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The Galactic Vices Casino & Resort

There has been word spreading across the galaxy recently, not something that would really be seen on the Holonet but more by word of mouth and the back alleys of the galaxy. Yet still, this word permeates throughout the galaxy to try to reach as many ears as possible. What is it? Why, an invitation to come to Nar Shaddaa, to the Galactic Vices Resort and Casino! An invitation to come and spend your credits, perhaps walking away a big winner with more credits than one could imagine. To indulge in the vices the rest of the galaxy may shun, for what happens at the Vices stays within its walls. Come, visit the playground built by the mighty Hutt known simply as Krembal. He invites you to come visit, to forget for a time the problems that the galaxy may throw down upon you.

Yet there is even more incentive to come visit the good Hutt in his mighty casino than to simply play and indulge in one's vices. For Krembal, in all his glory, has amassed quite a wealth of credits and possessions. Some of these possessions being quite valuable to certain members of the galactic community. Yet in his undying generosity, he has seen fit to offer it first to the patrons and members at his glorious casino. That's right, Krembal the Hutt is holding a special auction at the Galactic Vices, with a rather impressive list of products which can be bought. This list being obtained through... various means over the years and now completely available to anybody with enough credits to buy. The highlights of this list? Jedi Relics lost to the order and recovered by the mighty Hutt! One of his well trained and exotic slaves, eager to please her new owner! Scrapped parts from a Mandalorian Basilisk droid, a mighty machine of war now in possession of the Hutt! A still functioning HK-52 head, who knows what secrets that may hold? Of course, those who love art are not forgotten by Krembal as he has a legendary Alderaanian painting known as Alderaan's mountains at sunset! There is much, much more on the list for the auction, but one cannot reveal everything ahead of time!

So come one, come all to the Galactic Vices Casino and Resort, where you may yet walk away with value beyond your wildest imaginings!


The girl sat miserably upon the dais, her collar chained to the armrest that the master of this whole miserable place, Krembal the Hutt, so often used. The casino floor had not yet been opened for the day, a rather rare situation for the Galactic Vices. A casino that was partially known for being open at all hours of every day. Yet today, it sat dormant at these hours as the final preparations for Krembal’s big event were finishing up. A respite which normally the twi’lek would have loved, as it meant that she was not tasked with entertaining or elsewise showing herself off like some damned trophy for the Hutt. Instead, this relief was stolen away by the dread of what was coming. The attendees to Krembal’s auction? They were not a worry, as it would simply be more of the usual for the girl. No, it was rather some of the goods that would be on sale. Well, one of them in particular. Hira'niseela, or Numa as Vasani called her, was going to be auctioned off that day. The young twi’leks only friend in this damned place who didn’t want something out her, a woman that she saw as an older sister. Yet after today, she knew that she wouldn’t see her ever again. Her world would simply be all the darker because of it.

Of course, it most certainly didn’t help matters that Vasani was to be a part of selling off Hira’niseela. Whenever the auction began, she was tasked with showing off each of the goods on sale while the auctioneer spoke on them. Of course, the slave knew that this was more of looking attractive up on stage with whatever was on sale to draw attention, entice them. It only irritated her all the more that Krembal felt he could just use her in such ways. To the Hutt, she was nothing more than a trophy to be shown off to others. A way to flaunt his power, and his net worth over others. After all, who else had a slave so exotic? Only Krembal, Lord of the Underworld and Drug Empire. Lord of the Sleemo Vasani thought to herself, appreciating the one place the Hutt couldn’t get to her as she shot a dirty look towards the slug.

Fortunately for the girl, the Hutt didn’t seem to notice that look as he carried on about his business. A disgusting display as he gorged himself and barked orders at the slaves setting up the casino floor. Certain tables and machines were moved to different parts of the casino, and a little stage for the auction was set up directly before Krembal’s Dais. Just enough space sat between the end of the stage and the chairs for action stood that those attending would see the massive grate on the floor. This, of course, is a trap door directly into the Rancor den that sat below the mighty Casino. The preparations were nearly complete, as the cases for the goods were rolled out onto the stage. That way they could grab the attention of the attendees while they enjoyed the drinks and snacks the Hutt provided before the auction. Among them, was a large cage with a rather beautiful blue-skinned twi’lek dancing rather provocatively within. This particular item was the one that grabbed Vasani’s attention, as she turned towards the cage that held Numa within. So desperately she wanted to do something but knew she was completely powerless against the mighty Hutt and his forces. So with a small sigh, she settled into that familiar feeling of uselessness that was just becoming more and more common for her.

Then a platform lowered down to be even with the dais, and Vasani sighed to herself as she slowly stood. Waiting while one of the guards approached and unhooked the twi’lek from her chain, then grabbing her bicep to escort her onto the platform. Once on the platform, the guard stepped back and clicked a small button on his datapad. There was a low hum around Vasani as the platform’s energy field shimmered to life around the girl. So it seemed that the Casino was finally about to open for the day. While dreading the rest of the day, she knew better than to linger and stand around in her little cage. Else the collar would shock her, or she would get shocked by the force barriers. With a sigh, Vasani moved towards the pole in the middle of the platform and held on as it moved towards the center of the casino. Floating above the tables and machines, she was on clear display to just about everybody who would be in the casino on that day. As the music started up through the casino, Brin started to move with the beat as she forced herself to wear that sweet smile so she wouldn’t get shocked and started to dance to the music.

At that moment, the doors to the casino would open outwards, allowing the patrons waiting outside entrance into the building. The lights were dimmed for the main floor, with the various bright flashes given from the machines drawing the attention of all those entering. The massive hall had a ceiling so high that it was hard to really see the details of it all. All around the outside of the hall were rings of balconies, each with tables one could go play at. The higher a table, the higher the stakes. Loud, energetic music played through the building to draw patrons in. The entire atmosphere designed to entice people to come in and forget their worries. To play on the machines, and forget the outside world. To assist with this, various bars were spread throughout the building for ease of access. Scantily clad slaves moved about the building to offer complimentary snacks and refreshments to the patrons. Spotlights highlighted various girls dancing either on raised platforms in between machines or on floating repulsor lift platforms. Of course, in the center of the build was the highlight of Krembal’s collection: A red-skinned twi’lek dancing on the repulsorlift platform. Hers bathed in a shade of red, instead of the typical white light of the others.

