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Nocello approached Afra, glancing slowly side to side as he cautiously watched for the return of the bandits. "Well I would expect them to be, hunters of a pack natural develop such tactics through practice, it is seen in nature and within the cultures of man kind."

His hired sword approached from behind glaring ahead as she scanned the edge of the camp. She could still hear fighting close by, it wouldn't do to drop her guard.

"What's more if they are all the way out here they are either experienced and confident enough, or starving and desperate enough to attack a group as large as ours. Either way if we don't group together we'll be cut off and taken out one by one..." Cam hated the idea of having to go shoulder to shoulder with all of these strangers, people she had no reason to trust, but better them then face the fangs claws and steel of those attacking. "There are fliers in the camp, we should get an idea of the landscape."
@Denny I would like to apologize to everyone here for my long absence, I have had a whirl wind couple of weeks and not responding is never appropriate, I hope that my place here is still open but if it is not I understand.
@Rockin Strings um, none of them really, the closest would be Holly wood or china town

It all had happened so fast, Nocello at first didn't react, couldn't react as the shouts began to ring out, the light burst in the sky to illuminate the area, and the sudden rush of attackers. In his stunned state of inaction however the first bandit that approached was met with the still burning hot pan from the fire as Cam rose up swinging it in one hand to impact the side of the fools unprotected face.

She followed through with the blow before dropping the cooking implement and pouncing upon the man, howling in pain from the burned flesh covering half his face she quickly drew her knife and plunged it into his throat, taking no time to revel or think about the kill she jumped again to her feet, spinning she drew her sword from its scabbard, set leaning against the side of the tent, quick parrying another clumsy sword slash before in one flourishing movement removing the sword arm the elbow and delivering a deep slash across the mans chest.

The Fallen turned and cursing to herself grabbed the old man's arm and pulled him to his feet shaking him from his stupor. "C'mon you Bag of Bones, starting throwing fire or hide under a rock!"

Nocello hurriedly turned and moved towards the tent. "Yes yes yes of course." he mumbled to himself as he dug through is bad extracting his fire tome and moving again into the outside, into the battle.

He spotted a Wolf lunging at the back Afra as she herself charged her enemies, in that moment with memorized and practiced efficiency he rose his hand and not sparing a glance down his eyes began to glow and the pages of the tome flew open, he spared not a word as the ball of flames formed before him even as the lines of the simple magic circle formed. The magic attack blasted forwards, striking the side of the lunging Laguuz, not felling the creature but keeping it from attacking Afra immediately.

Tom Ping Memorial Park- Chicago

Gabriel cursed internally as the first shot was intercepted by a new comer, he couldn't tell any details accept they were likely male, partially due to the distance between them and that he was still viewing everything through a heat vision filter. He knew the shot hit and he saw them go down.

He immediately moved to reacquire his target in the Man in Black but said old man had already begun moving, almost seeming to catch the new comer before he hit the ground and took off at a dead run towards the boat house, Gabriel had fired again, but his target had dropped in the same moment sliding into safety.

He lowered the rifle and deactivated the heat vision in his visor.

"How is the police situation?"

"Still fine sir, our outpost has managed to intercept and filter all local 911 calls, a single patrol car in the area had to be dealt with."

"Hrm... alright then.." he held the rifle off to his side where it was wordlessly retrieved and disassembled by one of the others. "Swords..." and in the next moment his swords had been retrieved and latched onto the hips of his power suit. "Alright then, I need to confirm what happened to the interloper the rest of you begin Standard Evac plan C. I won't be long." he took a step off the edge of the building and hit the ground running, making a bee line for the river he weaved between a few benches and trees and took a mighty leap at the waters edge, he landed upon a small moored vessel and lept again landing upon a small bit of drifting wood debris, he felt it sinking but in that same moment his leg fired off and launched him the rest of the way across the river, he entered the park running straight for the boat house, hands resting on the hilts of his swords.

Los Angeles- California
@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Rockin Strings

There was a great sound, like the tearing of metal that echoed across the city as several large metallic objects plummeted, burning, from the sky, crashing through buildings as the made impact, sending debris and hot stone and metal flying in every direction, in total Four had crashed down at different points in the city. One seemed to land near the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, another at Long Beach, the third landed Holy Wood and the final crashed down in China Town, leaving behind destruction and a small crater, the smooth metallic pods glowing white hot however were in tact.

Ping Tom Memorial Park- Chicago

Gabriel watched the fiasco from atop a building across the river, his helmets thermal vision allowing him to watch as one figure slowly moved through the dark, executing one after the other.

He was flanked on either side by several men dressed in dark form fitting garb, armed with short Japanese style swords strapped across their backs, faces covered with masks.

