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"10000 IQ play there Sable, Solace will be giving you a medal or something for sure, saved us all, even if that stupid Tail Head denied me getting to see their ashes with my own eyes." If only Sable could show emotions because if he could he'd be grinning from ear to ear at the thought of his own genius. Though perhaps his celebratory self-congratulations were poorly timed as, as the dust began to clear the cameras motion sensor picked something up. No multiple things, Sable's proverbial jaw dropped to the floor, those fuckers were still alive, being cooked by the heat of the engines but alive none the less. "OH COME ON!" His cry rang out across the now silent hangar. The thought of giving them another few blasts did cross his mind but letting them cook alive was far more fitting punishment for not being turned to dust by the Turbolasers. Though Solace's next action soon turned his mind to other thoughts, the boy and his dog, the two who had begun this whole madness were stood at the now-closed bay door, well they were before Solace put a few blaster bolts in them a move even Sable thought was a little Cold and unnecessary. Well, unnecessary for now at least.

Yet despite this cold execution, Sable couldn't keep his thoughts off of what the Twi'Lek had done. Was it her that closed the bay door? Because if he certainly didn't then who? But his worst fears were confirmed as he watched her leave the cargo bay towards the turbo lifts. Opening doors in front of her as she went if she had gotten into the ship's system that quickly then things were worse than he feared and if she could get into the systems then there's no telling what she might do. If Sable couldn't get back control then she might try and kick him out but given how linked into the ship's systems he was, his anti-hack failsafe might kick in. And Sable didn't need to explain to Solace or the other crew why that would be a very bad thing indeed.

Perhaps it would be best to work the situation out with the Twi'Lek first, if she could get in then perhaps she could help in securing the breach. Diplomacy wasn't the Droids style at all, but just killing her would only put some tape over the crack not help fill it in. Sable began to chase after the girl his metallic feet banging on the floor as he went ending up in the lift next to her. the doors opened not long after showing that he had made it in time to meet her. Following her down the hallway and into the conference room behind her, unfortunately for the droid, she didn't take her eyes off of the entrance to the room, acing against his better judgment he decided to take action by pulling out the young girls blaster which he had holstered and pointed it at the girl. "Brin, was it? before anything else happens you and I need to have a talk about you being in the ship's systems. You've managed to get yourself into this ship's system, not a difficult feat I'll be honest but it's what you're planning to do next that has me concerned. If you're going to try and take full control of the ship then you and I are going to have a falling out, I'm quite ingrained in this ship's internal systems and have access to most of its functions. That means if you try to kick me out it could have quite... explosive consequences, literally. As in I will explode and take most of the ship with me. I won't go into details as to why but if you wanna call my bluff then go ahead. The droid paused momentarily and changed his tone to a calmer one. "But if you're planning on working with us then you have nothing to worry about and you can have this back." He then flipped the laster over to hold it by the barrel, holding the grip out towards the Twi'lek and awaited her response.


The door to the bay closed and silence befell Jarak's mind once again, a chance to take stock of just what he'd gotten himself into. Sinking back down next to the crate he was covering behind he looked around the bay at the array of bodies who had ended up in there. First, there was Solace, his main target, a woman that was both enchanting and utterly terrifying with her mere presence. He knew what she was but not who she was, but after watching her put down the boy and his dog, in the same manner, he'd seen Storm Troopers execute 'Rebels' Jarak knew exactly the kind of woman he was dealing with. One of sultry demeanor until sudden frenzied stabbing motions.

There were, of course, some unaccounted-for entities. The red Twi'Lek who had seemingly taken control of the ship's systems as she could open doors at will as she left, the Pantoran who had come quite literally flying into the bay before running off further into the ship looking quite wounded. Oh, why did he say yes to this mission, he had a choice he could be off somewhere else in the outer rim on one final tour of counter-terrorism. But in his infinite wisdom, he thought that this mission looked like a more interesting way to end his career. And end it certainly would, but would it end with his retirement or funeral? Only time would tell.

