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First Character

Name: Rufus Grindstone


Age: 25

Race: Anthro [Werewolf]

Gender: Male

Personality: Rufus Grindstone is a guy with a very rough personality. He can be quite pushy and is easily seen as an overbearing bully. Rufus has little interest in ‘personal space’ and will nonchalantly get in anyone’s face. Of course being so forward has its obvious downsides and often he will get into trouble, though in an impromptu scrap he will often come on top so acting friendly never was high on his priority list. If there is something he wants he’ll use anything at his disposal to get it, which usually results in intimidation.

He is not all bite, thankfully, and at least has some redeeming qualities. Rufus will be the first to confront another bully for instance and will often jump to anyone’s defense if they are threatened. Rufus also has a tendency to do little things for those he considers his friends, small good deeds like procuring that last cream puff in a shop window, buying a drink, taking first watch if needed, perhaps even opening a door for a lady, just small little things people might consider a bit insignificant. Even when he does good deeds though, usually his presentation is still quite gruff and not exactly inviting so often the effect is rather ruined by his attitude.

Bio: Rufus Grindstone has a hereditary curse of the werewolf. Actually it is unknown if his species was just born that way or if he really had a human ancestor that someone contracted the werewolf curse. In any event that does not matter, all that does is that Rufus is gifted in the fact that he can mingle with the humans in his human form, and gain great power in werewolf form. He grew up in one of the thriving Earth cities and was quickly on his way to becoming a top dog in town. Always a bit reckless and having a bit of a mean streak, he liked to watch others cower in fear at this claws and fangs.

While naturally more powerful than most others in werewolf form, rather early in his young, nearly criminal career, he was beaten rather profoundly by a human fighter. This early defeat quickly made him realize he needed to train to be better and he learned about how to control his Ki extremely quickly, being a somewhat natural fighter. Once he learned about precise Ki control he once again found himself dominating most scuffles but he realized he was on a rather pathetic path and actually started being helpful by training himself for the Earth Defense Forces. Now he fights and intimidates criminals and Earth’s enemies, when he’s not basically doing the same thing to those around him.

Aura Color: White

Preferred Fighting Style:
A strong and nimble fighter, Rufus was born for close quarters combat. He likes to charge quickly in to bring the pain to his opponents as he boosts his own power and claws with his Ki.

Signature Combat Techniques:

Crescent Slash: Rufus lashes out with his claws, charged with his Ki. When he strikes lines of Ki trail behind his claws, like the tail-lights on a car at night, then the Ki jumps out in front of his slash, striking and tearing into his opponent even if his claws never touch them. The move often catches opponents off guard the first time they see it. The move essentially extends his own claw range but is only effective in close quarters combat as the Ki slashes lose potency exponentially the farther they travel.

Blood Frenzy: Dashes at an opponent with a claw to slash at them, passes them, then immediately stops, pumps Ki into his legs and jumps back at his opponent to claw them again. Due do his agility he is able to do this quick, fly by attack up to five times in quick succession before he needs to disengage and try something else.

Death Fangs: As a werewolf Rufus has sharp fangs with which he can bite his opponents, even through armor. When Rufus bites and enemy he will charge Ki in his mouth, let go, often kicking his opponent to gain distance, and fire a white Ki blast at the area he just bit. The bite helps open up a hole in his enemy’s defenses for his Ki blast to slam through with gusto.

Alpha Wolf Mode: When Rufus needs to go all out he can kick his body into overdrive, his hair grows, turning rather wild, and all his muscles bulge and vein up. Speed, power, and Ki drastically rise during this time and he becomes unnaturally blood-thirsty. This overdrive also causing an extreme heightening of all his senses, which is the mode’s true strength as if allows him to fairly accurately predict enemy moves to counter and dodge them. At the moment Rufus is unable to effectively control his heightened state and so has trouble thinking clearly when in Alpha Mode. He also has not reached a point where he can naturally enter the state and needs outside stimulus in the form of a special pill developed for his use.

