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Monika was still shaking slightly. Her mind was most definitely not in the present any more, all she could hear was his voice. It was like shell shock, a deep ringing in her ears overlayed with his voice tormenting her and a blurring of her vision. She took her finger off the trigger of her gun, just in case. She didn't want to go shooting a teammate accidentally. But she just couldn't shake his image from her head, it clouded her every thought. She hadn't been this bad for at least a year and a half; the dreams, the flashbacks, the general bad memories. They had all mostly subsided. Could a simple change of surroundings and companions do that to her she thought?

"Hey there.”...“Monika, right?" The voice was soothing, it cut through her visions of Lucius and brought her back to reality. As the ringing and the blurring faded she spoke again. "I-uh, just wanted to see how you were doing, and, ask if there was anything I could do to help.” Everything came back to Monika. The tunnel, the collapse, the looks from the others at least she imagined the looks from the others. "Yeah, that's the name. You're... Frankie right? I can't tell in these fucking suits." Monika looked to the girl and through the visor she thought she could see... a smile "I'm-I'm fine, honestly, it's nothing. Besides, now isn't really the best place to go picking my brains, is it?

The scouts came back in a panic and cut their conversation short "Something coming eh? I suggest you get behind me. We can't risk you getting killed this early. Monika said as she ushered Frankie behind her with her arm and brought her rifle to the ready.
"Is everything okay over there?"

"That voice, the tone, the accent. It couldn't be, surely not this far East." Monika thought to herself as she continued to avoid looking at the others in the group. She wasn't 100% sure that she heard it right. Then he spoke again.

"So, what do you all think we'll find in this consulate? USSR - those were one of America's rivals, weren't they? I don't think they would leave any vital data or blueprints of their own in enemy territory so what do you think they had hiding down there that the Pariah wants? They got some documents through espionage maybe? Stolen prototypes?"

Now she was certain. It was him, she couldn't remember the name and couldn't see his face to get a proper ID but she'd never forgotten the voice. How could she, she was sure he was an important man, the dumbass headdress he wore would certainly suggest it. Last time she saw him he was getting kicked in the stomach by Lucius for something or other, she tended to turn off when she wasn't being addressed directly.

The voice hadn't changed a bit. The man she saw "save" a slave girl from being raped. His face looked disgusted at the thought of what was about to happen to the girl. It made Monika slightly hopeful. Hopeful that all Legionaries weren't scum. Of course given half the chance, she'd quite happily put a bullet or two in him. He was at the end of the day still a walking, talking embodiment of the most horrific part of her life so far. But that moment has stayed with her for all these years. And occasionally reminds here that maybe, just maybe a diamond can be found in any amount of rough.

Monika watched on as Emil and the quiet girl who never introduced herself went down the narrow passage to scout ahead. She knew it had to be done, as going above ground was not exactly desirable and so far they hadn't encountered a thing that wanted to kill them. Monika sighed with relief that she could take a minute or two to relax while they scouted ahead. All of a sudden she became overcome by lightheadedness which made her slouch back against the wall behind her.

She looked down at her suit and noticed a small tear in the right leg. "Shit, must have caught it on something on the way." she thought to herself. As she took her pack off to reach in and get the repair kit out she noticed a set of feet in front of her, clad in Centurion boots. She looked up and saw Lucius, her captor, her tormentor, her abuser. His face was still bloody and his neck still had the Machete wound she made in when she escaped. He looked down at her with pure rage in his eyes. "You know you can never escape me, I own you, I branded you and that little brat of ours, Vacca stulta." He raised his leg as if to kick her and Monika closed her eyes and braced for the impact. "NO! futue te ipsum!" She exclaimed in return.

She waited for what felt like an eternity for the impact of the kick yet it never came. She opened her eyes and the monster standing in front of her had dissapeared. She realised that it had all been an illusion, a figment of her imagination brought about by whatever had gotten into her suit. She looked up to see some of the others looking down at her and although she couldn't see their faces through their helmets she could tell most of those who looked had utter surprise on their faces at the seemingly alien language she had just uttered in front of them. She was also glad they could not see her face for the tears coming from her eyes would have been most unbecoming.

Quickly patching her suit up she retook her place in the formation she did her best to hide from the gazes of the others and began muttering to herself "Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why the hell did you ever think he was real you know he's dead you killed him." She let out a sigh and tilted her head back and began thinking of ways she could either avoid questions or explain what just happened in a way that others would understand when the group stopped to rest when night fell.
Monika walked along keeping to her position in the group. Occasionally fiddling with her suit which was designed for someone a bit larger than her, then again years of malnutrition tended to make one a bit thinner than normal. As concentrated as she appeared, she could certainly feel that her eyes were starting to go together. Walking for this long without the ability to use her cigarettes as a crutch to keep her concentration up was definitely taking its toll on her.

