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  • Name: Suzuki Tomoko
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human(about 88% human, according to her)
  • Appearance: A petite girl with pale blonde hair and green eyes. Due to her small size, youthful looks, and less mature figure, she is mistaken for younger then she actually is. Her right arm appears to be bandaged, and her left leg is a mundane, albeit very well-made and effective, prosthetic.
  • Personality: Suzuki Tomoko is highly intelligent and capable, to begin with, something she takes a fair amount of pride in. At the same time, she is also incredibly eccentric. She has no doubt in her own capability to solve problems(or create a sufficiently believable explanation for a problem if solving it does not seem like something she can do) for youkai and humans who are involved with youkai. She seems to have little concern for manipulating others in this light, provided it puts their minds at ease if she cannot manage a more concrete solution. Tomoko also has no issue effectively emotionally browbeating others to assist her. She is well aware of danger, and will use the threat of danger to herself in order to get others to assist her. After all, allowing a small girl with only one arm and one leg to walk into danger would be wrong, wouldn't it? At the same time, however, she has an utter lack of concern over danger to herself, cheerfully walking into life-threatening situations with confidence. Perhaps this is because she usually has some kind of plan to tackle a given situation, or perhaps she's just that confident in her ability to think on the fly. Tomoko is fairly energetic and outgoing individual in spite of this manipulative nature, quite friendly to most humans and youkai she comes across. She enjoys being praised, will do things just for the sake of looking cute or what she thinks is impressive(posing like a magical girl when 'summoning' spirits can't possibly be necessary, right? Right?), and is generally rather odd in terms of many of her behaviors. She can also be rather competitive, and clingy if she takes a special liking to someone. She is also rather unconcerned by the loss of her right arm and left leg, deeming it a worthwhile loss for her current position. Finally, Tomoko is also rather blunt when she wants to be, holding back not a single punch when it comes to such matters.
  • Abilities: Tomoko's position as the Intermediary between Humans and Youkai permits her some different capabilities. To begin with, she is capable of touching and perceiving the intangible. Spirits with no form are like physical objects to her, and she is capable of interacting with them as easily as she can any other object. Additionally, youkai can recognize her instantly on sight, effectively so they know who to talk to. She is also capable of onmoyodo, especially in terms of anti-spirit and anti-youkai spells. This extends to things such as exorcisms and spiritual barriers, as well as some basic invocations. She doesn't really need them to contact spirits, given her nature, but she thinks it looks flashy.
  • Skills: Tomoko is highly intelligent, excellent at deduction. She is also very capable of spinning "potential truths" as she calls them, based on what information she has. She is also more capable of fighting then some would expect, largely due to her nature as the Intermediary between Humans and Youkai, though someone truly skilled would likely overcome her effectively.
  • Equipment: Tomoko's right arm no longer exists. The bandages are actually a replacement, inscribed with a variety of spells on the inside. This replacement is far stronger then the rest of her body, capable of harming more powerful youkai much more easily. She cannot feel anything with it, in spite of its supernatural nature. Her left leg, however, is an ordinary prosthetic. It does allow for sufficient movement to walk normally even without a cane, though her family insists she use one. When strained too much, it will come off on its own to avoid Tomoko harming herself. She also carries numerous ofuda in a bag in order to carry out exorcisms when necessary.
  • Brief Backstory: In most respects, Tomoko was an ordinary girl for most of her life. While her family was from an onmyouji bloodline, they were fairly lax and taught mostly the basics. So in terms of her life experiences, there was little that was out of the ordinary. That is, until she reached ten years old in age. On a day out with her family, Tomoko suddenly disappeared. Four years later, she reappeared, having been granted status as the Intermediary between Humans and Youkai in exchange for her right arm and left leg. Concluding this was a worthwhile trade, she has pursued this duty with gusto for the next six years, even recruiting assistants through dubious means in order to increase her effectiveness.
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  • Name: Ibaraki Akari
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Oni
  • Appearance: She's definitely on the short side... and the completely flat side. Akari is one of those highschool students (technically) that everyone eagerly mistakes for a middle school student. At best.
  • Personality: Everyone expects an oni to be brash, confident (at least until defeated), and rowdy. At the very least you expect them to be loud or somehow aggressive. This is all completely untrue of Akari, who is happiest communicating with everyone via technology rather than in person, and would much like to be back in her room undisturbed. Even when you get past the extreme shyness by enough association or shared interests, she's still meek, worried about her own strength, and disturbingly skittish. With an extra irrational fear of samurai, which is definitely a bit odd for a girl who's worn traditional clothing every day of her life until she was forced to start attending school again.
  • Abilities: Akari is a shockingly powerful oni, for someone that has had no reason to exercise her natural abilities to any extent. Despite her unimposing physique, there are very few people who are going to be winning if it's simply a contest of pitting strength against one another. She's about as difficult to seriously injure; blunt force is mostly useless without some serious strength behind it, and simply cutting her often requires magical assistance or massive force. Plus, like her mother, if it's not cut off entirely it will doubtless heal fine, and losing limbs would be more of a (physical) inconvenience than life-threatening.
    Although she hasn't any practice at using it, Akari has inherited Ibaraki's affinity for Heat--not just heat in the direct sense, but heat as a driving force for changes. It's this affinity that led Ibaraki-douji so easily to shapeshifting, and allows for just reattaching missing body parts later.
  • Skills: None of any particular use! She's actually rather clumsy, which is bad because of the strength that comes from being an oni. This also extends to a tendency to trip on things and fall down stairs, though that's more disorienting and worrying for people watching rather than actually dangerous to Akari.
  • Equipment: "Mum said I should bring an iron club if something dangerous happens..." She also has a phone, "a little spending money" day to day--that is, enough money that anything of interest to a sixteen year old oni is fine--and a perfectly-accurate seeming ID that nevertheless claims Akari to be an adult, because oni and alcohol are inseparable. Obviously, the club is inappropriate for school.
  • Brief Backstory: As her name attests, Akari is closely related to the Ibaraki-douji. Extremely closely; Ibaraki is her mother and Akari doesn't have the faintest clue who her father is. This, in and of itself, makes her the closest thing a rowdy bunch like oni can have to royalty--and also, with the benefit of being born into an extremely small family that has had a thousand years of practice avoiding danger and past banditry, used to the wealth that implies.
    Akari spent most of her childhood in a very traditional home, essentially secluded from the non-supernatural world, and told all the supernatural stories one might expect. Of course, the viewpoint was skewed--the role of hero and villain constantly inverted, with the samurai and exorcists vilified for going after oni that were only acting according to their natural desires and compulsions. Given the obvious problems that a supernaturally strong child with some innate drive to prey on humanity could fall into, this also meant a distinct lack of school attendance.
    They moved to a more modern house, one actually positioned conveniently for school, when it was time for Akari to start middle school. After attending for a few days, she just... stopped, the ease with which she had accidentally hurt someone in sports and the pressure of pretending to be human--on top of her own limited experience with so many people--just overwhelming the young oni. Although she somewhat kept up with the schoolwork, a large amount of Akari's time has instead found itself devoted to popular entertainment--light novels, anime, and so on.
    Ibaraki is hardly someone one would expect to be an experienced parent... or skilled at addressing this in a manner more appropriate than "fight it out", which would hardly help in this situation, so she mostly left her be until it was time for high school--and made sure to get an exemption from gym classes this time. Akari isn't happy to be in school at all, but she's been roped into a club that seemingly won't let her just stay away... and at least there's no worry about accidentally hurting people in physical activities.
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Name: Abe Yuuto (安倍 優斗)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human

