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Student character inbound.

Charsheet inbound.
Hopefully we can get this rolling soon.
Good luck everyone!
Registering interest.

Just a question; how small scale is this NRP, to begin with? Are we talking just 1 fleet and several million humans, or are we talking more like a planet with 7bn population each?

If you're asking i prefer to keep things smaller scale.
I hope you like my charsheet. If theres anything wrong with it i can fix it.

Corporal Illiad Parthonn

s p e c i e s Thasor

a g e 28

h e i g h t / w e i g h t 6ft 8in, 75kg unladen

g e n d e r Male


r o l e Marksman / Scout

s k i l l s Druid
  • Mad Minute - 10 rounds, on target, rapid fire. All within the space of a minute, allowing for reloads, and using the Lee-Schreiber bolt action rifle. It is said that a whole unit doing the mad minute is enough to make enemies assume there is a heavy machine gun in the squad. Only true professional riflemen are capable of this skill.
  • A shoulder to lean on - The druid profession, perhaps more-so than any other, is as ceremonial as it is practical. He is capable of giving the last rites to a passed members body, and also a welcoming smile to new squad-mates. He is moreover good at holding the team together in times of strain. Hes always ready to hear out his fellow squad-mates problems and try to provide solutions.
  • Druids Craft - Druids are able to craft several potions or elixirs, such as Two X Strength, Re-Knit Heal and Eagle Eye, they can also craft more mundane weapons such as choke gas grenades and fear gas grenades, all these potions are thrown by hand, unless a more useful weapon presents itself. They can also be passed to other teammates for their use. He also wears a living ghillie suit made from the most valuable plants, flowers, bushes and mushrooms of the surrounding area. Indeed he can graft new rare plants into the ghillie suite to be used later. He has decorated his brodie helmet the same way.

P o t i o n s
  • Eagle Eye - A complex potion. Instead of making the whole transformation into an eagle, the druids can choose to change only specific parts of the body, like the eyes. Allowing pinpoint accuracy and even a zoom effect the eagle eye potion lasts about an hour once imbibed.
  • Two X Strength - A complex potion. This grants the user twice the strength so they can literally bend gun-barrels with their arms and jump up the hight of a building or tackle or ruck enemies with enough force to break bone. Its a shame it requires so many rare ingredients a whole unit with it would be quite frightening.
  • Re-Knit A medium difficulty potion, it re-knits the host form turning gunshot wounds into smoldering nothingness and cuts literally stitch the user back together before their very eyes. This potion like many others can be thrown in its glass vial.
  • Smelling salts An easy potion to make, used to revive users suffering from comatose or exhaustion or even to focus the mind once a wound has been sustained and no medic or Re-knit is around.
  • Choke gas grenade A medium potion to make. A smoldering grenade lands at the feet of the enemy soldier. His eyes flash bloodshot as he looks down, but instead of exploding it lets out a gush of choking smoke. Overtaken by unbearable coughing the soldier is bent double his vision is also affected as his eyes stream. He is then quickly captured by the advancing Commonwealth forces.
  • Scare Gas grenade A complex potion to make. Same as above except the enemy becomes hysterical and flees the advancing monsters of the Commonwealth forces. If he cannot leave he will start to target the monsters with fire, most likely those closest to him, little does he know they are his own forces.

k i t (What kit do you use and what does it include?)
  • Marksman Kit - Marksman kits are designed for long range combat and covert operations. Contains the following:

    I N F O

    (Free space, your bio leading up to deployment, personality, likes, dislikes etc. may go here if you want but I actually encourage that instead of writing the whole thing out here to instead add to it as the rp goes on! Notes can also be anything you think is relevant! A new skill/power you've learned, a crush you may have, a list of your relationships/enemies, notable injuries, etc.!)

    Illiad was just a regular joe working as an apprentice to a druid in Thasor territory. That is until news came of the strangers seeking war reached his town. Determined that his town would not be just another conquest for the Iron Crown, and shocked by the devastation of the nearby towns he immediately joined up with the Thasor delegation to the Commonwealth, having made up his mind to end this horrible war as quickly as it was possible and to save as many people from it as he can.
    His ways at first seemed strange to the Commonwealth soldiers, but once they had a taste of Two X Strength they were converts. Proof that one man could dig an entire trench-line himself in only a day met with even greater approval from the officer class, earning him the position of Corporal. The trade of skills was not one way, the Commonwealth soon made sure that he knew how to use a rifle and use it well. Training him for the prestigious class of marksman. The bayonet training soon taught him to control his aggression and channel it into even more impressive feats of finesse. Indeed he seemed to have a knack for finesse, working the bolt action and aiming were all seem-less to him. The one thing he did not like was the battlefield food, bully beef and crackers weren't his ideal meal, he soon supplemented them with mushrooms grown in the dugouts cultivated with vines. The mushroom soup quickly earnt him many friends, and thanks to his high attention, (and the Eagle eye potion,) which he was able to make much stronger for himself soon earnt him the name Eagle Eye'd Illiad. The name stuck as he was also able to fly overhead for short stints without his armor. This skill was particularly useful in mountain and urban terrain training.

    Will we be travelling around or stuck in trenches for the first section of the game? Or will we be part of the first expedition into thae territory and have some exploring to do first?
    @LordOfTheNight Man im getting hype for this game :)

    Is it ok if my Battle Druid was capable of producing a strength elixir capable of doubling the users strength? And other such elixirs, like maybe one that can change the user into an animal, or is that just going too far? I could keep it tame and say, that maybe i can only do this once every month.

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