Jarak hadn't forgotten Solace's initial instructions, however, and began making his way into the ship, following behind the Twi'Lek girl and up the Turbo Lift to the deck where the meeting hall was. Jarak had to admit, the ship was quite well maintained, not as clean and shiny as the Atlas but then again his ship was maintained to the highest of Imperial standards. Jarak opened the door to the room to quite the sight. The droid who wasn't listed on the crew roster for obvious reasons was pointing a gun at the Twi'Lek girl and talking about Techy stuff that he was far too old to care about. Jarak looked at the pair and raised his hands in a 'not getting involved' manner and moved to an empty chair along the side of the table.

Oh if only Sable could smile at that moment. Not only was he being allowed to use the Turbolaser's but to also be using it on inferior life forms, this truly was a momentous occasion for him. Solace had given him the great honour of wiping this vermin from the front of the ship and he was going to enjoy every second of it. He felt the mention of a warning shot was a little redundant given it was a Turbolaser he'd be using but he knew what Solace meant none the less.

There was deafening feedback from the loudspeaker followed by a rather robotic voice. "Attention foolish meatbags, this is you're friendly neighbourhood murderbot letting you know that as of the moment you walked through those doors you had fucked up, there's no going back and I hope you've made peace with your Gods. There was a crackle as the speaker turned off and the turret began tracking onto the Mandalorian. Then the speaker crackled again. "Oh and to the meatbag with the Energy shield... Block this fucker." Being careful to not place the shots to close to Kabal and the bomb he gave the order to fire. There were three loud blasts as the twin Barrels fired in sequence at the three targets. Dust and debris were thrown into the air, followed by... silence.

"I'll deal with you after things are wrapped up here."
It seemed fair enough to him that she would want to deal with perhaps the second stupidest person on the ship, the first being himself of course, before beginning to test how well he could lie to a supposed force user. Though for the price of having to wait a little longer than he'd have liked, he was treated to her giving the dumbass who shot at her crew a little life lesson after almost giving him a heart attack. It was a short-lived reprieve from the never-ending wave of fun that appeared to flock to this ship. From the corner of his eye, Jarak noticed the doors to the hangar open again and three figures walk through it towards the ship, more crew? he thought to himself though he didn't remember them from the dossier and after what he presumed was the Ubese and a little helper walked in with a shopping cart and what looked like a broken fission device that was all the crew on the file accounted for. No, their posture was not that of crew returning to the ship, more like... attacking it, then Solace spoke her orders.

Jarak already at the top of the ramp was certainly in a better situation than those down below and they were having to cart the broken looking bomb up here as well. He gave a small smile as he grabbed his bag and threw it over and behind a conveniently placed crate before following it over as well. Whoever these guys were they certainly looked more imposing than the usual groups of rebels and terrorists he would deal with. He hadn't been expecting a firefight he could properly sink his teeth into so early into his mission so this was certainly a welcome surprise indeed. Opening the zip of his bag revealed most of his equipment; blasters, some grenades, his armour all he had on his person was his pistol and that was not going to surface against a Mando with a Z-6, let alone the other two. Peeking out from behind the crate he squeezed off a few bursts in the assailant's direction hoping to provide some sort of covering fire to those not up the ramp yet.


Sable nodded his head to Solace before turning to address the trouble making Twi'Lek "Please follow me miss we don't want any more trouble do we?" Sable said as he began to lead the Twi'Lek towards the exit of the bay. It had certainly been an interesting end to their stay on Anchorage, they'd had people hide away before but never ones that tried to shoot the place up and then ask for a job. Though Solace mentioning the word fresh when referring to Five Toes cooking gave him something to have a little chuckle about. But it would seem the quiet that had descended momentarily would disappear just as quickly as it came.

From the hangar bay ramp, he heard Solace shout orders at the newcomer and presumably Kabal who was the only one unaccounted for. Sable was confused for a moment at the urgency of Solace's orders, surely the danger was over right? Wrong, more shots came from the bottom of the ramp and the blaster sounded big but Sable couldn't tell what it was. He watched in slight surprise as the Twi'Lek went from cowering behind him, to behind some more solid cover than his slender frame, perhaps she wasn't as brave as her attempt to stow away on a mercenaries ship portrayed her as. Needless to say Sable was incredibly happy with this new development, a proper fight is what he existed for after all and he had already processed the perfect way to deal with the fools who dared attack his ship.

