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And secondly, though I have talked to a couple of you regarding your characters, the following people have either been relatively quiet in regards to their current placeholders or haven't posted their characters and would just like to do a courtesy check:

@Rockette @SouffleGirl123 @voltaic @arabxlla @ArticBeaver @Cleverbird

I hope everything is going well with you guys and if there's anything I can do to help, please let me or Plank know!

still with you, just been doing me studies and that. should get me character up soonish. busy recovering from rockette's lot right now because christ, how am i to hold a candle to that?
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The fact that you have been able to figure out the Tumblr RPing format earns you my respect. That shit never made sense to me.

why, thank you! i suppose it came second nature to me; i had already been an avid user of tumblr for a while when i got into it. the aesthetics and functionality of it all just seemed to click.
i've never actually tried discord roleplay — the damn thing eats up my ram to no tomorrow, so using discord at all is entirely out of the question — and i'm quite new to forum roleplay, so i've not a lot of insight on these things. however, taking in mind the strengths and weaknesses of both mediums discussed in the thread, i shall take it upon my humble self to propose a third option. not that i've an ego or anything.
tumblr roleplay meets quite a lot of the 'requirements' you've mentioned, and it's where i hail from in my roleplay journey. i know, i know: tumblr, it's the devil! it's full of far left loonies and is scared of nipples! but, as far as roleplay goes, it's quite versatile as a medium. posts have no character limit, posting times can be as flexible as needed, the available coding seems to exceed discord's (from what i've read)... you can even have your in character, out of character and character sheets all on the same blog, organised by tags. the blogs are also fully customisable, so with a bit of html knowledge you can make a character sheet storage page. not to mention the roleplay resource blogs and countless roleplay pages out there already.
so, if you're alright with deviating from discord, i'd highly recommend it. advertising is easier, too, cause it's all on the same platform. am i blowing my own trumpet here? feel like i am.
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What can I say? I'm an edgelord like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

oh. oh. it all makes sense now.
i'm an edgelord...
@bandcrsnatch black mirror and car seat headrest? that's hot.
Freebird II — Parquet Courts — Wide Awake!
Sprawl I (Flatland) — Arcade Fire — The Suburbs (Deluxe)
Way Beyond — Bastille — Wild World (Complete Edition)
Lately II — COIN — How Will You Know If You Never Try
The View From The Afternoon — Arctic Monkeys — Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
California High — Bel Heir — Washed Up
Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But... — Arctic Monkeys — Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala — Arctic Monkeys — Suck It and See
You're My Thrill — Chet Baker — Baker's Holiday
This House is a Circus — Arctic Monkeys — Favourite Worst Nightmare
@arabxlla You most certainly can! I'm actually someone is interested in Hestia. I was so sad when nobody has staked any sort of interest in either of the Hestia children slots.

yeah, i looked over the list again and noticed hestia was empty of reservations. thought it was a bit unfair, really. then i got thinking, and thinking, got distracted by a mate, thought a bit more... realised 'oh! i can do something with this!' and saw the link was up. good timing, me.
/end ramble
i understand it's so soon after my initial post, but i've been thinking (and researching): may i switch interest from son of athena to son of hestia? i feel that the latter can provide a fresher concept.
hello! i would like to state interest in playing the son of athena, if you're accepting newer members of the site. if so, a character sheet shall be provided post-haste.

name: brianstorm
artist: arctic monkeys
album: favourite worst nightmare
year: 2007
see you later, innovator!
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