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lol. Definitely not those spells. More along the lines of.

@Dark Cloud
Prestidigitation starts of with 3 spells/parlor tricks and they're visual illusions for now. Nothing that affects the other sense.
I don't play DnD. Can you elaborate? I was assuming these were just parlor tricks, like "I made sparks appears from my palms." or "it was behind your ear all along". Is it more complicated than that?
A goat that stands up? Sure. We've got a lizard that stands too.
Oh, my bad. I thought I mentioned it. Your slime smells like flowers, vanilla, or whatever you deem is sweet. The scent is mild but the active part can strengthen the smell and cover a larger area.
Exactly what you said. It'll be a bit of both. Combination of skills and ranking up of sensing abilities.
@Asura You start with Vibration and light sense plus 3 others. It looks like you can keep your original choices though.

@Asura Oh, no problem. If you didn't plan to start with eyes, I can redo your list to account for that. Would you prefer that?
@Dark Cloud wdym? none as far as I know.
@TheMushroomLord I guess you're going for a more physical slime.

Both vibration and light sense have extremely limited range; just within close proximity of both. Enough to know that something's around him.

Strong maw is just sharp teeth and a mightier bite. Dense makes Bob's slime thicker and a bit heavier, so less likely to plop off, but no real speed feats from him just yet.

@Asura I'll just categorize ooze under slime. Aside from Keen Eyes and Analyze, choose 3 more.

@Lugubrious Sure thing. You'll probably be the last one I'll be accepting for now.
I’ll post up a list of discovered skills and its descriptions, but right now, I’ll be giving brief info on each. Just as much as I think you guy need to have an idea.
@ERode lol that image though.
Adaptability is a general learning skill. It makes picking stuff up easier.
Anticipation is sorta like a spidey-sense sort of deal. Occasionally with IC-clues/cues during encounters or scenarios as needed.
Climbing and crafting are pretty self-explanatory. Enhanced Dexterity is more related to fine motor movements with the hands than reflexes in general.

@ForsakenBySleep With levitation, you can only go so high, probably just over 3 feet-ish; so its more of hovering.

Its also like spidey-sense, but with emotions. So IC cue/clues as well.

Tele shroud for now just protects you from tele attacks/statuses. Clear mind, zen, and whatnot.

Prehensile tendrils just to give you enough dexterity to be functional, but no super strong or elongated/extending whips of death. Well, for now at least.

Stench spray, just nasty flumph juices. Nothing to offensive to the eyes or skin though. Enjoy.

@OwO Solid shell. Tough on the outside, not so much on the inside. Heavt, stronk legs, and stamina are pretty self-explanatory. Hustle is more of boosting power in exchange for accuracy/finesse.

@Dark Cloud Prestidigitation starts of with 3 spells/parlor tricks and their visual illusions for now. Nothing that affects the other sense. Bipedal just so that you can be humanoid-like in movement. Mana and aptitude are self-explanatory. Oblivious is a joke skill and you took the gamble. Kidding. Its kinda like enlightenment so more aware of yourself, but less aware of your surroundings. Kinda hard to get intimidated. Justifies remaining calm despite most predicaments, unless like you’re totally fucked. Also, I'm in no rush for an OOC.

@TheMushroomLord I appreciate the write up, but do take not that I’m not necessarily gonna use everything in that. Since you didn’t give it a name, I’m calling it Bob for now. Basically, Bob is a black blob/slime that can sprout a maw, right? So I’ll be treating him as such.

Here’s you skill list. Aside from Light Sense and Vibration Sense; since these were the ones you included in your write up, choose 3 more.

@Asura@Guilty Spark Yeah, we still have room. I'll probably stop accepting once we get 7-8 sheets in.
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