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  • Name: Amami Yoshitatsu
  • Age: 19
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: A bit tall for his age.
  • Personality: Yoshitatsu is the type of person who would rather avoid conflict if at all possible. As a young lord of the Amami clan, he does still have a sense of righteousness in his actions—that the people of the region under his purview are still his responsibility—but his own desire to cast that off and let someone else handle it if possible makes him seem a bit hypocritical at times. This does not mean that he will run away from conflict should it arise, though; in his eyes, cowardice is far more of a sin, and to let others die while he turns a blind eye is something that would not sit right with him regardless of the circumstances.
    To those that are less familiar with the young lord, Yoshitatsu seems to be unreliable and lackadaisical, but his true nature is that of someone who works toward what he desires with the least amount of effort and, more often than not, for a sake not always his own. Being in line for succession of the Amami clan has also led more than a few people to attempt to curry favor with him, but the passing of his eldest brother has taught him to keep those sorts of people at arm's length.
  • History: The third son of Amami Ikehara, the head of the Amami clan, Yoshitatsu was often left off to the side while his brothers competed for the limelight. Content as he was spending his days relaxing in the castle, though, the ever-present threat of war meant that his father's retainers often chastised him for never putting any effort in. He, of course, saw no meaning in such a thing; his siblings were skilled in strategy and combat, and with them it seemed that the clan's future was secure.
    But alas, complacency and misfortune came hand-in-hand. His eldest brother, Amami Sakazuki, was fatally wounded on a hunting excursion when Yoshitatsu was 11—an assassination, or so the retainers with him had stated. The next in line, Amami Shinsuke, rose to the position of heir in his absence, which, while understandable, led to rumors surrounding the eldest's passing and whether or not it was an internal power struggle all along.
    While the brothers had until then been on somewhat stable (if not occasionally suspect) terms until then, Sakazuki's passing placed a new burden upon Yoshitatsu's shoulders—one that everyone else had, admittedly, already been projecting onto him until then, but one that the young lord had chosen to ignore.
    After all, if he was the one left in command, what would become of them?
    Rather than continue to be berated and battered by his elders for his apparent lack of effort, Yoshitatsu chose to leave the confines of the Amami estate at 18. 'Touring the province to understand it and gain experience firsthand' was a somewhat flimsy excuse, all things considered, but to his brother Shinsuke such a choice was something he would gladly support.
    For what reasons, though, only the heir could say.
  • Abilities/Skills: As a son of the Amami clan, Yoshitatsu was made to learn the art of warfare from a young age. His apparent disinterest in fighting or strategy comes more from a desire to live a simple life, and though his tutors claimed him a young prodigy with both the bow and sword, his aptitude for them was never made to grow—or, at least, not while he was content living with his family. Life on the road has taught him how to fight for the sake of survival, and though matters of grand strategy are still somewhat foreign to him, some scant lessons before his departure from the castle which he once called home remain lodged somewhere within his mind.
    Of course, traveling the province has also made him learn more basic survival skills; learning how to cook, maintaining his armaments, and even some basic animal care have all been instilled within his mind. He is still a 'young lord' at heart, which means that he will attempt to dodge that responsibility if he can help it, but at the very least he is able to derive some enjoyment from doing things on his own terms.
  • Other: N/A
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  • Name: Chise
  • Age: 18
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: A petite and frail-looking girl. Perhaps deceptively so. Exceptionally short in height, allowing her to disguise as a child quite easily if required.
  • Personality: It is said that the Shiga Clan's's shinobi are prized for the virtue of loyalty. Once they have pledged their services, they are unwavering in their willingness to carry out assignments for their master. Even the threat of torture cannot dissuade a member of the Shiga. Chise, perhaps, exemplifies this trait. Her loyalty to her master is absolute. Her duties are paramount. A deeply serious girl, she places her assignments before herself, and will do everything she can to accomplish them. It is likely that this behavior is ultimately fueled by gratitude. Gratitude to her clan for raising her, and towards her master for choosing her. However, it is inaccurate to say that she is consumed by duty at all times. Chise has a sarcastic streak, and is more then willing to make dry comments at that which she perceives as foolish or idiotic. While she rarely raises her voice, her displeasure can easily be perceived by the amount of dry insults she uses. She is somewhat awkward in social situations, tending to remain somewhat quiet when she's not being sarcastic, and topics she finds embarrassing will be quick to reduce her to a stuttering, blushing mess. In spite of this, she does all that she can to remain composed. Additionally, Chise is highly proud of her skills. While she is unlikely to openly brag, she is quite swift to use the origins of her training for intimidation purposes when necessary. She is deeply fond of her adoptive father.