Then at the back of the casino on a raised dais where he could see all, sat Krembal the Hutt. Before him was a platform with each of the goods of the auction for the day in its own case and highlighted by various lights. These meant to draw the eye to the rather rare goods one could walk away the new owner of by the end of that day.

The Galactic Vices was open for business.
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Melech looked around the huge lobby, smiling as he waited for the announcement. It wasn't often he enjoyed working for the Hutts, but this time was special. No one had died for this; no one had shot at him; no one was being blackmailed or exploited; there hadn't even been any major malfunctions during production. He was paid to make something, and he made it. Sure, it was a gambling rig, but compared to the moral standings of other jobs he'd taken, this one was practically charity.

The order was simple and, he had to admit, ingenious. Make a massive dejarik board-one so big, the creatures could all be life size-with detail so precise you could make out the individual scales and hairs. In use, each player would sit in a special section above the main board, able to look down on the action while directing the game from a traditional board, and watch their opponent through a live visual feed. To play, each player had to pony up a massive five thousand credits, with the winner walking away with eight thousand credits as their prize. At face value, it made money honestly and directly; If you win, you walk away with more than you payed-with a nice piece left over for the casino.

The genius, though, was in the viewing area. Anyone in the casino would be able to look down and see the games going on. However, all they would see is markers-little floating medallions with icons to represent the pieces. To see the best part, all the needed was to rent out the special holo-goggles. They were the real secret, and the reason someone like Melech was needed to make the machine. Using special ultra-violet and infrared holograms, Melech created the light weight goggles to allow spectators to view the fully detailed, massive figures on the board in real time. To tie it all together, he added in a custom-made, procedurely generated combat system that allowed the pieces to engage in all-out combat, including taking real battle damaged which remained on every figure through the entire game. All the spectacle of a bloody gladiatory arena, with the strategy and gameplay of dejarik. All you needed to see it was pay the hundred credit rental fee for the goggles.
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The Jedi Knight known as Airus Vel Aath had only just returned to Tython from a long trip to the Republic dig site at Lannik, having helped where he could. Arriving with his Padawan in tow the young Jedi knight was curious of the goings on of Tython of course only minutes after he had landed, he was brought inside by a librarian, yet again he was given a mission. Of course, he gave Miarhi a task to research all Republic records she could find on Lannik while he away.

The situation was quickly explained to the Knight, as he was brought up to speed on what they knew, an auction was to take place on Nar Shaddaa put together by a Hutt, Krembal one of the crime lords of the planet. His casino would host several salvagers, pirates, and thieves who were putting hot items up for sale while this was outside of Republic space the Jedi knew they could not allow one of the items vanish once more. Several stone tablets from the early days of the Jedi that were once a important display piece among the order and widely regarded part of Jedi history they had managed to safe guard for generations.

It was made clear Airus had been requested for this task to hopefully use the credits provided to purchase the item and quietly return them to Tython if not extra steps would need to be taken to secure the safe return of the items. Airus was given permission to ask other Jedi for aid if he felt they could assist in his mission, Airus wasn't sure who he could ask but help sounded like a good idea marching into a den of thieves, murders, and other scum. Though he wanted to ask for help he knew of no one he could turn to on this matter, his lack of connections among the Jedi had come to bite him once again. He wondered silently if his own belief that he should not connect with other Jedi a problem more than a solution, pushing the thought aside he headed for his ship.

On Nar Shaddaa

Airus had landed a few hours ago, having received the invitation that had been acquired for him, while it didn't list who he was it made sure his name was on the list and he could enter without issue. Enough credits to the right people could get anything done, especially on Nar Shaddaa, the planet was haven for those who needed something. Airus truly believed it was perfect representation of what many systems would be like without the Republic, a haven for criminal a death trap to the poor and a truly horrifying place for anyone with even a shred of morals who dared to look beyond on the surface.

Of course for Airus he only saw what they tried to hide, much like Coruscant below the glitter and money was darkness and depravity, while he could understand some of Coruscant and even work to fix it. Here he could only treat symptoms, here he could do nothing but help who he could and then leave, this planet would not change unless something drastic happened. He could dream of that but in truth with the Hutts controlling this part of space... It was a pipe dream to change anything here until they had lost their power.

Airus walked back towards his bedroom on the ship, Goldie gave a whine at Airus that the opening would be soon as Sparks headed down to engineering. Goldie was a Jedi temple scout droid assigned to help Airus in surveying, of course the utility droid had it's fair share of weapons. Meanwhile Sparks was the ship engineer and helped plot navigation, the two little droids enjoyed the company of the bookish Jedi. Mostly because he never bothered them or thought to clean up their memories, letting them mostly act as the ships crew. Of course the two droids rather enjoyed Airus's company, to them it felt as if the ship was there for them and he was just a passenger who sat in the pilots seat.

Taking a long breath Airus started getting himself ready dressing carefully, he locked his saber hilt's to his belt as he pulled on his heavy brown cloak and pulled the hood up far enough to hide his face. "Sparks! Goldie! Lock up the ship and don't trust anyone who tries to get on board without mentioning my name." He told the droids as he descended the ramp. It was a short taxi ride over to the casino from the Republic dock, one that Airus spent playing .

Slowly Airus neared the casino he could sense the people the clamoring for the chance to enter, Airus flashed his credit chit letting the bouncers know he was here to spend credits. The building was enormous and so sleek, even Airus lacking sight couldn't help but find it impressive as he carefully strode through the ornate halls of the casino. The casino no doubt shown with brilliant lights, of course he couldn't see them and didn't care to, as he passed through the halls he could feel the passion, anger, excitement, disappointment, but somewhere among it he felt one stronger presence more clearly and it's emotion was clear the person was upset, angry, and enraged something terrible had happened, he'd have to find the source when things calmed down.

Right now it was time to blend in, slipping on a pair of glasses on that would hide his bandaged face and prevent unneeded questioning. Ordering a bottle of Corellian whiskey from a passing waitress Airus moved right to the sabacc tables, the pair of tinted glasses could be seen from under the hood, as he lowered it to look far less suspicious at the table. He wore them over a cover of bandages that he'd carefully concealed with his slightly messy red hair. Purchasing a fair amount of chips, Airus smiled at the others players as he focused on the cards around the table. Hundreds of people were moving through emotions flared all around but most were positive it seemed and easy enough to filter it out and focus on just his cards.