It was then that the Twi'Lek spoke to him and offered what was certainly a solution to the current predicament but not in any way related to what he was going to do. "Port security won't be necessary, I'm planning on enjoying myself if they don't take the rather large hint I'm going to give them." As he crouched down next to the Twi'Lek his eyes flashed, not too far from their location on deck four an Astromech whirred into life, under instructions from Sable it exited the coral and proceeded towards the turbolift and headed for the lower Turbolaser control room on deck two, Sable might have been built for fighting but no one ever told him it had to be done in a fair manner. The Astromech accessed the controls and began charging the guns, checking the camera mounted on the turret he saw there were three assailants and one was what looked like Deathwatch. "Oh goody it's been too long since I've killed some Deathwatch." Sable's eyes flashed again and the turret's mechanisms hummed into life, the twin barrels swung out and stared down angrily at the three squishy fools assaulting the ship. Perhaps acting on something Alanna put in his programming but he couldn't bring himself to atomise them... yet "Captain I feel as though I should give you the opportunity to let them leave with their pathetic lives before I wipe them from existence, if you wanna shout from the ramp that's fine but if you can make it to me you can broadcast an offer of mercy over loudspeaker.

It was quite the show Jarak was watching unfold in front of him, at the top of cargo ramp stood who he assumed was Solace who had just disarmed and potentially given a heart attack too, the young boy who had seemed to think it was a good idea to start trouble with a crew of mercenaries, not the wisest choice one could make, but then again Jarak was someone who chose to make a living by being shot at for an Empire that could replace him just as easily as they gave him medals so who was he to judge.

Of all the thoughts to be whirling around in Jarak's head, there was one that stood out above the rest, not whether he'd make it home, not him placing bets with himself on how long it'd be till he was found out. No the thought that kept making its way to the front was him wondering if this is what his Majors final words meant? was this where Jarak would get what's coming to him? Odd for the words of a dead man to be in his head at this moment but this certainly was an odd time. Jarak paused for a moment, next to the boy lay the collapsed body an Anooba, odd he hadn't noticed it sooner but his mind was elsewhere after all. Bringing his hand up to his scars he gently stroked down his cheek. Not quite the same creature but given his track record with wildlife, he made a mental note to keep an eye on the dog.

At the top of the ramp, he was provided with his first real look at the crew he would have to make pleasantries with for the next few months... or weeks given that he rated his chance of making it home in one piece at less than 50/50. Around the hangar were various individuals that Jarak recognised form the reports and some that he didn't. There was a young woman who the Captain assumed was the other of the twins, being taken out of the bay by a man in robes, very familiar robes at that. There was an old Commando Droid, someone in what looked like old Clone Trooper armour and another in Storm Trooper armour.

So far there were no surprises that he could see, it seemed to be a fairly normal mercenary crew, a group of pirates and degenerates that would just as quickly kill each other as work together. What was a surprise, however, was the Twi'Lek that he hadn't noticed yet and what he could gather from the ensuing conversation was that she seemed to have been the cause of all the trouble in the first place and now she was asking for a job. She certainly had balls he'd give her that, stowing away on a ship and then your friend comes and starts a shoot out and then asking the very visibly displeased Captain of said ship for a job, this had the potential to be an even worse decision than the one to open fire in the first place.

He stood there in slight bewilderment at what he was listening to and he made sure to keep a few steps between himself, the Twi'Lek and the boy, just in case. He took his bag from his shoulder and placed it on the floor next to him before speaking to Solace. "I can see you're dealing with some issues right now, should I just wait down here while you sort them and we can talk after?"


"Understood." There wasn't much else needed in response to his order and a few moments later the red lighting faded, being replaced with the normal bright lighting of the cargo hold, the sound of the bulkheads and hatches opening brought with them a sigh of relief for the droid.

