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Greetings all I would like to introduce myself as the Co-Gm for this interactive War Crime viewing experience. Below is an overview of The United Kingdom in this setting which will also help those interested understand the kinds of differences which are present in the setting. If anyone has any questions regarding what is below, the wider Empire or other aspects of Britain which aren't included or anything you are unclear on then feel free to ping or message me (@Famous Austrian Painter) in the Discord.

Please note this is a character RP and what is below is just a description of how the nations your characters come from are different from our own world.



Eliza rolled her eyes and let out a soft sigh through her nose he knew she hated being called by her first name, especially when she was on duty. If they were making camp for the night then she didn't mind but not here, she wouldn't call him Finn afterall. Then again he probably knew it would annoy her and that's why he did it. "Taylor go and get the maps from Kirby for me please." "Yes sir." The soldier replied with a chuckle in his voice.

The town before her seemed very normal for the wasteland, if anything she was slightly impressed by what they had built. During her expeditions to hunt Purist remnants she'd heard of this fairly successful town and if anything seemed that, burning huts and bullet holes aside, it was better than the traders and travellers had said it was. Though when a small girl appeared next to the Ghoul, who Eliza could swear she knew bit just couldn't put a name to it, the girl was more machine than human and spoke almost like an Assaultron and honestly left Eliza on edge, it was a complete unknown and from the screams that proceeded it, it was probably best to not piss it off.

Eliza travelled with Finn, the Ghoul and the Robot as they made their way through the carnage left by the raiders, her rifle slung on her shoulder to try and put the locals at ease, but it didn't seem to allay their opinions, those they passed seemed just as fearful of her and the Enclave roundel on her shoulder as they did of the murder machine in front of her. Hardly surprising really, Public Relations hadn't really made it this far south yet and even then there were still Purists running around down here, that's why she was there afterall.

As they moved past the gate they were rejoined by SGT. Taylor holding a brown leather satchel, newly adorned with a few blood splatters. Looking over to her right she saw why. The rest of her fireteam were trying to pin what appeared to be a Marshall to the ground to stop him flailing in pain as Balletto was trying to remove the bullet lodged in his leg. "It'll hurt a lot less if you'd Stop. Fucking. Movingng" the medic shouted frustratedly. "Taylor go help em out I can handle things here." The Sergeant nodded and made his way over to help pin the wounded man down.

"Here you go sir." Eliza said extending the satchel towards Finn. "Sorry about the blood, couldn't be helped." Eliza tilted her head gesturing towards the injured man being pinned to the ground.

On the road for six hours, six damn hours sat in the same uncomfortable seat with what may as well have been no padding whatsoever. The company wasn't up to much either leaving any conversations more than a little lacking the scenery going past wasn't all bad, the small woods and farms they went past all seemed peaceful enough and given the composition of the convoy encounters with Raiders were few and far between. As the convoy neared the town gunfire rang out across the hills infront of them and as the humvee crested the hill Eliza had a near perfect view of the battle unfolding below them, well she would have done if it weren't for one thing "Snoring noises" yes it woulf seem that not even rather loud explosions of the IFVs primary weapon firing could stir the fair maiden from her beauty nap.

Eliza had been lucky so far, not only had her meatheads and the BoS meatheads not decided to have a punch up but she had also managed to get herself a seat in the Humvee. The humvee trundled down to the towns southern gate, Eliza's head bouncing up and down unceremoniously as the humvee went over the uneven ground, Starlight slung across her chest rattling against her webbing, the occasional snore or grumble disturbing the otherwise relatively peaceful ride for the other occupants.

There was a knocking on her window followed by a deep, calming, southern voice. "Hey Captain you awake in there? We've arrived" Snort"I'm awake, I'm awake I swear, what'd I miss?" "Oh nothin much sir, just the entire firefight." The man said opening the door for her. "Ah nothing important then, oh thankyou Sergeant ever the gentlemen." Eliza gave her arms and legs and good stretch and checked her equipment before retrieving her pack from under her seat. In terms of numbers the Enclave had contributed the least to the expedition, numbering less than half a dozen including herself. But after just ending a bloody civil war could anyone really blame them.

Before reassignment Major Parker gave her pick of the litter when it came to selection for her fireteam, there was herself, SSgt William Kirby (Asst SL), Sgt Daniel Taylor (Grenadier), Cpl Ryan Balletto (medic), Cpl Jose Soto (Marksman) and herself making five in total. The Brotherhood had brought over double their numbers and the Canadians even more so, but Eliza would still bet on them in fight any day. Moving towards the gate itself she noticed Finn engaging in conversation with a Ghoul and beyond them lay the wall itself, the bodiesof Raiders and defenders strewn across the landscape. "Balletto, since the BoS have decided to go hunting, head on in see if there's anything you can do to help. Kirby, Soto go with him and lend a hand, Taylor you're on me." There was an almost synchronised "Yes Sir." From her squad and the three others departed for the town gate.

As Eliza and the Sgt approached Finn and thr Ghoul it was clear their conversation wasn't a friendly one and after the Ghoul appeared to tell him to "Fuck off" and threatening to shoot him it was clear things might escalate. Eliza could sense Taylor's itchy trigger finger and placed her hand on the barrel of his rifle. "Not yet Sergeant, remember we don't shoot the non-ferals on sight anymore." Though she did place her free hand on the grip of her own rifle just to be on the safe side, making sure to keep a sade distance from Finn but within sight of the Ghoul just in case he tried anything funny.
@Blizz @Hamakazekai

Adder and Wen are approved, you are clear to move them across to the character tab and begin posting in the IC.

Since Archer is sick I'll be doing your review. I apologise that I'm not as eloquent as he is so I'll keep it brief. Currently there are only 3 issues with Adder and they are relatively minor ones.

Number one: This is perhaps the biggest of the three, There still seems to be a lack of motivation for her to be there. Perhaps having her work with the Marshals could remedy that.

Number 2: Her background is a little unfleshed out but you did make her at almost the last moment after scrapping your previous character so it's not too big of a problem.

Number 3: Throughout the CS you make constant mention of a safehouse. There are a couple of points to do with that, firstly We would need to know where it is even if she never mentions it to anyone IC, secondly does its location make it even worth mentioning and how likely would Adder or the group be to actually going to it, bearing in mind that we are going to be spending most of our time in South Carolina, at least at the start.
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