"Unbelievable, and these amateurs thought they could join Black Out? At least we can confirm the Old Man now." Another of the armed men dropped across the river, they were down to just six now... Oh look they were finally getting smart...

Across the river the would be assassins had come back together, they were moving in a close circle keeping watch in all directions and made their way out of the slightly forested area and into the open grass, they were being taken out from the shadows, their target was obviously experienced, and knew how to move through cover, so it was time to drag him out. Fear was gripping their hearts, the hairs on the back of their neck stood on end and each had broken out in a cold sweat.

"Rifle" was the only word Gabriel spoke next, one of his henchmen opened a case upon the roof and quickly withdrew and assembled a barret .50 caliber rifle, it did not possess a scope. As he held it up and got into a standing firing position his visor began to do its work, dialing in the shot.

"C'mon then.. Get out of trees..."

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@Prosaic@The Harbinger of Ferocity

Faultline stayed at the ready, he wasn't any good at reading large predator cats, people were open books. This created a strange uncertainty within the veteran hero, which only put him further on the defensive. The creatures passive movements, its ability to speak directly into his head.

All of it bothered him to no end. He wasn't sure why he was hoping to get a direct answer from a large cat, maybe he was to use to all the crazies and crack pot Ultras that seemed to love monologues... Mr. Gimmick didn't help that. He made sure to stay still, not trying to invite an attack as he 'listened' to each answer. So it was definitely using the city as a hunting ground, at least that's what he drew from this, true its not like it could just walk into the grocery store but.. he couldn't let it stand, as the Tiger left, as eerily silently as it arrived he knew he'd have to go after it sooner or later, and a voice in the back of his head told him he'd just missed his best chance..

Once it was gone he let out a small breath but stayed ready, knowing it could easily be lurking and watching still.

"Well, I know I may have said it already. But that was a strange, weird strange, even for me. Psychic tigers... something I'd expect to see in a show in Vegas." he glanced over at the young Frenchman beside himself. "Well, you kept your cool pretty well, I'm impressed."

-0-0-0 Ping Tom Memorial Park- Chicago- Illinois -0-0-0

While each man apart of the team was a trained professional, knew to expect the unexpected, when their employer, known for near perfect intel, had stated the target was a standard, you tended to expect a standard.

You didn't expect an old man to take a hail of gun fire enough to put down most Ultra's, stay standing and brush it off like it had all been pointless. So when they stopped to reload and the words reached them.

"That was pretty good!" WHAT! "But now it's my turn!" WAIT! WHAT?! And he fired back, they immediately took cover, reacting slower than normal, but fast enough that only one of their members dropped, the round impacting with his vest and knocking him to the ground, but he was still alive, he'd be up again in a second or two. The others scattered, ducking behind trees, diving to the ground as the hurried to reload, they were already spread thin, they couldn't move further out without risking catching each other in the crossfire, so now plan B, always have a plan B, if he survived the open volley, try and push him back towards the river. As each reloaded and was ready it was guns free, fire at will, each one firing of a few rounds in controlled bursts before moving to reposition in the dark.

Nocello returned the man's appreciation with a tired smile. "Ah, it was quite a pleasure. I'm no confectioner, but a little bit of sugar and cream can whip up a simple sweet in a jiff. Besides I have never had much of a sweet tooth so I'm unlikely to use this sugar for myself." he looked at the young girl, now tired from the long day and his thoughts drifted for a moment as he turned his gaze to the stars that were beginning to show in the dieing light of day.

"A blessing is it not though? When a child's worries are so scarce that a few candies can bring tears? Signs of peaceful times I would think. I have seen many a years, and many generations of children, those that cry when a candy is lost, those that would only dream of having one in their life. Why, in my younger years I knew of people who didn't know what chocolate was, so much a delicacy that the poor had no inkling of what it was." he reached up and ran his fingers through his beard silent again before shaking his head and looking at the young father.

"It was a pleasure, and I apologize for rambling like that, I find the older I get the more the words just fall from my lips."

Cam only sat silently. After all she was not pleased by the presence of the two humans. She had barely spoken a word throughout the day, and that was mostly to answer questions or request from Nocello, her employer. She could only internally thank whatever god may exist they were finally leaving, and all because the old man couldn't bare to see a girl cry out a few candies? Ridiculous. He wasted good sugar and cream, even if he wouldn't use the sugar it would be a commodity worth a hefty sum once they set off into the desert. And true the cream wouldn't keep long it was wasted on something like candies.

She perked up for a moment, a smell on the wind... strangers... of course there were strangers new people seemed to join this caravan every day, she eased again, leaning back and staring into the fire, one of her knifes cutting away at a knot of wood she had cut from one of the logs. Something to keep her hands busy.
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