Sable stood back up and gave a bow of his head to Sena as she began to walk off with Airus. Maybe Sable would get a sticker later to say thank you properly he thought to himself... smack Sable gave his head a wack, where the hell did that thought come from, "I'll need to get that looked at, I'm a highly efficient and lethal killing machine, not Mopdeka. Why would I want a sticker. Once he was sure that Sena was safe and the danger caused by the stupid meat bag and his hound was definitely over he turned to watch Sena immediately put herself in danger again as she ruffled the Ewok's head putting herself at risk of catching Revan only knows what.

It was then that what was happening at the bay entrance caught his eye again. The idiot, the Twi'Lek and a newcomer were all stood there with Solace and from the sound of it, the Tail Head was an accomplice of the genius and his dog. And they had just asked to be hired on. A phenomenon he couldn't help but comment on"They're either the bravest or the most stupid individuals I've ever seen. Personally, I was hoping for another droid, one I could actually talk to, the others around here are... I'll say processorly challenged to be nice. Sable shook his head a few times before making his way to the door along with Airus and Sena.

Dear god what had he just said "Excuse me miss! Well done Jarak, you sound like a real grizzled mercenary with that language, no way in hell I'm getting on that ship now." His face remained pleasant smile as the thoughts of his own stupidity ran wild in his mind. Would she just tell him to do one or possibly worse? A Smirk as she turned to face the Captain was the only response offered. The pad identified this woman as 'Solace' but that was more than likely just a cover name. There was something enchanting about the way she conducted herself, a constantly alluring aura seemed to surround her which made Jarak uncomfortable to no end. For a few seconds, there was nothing, no other response as if she was formulating what to say in response to his offer. The silence was deafening to Jarak as the questions of whether or not he had fallen at the first hurdle began to creep back in. But as she opened her mouth to respond she seemed to tense for a moment before standing up before him, a hand gripped tightly on the pommel of one of her Vibro-blades. Two words "Oh shit." went through his mind and time seemed to slow for him. He'd survived blaster fire, airstrikes and being blown up, only for fate to decide that he would finally bite the bullet or sword in this case, in a repugnant bar surrounded by the scum and villainy of the galaxy. His eyes closed and his body tensed waiting for the blow that would never come, instead, the woman spoke frankly "I should go. Jarak, CR-90 at the port."

Before he could even open his eyes again she was gone, a heavy sigh followed as he turned to see the direction the woman had disappeared off in. But there was nothing, no trace that she was even moving through the crowd outside. Luckily he knew which dock the CR-90 was at or he'd be completely lost trying to find this Solace again. Jarak spent the rather pacey walk over to the dock wondering how in the galaxy had she disappeared like that, was it some trick that a force user could do? Or was he just going blind? As he neared the dock there was the distinct sound of blaster fire coming from his destination, what was going on, this had to be why the woman disappeared as she did, but there must be something very important on that ship for her to react as she did, and how did she know whatever was happening was happening before the loud mumbling from the commlink became audible. Jarak had a good number of questions going through his mind as he approached a security barrier which opened for him after a small exchange of credits with the guard.

As Jarak walked into the dock itself there was an explosion in front him, a very familiar sounding explosion as well. Now Jarak was starting to figure out the people he would hopefully be dealing with for the next few months. Idiots, it was the only word that seemed to suit the situation, what kind of fool would throw a Thermal Det here, inside a ships hold no less. Whichever idiot had thrown it clearly needed a little more than a basic tutorial of how to use grenades. It was then that he spotted Solace holding someone from behind with her Vibro-Sword to their neck while an Anooba sat uneasily to the side. Jarak put his head into his palm as he walked towards the bottom of the cargo ramp."There's no way I'm making it back alive am I?" he mumbled.