The turmoil of emotions and the feelings that coursed through each player, he thought about reading the cards but the aura's and emotions that he could see of the three other gamblers around him, was enough. The round began, it might not be where Airus wanted to spend the night but he could think of worse places to be than taking money from a bunch of pirates and smugglers who didn't deserve it. Sipping his whiskey Airus gave those around him a smile, didn't need to bluff when you could see through everyone like they were nothing. He wondered if he could earn enough credits gambling here to pay for the tablets without the Jedi order footing the bill.
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Aria Saal

[date stamp for later weee]
Nar Shaddaa, Galactic Vices Casino

The smuggler’s moon wasn’t the most glamorous place in the galaxy, but it had its advantages and Aria could count herself luckier than most Sith her age that she had the freedom to move about (mostly) of her own will. So, when she’d heard of the grand opening of the casino, she’d simply had to make plans to attend. She liked a good round of drinks perhaps too much, so she had incentive to attend anyways, but those plans had gotten even better when she’d gotten to the bottom of the invitation that detailed there was to be apparently valuable artefacts available for auction. Of course, this was the Hutts so there was no telling if they really were artefacts or it was a hoax, but Aria thought it worth checking out. In addition to the ship she now currently piloted, her father had left her a little bit of inheritance and if it turned out that there was something of value at this auction, Aria fancied there wasn’t anything he’d rather she spent it on.

She’d docked the Cyclone and killed the engines, and presently stood in the small on-board bathroom in front of the mirror, squinting as she put the finishing touches on to her appearance in order for her to blend in better with the crowd. The bright red lines tattooed along her jawline, chin and around her left eye were marks she usually wore with pride, but in a Nar Shaddaa crowd they would draw unwanted attention to her, so she made some efforts to conceal them, when she was done she rummaged around for the pair of cheap tinted glasses she’d swindled from a vendor on her last stop-off. They weren’t her usual fashion choice, but she could think of no other way to conceal her eye colour which would be the other dead giveaway of her abilities. And on a Hutt-controlled planet you could never be too careful. The shorter woman didn’t take very much else, simply grabbing her credits, the invitation in case she needed some sort of proof on the door before she’d be allowed to enter, and her cloak which she slung over her shoulder before she exited the ship and left it securely locked in the bay.

Aria spent the taxi trip from the docking bay to the casino with her head down, absently scanning the lines of the invitation for any further clues though disappointingly she couldn’t suss any out. It didn’t matter, since it didn’t take long to arrive at the Vices venue. Flipping a few credits at the taxi droid for the lift, the short woman approached the large doors to the casino slowly but with purpose, holding her head as high as she dared. She got a few odd looks, and it took a bit more effort to prove she was indeed of age to get through the door, after a frustrating several-minute argument and a little bit of persuasive eyelash-fluttering, she was finally allowed inside.

“Extravagant” did not even begin to cover the lavish decor that the casino was adorned with. Though the main floor was faded out, the machines lining each wall were almost annoyingly bright, no doubt designed to entice some poor fool into losing their entire pocket of credit chits. They were of little interest to Aria and she quickly passed them up, instead heading straight for one of the bars and ordered a drink of her own, raising her brows slightly as she passed the large-as-life Dejarik board. Now that was just OVERKILL. Still, it seemed to be amusing some of the patrons, given the crowds of people with the holographic goggles on who clamoured to peer down at the board from the balconies or even the sidelines of the board itself. The human sipped from her drink absently, her gaze naturally drawn to the red-skinned Twi’lek on the pole platform ...what was not to like about that, in all honesty? Though they were hidden by the lenses of her glasses, her eyes blatantly tracked the Twi’lek’s every movement. She could have watched her all day, truthfully, and she did so for an extended period of time until restlessness and perhaps a deeply-buried desire for some form of company with another person prompted her to tear her gaze from the dancer and move to one corner of the sabacc table, drawn by a strong pulse of Force energy though in this crowd she couldn’t pinpoint exactly which of the players it came from.

She wasn’t great at the card game either, if she was being brutally honest with herself, but it would pass some time before the auction started and she might be able to strike up some sort of chatter with the other players, thus learning some interesting tidbits in the process. Her eyes were keen enough to settle on the bottle of whiskey, moving from that to the man who appeared to have possession of said whiskey, and with that figured out she made her move to amble across to the table where he was playing, sidling into a seat nearby as she watched the hand play out on the table, though she flicked a sideways glance at him every few moments as if she were trying to suss him out.

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The ramp of the Starshine descended slowly in a fog of depressurization and mechanical venting, Nar Shaddaa greeting the three Jedi. Satele audibly sighed when she reached the bottom and found no welcoming party. Small miracles. Looking out over Nar Shaddaa from their docking platform was a sad thing. Satele had spent her fair share of time on the moon, and no happiness had ever truly come of it. Not for long, at least. But from this distance...even Nar Shaddaa could twinkle pretty in night. That was the danger was Nar Shaddaa and everyone on it.

This time, however, it wasn't the only danger. In her head as they walked down steps and towards the entrance of the casino every imaginable danger presented itself as warning. The Sith presence she had felt wasn't even the biggest concern. The criminals of Nar Shaddaa were. Only when the three Jedi came close to the doors did the doors open by themselves, and two guards present themselves.

"You already checked us for weapons."

Never once did Satele stop moving. The mind trick took advantage of both, their minds fumbling with reactions just in time to step out of Satele's way and allow her entry. The Padawan followed close. The Jedi Knight Balthasar lagged behind a few steps, smiling, hands folded casually behind his back, his dark black hair threatening to become unruly in the vortex of hair where casino interior met docking platform exterior. Inside the carpet beneath her was thick, lush. The aesthetic was classy for a Nar Shaddaa casino, Satele found herself admitting as she began to move through.

Where docking corridor met descent for casino floor the ceiling opened up into a dome of impressive and ambient lighting, music soothed soft in the background of nearly every moment, and the gentle echo of chatter within the audiciously open space reverberated through Satele's mind for a few moments of silence. Casinos were designed to invoke certain responses, a fact Satele could admire in that moment, even if their ultimate goal left a bitter aftertaste to every pretty thing she saw. Finally she turned and found the Padawan and the tall dark haired Knight.

"You two go find Roana. I don't know how many are with her."

