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Required Character Sheet Info

Name: First Last
Home: Town, State/Province, Country
Appearance: Picture and/or Short Description
Personality: Short Description
Biography: A few short paragraphs.

Those are the basics. You can add as much extra info as you like and format however you see fit.
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Malcolm Striker
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Name: Faye Collins
Home: Savannah Ga USA
Current Location: Savannah Ga
Personality: Faye is a kind and friendly person who is determine to be a Pokémon trainer. She is serious and calm when it comes to sticky situations.
Biography: Faye always dream about being a Pokémon traier as she help her mom take care of abanded Pokémon in the area and set them free back into the wild. When she turn 18 she got her first Pokémon as she pass her exams, she had to wait a couple days to get her Pokémon.

Team: Gin the Totodile
Whiskey the Snivy
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Name: Bryan Krause
Age: 28 (As of IC Date)
Hometown: Watertown, Connecticut, USA
Current Location: Riding the MetroNorth from New Haven, CT, to New York City


Height: 6’
Weight: 210lbs
Build: A bit more fatty than he’d care to be, but generally healthy.
Markings: Has a tattoo on the underside of his right forarm that reads “Until the finish line carries you home.”

Personality: Bryan can be… a bit jarring…

He was raised to believe in certain standards of excellence, and in always being able to raise the bar on those standards; yesterday’s best can only be today’s worst, and today’s best can only be tomorrow’s worst. To an extent, he takes this sort of mantra more seriously than necessary, and finds himself in difficulty when it comes to coping with times when he hits barriers or experiences limitations in the progress he is able to make. It’s frequent that he finds himself gravely discouraged in moments in which forward momentum is lost.

Firmly a believer reaching one’s potential, he extends that manner of thinking when he considers his peers and his environments. Having seen the best in himself, he strives to display his best self to others. Upon seeing the best in others, he grows to expect the best from them. When he perceives himself, another individual, a group, or even a place, as not at least living up to their highest potential in a situation, frustration ensues on Bryan’s end, typically manifesting in what some regard as temper tantrums. It was this very mentality, and reactiveness that resulted in him leaving his previous day job.

All in all, Bryan is of a sort that can’t happily live knowing he didn’t put up an effort, and even more so, one that is driven in the face of anyone that would doubt his ability. Taking his failures and others’ reservations of him, both recent and distantly passed, as motivation to prove he’s better, he will, with little thought, go above and beyond to prove his worth, even to the extent of putting himself at risk.

Beyond this eccentricity, Bryan displays a genuinely invested and caring individual. Whether it’s care for a person, or care about a task, there’s little room in denying that he is devoted. Even in the moments when he asserts that he ‘doesn’t care anymore,’ this divestment is in word only, and extant on the surface, and only for a brief moment. He’s tender with those that he knows to be struggling, as he understands, from his own experience, what it’s like to be in a rough place, and the importance of having a friend to lean on. Though he won’t allow himself to lie for the sake of sparing a friend’s feelings, he’ll always be one to search for words of encouragement, and keeps his criticisms constructive.

Biography: Bryan’s history with Pokemon is a strained one. Over the course of his late teenage years he made efforts to become a trainer. With his parents’ permission, he began training at age sixteen with an Eevee, dubbed “Ev,” as his partner. In those younger days, his passion for Pokemon was something unbridled, and a burning force in his heart.

As he grew older, ‘real life’ always seemed to find a way to pull Bryan away from any serious push to become a trainer. Often one to play it safe, Bryan chose the ‘stable’ route of day jobs, and getting a college education, over going out into the world and investing into being a Pokemon trainer. While he showed some promise, his reservations with taking the risks involved frequently kept him from rising as far as he could. By age 28, his attempts to keep up with his Pokemon training and his day job brought him to the point of burnout.

Following in the wake of a particularly rough weekend tournament, in which he witnessed Ev, among the rest of his team, get dealt a particularly harsh defeat, Bryan saw reason to discontinue his efforts as a Pokemon trainer, and focus on work, and keep his Pokemon as companions.

