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Current had to deal with some not great shit the past week or so so i apologize to my partners. should be rolling out responses tomorrow.
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been pretty sick past few days, apologies to partners! should see replies coming tomorrow!
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bump! looking for maybe 2 more fantastic people to fill up my time, haha.

They tend to go hand in hand as they are siblings HOWEVER we can choose to focus on just one character and keep the other as a background character.
Eva Trelawney

16 years of age

6th year student

Let’s just say that Eva is… the epitome of what it means to be a Slytherin. Cunning, resourceful, witty, and as sneaky as a snake but twice as pretty. Confidence oozes from her pores and the girl walks with the grace and uncaring demeanor of a pureblood. As evident in… everything she does, really. However, just because she’s confident doesn’t mean she’s an idiot. She’s more likely to send a couple of her ‘friends’ to take care of you, should you cross her. You can call her a coward if you wish BUT, it’d be like talking to a rock. All you’d get is a masterful eye roll and some rather… unfortunate luck for the next few weeks until she tires of you… if you’re lucky.

Eva was born from old blood. One of the most influential pure blood families, the Trelawney family. Her family has quite the intimidating reputation considering some very dangerous, powerful, and dark wizards came from the Trelawney family. The name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most and it’s sort of an unspoken rule to not… fuck with them, basically. Of course, over the years they’ve ‘cleaned up’ their image and have been putting on this front of being reformed. However, it’s known to some of the upper pureblood families and darker wizards that the family will still play a bit… dirty, if need be.

The family motto is: Protect your own, blood will be drawn.

Family is important and loyalty is everything.

These are the words and morals Eva was raised with. Coming from such a wealthy and powerful family, and as the only heir as well, she has big shoes to fill. Her parents were very strict on her growing up, doing their best to make sure she grew up with all the perfect mannerisms and lessons needed to become the best and survive.

From spending hours upon hours studying to spending hours upon hours learning everything from how to properly eat at dinner to how to subtly manipulate people to get what you need. Sure, it might not have been the best for a girl her age and it might not have been the easiest but she grew up stronger because of it. When she first entered Hogwarts, she had one mission: Be the best. And she was. She made ‘friends’ with those that came from important bloodlines and that had abilities that would useful in the future, she made fantastic grades, and she kept a level-head.

It wasn’t easy to be the best and there were a few times she needed to… dirty her hands a bit to get what was necessary. But, it wasn’t often and she always came out on top. She played up the ‘not-so-smart’ angle in public, having others do her work for her in order to have people underestimate her. But, she always did brilliantly on her tests proving she wasn’t an idiot. No one ever knew, however, and she was fine with that.

She didn’t waste her time on boys or girls and serious relationships, nothing more than a few people to warm her bed whenever she needed to sate herself. But, she wasn’t interested in relationships. She had more important things to worry about. After all, she was to become the next leader after her father passed and she needed to be ready.

Eva Trelawney

Kai Levi

I just wanted to die at my happiest moment.

Physically 31. Is technically 75.

[Putting on eyeliner] “When I do this, I become a free soul.”

The first thing you would notice about Kai is his form and/or height. At 6’1, he is a sight and quite an intimidating force if you happen to be around him while he’s angry. He has a slimmer and sleek form with creases of hardened muscle in his arms and an indent of a 6-pack to show that he is not nearly as weak and frail as one may think with a quick glance.

Then, you would notice his hair. Most definitely. Usually styled messily over his forehead with the rest of it sticking up in pretty random directions that actually pull his whole look together. The color of it is a very deep and glossy black that would remind you of a Raven’s feathers.

Matching with said hair, you would have his eyes. A dark and seemingly endless pool of black. Much like oil or ink. Usually wide as if he is always amused or surprised. AND he would usually have some messy/smudged eyeliner on to make them look even bigger. He has the kind of stare that makes you feel exposed and uncomfortable. He knows this and has zero problem using it to his own advantage.