Dread that casino security would be called into a brawl including Mandalorians and Jedi danced about in the back of her mind as the backs of her Apprentice and the Jedi weapons expert got further and further away in the crowd of the casino. Venturing alone was fun, at least through the corridors of the casino lined with high end shopping. The clothes made her chuckle, and one store nearly made her blush--instead she just walked away wide eyed and blinking. The only real disappointment was that a rare books and antiquities shop was closed and under some sort of remodeling.

The casino's main floor was a matter of a large floor divided into sections by everything from fountains to bars to tables with dancing girls. Lots of dancing girls. Lots of greed, lots of lust. If the Force was truly universal, it was in casinos, in brothels, and in every dark corner of the galaxy and life itself. The thought was little comfort to the Jedi, though there was a surge of amusement as she rounded the corner and found him: Airus. Jedi Knight.

They had never met, but she knew his mission. She knew he was in the area. And she knew what the Force was telling her. The table the Jedi sat at had only three others present, and all three looked up at the woman that sat down at the table, went back to their cards, before all three slowly crept their eyes back up to the woman that had sat down. "Hey. You're Satele Shan."

"Indeed she is." The robed male with the voice Satele couldn't misplace even if she wanted to sat across the table from both Satele and Airus.

They would've felt the presence as plainly as a person could see a solar eclipse, as opposite as Satele as a person could be. Darth Marr, Jedi Master Shan. Satele would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the excitement of the moment. Or if she didn't enjoy seeing Marr in a setting other than openly trying to kill one another. This was Marr simply not-so-openly trying to end her. Fair enough, Satele thought.

"Credits to play," the dealer at the table made a valiant effort, but the dealer shrank the moment Marr's masked head turned and focused on the dealer. It was the last time the dealer would speak while in Marr's presence.

"You're showing off."

"I'm intolerant of nuisances," he said it casually, with a slight sigh.

Satele Shan smiled. "I'm still here."

"Not for our lack of trying. Who is this?"

"Jedi Knight Airus Vel Aath. Airus, this is Darth Marr," Satele caught the eyes of the dealer, now, and her smile stayed.

Marr regarded the Jedi Knight for a moment. After that moment he moved on back to Shan. "I heard you've been up to things. Did Revanites actually try to recruit you?"

"One of them lunged themselves onto my lightsaber. Elated at dying by my hand."

"They're mad fools, but killing a Sith never seemed to bother you before."

It wasn't that simple, she wanted to say, but she didn't. Not to him. She and Marr always danced, in battle, in a casino chatting--it was always a back and forth, it was always give and take, and it was always a game that was never really any kind of game. "They don't normally commit suicide by my saberstaff. It was grotesque."

Marr chuckled. It was dry, it was just ever-so-superior, and it was very genuine, "They are a collection of grotesqueries. To think, something as silly as a Shan exciting you. Have some dignity."

"Have some professionalism," Satele snorted, playfully, her gaze a heavy if playful thing. Marr and Satele kept speaking, they just did so beyond prying ears, and around them there were many. Many. Half the casino floor was now a spy or opportunistic eavesdropper, starting with the dealer. She was almost certain he was working for someone, and Marr had a similar feeling.

"Revan?" Marr hooted aloud, breaking the wordless communication. "That is quite the tale. Do I believe it?"

His masked eyes stared at her, as if he were trying to make a decision on trust. There was no decision. Not right here, not right now. His chuckle returned, though deeper than before, more animated. Less genuine. Satele smiled big and shrugged small. "What if it's true? What's that say about your people? What's that say about you if you don't know?" Her body rearranged weight, from leaning back into the chair to scooting forward in the seat and leaning forward.

She smelled like wild flowers and sun.

"You don't know him."

Marr stood. Satele swore she could feel him smile, or smirk, or grin. But there was nothing; just the mask. "We will talk again, Satele Shan."

Satele was raw. Marr was too, hard as he pretended not to be. Satele's expression when she looked at Airus after the Sith walked away was anything but happy. The exchanged lasted maybe five minutes, but the conversation that happened outside of words went much faster, and far deeper. She was eager to move. She trusted Balthasar and Brye. She even kind of trusted Grim; but Roana was a wildcard. Mandalorians were wildcards, and Satele was feeling all out of Aces.
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The journey from Tython to Nar Shaddaa had been anything but eventful for Bryethe. She had spent most of her time meditating upon her encounter with the Dark sider, Selene, and the words that were exchanged during that encounter. Her mind wandered over everything she had learned as a Jedi Padawan, and reflected upon her time under the tutelage of Satele Shan. She trusted the Grandmaster with her life, and would fight her hardest in return for one of the few people she could call a true friend. But words ate at the back of her mind like an Anoobis hound would to a fresh kill.

Should she speak to Satele about the conversation with Selene?
What would this knowledge do?

Many of these troubles were pushed to the back of her mind as the Starshine emerged from hyperspace above Nar Shaddaa; Brye thought it best to leave her concerns for another time. She knew Satele had much more pressing matters to deal with.

Following closely behind Satele as they entered the casino, Brye paid no mind to the guards as they walked past, knowing very well what Satele had done in a split second to allow their small party entry. Adjusting the robe over her shoulders, Brye made certain her lightsaber was hidden as they started to meander through the crowd; pickpockets were never fun to track down.

The Padawan couldn’t say she had been to very many casinos, some would say that she needed to get out more. In truth the world of gambling and drinking was never missed in her mind, it only distracted from reality and was a breeding ground for greed and lust. She had been in her fair share of casino’s whilst she completed an assignment on the planet of Coruscant. Immersed in the gambling and thieving underbelly whilst chasing individuals she’d rather not be acquainted with. There was a reason Brye looked as though she hated her life in that moment.

"You two go find Roana. I don't know how many are with her."

For a split second, the Padawan eyed her master. I don’t know how many are with her. While she wanted to argue, Brye simply let that uneasiness settle in the bond between them. 'I thought we were only meeting her.’
Not much more was said between Padawan and Master before her back turned and she joined Knight Balthasar, the duo disappearing into the casino crowd.
Bryethe felt a few long moments of silence as she walked alongside Balthasar, her ears open and listening to the people and conversations around her. Arms held casually behind her back, saber hidden beneath her robe, Brye attempted to fit the part of party-goer. She was more oblivious to the fact that she was not fitting in one bit.

