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"The world never learns from its sins."
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• Appearance: Self-explanatory and must include your Avatar appearance and out of game appearance.
• Name: Self-explanatory.
• HGO Title: Your Avatar name in HGO. The first word must relate to a color in some way.
• Age: Self-explanatory. Given HGO's nature as an ARG, your character will be moving around alot so use common sense in what age group is playing HGO.
• Level: The level cap for starting out are levels 1-3.
• Weapon: Which of the three weapon groups will you choose. Which sub-category of said group will you master.
• Junction Drive: Abilities are broad. As long as they’re not game-breaking, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
• Inventory: Any support or offensive items your character may have in the game. You are allowed three.
• Background: A quick summary of your character thus far and why they’re playing HGO.
• Other: Optional. Anything else not mentioned above that you may wish to add goes here.

Scarlet Scourgers 🗡

Cobalt Crusaders ⍣

Golden Guardians ❖

Solo Players ☠

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