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- A Magical Incursion Roleplay

This Roleplay is based off my original Magic Incursion Roleplay that has been rebooted oh so many times here on RPG. This roleplay is set in the exact same universe, however is set ten years before (2009) the events of the original Magic Incursion.

Magic might be the thing of fantasy to most people, but little do they know that magic does indeed exist. Hidden in the shadow of society the magi roam, doing everything they can to keep their existence as secret as possible. Humanity just isn’t ready to accept the existence of magic.

There was a time, back before recorded history, where the Magi and Non-Magi lived in harmony. Magic was common knowledge and together, they began the process of taming the wild earth. Like everything else in the world, humans and their personalities got in the way. The world of the Magi began to fracture. There were those who wanted to use their magic to dominate the Non-Magi, who called themselves Corpus, while others believed that it was their job to protect the Non-Magi. They eventually formed what we know as The Guild today.

Inevitably the split occurred and the two sides went to war with one another. The Non-Magi stood back and watched as the entire world was nearly destroyed by the short lived conflict. The war eventually ended with the defeat of Corpus and its members. But The Guild, now victors, never saw what was coming. While the war ensued the Non-Magi of the world had begun to band together, even temporarily, just to bring down the Magi. Deeming them too dangerous to be allowed to live.

Weakened from their own internal war, the Magi didn’t stand a chance and began to flee and fracture further. Numbers dropped over the centuries more and more, until now roughly 1% of the world's population are Magi. The Guild, who had once preached co-operation with the Non-Magi, now had instead begun forcing the Magi world into hiding. Since then it has pretty much been the status quo; The Guild enforce the rules to ensure that Magic is kept a secret. The methods they do to achieve this can at times be draconian. They are by no means angels, but the majority of the Magi population understand that they need to remain hidden.

Every now and again however, the pot begins to bubble. People start to become annoyed at their forced isolation. They begin to feel caged and want to break free. This is where the Guild has had to step in and remind people that there isn’t a place for that kind of thinking. That same cycle is currently underway in the Satsuma province in Japan. Resentment and distrust towards the Guild and its practices have now formed into an organised resistance. Originally the Asian branch of the Guild had tried to suppress news of the rebellion, only to end up fanning the flames more. Now the Guild has lost control of the province and is in over its head.

A simple request has landed in the hands of the current Guild leader in New York: Send help. However, it isn't as easy as just marching an army across on the next plane. Any kind of large attack could possibly reveal the existence of Magic. Instead a more delicate approach is required. So instead of an army, a team has been assembled. Small enough to move around unnoticed but strong enough to get the job done. You have been selected to be a part of this team, to fly out to Japan and put this rebellion down for good.

Magic Explained

Magi gain their power from a tattoo like-birthmark on their body. The birthmark can appear anywhere on their body though most are easily concealable. Some are indeed larger than others and at one point it was thought that the larger a mark was the stronger the Magi was. This was recently proven as not being true.

Upon being born the birthmark starts off as a small black dot and develops into a full birthmark in the teen years. It is at this point powers begin to develop. Magi users do however only have one power. Some of the most powerful people in the world do wield multiple powers, but the cases of this are significantly rare and usually is limited to the leaders of the four Great families.

They are many forms of magic and powers. Elementalists are the more common magi powers, but are restricted to a single element each. Asides from that you have illusionists who can go invisible, or perhaps even change the reality that others see. New and exciting powers are popping up all the time so who knows what we will find.

You might have noticed that this is quite lore light for an original universe. However that is far from the case. I have a large amount of lore in the background I am holding onto, I just want to gauge interest and see who would be up for this kind of thing before committing. Plus i like to allow alot of freedom when people join, as players tend to have interesting ideas of their own.

I will be looking for a small group for this one maxing at around 5-6 people. If more people apply than can join then tough decisions will have to be made. Writing level will be around two paragraphs perhaps more for certain scenes. If enough people show interest I will post up a chars sheet for people to get started, then open the OOC.

Look forward to hearing from you all :)
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Count me as interested!
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How important is the lore from the previous RPs this is based on? I'm asking from a perspective of how much should I be expected to know.I'm interested, but it wanes if I need to do considerable research about it prior.
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@Randomness So, you won't need to know anything about what happened in the previous RPs. One of the advantages of having it set before everything happened. Everything that you will need to know will be posted in the OOC :)
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Count me interested!
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Sounds fun. Consider me interested.
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Tentative interest.
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I will also throw some interest.
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Same here. Definitely interested.
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Throwing in my interest.
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