Second Character

Name: Jeene Quark (Nickname: Qwirky)


Age: 22

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Personality: Jeene is a very driven individual who can easily forget that people have a certain necessity called sleep. She works hard at whatever she does and is always attempting to create new equipment and at times, robots. An engineer to the core she has a bazillion ideas to try out and takes great pride in her work. Any flaws in design or performance just make her that more determined to do better the next time. There is almost nothing that can keep this girl down as she’ll keep plunging on ahead, at least until sleep catches up with her. Because of her unique personality and talents, she was given the nickname Qwirky which slightly resembles her adopted name.

Bio: Jeene was born to a loving family; however very early on her family realized they did not have the means to support a child. Worried for Jeene’s safety and future, she was put up for adoption and was picked up by a well-off family with fairly close ties to Capsule Corp. This inviting, though sometimes competitive atmosphere, created by the Quark’s own children, allowed Jeene to tinker and experiment to her heart’s content, as long as she got some kind of result. Expecting great things from her forced the young girl to become proficient at what she did and soon her talents were recognized by those around her, though at times this caused tension with the Quark’s blood children who saw her talent as a threat.

Jeene always knew she was adopted and actually managed to keep in tabs with her real parents over the years. She does not hold anything against them, realizing they took the best action they could at the time and is even grateful for how that situation turned out. Jeene was blocked out of any real inheritance from her adopted parents but considering her talents there was little need to rely on them forever, so she set out as an inventor and engineer for a sub-group of Capsule Corp.

Jeene has always noticed that she tends to have a lot more strength and stamina than those around her. According to her true parents, she has blood-ties to a hero from the past, though which hero is unknown to them. Whatever the reason for her incredible vitality it certainly helped her become the competent engineer and part-time fighter, she is today. Jeene uses her inventive side to create gadgets, armor, and weapons for her own and others’ uses.

Aura Color: Cyan

Preferred Fighting Style:

Jeene tries to make sure she can sufficiently fight an enemy at all distances and practices for such encounters. She tends to fight from a distance more often to prevent wear and tear on her equipment when she can help it however.

Special Equipment: Jeene has fashioned for herself some very sophisticated equipment to help boost her abilities. As the equipment has been customized for her own use others would find it not suited to their needs without modification. When not carrying the equipment on her person, she has a compartment on her work belt that contains it all in capsules so she can pop them out at any time.

Ki Enhancement Gauntlets: Due to her work tinkering, she does not have as much time to train her body as other fighters so she came up with these gauntlets to help her more easily tap into latent Ki reserves. The gauntlets, along with helping ease the flow of Ki in her body to her hands for extra striking and Ki blast power. They also work as makeshift shields to protect herself, which she can enhance with her Ki.

Multi-Launcher: A canon that can be loaded with special ammo, also contained in capsules that are loaded into the gun directly. Special shots include a Ki-Enhanced Capture Net, Flash-Bangs, Incinerary Rounds, and at times robots. The canon is used mostly for strategic uses rather than as a weapon since most strong fighters can use Ki blasts for quicker and stronger results.

Skate Shoes: These special shoes allow Jeene to jet across the ground without having to run. While most skilled fighters can just fly, these shoes allow Jeene to keep two feet planted firmly on the ground while still moving which can prove to be a critical advantage while on the defensive. Also this allows her to dodge without moving hardly a muscle, making it harder for an opponent to read her movements. Aside from the land maneuverability these shoes also have the same Ki-enhancement technology as her gauntlets allowing her to charge up Ki in her feet and legs more rapidly.

Signature Combat Techniques:

Cruise Missile: A very straightforward technique where Jeene leaps straight at an opponent, her arms crossed in front of her in an X. Concentrated Ki forms in front of her, compliments of the Ki Enhancement Gauntlets, allowing her to smash straight into her opponent for maximum force. After unleashing the full force of the impact Jeene either jumps back as far as she can, or keeps on going if she manages to bowl over her opponent. The move is stronger if the opponent is then forced into another object such as a wall.

