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I enjoy casual (albeit structured) role playing without many restrictions. Preferred genres are Fantasy, Drama, and Adventure, as well as anything with a psychological twist. Preferred partners can spell and write well consistently without much thought about it, and are patient. I won't stick around if you're impatient.

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@AXISDon't feel bad--I think everyone might be there. I plan on going in and tweaking my responses here soon. I prioritized continuing the RP instead of some RL things I've been going through and, in my own opinion, messed up what I was trying to do. Give me a few hours here and I'll work on it.
@BlueflameThat's alright. Post when you're able. We'll be continuing on, but please jump in any time.

The Story Continues...

โ™ฆ Late Spring | Clear Skies โ™ฆ

1. Torinazuril

Experience Gain: 10

Consequences: An hour before true dawn, Torinazuril hears the snap of a twig from the nearby scattering of trees--a small wood. The shadows appear to move below the trees, quickly revealing the shape of a slender head with two large fan-like ears. It's a small doe. The doe is one of the first of her kind to awaken and scout out a good place for breakfast. Her hide, tinged blue in the dark, shivers just noticeably from where Torinazuril can see. Her legs tremble as she stretches out her nose to sniff and stare about.

Exploration: N/A

2. Daxterian

Experience Gain: 10

Consequences: N/A

Exploration: Daxterian walks in mortal form along the highland march of their home. To the east, the highlands drift down and away to low, soft land, green and humid, where A few hamlets sprinkle the countryside. Furthest east, just viewable from Daxterian's angle, the sea. The grass of the highlands blankets the soil trapped between the rocks in spotty patches. After a short while, the air, typically dry and cool, is pierced by a pungent odor. As a southeasternly wind rolls up, the unusual scent grows stronger. There's something else, too, a smell that isn't a smell, a thing that may not be physical as Alister is physical. This "feeling" or whatever it is drifts in alongside the odor.

3. Someyo

Experience Gain: 10

Consequences: N/A

Exploration: The game trails to the Pondr are familiar and empty. The birds are up, flitting through the trees overhead, watching curiously as horse and girl pass through. Piopr's hooves are large and the aging stallion is beginning to lose some grace, clopping louder than usual through the underbrush. Soon the trees thin and a wide dirt road opens before the two. Suddenly, there is the sound of a scuffle. Further north, from between the low hanging branches of a couple alders there's a flicker of movement. After a moment the struggle breaks and a man's voice shouts, "Help! Help!"

4. Ollo

Experience Gain: 10

Consequences: N/A

Exploration: The forest south-southeast of Ledwyn's Tune is sprawling and tall, composed almost entirely of broadleaf trees and thick blackberry tangles at their roots. As Ollo nears the woods, his keen ears, while maybe not as keen as others of his kind, can still pick up the tiny burble of what seems to be a distant, yet steady, stream. By the sounds of it, the water may be quite far in. The fringes of the timberland have a fresh, herbal aroma though--so it may be safe to explore.

5. Dio

Experience Gain: 10

Consequences: N/A

Exploration: As the sun lifts while Dio is walking, she notices the rise of a great march of mountains before her. Geigghehemor's quiet countryside seems to roll beneath the mighty shadows of the eastern mountains, tall, craggy, and black. Their dark backdrop hides the full majesty of sun, leaving the world as Dio can see it full of brightening sky but shadow below. The green world ahead appears clear and peaceful in contrast, though full of wildness.

6. Yorsiccos

Experience Gain: 20

Consequences: N/A

Exploration: Yorsiccos' westward exploration takes him to the tiny entrance he'd dug out earlier. As he is approaching the crevice, however, there is an echo of soft shuffling, and the pattering of small feet beyond it. When Yorsiccos approaches, the pattering stops and there are tiny, nasally whistles. Suddenly, a squirrel pops out before Yorsiccos. When its bulging eyes behold the form in the dark of the crag, its fur bushes and it takes off deeper into the mine. It darts up a wide tunnel, where in flows the soft yellow light of dawn. The squirrel bumbles back in, and the soft echoes of men's voices tumble in after it.
7. Jasilkal

Experience Gain: 25

Consequences: Jasilkal and Lerdinan's efforts to help the unfortunate Aldabukil have put the occ in a state of some ease, comparatively-speaking. In essence, she is stable, and appears to be on the verge of improving.

Exploration: Jasilkal and her brother travel south toward the distant mountains, through the wide stretches of yellow plain. The early sun is swiftly heating up, growing in temperature for every minute they wander. They search around tall, tan stones, by sand banks and a shallow stream bed. After but an hour the temperature has climbed enough to begin searing the heads of spring's new grasses, and the only relief is below the umbrella-esque coverage of the muulumu's branches; spindly trees scattered here and there throughout the vast, grassy landscape; but there aren't any signs of their target just yet, only the hoofprints of alaata antelope. Instead, some time at midday, an onyx-black figure appears on the horizon. As the figure nears, their features come into view, revealing a young male occ dressed in ceremonial hunting garb. The male is unfamiliar, probably from another tribe, and greets Jasilkal and her brother with a bow of the head from a distance.

"Nalon gooi!" the occ shouts; a typical greeting at midday. "From where do these brethren of mine hail?"