It was a short lived existential crisis, however. The Monday morning after the tournament found him witness to a new inspiration. Realizing how far off his dreamed path he had fallen, and knowing more than before just how capable he truly was, he resolved to rekindle his passion for raising his Pokemon, and soon leave his day job to pursue life as a Pokemon trainer. But things always get worse before getting better; as much progress as he made, his time spent at work over the next year proved a constant drain and epicenter for frustration.

His resentment towards the life of a laborer, and towards not living to his own potential, boiled over recently in a spat with a manager, prompting Bryan to resign his position on the spot. Already prepared for the occasion with a packed backpack with the supplies and funds needed to kickstart his journey, he returned home, gathered what he needed, and caught the next train out of town.

Pokemon Team:
Ev, the Eevee, Level 20
  • Quick Attack
  • Bite
  • Double Kick
  • Headbutt

Ability: Adaptability

Kai, the Pidgey, Level 17
  • Gust
  • Mud-Slap
  • Quick Attack
  • Wing Attack

Ability: Keen Eye

Raph, the Scraggy, Level 16
  • Headbutt
  • Feint Attack
  • Low Kick
  • Sand Attack

Ability: Shed Skin

Fun Facts: There are three things in the world that Bryan finds unconditional fulfillment in: Pokemon, the great outdoors, and music. Among his belongings in his travels are a drum practice pad, a pair of sticks, and a set of panpipes, as well as having enough music on his mobile device to last him several hours without repeating a track (unless he backtracks to it).

Bryan has long aspired to travel the world. Though he's seen much of the United States and parts of Canada throughout his younger days, he longs to leave the North American continent. His first desired destination would be Australia.
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Avery Parks
Male, age 20 (Aug 11th)
Home: Thatcham, UK
Current Location: Abilene, TX, USA
5’10”, athletic
Dyed red hair, brown eyes, & freckles. He usually wears a lot of leather + slim-fit pants, and has several ear piercings and a tongue piercing. He wears a lot of rings, too.
Biker aesthetic, owns a Kawasaki Ninja.

Avery is from a wealthy family in south England. His sister left for the US about two years before he got his license at 16, and he hasn’t seen her since. Holly the Banette was his starter. He moved to the US and finished school in New York, and takes online courses for a degree in zoology and is traveling the states.
Avery is one of the youngest Gym leaders in any Premier League, and is certainly the hardest. His ghost-type Gym is located in Tepoztlán, Mexico, the eighth and final Gym before the Central American Elite Four. He opens the Gym every fri-sun during October, November, and December as soon as the sun starts to set and accepts the last challenger two hours before sunrise. The Gym is a Aztec pyramid indistinguishable from other historic ruins. The inside is Day of the Dead – themed, with glow-in-the-dark paint, dim lighting, and handmade art and décor. While battling, Avery bears elaborate gemmed skull makeup and jewelry, and is typically shirtless with body paint, a large shoulder necklace, beaded harem-type pants, and combat boots.
Avery is currently in Texas, helping a college with natural collections. He received a banettite and mega bracelet from the head of collections of the Smithsonian.
Avery seems to radiate bad attitude, but he just has an intense rbf. He’s very charismatic and has a smooth voice.

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Name: Ezra Hill
Home: Pikeville, Kentucky
Personality: Ezra is an energetic young pup who's eager to prove himself and determined to make it happen. Still, he's brash and undisciplined which leads to him letting emotions overcome logic at times. He's loyal and always willing to help, even when it's hard.

Biography: Living out in the woods gave Ezra an early look into the life of pokemon. Like most other kids in Pikeville, he started to wander in the hills and hiking trails or swim in the rivers when, and this way he was the pokemon in their natural habitat. when he was 7, Ezra saw two teens battle with their pokemon in the while one of his hikes. The experience lit a fire in him, and with nothing but a net and a few pokeballs, he managed to catch a big type on his own. He took it on hikes and it protected him from any wild pokemon that would attack. As he grew older and others gained pokemon, Ezra enjoyed frequent battles after class. By the time he was nearing the age where his pokemon adventure would start, he was already considered one of the best in his school. At sixteen, his parents saw no reason to keep him waiting and got him a trainer's permit. Now, packed with pokeballs and food for the road, he's set off hoping to see the world and gather a whole team of powerful friends.

Beedrill, Female, Level 17

Patrat, Male, Level 12

Gastly, Female, Level 22
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