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I'm to an extent the same with my personal canon Rockverse, as well as overall with the research I've poured into the Rune Factory series. However, I've tried to make myself more open to stuff.

To new entries into the rp world, the best thing to do is lay out a basic set of information, the minimum they'd have to know on entry. Like if they're making a character, what's the absolute minimum that's needed? More dedicated players may dig into more stuff. As someone who has overwritten stuff more than once, yeah.

In all honesty, even though I've been at work on chipping away on my personal stuff, I don't think what I have reaches that much. Granted, its mostly been me alone with my research. And a lot of stuff unwritten. As someone whose personal OC is in a sense a lore glimpse into an entire verse, yeah, loads of respect.

I'd say being protective is fine, but take it like this. A player is gonna make mistakes if new, if its not a serious one, correct them IC. Like have an NPC pipe up, if its during the course of a narrative. Otherwise, if OOC, feedback is key. You can either tell them directly, or pick them up in DMs and chat about it.

Dunno if what I'm saying is quite clear, its late, I'm tired, and mentally drained from a lot of writing today.

I think it's your project/universe and at some point it will mean money so it's better to take good care of it but the only way for knowing how a world works or if it works the way/s we like it to work is living it, and the safest, cheapest way to test a world is writting/roleplaying it
Maybe Sci-Fi and modern or modern Sci-Fi, Western sounds like a good idea
bursting, work, revival
Yes, this comes from the status discussion started by @Rain and continued by several other members, so why not have a healthy medium to continue the discussion that isn't limited to 200 characters?

So, to summarize, we have some saying they are useful because it encourages creativity while others claiming the concept of character sheets are pointless. And then there's the middle ground of going the simplistic route (this was said by @Chai).

So, where do you stand when it comes to character sheets? Are you for them? Against them? Selectively for them when it's necessary? Or do you prefer to just use the simple approach of pic, name, age, gender, and personality traits?


I didn't think character sheets/profiles were necessary at all oh no, not me, I didn't need them, what for? until my uncle, a well-known story teller, actor and writer of books for the younger ones, made me notice my characters were so plain he could iron his shirts on them, then I started to study the CS's and now I guess I'm all for it. Again thanks for giving me a motivation to write.
I'd say create them and let them live. I love creating characters and I love it the more I explore internet but I tend to think of them as actors. They are my miniatures (the equivalent to figures in strategy and tabletop RPG games) but as I write and discover I've realized they're both: miniatures and actors so I would feel like killing one of my actresses if I decided to make a "disposable" character and no, I'm not killing my actresses/miniatures/dolls
kind of 80's punk? something that uses late 70's-early 80's looking technology mixed with some sci-fi and a good share of fantasy.
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<Snipped quote by coffeeflower>

No problem. :) Your characters will fit in here, too. If you want to store them, check out the Character Sheets section.

Thanks. It's from The Dark Phoenix movie that's coming out next month.

I hope they're welcomed. I'm catching up with the stuff to make CS's (character sheets) look good, coding could be a new form of art. I'll be checking the movie posters though I guess Dark Phoenix is going to take a bit more to get here.
Thanks again
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<Snipped quote by coffeeflower>

Any time. Just send me a PM.

I'll do
@coffeeflower While the idea of a thief character could be good, your character needs to be at least a moderately experienced adventurer, worker, or otherwise have some sort of experience in fighting, surviving, or at least be knowledgeable on useful stuff, like magic. Someone whose been in prison for 6 years and doesn't seem to know pronouns doesn't seem like a great pick.

Next, the background seems a little light. Who were these "band of boys"? Were they a group of others like you? Homeless, with nowhere to go, resorting to stealing to survive. Were they bandits, or in organized crime? Maybe they were even part of the Quickfoot or Swiftfoot gang?

Also, the latest you go to is 26, what happened in the next 11 years? Were you constantly on the run and only recently arrived in Heston? Did you get a new identity and lay low for the past decade, sharpening your skills? Did you escape with the "group of boys" and rise through the ranks and took the job from the Prince for some fat stacks?

When you say you're good at pelting on others, what does that mean? Are you good a throwing things like knives or darts? And surely you can do more than steal and throw things? Are you an expert at surviving in the wilderness, or know secret passages through the city only known to a few people? And surely you know Thieves' Cant?

Lastly, at the top and bottom of your post, there's coding in [brackets] that'll say like, quote=@lord orgasmo, and at the end, it'll say /quote in brackets. Go ahead an delete those. Next, there'll be more coding that says hider=CS template, go ahead and delete "CS template" and replace it with your character's name. Then, theres a link that says it'll take you to the Fontmeme page. Go there and create a fontmeme image. If you dont know how to use Fontmeme, or how to use the image coding, let me know through PM.

I'd be glad if you could give me a hand with fontmeme. Yes I know there're lots of things this character needs in order to be useful, it's just that I couldn't refrain, I had to rush and create her. I'll work her out if you think she could be useful in the story.
Thanks again and please, I need some help with coding.
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