  • History: An orphaned girl who was adopted by the leader of the Shiga Clan. Before this point, her memories are rather foggy, aside from recalling death and pain around her. As Chise grew, she was educated in the art of ninjutsu, to become a shinobi who would silently hunt her master's foes and strike from the shadows. Whether this was out of a desire for an adopted child to inherit his techniques, a cynical and manipulative move aimed at producing a skilled shinobi, or some combination of both, is known only to the clan's leader. Regardless, her training was fruitful in producing a shadow willing to take lives, and one who places her loyalty at the forefront of her mind. Chise was eventually selected to serve her current master at a relatively early age due to her promise, and she has continued to serve them ever since. The only thing likely to shake her from her duty is the plight of young children. She will not harm children.
  • Abilities/Skills: A highly capable shinobi, especially given her age. Chise is adept in the art of ninjutsu, exploiting her small statue for the sake of stealth and infiltration. Her small size also deceptively conceals her willingness to kill. Not only capable in stealth, she is also proficient in direct combat. In spite of her small size, her physical capabilities can be considered exceptional, especially her agility. Chise is skilled in swordplay and the use of the tools of a shinobi, possessing a katana as well as a supply of smoke bombs, small hand explosives, kunai, and shuriken. She is also capable of utilizing some shinobi techniques that permit the creation of illusory doppelgangers, vanishing completely into the shadows, and even the use of water-based elemental traps.
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  • Name: Akimitsu Chihiro
  • Age: 22
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: Somewhat tall for a woman of Tenkai.
  • Personality: Chihiro may initially come off as somewhat reserved, as well as rather serious-minded and somewhat stoic, but those who get to know her find out she's a rather polite, friendly and compassionate young woman. She tries her best to play the part of the ideal samurai, which in her mind is a noble and honourable defender of justice and smiter of evil, someone who tries their hardest to protect the smiles of others no matter what. She has a very strong sense of honour and justice, and will faithfully serve her lord unless she deems them to be corrupt and wicked. Any impressions of Chihiro's supposed stoicism are shattered when she is in battle, where her true nature shines through and she begins making proclamations about her being the sword the smites evil and other such hotblooded nonsense. This side of her even shows when faced with any kind of competition, and try as she might to hide it she's actually got a rather competitive streak to her. In modern parlance you could say she's kind of a dork, really, albeit a well-meaning one. Whilst she has many admirers (both male and female), Chihiro is actually somewhat oblivious to matters of romance and sexuality.
  • History: When Akimitsu Toshiaki was struck down in battle, his family faced a crisis. Whilst the eldest son would usually inherit his father's title and land, Akimitsu Kazuyuki had always been sickly and frail since birth, and many doubted his ability to properly fufil the duties of a samurai. His younger sister Chihiro had recieved training in matters both courtly and martial as a stopgap, but the fact remained that whilst Kazuyuki's condition had stabilized he showed no signs of getting any better. Thus, whilst there was still some opposition from the more strictly traditionalist members of the family, the only solution they could come to was for Chihiro to take on her father's duties until either she or Kazuyuki were able to produce a more fitting heir. Despite how much more grueling her training became because of this decision, Chihiro soldiered on and strived to become the epitome of what a samurai should be, for to do otherwise would not only put her brother at risk of being forced to take up the duties despite his weak state but it would also bring dishonour to her father's memory. In the ten years since her Toshiaki's passing, Chihiro has become a famed samurai in her own right, her prowess on the battlefield and dedication to the cause of justice and honour winning her many admirers and even convincing some (but not all) of her initial doubters that the decision to make her a samurai was indeed the correct one.
  • Abilities/Skills: Chihiro is an exceptionally skilled swordswoman, and wields the ancestral katana Zanmataisei. Not only is the blade masterfully crafted (and rumoured to have been forged by the kami themselves), but it is unbreakable as long as the wielder upholds the cause of justice and harbours a special enmity towards evil; when used against evil spirits and youkai, and some especially wicked humans, it inflicts wounds that take much longer to heal than they usually would. As part of her training in the martial arts, Chihiro is able to manipulate her ki and usually channels it through Zanmataisei; amongst the techniques she is capable of are coating the blade in ki to increase its cutting power and firing off a blast of energy with a slash.
  • Other:
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