A gentle looking young man, with big ears, and a wide mouth. Thin black eyes, thick eyebrows and short, straight brown hair swept to the side. Fairly lanky looking, but with broad shoulders. Stands at 174cm in height. Big hands.

A rare sort in that what you see is what you get - Yuuto doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Though not one to seek confrontations, he is not one to back down from them either - or rather, he becomes extremely stubborn about it, seeing them as a challenge for himself.

Happy to lend an ear to someone's troubles, and equally happy to offer his help, Yuuto has a natural inclination to soothing the suffering of others. Still, despite his sympathetic nature, he has a tendency to be a loner. With regards to this, his mindset is basically to help others' but not involve others with his problems. Oftentimes this leads to self-sacrificing tendencies that border on suicidal.

Feels the weight of his bloodline, and the duty that comes with it, acutely. He'd rather not let it define him as a person, however, he cannot deny the amount of influence it's had on his life.

As an onmiyoji, he possesses a variety of abilities useful in combating the supernatural world. As a direct exorcist, and fighter, he's not the most proficient of the group, however he's capable of forming strong barriers and seals. Where he truly shines, however, is his techniques in information gathering and detection. Yuuto can see bits of the past, present and future, see into the true nature of people and yokai. He is otherwise able to make use of shikigami that can do battle for him, or act as physical scouts. Depending on the difficulty and magnitude, doing so will take more time and often requires materials for rituals.

Though not a natural fighter, he is decently athletic, a bit above the average for his age. Observant and intelligent, his is well studied on folklore and history, and is quite good at reading others. A graceful dancer, specializing in ritual dances.

Brief Backstory:
A direct descendant of the famous Abe no Seimei, Yuuto's spiritual powers became evident at a young age. However, while the duty of the Abe bloodline as exorcists was never truly done, in the modern era, his family were not even aware of their ancestry.

But blood does not lie, and the blood of Seimei would not be denied. Even if he had tried to walk away from the moonlit path, he would be dragged into it. It is fortunate then, that he had decided to embrace it - not the least because his frequently increasing dreams of the memories of Abe no Seimei. It is fortunate that not all of his blood had abandoned their duties, though not were quite as gifted as him. He studied under his uncle, a kannushi of a local shrine that had at least some experience in dealing with the supernatural world.

That he met Suzuki Tomoko was nothing more than the miracle of coincidence, though at times he felt like it was divine providence. He had failed to enter his first choice of school due to sickness, and had instead enrolled in Miyama. It would be the first time he encountered someone like him - though not a true onmyoji, but rather a mediator of the dark side of the world.
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