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Seeing Emil's reaction throughout his tale she remembered her own when Kyle first enquired about her past. She thought to herself that while she had managed to find a partner for herself and a father for Marius after her escape, it looked like Emil hadn't had anyone to open up too in a long time and that the first times are always the most difficult.

Offering Emil a cigarette from the pack in her front pocket. She tries to change the topic to the here and now. "Listen. I understand how hard it can be opening up to strangers. Especially if you've never done it before.

"So" She said clearing her throat. "What do you reckon the Pariah wants us to find in there. because evause it can't just be riches for ourselves?
The look Emil gave her sent a slight shock through her system. It was one of understanding one she had not seen in a long time. While her husband tried his best he would never truly know what she had been through and the best he ever did was comfort her in dark times, so a look like this was refreshing.

"Looks like you had a lovely family. You said Oregon so that rules the Legion out. But I'm guessing by the look you gave you've been a slave too?"

having noticed Bailey had stepped out she stood up and moved to sit on the bench, gesturing for Emil to sit next to her. "They killed my father, sold my mother and took my brother to become one of them. 5 years, 5 long years I suffered as a trophy of the Local Legion leader."

"Now all I've got is these two." she pulled the locket out from her shirt and opened it revealing another picture of her son and Kyle her husband.
"That's good." She says, leaning back and sitting down properly she takes her hand off of the machete handle. She could tell Emil was being genuine which made him one of the few in recent years to be so.

"I've got scars, bruises and bad memories saved for any Legion member I come across." she said gesturing to pretty much her whole body.

Gesturing to the picture strapped to her helmet by a few rubber bands."The only good thing to come out of that shithole was him."

The look on her face changed to a more relaxed look yet still a few tears came from her eyes which she quickly wiped away."Sorry, the tears don't help me maintain a tough persona very well do they." she said with a little chuckle.
After having apologised for being a bitch to Emil, Monika squated back down where she was before she had walked off. Looking up at Emil with an inquisitive look "So judging by the accent and you having prior knowledge of the Legion you must be from my Area. You wouldn't have happened to mix with the Legion would you?" she said putting her hand on the handle of her Machete.
Monika sat in the corner staring into her locket. She thought about how she had treated Emil, "He didn't know any better. He's only just met me." she thought to herself.

Knowing that she would have to work with these people for the foreseeable she reckoned coming across as a bitch this early on was probably not the right thing to do.

Getting up, she tossed her cigarette away and walked back over to Emil and Bailey. Walking up behind Emil she sighed "Listen, I want to apologise for being a bit of bitch earlier. Bailey is right in her thinking. Me and men don't have the best of history thanks to the legion. But that's not an excuse, we've only just met so you wouldn't have known."

"That doesn't mean I like or trust you. But I doubt being a bitch from moment one will do anything to improve that."
"Raider army. The premise is right but it's putting it extremely lightly."

she says scratching the back of her head. "family is sort of why I'm here. The line of work our group does is not how I want him raised so I'm here to try and get some money to leave this life behind and move somewhere new." upon hearing Emil introduce himself Monika clenched her fist. "That accent". she thought to herself. It wasn't too dissimilar to those of her home and her tormentors. And while she knew no Legion personnel would venture this far East that didn't stop certain memories coming back. But he was a stranger and a man, and while she had worked up the courage to talk to Bailey. That was simply because she was a woman.

Picking up her gear she turned to walk away "It was nice chatting Bailey, maybe once we get underway we can do it again." As she walked away she passed him "Emil." she said in a monotone voice, giving him the cold shoulder as she walked past.

she then proceeded back to her corner from before and set about lighting another Cigarette before staring into her locket once again.
feeling relieved that she didn't just tell her to do one, Monika relaxes and squats down next to Bailey. Handing her the photo of Marius "I'd show you a photo of my family but they were taken by Caesars Legion when I was younger, I've only got this photo of my son. And one of my husband." "I can certainly understand you having gripes with them, while they've never wronged me that badly they've given my group and I trouble in times past." she said with a determined look. "So, what do you reckon the Pariah needs that requires a group this....diverse?
After noticing the Ghoul and another young girl begin conversing, Monika thought to herself while she hated small talk and especially small talk with strangers. Perhaps someone to talk to down here would stop her from going slowly insane. Glancing around the room, she quickly ruled out the men and the Brotherhood members. Her mind was cast back to the girl lying on the bench who she had noticed go on edge when the Brotherhood entered the room. Perhaps, she thought to herself this girl has grievances with them too. Looking over at her she noticed the girl was now looking at a photo with an emotional look in her eye; this gave her even more incentive to try and make acquaintances.

Monika then proceded to put her gear and weapons away and walk over to the girl lying on the bench. Holding the photo of her son in her hand in order to try and break the ice if she noticed it. "So, judging by your reaction, it seems you aren't happy having to share the same space as the Brotherhood either?". Noticing what is on the photo the girl is holding she thinks back to her own family, long before the Legion arrived. "Name's Monika, although i'm sure you don't care. figured talking to someone while waiting for him to appear was better than wearing through my gun polishing it."
The group of Gunners looked up at the wall in bewilderment. Never had any of them imagined it would be that big or imposing. Monika had passed Necropolis on her and Marius' treck East and she had of course heard the rumours, everyone had. She said to herself then that she wanted to stay as far away as possible. Never in her life did she think she'd come back, especially voluntarily. With one last kiss from her husband that felt like it was over before it even began and an embrace from the other few who volunteered to escort her. She turned and descended the stair case lighting a cigarette on the way down to help calm her nerves.

She descended into the tunnel. Around her were people conversing and drinking. But most sat on their own, most likely knowing what lay ahead. She went to find somewhere to sit, choosing a corner, where hopefully no one would bother her. In that room full of insincere people with insincere smiles. Of course she knew why they wore them but they made her uncomfortable non the less.

Looking for something to take her mind off of what was about to come she took her rifle out and began cleaning it. Noticing other mercs sat around the room each of them as alone as the other. One that caught her eye was a girl lying on a bench singing along to the radio in what seemed to be similar combat armour to her but hers wasn't weary from a few centuries of ware and tear. It looked well looked after and cleaned.

The man built like a tank and wearing what appeared to be most of one was the most imposing figure she could see. He reminded her of the Legion camp leader that took her as a trophy all those years ago. A half smile came across her mouth when she remembered that he was most definitely dead and was dead by her hands.

Holding her locket in her hand and fiddling with the wedding ring on her finger. She thought to herself she already missed her family, trying to hold back a single tear when she was interrupted by the heavy foot steps of power armour. She noticed the girl on the bench immediately go on edge which also set her alarms off. Grabbing the grip of her rifle and putting the locket away she waited to see what would happen.

Seeing the girl on the bench relax again when the two power armoured BoS members entered the room. She could tell from forced body language alone that this was not going to be an enjoyable trip.

She regained her composure after the female BoS mentioned "him". Monika was in no way a genius but she knew who the Paladin was referring too. Leaning back and taking a final puff of her cigarette she went back to quietly cleaning her gun and checking over her equipment. "Just like any other OP" she muttered to herself. "just like any other OP"
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