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Very few people have not heard the story of the Wicked City, though not many have actually seen the city spoken of in the many legends that surround it, mostly because those who enter almost never make it back out.

Situated by the coast up in the cold north, at the foot of a large mountain range and surrounded with wide open plains on one side and dense forests on the other, the Wicked City at first glance doesn't stand out much, though if stories from the few lucky ones who made it out are to believed, it is also completely abandoned and devoid of life.

Nobody knows how old the city really is, who used to live there, or where it's inhabitants went. It appears on no old maps either, as no kingdoms spread their territory up to include it, leaving it as a rumour until it was eventually officially discovered.

Nowadays, the city is the subject of many horror stories and mysteries. Occasionally, someone organizes an expedition to explore the city, but they rarely make it off the ground. Those that do either end in failure before they make it there, or are never heard from again. The city is very consistent in that nobody who goes there ever returns.

Which is a problem for you.

Because you've found yourself within the Wicked City.

Will you be able to make it out? Perhaps even unravel it's mysteries?

Or will you be one of the many who vanish within it

Hello and welcome, dear reader, to this interest check of mine! My name is Cotton!

I've been wanting to get another RP up and going for a while now, but Life and Motivation issues have blocked any of my efforts. Until now!

This RP will be centered around the characters finding themselves stranded within a mysterious city that is commonly said to be cursed, and it will focused a lot on exploration/mystery as the characters work together to survive and unravel the mystery of the Wicked City.

The exact details of the setting beyond the Wicked City itself are still a bit WIP, but I intend to leave a reasonable amount of room for player creativity when determining your character's backstory.

Tech level wise, the most advanced nations have mastered steam power and are experiencing a bit of an industrial revolution. Swords and bows and such are still the dominant weapons in the world, as firearms are extremely rare ever since powerful mages began working together to ensure their presence in the armies of various nations stayed as minimal of possible; guns are reliably capable of taking out even a very powerful mage.

As such, magic still very much plays a key role in the world, but the amount of mages has been steadily decreasing. More and more often magic-sensitive children are born to households who stand no chance to afford a tutor to help teach them how to put their talents to use.

Beyond that, I'll be providing some more detail on races/nations/etc in the actual thread when I get around to making it.

But for now, do let me know if you're interested, and if you have any questions in advance!

But most importantly, thank you for reading, and have a great day~!
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Sounds interesting, though I might have to look at a bit more of the worldbuilding to decide if I want to jump in or not.

A question; how much will we be expecting fights vs character interactions?
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A question; how much will we be expecting fights vs character interactions?

I'm striving for mainly character interaction, but fights will still happen - it just won't be an endless strings of fights, fights and more fights.
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I'm interested
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Very interesting! Would love to learn about this more & create with you as well (:
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