She cleared her throat before glancing over at the Knight beside her.
“So, erm, Master Balthasar-” Brye started, but her thoughts were interrupted as a large Ithorian nearly backed into her, causing the girl to step back and walk behind Balthasar for a moment. “How long have you known Satele?”

Balthasar smiled. It was a big, earnest, easy going smile with just the right amount of restrained amusement. "I am no Master. I am a humble Knight of the Order. I take no Padawan. I had a number of Masters, personally, but..." The Jedi trailed as his gaze flicked about the totality of the casino floor with the suddenness and quickness of a candle flame caught in a breeze. Every glance was purposeful, from the direction of the first glance to the time it took him to reach the second glance, and so on. His long robed arm pointed out, to the western wall: lifts with signs that read "Rooms" on it.

Set upon their new direction, cutting through a honeycomb of quick lever games, avoiding a cocktail waitress, Balthasar dipped his head a touch and rubbed at his chin, as if he hard considered his next words. As if words much harder to him than smiles. "They died so quickly during the war. Our losses were horrifying. Combat became my obsession out of necessity--personally I'm rather fond of my connection to plant life, but it's less renowned a skill than my connection with the Force when it comes to combat." Big brown eyes looked over to the Padawan.

"That is how I met your Master. I was one of the many who followed her. Some nights she and I would talk technique, spar, and discuss our minds and hearts." Some nights, it went unsaid by the Jedi Knight, Satele Shan was kept preoccupied by Jace Malcom. "She more than any other is who I would consider a Master--but then what is a master but a friend you can share wisdom and knowledge and duty with?"

Brye snickered at the words of the Knight, her feet leading her around a Twi’lek who lay passed out on the Casino floor, drink in hand and snoring peacefully.
“Words well said, she is a Master but indeed a friend as well. I see her as both, especially considering what she has done for me. There is a time to be a friend and a time to be Master and Padawan, and she has shown me both.”

Bryethe reflected upon her time as Satele’s padawan as the pair walked, her eyes set upon their new destination. No doubt she exaggerated at times, but being the Padawan of the Grandmaster did make Brye feel like there were many eyes on her at times, watching, judging, expecting something more; and other times Brye forgot just who her master was. Satele treated her as any other Jedi would; she received no special treatment aside from the fact that she was able to learn from the Grandmaster of the Order, something the Padawan did not take for granted.

Despite the loss she had experienced, she was thankful for the will of the Force.

“Sometimes I find myself taking a step back to look at all that has happened. I try not to get too sentimental about it but I’m grateful for what I have learned and I feel indebted to her as a friend.”

Brye grew quiet as they approached the lifts, attempting to avoid any eavesdropping from those coming off and those loitering around, trying to decide if they were done drinking and gambling for the night; but for many, the night had only just begun.

“The war is not over. I would take the chance to reflect while you have it; I fear soon we will have few chances to do so.”

Balthasar smiled softly at the end of the sentence, trying to soften the blow perhaps? Not that there was much softening their current goal. The lift they shared with a quiet green skinned alien couple, “pro-am” gamblers judging from the few words whispered between the couple. The couple got off at the 7th floor. The Jedi remained until the 20th.

When the door hissed open the Jedi Knight’s eyebrows perked. He saw six Mandalorian warriors in the hall. “I don’t believe the one we want is among them.” So the Jedi Knight smiled wide and bright and waved his hand, palm out, towards the group. “Howdy fellas.”

The Mandalorians just glared, until one of the taller amongst them piped up, pointing at Brye, “It’s the Padawan. Jie, tell Roana they’re here.”

The hotel room door closest to their informal gathering, allowing the sounds from beyond the door free, desperate screams and impossibly deep moans, the sound of skin on skin. The Jedi Knight found himself blinking. “I don’t think they’re sparring in there.”

“She’ll see you. Come on.” The Mandalorian he presumed to be Jie motioned them closer, a half cape and full beskar armor, as he hung half out the door himself. When they arrived the sounds had mostly stopped, save for a naked brunette human woman covered with only a sheet upon the bed, covered in sweat, panting, and still allowing tiny moans to part high glossed painted lips.

Roana emerged from the bathroom, hair flowing long and wavy, her tall and strong figure covered quickly in a robe, a thin layer of sweat still clinging to her skin just as hotly as the scent of sex did.

Roana took a quick swig of something on the coffee table between couches in the small lounge of the Casino hotel room. Something that burned, given the sudden short lived wince her face provided, before it was gone fast as it had arrived, green eyes burning holes into the Jedi. Her lips slipping into a smile at the sight of the Padawan, body leaning back into the corner of the couch, legs crossed under the robe, side of her head resting on a hand as she grinned.

“Come for a different kind of training, Padawan?”

Jie chuckled as he slipped out, back into the hall. The woman on the bed simply stating in a weak voice, “I just need a minute. Oh, God…”

Brye took Balthasar’s words to heart. Her suspicions were confirmed, not that it was that difficult to guess the direction of the war. Dxun had only solidified what Brye thought of it.

The younger Jedi was slightly alarmed at the sight of the six Mandalorians gathered in the hallway. At quick glance, she knew none of them were Roana. The one Brye could only guess as Jie was instructed to let Roana know they had arrived; but moments later Brye’s head was filled with sounds she preferred to have not heard at all.

“I don’t think they’re sparring in there.”

The Padawan heard Balthasar’s comment but her mind was too busy trying not to imagine what was actually going on in that room. Those screams and moans, that brunette hair; suddenly Brye found herself walking into the room behind Balthasar. She blinked at Roana’s question.

More training? But, you’re a Mandolorian, what could a Mando possibly-

The woman’s eyes darted to the other woman on the bed, her body covered by a simple bedsheet, but also covered in sweat and the smell of love and lust. That smell filled the air of the room, a musky, thick smell that made the nose wrinkle a little. She took in a sharp breath as she realized just what Roana was getting at. She began coughing as she choked on her own saliva. Her cheeks blushed in embarrassment, covering her mouth as she coughed once more.

“No, we- uh, we came to find you because Satele asked us to. She’s down on the casino level.” she replied. Brye’s eyes darted around Roana, refusing to keep eye contact for a period of time due to the simple fact that she was very embarrassed.

"Everyone but the Jedi out."

