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@CleanBreeze I think it needs to be clarified that the two forgotten Legions are a thing in canon partially as space fillers, and partially as intentional blind spots to build up mystery about what happened to them. It's also made clear in more recent lore that they were erased during the Great Crusade, rather than as a consequence of the Heresy, and that the Primarchs themselves were removed even from the minds of their brothers, at least to the extent that exactly why they were purged is unknown, whilst their Legionaries were mindwiped and likely distributed to other Legions.

The ultimate point to make, I think, is that you shouldn't plan on getting your Legion intentionally expunged like that, because I don't plan to perform such an act on any PC Primarchs or Legions. If the story happens to progress in the corresponding direction, then it could be fun to see it develop, but it'd need to make sense in story terms; if it's part of a civil war or secession, then it's difficult to suggest the events could be forgotten so easily.

Yes, I can see how such a lone wolf approach wouldn't work with this game.

However, legion charsheet inbound.
Interested. I'd like to play one of the two excommunicated legions if possible. Legion XI if thats ok considering this is all taking place before the araising of chaos then i'd like to take them and their story in a different direction. That of banishment. They have committed the sin of tampering with their own geneseed. When presenting their new descovery to the emperor it is said that the emperor turned his head away. Since then their own brothers have treated them as excommunicatus and they have been wondering the void trying to undo their mistake. The story would start before they make this fatal discovery and they would be able to interact with the other primarchs and who knows, maybe gain acceptance?

I must say though; I have not read the Horus heresy series, however i have been playing 40kRPGs for 7 years. Is this ok?

Interested. Thinking of running a business or being a benefactor or both.

However, who will be playing the campaigner?
I take it you will be playing the assassins, but what restrictions on their power level are you placing?

Do we get a budget or is it just "go wild"?

Are we restricted to just one bodyguard character?

When it comes to terrain are you going to provide a map of the school?

Thinking of playing a British based VIP protection service.
If the other RP isnt going ahead then please sign me up for this one.

My knowledge of Tau is only the game Fire Warrior and the first codex as i used to play them. I understand they were given a bit of a re-branding since then (because they lost all the time unless you spammed burst cannon drones).

I'd like to play a firewarrior with pulse rifle, marker light and medics tools.

Student character inbound.

Charsheet inbound.
Hopefully we can get this rolling soon.
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