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Current Apologies to anyone I’ve let down by not being around, had a recent scare with the girlfriend but things are good now.
1 yr ago
Nothing quite like a heavy weekend of the beer to put you behind
1 yr ago
Christmas was great...apart from the death of my PC...
2 yrs ago
Does your country's flag have a dragon on it? Didn't think so!


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Just posting this to see if you think the Pokemom are acceptable. With the idea for a character I already discussed with you, it’d be a case of him bringing them with him from his home.

I am 100% interested. Been lurking for a Pokemon RP for what seems like ages!

Her words caused his eyes to well up as the sweeping wave of happiness overloaded his senses. Out of nowhere Robert pulled her in tight and kissed her with all the love that he had for her. The two continued to kiss until the sound of an opening door in the distance disturbed them.

“Oh shit!” While Rob had tried to keep the words to a whisper it was more like a muffled shout. “Follow me.”

Once again Robert was pulling Ara along but this time their fingers locked tightly together. As the young man looked for somewhere they could hide he was distracted by Ara’s giggling. “I’m glad you find this so funny. We’re going to have to have a serious conversation about your behaviour later.” Ara playfully slapped the metalhead on the backside, giving him a suggestive wink. There was no way Robert could stop the wide grin stretching across his face.

The pair soon found themselves at the back of the gym, distant footsteps slowly getting closer. Rob hurried across the gym to the far doors leaving Ara by the way they had came in. With both hands he tried to push the double doors open, presumably to freedom. Unfortunately for him they were firmly locked. He turned to see Ara walking across the gym without a care in the world. While the guy was panicking the lady was as carefree as could be.

The only other option was a nearby storage cupboard where the gymnastics teams mats were stored. Hurriedly Rob twisted the handle and a satisfying click filled his ears. He quickly pulled Ara in and closed the door firmly behind themselves. He pressed his back up against it and felt his heart skip a beat as he heard the door at the far end of the gym open.

Heavy footsteps, presumably security, could be heard walking the towards them. As the footsteps grew closer Rob could feel Ara get closer and closer to his body. As soon as the footsteps were outside the room they were hiding in their chests were touching. He felt Ara’s hands around the nape of his neck, pulling his head down towards her. Soon enough they were kissing once more. The sound of the locked double doors rattling soon followed and the footsteps began to fade away into the distance, back towards where they had come from.

Robert and Ara separated. As his eyes began to adjust to the darkness he could make out Ara’s mischievous smile. Her hands soon had a firm grip of his shirt and with a determined strength she dragged Robert over to a nearby pile of gym mats. She threw him down onto them before taking a seat on his lap facing him. Rob tried to speak, only managing a few syllables before Ara placed her finger over his mouth.

“You’ve said more than enough tonight Robbie…” Ara leant down and began to kiss Rob once more.
In that room they stayed until the music of the dance had long since ended.
Name: Korvus
Race: Android
Ki Colour: █████████████
Power Level: 910
Location: North Capital Outskirts
Tags: @Weird Tales@King Cosmos@Double
Korvus watched as Ryuhei elevated himself into the air. The man directed several words to the bereaved before making his way off. As Ryuhei left to head towards his injured Korvus spoke one last time to the man known as Yang. “Again, I am sorry for your loss. I hope I will see you again soon.” Korvus launched himself up into the air and expended as much energy as he needed to catch up to Ryuhei.

They had flown for several moments before Korvus broke the silence. “I am relieved that your masters injuries are not life threatening. I can only imagine how it must feel to have someone so close to you die.” The concept of death wasn’t entirely alien to the android but he couldn’t truly grasp the emotional impact of loss. It was probably more due to the fact he had never truly lost anyone close to him. Maybe he had to lose someone himself before he’d every really understand. Even so, he was happy that there wasn’t any further deaths as a result of whatever has attacked these people.

“If you do not mind me asking, what is the style of martial art you use?” Korvus was full of questions most of the time, purely because there was so much of the world he still had to see. It meant he was inquisitive but he had learnt to dial it back a bit. He found people were often receptive to a couple of questions but by time he was at question ten people were clearly more frustrated. He was visibly and even emotionally more human than when he was first activated, but he still had a way to go.
@Danelaw just in case you’ve missed it I’ve sent you my CS. Any adjustments you want me to make then please just let me know.

Male | | 25 | | Northman/Riverman

Birthplace: Fallow Hill

Allegiances: House Landry

Occupation: Fletcher

Relationship Status: Single

Sexuality: Heterosexual





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@Obscene Symphony the fletchers mid 20s son. What about yourself?
Will hopefully have my finalised CS sent to you by Sunday at the very latest
@Hellion@Briza as I say, I can’t deliver on the vision I intended and don’t want to do a diluted version of it. I wish you both well and maybe we’ll cross paths in another RP some time. Take care.
Hey everyone, I wish I had better news for you all but unfortunately I do not. I think I’m going to have to put this RP on indefinite hiatus. I was really excited by the idea and would like to think I put in a lot of effort to flesh out the world. However real life is getting real right now.

I would love to continue on and give you the RP I intended but with everything going on at the moment I just don’t think I could. I didn’t want to just post standard GM posts, I wanted to create things beyond just the website to try and increase the “immersion”. I don’t want to half ass it so it’d just be easier to call it a day on this.

I can only apologise guys. I’m really sorry. I wish you all the best going forward both on here and in your personal lives. If anyone wants to take over as GM then just drop me a PM and I’ll give you rights to edit etc.
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