The words were spoken so gently they might have sounded strange coming from Roana. The girl on the bed moved slowly and even more carefully, shot a glare towards both of the Jedi, but moved out of the room just the same. Roana knew the girl's "clothing" was in another room, but to the Jedi it might just look like the Mandalorian tossed the girl out unceremoniously. Didn't matter to Roana in the slightest. Her focus was singular, or so it might seem, as the Mandalorian woman stood from the couch and moved to the Jedi in just a few strides.

The smile on her lips was crooked, and part grin, her darker red hair long and smelled like sweat and soap as she got close enough to the Padawan for the girl to smell it. Even without armor Roana was taller than Brye by a good clip, though Balthasar had more than a few inches on the Mandalorian out of armor. Yet Roana's posture said she towered over both, and it did so as casually and naturally as the woman breathed.

When the room was cleared, Roana's smile played at the corners of her mouth, her tone more serious but her eyes a drunken mix of the playful and the serious. Green eyes that dove from Brye's jawline, to her neck, to her chest, to her midsection, hips, thighs...all the way down her eyes went. There was no effort to hide it, to be subtle about eyeing the Jedi Padawan up and down. Or the grin that resulted from it.

Withouth warning the woman ducked in closer to the Padawan, her lips so close to the Padawan's ear the girl would feel Roana's lips vibrate against her ear when the whisper was voiced. The Padawan would blush again, and Roana would pretend not to enjoy it quite so much as she really did. Roana suddenly stepped back, making a wide sweeping motion with her right hand, towards the holoscreen in the room.

After a quick button push on a small remote, the image of the casino floor played. "The one without eyes is one of you Jedi. He got here before your group did. Your Master Satele Shan you know. This one," she said, an unpainted nail pointing to the masked man in black robes, "is Darth Marr. When it comes to the chain of command of the Sith Empire, Marr is pretty close to a true second to the Emperor as exists. Shan and Marr speak a little, then quietly stare at another for twice as long--a conversation among thoughts is our thinking based on the eye contact she tries to make with his mask, and the way his face angles, even if just barely, right...there. Like he's trying to look into her eyes, too, and read her."

Her tone changed the moment her eyes moved from Balthasar to Brye, the Padawan. Roana reached out and grabbed Brye's hand, tugging at it gently, demanding the Padawan's eyes. "We're going out on a limb doing this. Sure it's paying off for Clan Madog, but you can't blame us for watching..." Roana leaned in close again, whispering again, though her mouth never got nearly as close to Brye's ear. This time. And this time even Balthasar could hear the whisper.

"And you can't blame me for wanting to show you something I found interesting."
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Galactic Vices Resort and Casino

Sabacc Table, Airus Vel Aath

Airus Vel Aath smiled as revealed his cards, taking another hand. So far he'd won four hands and lost one. No one seemed to mind it as they kept going, players were here to drink or were waiting for a turn with a girl, using cards to kill a little time. Airus on the other hand seemed to be playing pretty well, he didn't act he was trying to win more showing the same surprise as others. Endearing them slightly to the crowd of players before him, he was young and even poured whiskey for those at the table. He ensured even if he was winning he wasn't being greedy, if they just thought you were player a turn of good luck who shared the fortune, they'd tolerate you more.

Airus took hold of another hand, watching the others smile as he surveyed those around him he felt a darker aura nearing him, one that could stand out slightly. Getting closer he could see it now, a Sith woman was watching him he couldn't tell her focus but it was on him occasionally though it seemed more occupied by the bottle he'd ordered. "Fold." Added one of the men at the table as he got up knocking back his drink, his thoughts and aura altered to one of lust and thoughts of what he'd do to the Zeltron beckoning him away. Airus gave the man a wave, even if he was disgusted by the ideas that bubbled to the surface of his mind.

Airus took the hand smiling at the others, as another left to go look something better than booze. The last player seemed to like Airus, an older smuggler but one who was just here to get by and have a little fun with his pay. Airus turned towards the woman behind him, the one with a darker aura he knew as Sith. "Care for a drink miss?" He offered one of the glasses that came with his bottle pouring the Corellian made whiskey into the glass, he couldn't see the liquid but the smell of it reminded him of the sweet smells of the countryside on his last trip to Corellia. Offering the Sith a drink, now that was something most Jedi would have balked at, but Airus understood this wasn't the place to start a fight so a peace offering because he'd never known a Sith to make one. "Hope you don't mind but I like to share, easier to make friends when you do... And I so hate to have enemies in such a happy place." He spoke with a gentle grin at Aria who was no doubt happy to receive a drink from the young man.

New players shuffled in as casino floor bustle finally settled down some, more of the crowds who weren't here for the auction moved into the lounges to spicers shifting off to get high, many patrons headed upstairs to find a room to rest or grab a partner to share it with, and finally the bar began to fill as those whose items were up for auction drank and partied thinking they had scored bigger than they could have dreamed. Airus vision began to clear some of distance view returning as casino occupants spread out, he kept his vision focused on the low levels he didn't want to see what people were up too. So taking a deep breath he gave the nearby Sith woman a curt grin, turning back to the game letting the rounds play out.

Losing few credits and winning more than he'd lost, Airus made little jokes or laughed at others stories as they joked around the table. This was no high stakes game, these were smugglers, scavengers, traders, bounty hunters and pirates who had been on ships with the same people for months itching for new friends or voices to hear. It was wholesome in a way to see the people of Nar Shaddaa in this way, interacting and being friendly of course he knew upstairs people would shoot each other over games like this. He might have been able to get enough credits to avoid costing the Order in a round or two if he played upstairs but they were far more likely to think he was cheating. Here, most gamblers were here to enjoys their vices loses didn't matter as long as they had fun doing it and the Hutts ended up profiting from it.

Airus watched players rotate again when his vision caught sight of something he'd never seen outside of the temple, Grand Master Satele Shan's aura was like staring into a sun... Or as close as it could be for a Miraluka, she was committed perhaps too harshly in Airus's view to protecting the Republic and Jedi Order, even at the cost what Airus might feel was part of the soul of order. He'd never openly disagree he could sense she was here on serious business, but that couldn't be related to him... No certainly it couldn't, he was no important Jedi his former Master was maybe but he was just some Knight. Instead he turned back to the game, a bit worried for the nearby Sith that sat close to him and how the Grand Master might view it.

