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Specifically from the past three months. Why are all the freakin' holidays smashed into a single twelve week period????

I know my rp partners are probably either tired of waiting (and hearing me apologize >>; ) or just tuned out completely.

How do you guys deal with the stress of wanting to write but not being able to and the anxiety of thinking people hate you? Sorry, that last question got a little far away from the title lol.
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Hey, you posted this question in the wrong section, try here instead.
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I get incredibly burnt out when I'm the only one posting, so I'm pretty burnt out 24/7.
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As someone who cannot possibly live for the whims of people's roleplay threads, I'd be a hypocrite to think waiting a bit is even unusual.

Good communication is my remedy. If others subscribe to it is another matter, but it's always made a situation better in my case.
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@Maxbrady For me I work on one at a time. Don't even look at the others until you've finished the first one, so it's fresh in your mind. Something that also helps me is by reading it before I go to bed and so when I finally get a chance to sit at my computer after class/work I've had time to process their reply and start thinking about what I might write. That all said, just taking a few months away from roleplaying helped me really come back feeling fresh.

Also, coffee and a cigarette helps me too, but don't do drugs kids.
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