He has sharp, aristocratic features that are manly yet not so much that it detracts from the feminine qualities he has in his movements and choice of eyeliner. High-cheekbones and a sharp jawline with symmetrical features to make him one attractive man. Not to mention the fact that the shape of his lips usually make it look like he’s always smirking. Just to add the extra toppings to everything that makes him… him.

“My muse… You… You’re mine now. Kay?”

Personality & Extra Stuff:
Kai is… a character. He was the free-spirited leader and vocalist of "Eye Candy", a popular underground rock band composed of himself and his friends. He is really good at fighting despite the almost dream-like and dazed way he talks and acts. Then again, he isn’t one to get angry and go on a rampage. Due to his ‘thing’ for pain, he usually lets himself gets beat up with a smile on his face. Unless, of course, someone happens to make him angry (Harder than you’d think). In which case, all bets are off.

Like stated before, he isn’t one to march into a fight for just no reason and throw fists. Yet, don’t think he’s one for peace and love. No, he would gladly watch the world descend into madness with a girl on one arm, guy on the other, and a glass of bourbon in his hand.

Other than his love for anarchy, he is truly and completely passionate about music. Willing to do anything for inspiration, he has no problem declaring some attractive person as his next ‘muse’ and following them around for inspiration. Ties into his love for beauty. However, he is more on the impulsive side and doesn't think much before acting or taking decisions. Which is pretty evident, I think.

On the surface, Kai may seem a little bit crazy and is often called "wacko" by his opponents or even by his own friends. But in fact, it's just that he doesn't show often his true emotions and always plaster a "babo" (fake) smile on his face as an act. He has a not-so-happy past but, he prefers to not talk about it and has little issue twisting the conversation to be about someone else.

Kai is one to always find solutions for any problem. He's the always positive and confident leader-esc type so others tended to drift towards him on an unconscious level at times. He is not delusional as to think that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. No, he’s not that far gone. He just sees beauty in almost everything and has an appreciation for it that keeps him believing in humanity at least somewhat.

However, unfortunately, he ended up dying in 1972 and losing his memory initially. Oh, well. At least there should be a decent adventure with this.
Yes, I play these characters.

Yes, I would be interested in writing something with them with you.


The name is Diamond, but feel free to call me Dia! Now, I know you have some semblance of a life so I am not going to take up too much of your time! If you wanna get an idea for my experience level and a little bit about me, I have my introduction post linked here! I generally prefer getting to know people through actual conversation and through our writing but I digress, figured I'd throw you a bone so to speak! Now, I suppose we should get the neccessary stuff out of the way. Rules!

1. Don't be a dick.
2. Communicate best you can.
3. Nothing is stupid, I'm always down to hear ideas and ways to improve on plotlines and the like in the service of the story we're trying to tell.

Annnnnnd that's pretty much it for hard rules. Anything else I can very much work with. I am not and never have been a perfect roleplay partner, and I don't expect you to be.

SO, the fun part now?

SO, has anything caught your fancy? If so, hit me up in the DMs and we can definitely discuss and figure out specifics! I look forward to hearing from you!
Well, hello there!

The name is Diamond, but feel free to call me Dia. My pronouns are She/They. I am 22 years old and have been roleplaying since i was like 12. Should I have been roleplaying at that age? No. Did I do it? Yes.

I am actually not new to this site, Ive been a part of it for the past 5 or so years posting and roleplaying very infrequently due to a number of personal matters. BUT, 2023 is gonna be my year, I know it. SO, I have decided to get myself back into roleplaying and to have some fun!

I am admittedly not great at talking about myself soooooo I’m gonna keep this pretty short overall. I already have some plot ideas I am 100% lifting from my previous account plus a few starter characters of some of my favorites over the years.

I am excited to write with you all! I’ll mostly be doing 1 on 1 stuff but I’ll occasionally pop into a group RP thing if the premise piques my interest enough.

Have a good day, everyone! See ya around the Guild!

(I apologize for any spelling errors, I am on my phone because I am lazy. Forgive me!)
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