Return Ball: Jeene concentrates a compact ball of Ki in both of her hands and then kicks it at her opponent. Unlike a regular Ki blast the ball does not explode on contact and instead keeps going even after hitting her missing the target. Jeene can then signal the ball to return to her, potentially scoring another hit on the usually unsuspecting opponent. The Ki ball then disintegrates before reaching her.

Shatter Blaster: Usually charged in her hands, it starts out as a single beam then scatters out in a multitude of directions. Not a very powerful technique but rather hard to avoid.

Delay Mines: A useful trick Jeene learned, she creates Ki bombs and lays them out behind her. The Ki bombs stay put and act as deterrents for pursuing enemies, and is quite useful if she can retreat through narrow spaces. She can also place the Ki mines in front of her to try and force her opponent to either plow through them or dodge around, often giving her the opportunity to strike as they come in.

Energy Blitz: Jeene proceeds to pound away at her opponent with a rapid succession of powerful Ki blasts. The move is designed to keep piling up damage as quickly as possible in a short amount of time. Considering the rapid rate of fire she has to concentrate when using the technique, leaving her open when other opponents are around.
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Name: Android 58

Appearance: Similar in appearance to Android 18 except her hair is silver, the eyes are green and she wears a black version of the outfit that Trunks wore when he came back in time.

Age: 23

Race: Android

Gender: Female

Personality: Unlike a few other androids, Android 58 is a lively outgoing android who enjoys helping people out and enjoys being around people in general. She dislikes being alone for long periods of time and most of her off time consists of her training against whoever wishes to fight against her.

Bio: Android 58 was created twenty three years ago and was given experimental circuitry salvaged from the Red Ribbon army that allows her to better understand how humans see the world. In many respects, she is similar to humans: She enjoys visiting with people, she enjoys having fun but in other respects her Android side shows such as her love of training and having problems with identifying certain human emotions. She began training against opponents when she was ten years old and due to her programming was able to locate weaknesses in her opponent's fighting styles that gave her a bit of an edge. As she fought more and more opponents, the programming that allowed her to identify weaknesses in fighting styles somehow integrated itself to her and has become a permanent part of her. As she grew up, she couldn't help but notice that whoever had created her had used certain aspects of the long deceased Android 18's image in parts of her constriction. This has always been somewhat confusing to her, who would do such a thing and why?

Aura Color: Gold

Preferred Fighting Style: Ki blasts and limited melee attacks

Signature Combat Techniques:

Energy Mine - Launches a ball of energy which violently explodes on contact with a target.

Finger Beam - Fires a thin blast of energy from the index finger.

Flight - Able to fly without the use of ki

Hell's barrage - Fires a rapid barrage of powerful energy blasts that do massive damage to a single target. When used against various opponents it works quite well in disrupting and separating opponents from each other.

Hell fire Blast - Similar to an attack used by the long deceased Android 16 except it has been modified. Android 58 is able to fire two massive blasts of energy from her hands at a target. It's very powerful but it drains quite a bit of power.
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Name: Light

Age: 24
Race: Void Demon (Custom)
Gender: Female
Personality: Light is smart carefree individual with a poor grasp on consequences. She prefers to make jokes instead of be serious in almost all situations. She values Freedom above almost everything, and gets angry when she sees it being undeservedly taken from someone.
Bio: Coming from the dimension between dimensions, the Void, Light came looking for some fun and found herself in the middle of some intergalactic problem. Figuring that fighting this new menace could be fun, she joined up with the resistance to these organizations, after all, it wasn't right to take away the freedom of others.

Aura Color: Void Purple
Preferred Fighting Style: Melee (Can't use Ki attacks)
Signature Combat Techniques:

Fusion Punch - Light's strongest punch which grows in power depending on how much energy she has leeched in the past hour. Using this attack expends all leeched energy.

Flight - Self explanatory
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