Sable had been too concerned with keeping Sena safe to notice Sharp throw the Thermal Detonator, but when it went off the realisation of the danger he'd just put Sena and the rest of them it became all too apparent to the droid. "Either he needs some sense beaten into him or that chip's finally driven him insane. Either way, I'm gonna chew his damned ear off when this is over." Normally Sable was fairly emotionless and uncaring towards the safety of squishy meat bags, but Sena was one of only a few in the last few years to actively make him enter protective mode. He wasn't sure what was actually wrong with the girl but with her childish nature, she reminded him a lot of the children he used to watch over for the Blasaw family and the last person to hurt one of those ended up begging for it to be over quickly. As he stood there returning fire at the person foolish enough to attack them he noticed a friendly tag appear next to the boy. "I hate it when she does that, I could have shot her. He thought to himself as he lowered his blaster, now that the captain had returned that should put an end to this little incident.

It was then that he felt something bump into his leg, If only he could have facial expressions because the sight he saw truly baffled him, that disease ridden fur ball was standing next to him spear raised towards the cargo bay entrance, for a split second there was a desire to raise his leg back and punt it off the ship but Sena would probably crush him with her mind if he did. He looked back to see if Sena was ok and she was still just crying in a ball on the floor, was the Ewok trying to protect Sena, perhaps since it didn't know the fate that awaited it in Sena' room. Shaking his head in disbelief at what he was witnessing next to him he turned and took a knee next to Sena before placing a hand that while a little cold and metallic was one meant to reassure the terrified girl. "Are you ok my lady? The danger should be over Mistress Solace has returned, you should be safe now.

Jarak sat at the desk in his room a dim light from his lamp being the only light source illuminating him. In his hand was a datapad with what information Imperial Intelligence had on the crew of the Noreaster. Considering how long the crew had been active for and how long Imperial Intelligence appeared to have been after them, there really wasn't a lot for Jarak to review. Some of the crew barely had a paragraph or two, some had photos but no names and some had names but no photos. Perhaps the file Iesha had given him before he left on what he hoped would be his last tour would shed light where normal Intelligence had failed. He opened the file and placed its contents out in front of him, a photo and a note reminding him of "What he's doing this for" which he quickly put into his shirt pocket. The main content of the file was by far the most interesting part. She had called in a few favours she still had with her old superiors and managed to pull some of the more classified information that I.I had on the crew. This was a file that definitely wasn't meant for his eyes or anyone else's for that matter, what kind of things had Iesha done to be able to call in favours like this? A thought that was quickly dispelled from his mind as he read through the file, it seemed he wasn't the first Imperial to have to infiltrate the ship. The file mentioned an agent sent to acquire the Captain and her sister for I.I and the Inquisitorious respectively. The reading only worsened as he went further through the document. The agent's last contact was before they arrived on Balmorra and then he went silent. His body was later recovered with a lightsaber wound through his chest. He was filled with an awful sense of dread over what he was getting himself into here.

A knock on his door startled him slightly and brought him out of his concentration on the files in front of him. "Come in." The door gave a slight hiss as it opened and a soldier stepped in. "Sir, a CR90 has been sighted docking on the far side of the port." "Thank you, Lieutenant. prepare the ship to depart, it's best if the Atlas isn't here longer than necessary." The soldier nodded before spinning on her heels and exiting the room leaving Jarak to his thoughts and deliberations. After a few more moments of pondering and worrying while resting his chin on clasped hands, Jarak stood up and picked up the duffle bag next to him and put it across his back. Was it wise to take his equipment him, probably not but it was a risk he couldn't afford to take. He left his room and headed to the bridge to say his goodbyes. The bridge of the Corvette was sparsely populated most of the crew being given leave since they wouldn't be required for a while. "What do you think guys?" Jarak said in a sarcastic tone giving his squad a twirl. "You look like the people we shoot at for a living so I'd say you look pretty good Captain." Nez his Lieutenant responded. "Perfect, that's exactly the look I was going for. Nez, you have the conn until I return. "If you return." She said in a hushed tone "Yes thank you, Nez, I'm aware. Now get the Atlas out of here, and if you so much as scratch her paint while I'm gone I'm taking it out your pay cheque." He said, giving the Lieutenant a half smile. Jarak turned and exited the bridge passing a few remaining crew on his way off the ship. A few technicians on the landing pad gave him rather murderous looks as he exited the pad and headed into the port proper. The sound of the Raider I Corvette's engines powering up behind him let him know that he was now truly alone in one of the most dangerous places he could possibly find himself.