What followed was the Grand Master approaching Airus, a worrying tilt of the head and the once permanent smile dropping as the round concluded one of the men claiming the round. The Jedi's focus left the other players, barely staying on his own cards as Satele moved towards him, a dark presence soon moved to join as well, a darker one than he'd encountered in person before. Airus could focus, sitting between to Masters of there arts, he focused on reading them just like the rest of the players. As the other patrons became distracted he took the moment to up the anti on the game, as Darth Marr and Satele exchange words fear grew among the players. By the time Marr began to leave, most of the players had folded.

Airus paused a moment looking at Satele, he gave her a soft smile, the girl who had stayed in grinned laying down her cards. "Pure Sabacc." That was unbeatable, yet Airus's grin became one of a bit of pride and bit more of happiness turning towards Satele. Just like Satele, it seemed Airus had no aces, pure sabacc was hard to beat. Airus didn't seem concerned even though most of what he'd made tonight was on the table, instead he was composed even his own emotions betrayed no fear or worry, he seemed content and secure with what was going even if it was about to be his loss.

"Idiot's Array." Answered Airus, the woman's jaw dropped as he placed the idiot down, a two, a three, and two fives. "I believe that's my take." He answered with a grin as the woman pouted, getting up. The table empty and Airus's taking the chips to cash out. He turned towards Satele. Airus might not have known on the details, but he did know what Satele was feeling it was written in her and in her emotions, even if she didn't show them easily Airus had practice reading it. "If I may Grand Master... I'm big fan of cards, I think personally... Holding a perfect hand is great but... It might just be better to flip the rules. The Idiot's Array beats the Pure Sabacc every time with cards that most people would call worthless."

Airus's kind words were followed by an announcement, "For those who would like to attend the auction it will be starting shortly with many fine items on offer for those with the credits to pay." A passing droid exchanged Airus's chips for credits as he listened to the announcement turning his head towards Satele speaking with the same friendly tone one might address a fellow Jedi not some honored Master he asked.

"Would you like to join me for the auction? It shouldn't be a worry, my newest Padawan is still on the ship. The mission is supposed to be a short one, I wouldn't mind the company even if you make me more conspicuous than I originally planned to be." He offered as he gave another soft grin, while internally he might have been shocked by the appearance of both. He knew better than to let it get to him, Sith or Jedi they were all people with emotions, dreams, hopes, and fears no different from each other.
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Mideo "Mid" Benara

Nar Shadda,
Aboard Airus Vel Aath's ship
(Date and Time to be inserted later)

Welp, this was it. Mid had to face facts. She'd done everything she possibly could, explored every avenue of escape and tried every strategy her Master had taught her. There was no denying the truth anymore or stopping the inevitable. She had to admit it.

She was so bored! She'd tried the moving meditation her Master taught her, mentally reviewing all the plants she knew and their uses, even running through the events of famous battles she knew in her head in reverse order, just 'cause.

Now she was lying on the floor of the ship's cockpit so she could sneak glances out of the windows while her Master's Holocron showed off the basics of Makashi but she'd already seen this section twice on the way to Nar Shadda and she could see most of it in her head already and practicing it alone only worked so well and-

"aaaaagh! What's taking him so long?" She pressed her face into the cool metal flooring of the ship and felt it buzz against her face as she whined her frustration into it. Impatience was not the Jedi way, but this was just plain unfair! They were on Nar Shadda to retrieve some cool artifact on her first real mission and her Master was all 'Stay on the ship, Mideo.' 'It's too dangerous Mideo.' 'I'll only be a little while Mideo' 'Boring cryptic saying that wasn't worth paying attention to Mideo' Well, it had already been a little while and there was no sign of Master Airus at all!

What if he needed Mid's help? What if he'd been kidnapped by pirates or double-crossed by a contact or there was some Sith agent at the Casino waiting to spring an evil trap on him? Master Airus was way tough for a bookworm but he'd obviously underestimated how much he'd need Mid's help on such a rough planet! She deactivated the holocron, hopped up off the floor in one move and gathered up her saber and trusty but tattered brown cloak, then marched out of the room in pretty heroic fashion.

Her big heroic exit got kinda deflated as both Sparks and Goldie barred her path to the descending ramp though.

"'C'mon guys let me go! I've gotta go help Master Airus!"

The two little droids exploded into a bunch of beeps and whines. probably something about how they were both really sure Airus told her to stay behind and for them to keep her out of trouble and the ship locked up? She pretty sure but it was hard to tell, especially when they talked so fast and mixed together.

"Nuh-uh, I heard him too! He told you both to not let anyone in the ship. I'm going out! Besides, he needs our help! The Force is telling me so!" Well, maybe it was more about the bored part of her brain than the Force, but neither of them knew that! She didn't even know that, not for sure! Goldie still inched around to block her more and whined, probably about how the planet was dangerous and it wasn't safe and blah blah blah.

Mid gave a big drawn-out sigh as she added on to her plan. "Well okay, if Nar Shadda's so not safe and you're so responsible, why don't you come with me Goldie? I mean, Sparks can keep the ship locked up, you can still keep me out of trouble and we can both rescue Master Airus together!"

The utility droid whirred loudly, then gave a low, resigned beep. Mid burst into a pointy toothed grin. "Great! Let's go!"

As she walked down the ramp she took her first deep lungful of Nar Shadda air. Smog, toxins, ozone from old blaster fire and a general smell of scum and decay tinging the whole atmosphere.

"Oh yeah, I think I'm gonna like it here Goldie! Master Airus here we come!"

"No deal Sweets Pattoga, I ain't running a charity here! No pay, no ride!"

Mid pouted and glared at the aged Trandoshan taxi driver that'd pulled over for her, but those reptilian eyes of his were unmoved even at such an intimidating sight. When he spoke his words rasped and his breath smelled like Spice and Mid almost wanted to punch him in his stupid leathery old face.

"But I have to get to the Galactic Vices Casino! It's a matter of life and death! More important, it's big business!"

"Then you can walk for all I care! See how long you and that shiny little droid of yours last downtown before someone steals you both for parts!"

Goldie definitely didn't like that. He made a noise that didn't really need translation from Binary and started to turn around, but Mid put a hand on his dome. "We're staying! And..." she took a deep breath and focused her mind, blocking out her frustration, reaching out with the Force and the driver with a wave of her hand. "...You will take me to the Galactic Vices Casino."

The old lizard's eyes clouded over a little and when he spoke his voice was flatter, less raspy. "I will take you to the Galactic Vices Casino."