@BlueflameThere are no levels. XP is more like a currency used to improve your character.
@SilverPawPrecisely. Or an NPC who appears right as they're needed, with a perfect skill set / supplies for the scenario, etc. :p But he sounds fine to me; so whatever you decide--brother-sister duos are usually pretty entertaining.
@SilverPawI don't see why not! I'm fine with everyone inventing NPCs (especially this early), just so long as they aren't too "convenient" if you know what I mean.

@BlueflameFor instance, Blueflame, if you wanted to completely invent who this king is who has Blu, what his motivations are, how he acquired him, and what the palace looks like, etc., feel free. I just mentioned him and Susorex in the Introductory to give you a starting setting. Make Blu's story your own. :)
@SilverPawBoth are fine! I can't guarantee what he'll find there though!

@BlueflameLet's can start any way you want, but you wanted him with the king of Gillsommr and Heil, right? So he could currently be in Gillsommr, either in the Palace of Errington or trying to escape. Or is he friends with the king?
@AXISUnderstandable. :)



Someyo awoke.

Her warm bed heaved once as Piopr snuffed the new air. Someyo held out a hand, eyes closed. A velvety nose touched the end of her fingers; a large lip tapped them all of a bright curiosity. The stallion was always awake before she was, snorting or huffing his pleas for her to awaken too. But his impatience didn't transfer to her. It was these first moments of morning, before the buzz of day and incessant procession of internal thought, that she enjoyed the most. The wind tussling the tree tops sent its muffled hiss down into the lower world, to where woman and horse lay. The quiet darkness draped them, alongside a beady hauberk of dew. Piopr pulled his nose away. Someyo sucked in a satisfied breath.

The woman sniffled and stretched. A hollow gurgling broke the clearing's stillness. Someyo blinked apart her eyes and went to glare at Piopr, when her stomach pinched. As if in response, Piopr swung his giant head over and nipped at his owner's blouse. Someyo smirked and shoved the horse's head off. All right, she told him with a stare, so it wasn't him this time. Someyo rolled onto her knees.

The clearing was dark still, but the sky between the canopy was lightening. A blue coloration tinted the items of her rustic home; a crate for seating, a hide tent for those rainy nights, a pot and firepit, and her sack of belongings. The wind stole in then, carrying upon it the clean scent of dawn and an echo of good tidings. Piopr hoisted his weight onto his legs and shook the dirt from his coat. His peppered hide looked purple in the dark; he would be fairest come the actual dawn, when twists of gold would catch in the lighter hairs and shine like alabaster. That was another one of Someyo's favorite times, but above it came breakfast.

After assembling some sort of concoction of quail egg and wild herb, Someyo enjoyed her bland fare to the crunch of Piopr's grazing. By the time the stallion finished his morning routine, by rolling in the soft hay piled by the raiche sapling north of the clearing, true dawn had come. A gentle light spilled down over Someyo's humble home. The woman leaned against a tree, enraptured by twists of tobacco smoke from a mahogany pipe in her hand. These were stolen goods, of course. Someyo pulled the pipe from her lips to examine it. She'd acquired this particular item a few nights ago. It would sell well in Uldrig, where commoners fancied such things. Mindlessly, Someyo glanced at her money sack.

A bit more gold could do her good but, what was it? The woman rested the mahogany pipe by her knee. The serenity of morning passed and a restlessness took its place. When would she be done stealing to survive? The thought surprised Someyo. She looked at Piopr, laying in his hay, meddling with a fallen branch through bites and tosses.

"Piopr!" she called. The stallion perked up at once. Yes? he seemed to say. The eagerness in those eyes made her chuckle.

The stallion returned to his meddling, and Someyo returned to her thoughts. Perhaps she was done with this life? A shiver took her. How could she be? When there was so much left to do? But what was she doing? Would today be the day the tables turned in her favor; the local lords dropped their bounties and justice be beheld by her very own eyes? It seemed as though it had been too long since her heart felt rest. And now, nine years later, she longed for it again. Really, what had she been doing out here in the woods?

With a sigh, Someyo rose to the answerless dawn, snuffing her pipe. She stowed her cooking utensils and victuals, then prepared for the day. After tying her vest and strapping on belt and quiver, she unloaded a log by the tent of Piopr's tack. The stallion watched intently. He rose quickly when she turned to him and accepted the tack with puppy-like determination. It was all a game to himโ€”the stealing. He loved it. But Someyo took his blanket and tossed it over the curve of his back with a long-suffering sigh. Her eyes found the woods, and her mind saw the Pondr; its wildwood path winding forever away to unknown, hush places.

The woman shook her head, mounting the stallion. They headed south, to the Pondr.

XP โ€ข 0 | Gold โ€ข 100

Actions Spent: -- | Attacks Spent: --

Sorry for the late post, everyone. Yesterday got busier than expected. Finished it this morning. Let me know if you have any questions about where your character is at, and don't forget to check the map under the "Exploration" tab in Game Mechanics. Also, don't forget to record your post order after your character's introduction (whoever responds first is #1, second is #2, etc; try not to post short just for a higher order). Thanks!
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