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Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Southern Side

They were going on a trip, so she should come prepared. She'd probably end up on guard duty, at least for a few shifts, but she could be quite the hungry lady. Luckily for her, she'd been sent with plenty of equipment. She had a wool-insulated container with a crystal imprinted with cold magics, stocked with meats and other things that might spoil. Roasting some meat over an open fire sounded pretty appetising, and she wondered if the princess had ever tried such a thing. If she would be joining them in the first place, apparently she had other obligations. As to be expected of royalty she supposed.

A voice called her name. Ah, this lad looked familiar. Let's see... Ooh. He was there when they failed to secure Juan. She couldn't remember seeing him at the cathedral before then. He reminded her of her mistake, and now to find out they were on the same side! There were many other approaches she could have used to see a better outcome. More patience would have rewarded her greatly. Alas, that had all already come to pass, and she would have no opportunity to correct that grevious error.

"You know my name, but I can't recall if we've been introduced, I'm sorry. You'll be with us for the journey, then? I've brought meat for an open fire, kept cold and well in this container of mine. If our journey is long, I can only assume we will camp somewhere."
No response. "Best carry it, then. Let's go." The less the Wingull was moved, the better. The next transfer should be to a stretcher or bed, if possible. Regan led the way down the street, returning Kawaken to his ball on the way. She stopped for a moment and found her bird, "Rapier, help me keep a clear path." She stopped for a moment to put on as much of her uniform as she could quickly. She had the hat and jacket, she should grab the gloves and put them on while on the move. She was wearing the boots, and her pants were, ah, close enough. She just had to make a strong enough impression.

Rapier flew high and assessed the crowds, finding places that were crowded and obstructed the path to the Center. Regan would be leading the way, he just had to bring her the appropriate attention. He would accomplish this with screeches and, if necessary, a gentle gust.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Seraph Infirmary

"If perhaps I weren't so inept I could have stopped this."

"Hey, hey. Don't blame yourself." Lumina placed a hand gently on the princess's shoulder. "There are many hands in this, and you are yet young."

"If that's the case, then there's no time to falter. It's time I did my part and made things right among my fellow students. Lumina, you have my sincerest gratitude for offering your aid."

"Yes, This is your chance to shape a better future, right? It probably won't be easy, though, but that's why I'm here. More or less." She gave the girl a couple pats, there on her shoulder, before she went into the area she'd been given previously, to retrieve her things and let the nurses know she was taking off.

After she spoke with her temporary employers, she grabbed two hunks of crystal she'd been growing from the garden. Large chunks, suitable for a variety of things. Maybe even sculpting. If she could reach out to that part of Vajran, maybe she could befriend him. Sharing a favorite pastime or hobby, especially an art, was an excellent way to make friends.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Seraph Infirmary

Well, it wasn't like she had any better ideas. There was the crime ring, but she didn't think they were directly connected. Just another catalyst, the important part they had to play was probably the drug. To amplify the power of a magical prodigy sounded like the perfect stage for disaster. If she could stop things, was this her chance?

"I've my own preparations, but I will join you." She should let that old couple know that she wouldn't be around for a few days, and probably pack a few things. She still had to grab her shield and booster from where they'd been letting her rest, too. "Shall we meet by the gate, then?"
"What, from the ferry?" They were lucky a herd of them didn't get mad about it. She would have had to respond to that. Well, it ended up going alright, so she supposed it didn't matter now.

Before she could seriously consider asking anything, a couple of Wingull got in a serious fight! She didn't think infighting normally got this heated was there a disturbance in the area? A sudden influx of trainers, maybe, but wouldn't that mean more food? Hmm... May it was just a delicacy? Did wild Wingull have such a concept? She would have to keep an eye out for other strange behavior.

"A Pokemon Center? Yeah, I was on my way there. It's right down the street, this way. Uh, hey, why don't we..." She opened up her bag and flopped her Ranger hat onto her head, before reaching back in. "I should have one or two in here... Somewhere... Ah." She pulled out a pokeball, expanded it, and offered it to the Wingull. "Hey, Wingull, can you hear me? We'll take you to get healed, and then release you again." Was it capable of responding right now? She could only hope.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Seraph Infirmary

So, Varjan was that kind of tragedy, huh? Never wanted for his talents or status, wanted a simple life. "Oye, oye..." But, all that gave her good information. It'd be tough, but maybe if she could befriend him, maybe she could turn this all around. That might be really tough, though

"Nobles always make things so complicated," she grumbled softly, then spoke up, "he lives that far? He could easily outpace us, what makes you think he'll spend days there? I suppose they are his parents, after all. He might well spend days reasoning with a hot-tempered man like that." The boy showed respect enough to his folks to obey their wishes and do something he seriously had no desire for. Did the Court Mage fear that this outcome was their coming apocalypse, when he heard of the vision prophecy? Maybe she'd have to ask him later, but it was only for her curiosity, really. There was one other question bothering her...

If the boy was involved, was he a catalyst, or the apocalypse itself? If he was abusing some power drug, it could go either way.
Yes, sorry. Unemployment stuff and interviews and stuff. I'll whip one up.
"If I had to take a guess, your Mantine misses the ocean. But that's only a guess, so don't quote me on that." Regan shrugged. It was really the only thing she could think of right now, without anything else to go off of. "Can you tell me about how you caught your Mantine? There might be clues there, too. I caught Rapier like any other Pokemon, battled a wild Starly and caught it, but some of my other Pokemon I had more interaction with before I caught them. Like Kawaken."

"You don't like it here?" Kawaken tilted to the side thoughtfully, "I suppose I wouldn't be too happy in salt water, myself... But she doesn't make me go in to the ocean unless it's necessary." He nodded matter-of-factly, before almost scoffing at the Mantine, "you think she's weak? I don't know about that, Regan's pretty tough. She even taught me how to do this!" Kawaken dropped into a fighting stance, facing away from the Mantine and performed a Sky Uppercut into the open air. Water from the fountain came up with it, making a tiny rainbow for just a second.

"Whoa, good form, Kawaken!"

Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
With The Rising Crown, in the place of Scholars and Warriors

The princess had been somewhat quiet. Perhaps she was just trying to absorb all this information without being overwhelmed by certain surprising facts. It was good, if she was trying to keep her head. Knowing when you needed to calm yourself down is important.

"That is quite a curious bit, isn't it?" They did seem to know quite a bit about his family, "and that old man was rather tenacious. You said Varjan was headed home? Well, from the sounds of it, we should hurry, should we not? So what are we waiting for?" Maybe she was inviting herself, but she didn't really have any better ideas at the moment.
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