegitimacy he has no trouble conversing with people from all around the society - from the lowliest peasant to the highest of nobles, or the foreigners for that matter.

Biography: Toki is the youngest - and illegitimate - son of the Yamato Clan - a little clan formerly from the north of Shikoku, now fallen on hard times. He was never quite interested in the 'traditional arts', preferring sake dens and gunsmiths over calligraphy and swordsmanship. He got interested in firearms at a young age - quickly devouring every piece of information about them, the more technical the better! When the black ship arrived he began associating as much as possible with the foreigners - becoming quite adept in their language in the process and managing to make few contacts - contacts he would later use to outfit a squad of men with if not the most modern tools of killing at least with something that would get the job done.

For a while the group Toki gathered were little more than glorified bandits, skirting on the edge of the law and more or less causing trouble and being more a nuisance than any kind of a threat to the Imperial - and by extension to the Shogunates - forces. A change to this came when they openly disrespected an officer - an imperial captain. The captain challenged the crew into a duel on the spot, something Toki felt was plainly idiotic. It was 5 against one and the 5 were armed with coach guns and swords whereas the captain was only armed with his sword. Still, a 'duel' they had. It ended in less than 3 seconds with the captain's body riddled with shot. This action hardly gained them any love from the imperial forces and the men quickly found themselves having to flee their home province.

Now more more or less criminals in the eyes of the imperial forces Toki threw his lot in with the Shogunate properly. The crew 'enlisted' to the Shogunate cause and managed to prove their worth to at least few of the commanders - even though the proper samurai leading them still saw the men as little more than crass and dishonorable fools, their use of tactics more fitting to a peasant rather than samurai was still proving to be very effective. Thus Toki and his little group had gotten - if not an outright pardon, then at least a stay of execution.

When the Shinsengumi was formed Toki managed to get himself aquainted with the group - mostly by cashing in a favour from one of the samurai he had served under, with the caveat that he literally never ask any favours from the fellow ever again. His dishonest and dishonourable creed of 'quick victory, at any cost' may not have made him many friends, but it has made his 'crew'- as he calls the little group of four compatriots he hangs around with, the group he armed before joining the Shinsengumi - a quite effective fighting force.

Fighting Style: Toki's fighting style is quite... Dishonorable to say the least. He never fights alone if he can avoid it and utilizes his squads marksmanship ability as much as possible. If he has to fight alone he will take full advantage of every dishonest trick in the book - be it sand in the eyes or just blasting his opponent from close range with his revolver or coach gun. His defenses consist of him staying quick on his feet and remaining out of sword reach as much as possible, or just simply legging it - often to goad his enemies in to following him to a prepared ambush.

Preferred Weapon(s): Colt Army Model 1860 revolver, a short barreled coach gun without the stock and modified to empty both barrels with the pull of only one trigger, wakizashi for close combat
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