Ha! It actually worked! Mid hopped into the cab with Goldie and then they were just a short ride to the Casino. First big use of Force Powers down! Master Airus was gonna be so proud!

As soon as Mid entered the Casino she was bombarded with sights, sounds and smells. The blaring music and the flash and chime of gambling games hit her first. Then the sheer mass of people all milling around and crowded together laughing, arguing, talking. The slaves flowed in between them in glittery skimpy uniforms carrying all sorts of exotic and familiar dishes back and forth too constantly to keep track, both repulsive and intriguing to her eyes and nose. Then there were the dancers, haloed in light and moving with slow grace or wild energy.

It was all more colorful and bright and interesting than anything Mid had seen in years, but what really drew her attention and even overwhelmed her was the red skinned dancer on the big center stage. Not because of the unusual red lights around her, or even how big her stage presence was compared to everything else there. No way, it was 'cause she was pouring out so much rage and sorrow that it was almost painful even to Mid's limited senses. It was worse than anything she'd felt in her life! it was-

-The young Zabrak Padawan pulled her hood up close around her and closed her eyes, shutting out the overstimulation as she'd been taught. She tried to find a few details apart from the emotions to anchor herself. Underneath everything else there was something very faintly familiar permeating the air. The sharp smell of fresh spice- no, more than that. The smell of yarrock. The same barely remembered smell as the pirate warrens of the Iridonian desert, her earliest home before she was even a Youngling. Yarrock, like her Father made. Like her Mother sold. Warriors used it to give themselves courage in battle, gamblers used it to give them confidence, help them bluff. There was a sound too, from those faded infant days. At the bar closest to her a tangle of people were singing off-key in Huttese. It was an old pirate drinking song, like her mother and her crew used to sing.

Goldie gave the girl a concerned beep, but Mid slowly grinned a pointed grin and opened her eyes. She had nothing to fear here, if she was wily and careful. These were her mother's people. These were her kind of scum. Mid patted Goldie's dome and flowed into the crowd.

It was time to find Master Airus, finally. But she wanted to see what was up with that red-skinned dancing girl too...
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The Galactic Vices Casino & Resort

Throughout the grandiose halls of the casino, a loud klaxxon could be heard ringing for just barely a moment. A signal meant to gather the attendants of the casino's attention for an announcement. What immediately followed was a booming voice in huttese, from Krembal announcing that the auction would be starting soon. Immediately after, the pleasant voice of one of his many twi'lek slaves translated the words into basic for those who did not speak huttese. Immediately after the announcement, the entire atmosphere changed as the music suddenly stopped booming and the lighting changed to draw a focus on the stand which held all the goods being auctioned off. Meanwhile, a large amount of the patrons gambling on the floor stood up almost as one and began to make their way over towards the seating for the auction. A small buzz drumming up from the conversation as many made idle talk to amuse themselves until things truly got moving.

Meanwhile, the guards from around the casino all quietly moved to positions where they could easily see the goings on of the auction, and step in if it was needed from them. The focus clearly being on that which was going down before the hutt as opposed to the gambling. After all, most of the patrons on this day were here for the rather expensive goods. Many would go to any lengths to leave with the goods they had come with the hopes of obtaining. There would be no such chaos or violence within the casino of the great Krembal the Hutt, and as such the guards seemed to be in force and on edge as the auction was reaching the point of beginning in earnest. The protocol droid which would be officiating the bidding had made its way to the central podium set up in front of the goods being auctioned. From here it would control the bidding and the flow of the auction, while the goods would be shown off by a helper who was currently on their way to the stand. Along with all these changes about how the guards and casino looked, there was also a healthy amount of tension in the air as prospective bidders all eyed each other with suspicious glares. Wary of their neighbor who might try to steal their precious loot.

However, all was not moving along as smoothly as one might've hoped for if they were running such a high stakes event as Krembal. In the guts of the casino, where employees went to load or unload goods, a group of figures who did not seem to fit the typical employees gathered. They did not do much beyond making their way through the halls with a definitive purpose. But still, there was an air of hostility about these shadowy figures. Ones who wore armor completely over their bodies to conceal their true identities. While the patrons of the casino upfront prepared for the auction, this group prepared for something else entirely in the guts of the building.


The girl had been in the middle of one of her various dance routines, as patrons in the immediate area stared at the twi'lek dancing for some very obvious reasons. Their lecherous looks only earning them disdainful, and rather abrasive, thoughts from the twi'lek. Though she betrayed no such emotions on her features for fear of what her owners might do if she acted out of line. Then, the girl was interrupted by her platform suddenly starting to move backwards across the casino. The klaxxon sounding not long after the movement began, as she knew that the time for the auction had come. Her thoughts turned even darker as she knew that it meant selling off the one person she truly cared about in this damned hellhole that had become her home. The girl's gaze drifted slowly over the crowd of patrons who were waiting for the auction to start as her platform passed overhead.

As the platform stopped at the edge of the stand which held the items being auctioned, she obediently stepped off of the platform after the barriers dropped and onto the stand. Which then began to hum itself as new barriers came up around the items and herself. Keeping the prized slave from trying to escape, as well as the more... daring patrons from attempting to steal the items. The girl made her way over towards the cage holding the blue twi'lek slave on the platform, sauntering slightly with her walk to keep the gaze of some of the patrons on herself. This way she was keeping them interested in the goods Krembal had to offer, as was her job that day. Though as she passed by the cage, the girl's lips moved quickly. Those paying close enough attention to the lethan, and who understood Ryl, would be able to detect the hints of an apology to the girl. As the twi'lek apologized for the role she would play in selling this woman off to some unknown bidder.

Then, the auction began as the droid started introducing the first item on the docket that day. The jedi relics that the great, and powerful Krembal had managed to recover. To the twi'lek, they did not seem to carry much value. Just some weird looking pieces of tech, but it was not her place to understand what was being sold. Instead, as the protocol droid talked about the relics and hyped them up before opening the floor to take bids on the relics. Meanwhile, the red-skinned girl quickly made her way over to the relics and did her best to show them off. Ensuring to that she kept the attention of those in crowd with her actions, even as she showed off the relics. Though the looks that she received as she did her actions, and what she would have to help auction off later only served to darken the girl's mood. To make her hope that something would happen to ruin the whole auction.

Though perhaps she should be careful what she wished for...
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