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Character of note:

Chamberlain of the Grey, Adelina Leofcild, head archivist, only the Anderfels wardens maintains multiple archivist, technically the head archivist outranks all but the high constable and first warden. Adelina was raised among the order after being found abandoned in the woods, if given to the Qunari as a mage she would have suffered greatly. Raised in Weisshaupt, she has seen countless Warden's come and go all of them family to her.

Warden archivist Ashlea of Clan Eolas, one of best researchers in Weisshaupt. Formerly an apprentice Keeper, now a Blood Mage and student of Avernus. She is one of the first mages to train in and experiment in removing the taint from plant life, though she believes the next phase to begin testing on living animals and people. Assigned to pathfinder teams to test spells on on blight ridden areas in the deeproads.

Forge Master, Dunek Rouka, part of the new positions created during the reforms. Warden-recuirts whose service is in skill rather than battle. Rather than commissioning individual craftsmen would now have their own in house craftsmen most hailing from the surface dwarves. The blacksmiths, masons, and carpenters are not joined members of the order, they have helped to standardize and improve upon warden equipment, as well plan restorations of the orders many fortresses. The Forge Master is the head of these non-combatant wardens.

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