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I enjoy casual (albeit structured) role playing without many restrictions. Preferred genres are Fantasy, Drama, and Adventure, as well as anything with a psychological twist. Preferred partners can spell and write well consistently without much thought about it, and are patient. I won't stick around if you're impatient.

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@AXISAwesome. Looks good. Accepted!
@BlueflameI am imagining a blue Calcifer. xD

I love him. Accepted! Were you wanting me to paint a portrait for him? Also, is he actually located in the palace of a king? The king of Heil and Gillsommr?
(I'm dismissing his "skills" as natural abilities, btw; therefore, does he have any learned skills?)

@ColtshanThank you for wanting to join! AXIS is right, but that's okay, you didn't know. Overall, Auctamos looks pretty good, fleshed out (I like his first two quirks, especially); I just have a few questions, if that's alright? I'll order them for convenience's sake.

1) This is about the history: Did Auctamos attack his lord? Is that why the lord "ran him through" then sold his niece and nephew into slavery? And I'm assuming he was left for dead? Asking because Auctamos likely would have been tried as a criminal sooner than being killed if he simply renounced his loyalty (unless his lord was off his rocker). But if Auctamos attacked first and was left for dead, and his "death" left the children without guardian, the conclusion as written could be more likely.

2) History again: Is Auctamos still in Gillsommr?

3) One more about history: How did Auctamos become a mercenary and acquire his animals?

4) Is Auctamos primarily a swordfighter or magic-user?

5) Spells: I like Umerkydin; it fits miribilia magic perfectly (though by dialect do you mean language?). "Yovingaern," on the other hand, sounds like atermagia magic the way it siphons youth. Are you okay with me categorizing it as such? That would mean he cannot use it as efficiently. If you'd rather both spells be miribilia then you can modify it, of course. You can think of miribilia as "miracles;" things that we wish would happen but would be shocking if they did.

6) Finally, his equipment: is any of it enchanted?

Once we get these sorted out then he should be good to go.

@The Bork LazerHahaha, that character is great! It's like Ratatouille and Gordan Ramsey had a baby. Great history, too. Accepted!
@SilverPawYes, those are "races" that typically begin as either stodmen or ennen. I'm not against the concept of the diseases learning to species-hop, though. This is yet another tab I should probably add. The sympi disease, synthruus, spreads via fluids (saliva, blood, bad water). The mormagi virus, skalgwordh, typically hangs out on ripe corpses in places with little oxygen, and also spreads via contact. But, of course, have fun with it all. :)
Tada! ^_^

Very nice. It's all looking pretty good; there are just a few areas I'd like to question, if I may? First off, the Quirk description is spot-on, however, the marospire is a species of creature in and of itself, meaning they don't typically start out as people. Although, if that is a feature you'd like to introduce (as an anomaly or otherwise) we surely could do that. It's an interesting backstory, after all. What do you think?

(Also, where is Dax stowing their bodies and what biome was Anacosta in? Is Dax still nearby the destroyed town? Need to know so I can place them on the map, a map which I have posted under a new "Exploration" tab under Gameplay Mechanics.)

Secondly, this is my fault, I'm sure, the actual Temperament Traits to pick from are under the whitegray bolded labels. For instance: "Free-thinking" is an Open-minded trait under the Intellect category. I'll need to reword my instructions in the post.(I think I changed things to be clearer.) There should be thirty total traits to pick from. And lastly, each character just starting out has a limit of 2 skills. "Possession" is fine, of course, because that's a natural ability, but you'll need to pick two out of the four others ("Hand to hand. Slight of hand. Stealth. Detection."). After that's all done feel free to consider the character accepted.

@The Bork LazerAh, got it. Alright, sounds good to me!
@The Bork LazerI like the raskaal a lot so far! Like you said, they need a little polishing, but I didn't catch anything too incompatible with the world. I like the idea of them being one of the most technologically-advanced races--feels unique. The only place I questioned was the skills--can they climb due to hooked claws? By "supernatural" senses is "highly-refined" intended? Or are their keen senses magically-based? That's it. Also, I now really want to read "The Mouse and the Org," haha.
@AXISLol. At least it wasn't a bug.

@Letter BeeWell, hopefully this will be around for a while, so feel free to check again sometime when your schedule's a little freer!
@BlueflameHaha, go ahead. Can't wait to see what it is!
@SilverPawThe wars labeled "ancient" are considered to have happened in the distant past, while everything else could have occurred within the last 500 - 100 years, and those could definitely still be in living memory. Although, I left it all pretty vague so that people could fill in the blanks, if they so chose. Figured each war has to have at least two stories of how it went down, anyway.

As for ages, I also figured those could be had fun with. It could be assumed all non-stodmen live longer lives, especially occs and gegherun. Perhaps I'll leave some averages under "Races" though.

@The Bork LazerThank you for the good laugh. xD I loved that.
@MaeI went to casual so that everyone could post according to what is comfortable to them. I, myself, will probably vary greatly in post length--anything from a single paragraph to several. It's quality that counts to me, not amount. So you should be good. :)

@SilverPawAfter giving it much thought, I decided against Action points in regular posts. I have tried clarifying how Attack/Action points function in combat roles, however. The idea is D&D derived. A symptom of the restriction does make posts shorter, but I don't foresee it making them less immersive. In my Interest Check I mentioned wanting to run the game twice weekly. Not sure how well that'll work for everyone all the time, but combat should go quickly if everyone was available and online together, and my experience has been that this formula can be more immersive than if we each take our time crafting carefully formulated "attacks." Of course, we'll see. Always room for change if something doesn't go our way.

Also, I will definitely consider expanding the trait system! Thanks for the input. And this is a character-driven sandbox. So beginning "plot" is up to how each person wants to play their character. I do have plots at the ready for when they're relevant (and they will drive characters together), but for now I thought the focus could be on exploration, adventure, and the characters themselves.

Hope I've managed to elucidate!
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