The walk through the port towards the CR90s landing pad was one of sheer terror for Jarak. He was surrounded by the scum of the galaxy, most if not all of them were wanted by the Empire for one reason or another and every single one of them would kill him in a heartbeat if they knew what he was but here he was blending in as if he belonged here. The sound of a scream from a nearby bar caught his attention and he turned to head towards it and as he walked in the door he saw what he was after. A quick glance at his datapad confirmed it, the woman, the Muun and what he assumed was the Ubese that were all shown on the pad. As he approached the three he overheard the woman talking about looking for new crew, surely it couldn't be this easy he thought to himself as he pushed his nerves aside and approached the woman. "Excuse me miss, I overheard you were looking for crew. The name's Jarak, can I apply now or do I have to buy you a drink first?"


A noise from behind him caught his attention what looked like a small Wookie had suddenly appeared in the cargo hold. it took a minute for what he was seeing to actually compute surely one of those things couldn't be here. Sena, however, would leap into action as she usually did when she saw something she liked and appeared to smother the poor thing while screaming about how soft and fluffy it was. God only knows what diseases or parasites the stupid animal had on it but now that Sena had touched it and proclaimed her love for it no one could touch it. "Is that really what I think it is, is that... is that an Ewok. How in the galaxy is an Ewok here?" This was going to be an interesting day Sable thought to himself as he watched Sena continue to cuddle the life out of the Ewok, a fitting end for such an annoying creature. The strange girl who identified herself as Brin stood up and began to head off with Airus. Though whatever ideas of going back to his room quickly disappeared when out of nowhere a blaster round sailed over his and the rest of the crews' heads.

With a reaction time that could put some force users to shame Sable spun on his heels and pulled his blaster from his back pointing it in the direction the shot came from, his sensors saw a young boy and an Anooba standing at the ramp to the bay. "I could have sworn the loaders said they closed the bay door." Sable thought as he drew his blaster and activated his combat protocols. "I'm activating boarding protocol, recommend switching to night-vision and ready yourselves for combat." The main lighting around the crew shut off and the emergency red lighting came on above, the sounds of bulkheads and hatches closing could be heard around the ship, and the cargo ramp began to close. The room went dark around Sable, a flash of red light appeared where his eyes were as his NV turned on. IFF tags began to appear on his display. There was an inhumanly quick dash as Sable entered protection mode and jumped in front of Sena and fired off a few shots from his blaster in the direction of the boy and his dog.

"Sena why are you like this?" The thought that went through Sable's processor as he changed his visual settings back to normal light levels. While he was sure that Sena had only pure and honest intentions with her actions, he would much rather that she had not come into the Cargohold at all, let alone blind everyone and then just walk up to the potentially dangerous intruder with a lightsaber who could snap at any moment and potentially hurt or even kill her. He didn't want to even imagine what would happen to the girl if Solace had got back and found Sena hurt or worse.

"I don't really have an option, now do I? There are my weapons, I'll go with you."

The words were like music to his audio receptors, he didn't want to have to shoot the girl sat in front of him. Though he had not revealed it yet, his initial scan of the girl's face had revealed precisely nothing about her, it was perhaps the strangest thing he'd ever seen, the girl simply didn't exist. The bounty board, the Imperial Database even the older Republic databases had nothing. No one matching her face or even the name she gave came up. He'd seen it before on former slaves but there's no way someone this well-armed was a slave surely. What was not music to his audio receptors however was the outwardly aggressive tone of the pathetic waste of metal that dared to call itself a droid. The sheer gall of this Toaster on wheels to dare challenge Sable or any of the crew when they were the ones who tried to stow away took him back for a moment, surely no one could be that stupid. He nodded at Airus before putting his own blaster away and picked up the girls blasters "You made the smart choice, although I'd suggest putting a muzzle on... that. Before I do it for you." He said with clear disdain for the R3 unit in his voice as he turned and headed for the Cargobay door.
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