That was until she saw the wall up close. She had already seen it from when she arrived outside the subway, but then it was far away and looked rather small. But up close, it was huge and imposing. The thought of what lay on the other side sent a shiver down her spine. Looking around she still found little comfort with the company that had undertaken the mission with her which only worsened her mood.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here..." She recognised the words that Emil spoke, they were from one of the books she had glanced through while exploring the university in Hartford shortly before her encounter with the Brotherhood "Certainly fitting Emil." Monika said into the radio in a flat tone while raising her head in bewilderment of the wall in front of her.

Hearing the Paladins instructions, she put her head back down and pressed onward into the abyss with the group. Not knowing if she or any of them would make it back out in one piece. Both physically and mentally this was going to be one of the biggest challenges of her life, but she was ready to sacrifice it all for his future.
"Khaliya to group, we're moving out. As I'm sure you've noticed since I'm speaking to all of you directly, your suits have a built-in short-band radio. Should be able to find the controls at the neck of your helmets, but for the sake of easy communication I would recommend leaving it on open channel."
The voice came through her helmet suddenly. And gave the already on edge Monika a startle, but it helped remind her she was still alive, as they made their way through the tunnel.

"Dam, the voices are back again." She thought to herself giving a little chuckle as she switched her radio to the open channel and hands free mode.

Looking back over her shoulder she saw the small Medic girl who'd been chatting with the Ghoul earlier standing close to the man dressed like a detective and thought that she was putting way to much faith in someone she's just met. In a place like this, it's just her and her gun. Sure she might have had a friendly enough conversation with Bailey and eventually Emil. But she still couldn't trust any of them as far as she could spit. Which with the helmet on wasn't very far at all.
Putting on her hazmat suit Monika looked ahead of her into the darkness of the tunnel and scratched her arm nervously. she was a country girl, born on the plains of Eastern Colorado. The first time she had seen anything resembling a city was on her escape East. Now she was going into the heart of one.

Her mind ran wild, she felt like a rat trapped in a maze as the group moved through the tunnel. She was glad to have put the suits Helmet on so that the others couldn't see how visibly nervous she was. Not at what lay ahead or the thought it might end, but at the concrete prison, she now found herself in. She had grown accustomed to working in the Urban environment in Hartford but had never been in a Subway before. At the same time as being thankful she put the helmet on, she also regretted it because it meant she couldn't light up to relieve her stress and nervousness. Feeling nervous was one thing but she kept her mind in the here and now. From her time with the Gunners, she understood most of what the Paladin was saying when she gave orders. Taking up a position more towards the back of the group with Bailey in front of her and Emil to her front right, scanning her surroundings with her rifle at the ready.
Walking over to the crate with bailey, Monika listens to her advice about not mentioning the Enclave around the brotherhood. And that they might try to kill her. Picking out the gear from the crate she looks over at Bailey. Making sure her back is turned to the Paladins "Try being the key word there." She whispered, discreetly showing Bailey 2 BoS Holotags from her shirt pocket. One of a Knight and one of a Paladin.

Her mind was cast back to the encounter with the Brotherhood at the university in Hartford. Her group was just scavenging as work had dried up a bit. But the Brotherhood were looking for tech. When the Gunners refused to leave on the grounds of they were there first, the Brotherhood opened fire. Monika thought about how then she and her group had a few Pulse Grenades to help them deal with Power Armour and there were 15 or so of them and only 5 or so BoS. Here it would most likely be her and maybe Bailey everyone else would just watch.
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Listening to Bailey's and Emils's conversation about their fancy laser rifles she cast a glance down to her carbine. A Wedding present of sorts from the rest of the Gunner group, to replace the SMG she was using. "I don't get what you see in energy weapons, I prefer the kick bullets give off. Gives me a bit of a rush." She said picking it up by its handrail.

Seeing the old man give his speech and listening to what he said, she thought why are we being sent in to loot an old building, though she would never have had the courage to say that. To her surprise, however, the Talon company merc said exactly what she was thinking. Them the Paladin gave her speech, about unity and how we can rebuild America. Monika rolled her eyes a good few times during her little pep talk. All her talk was probably for nought; this group looks more ready to kill each other than whatever lay ahead in that tunnel.

Looking around the group and thinking that she didn't trust most of them to have her back she looks back to Emil and Bailey. "Well, looks like we can finally get a move on. She says standing up and placing her rifle over her shoulder on its sling. "But who put her in charge? Last time I checked the Brotherhood only want to keep all the good stuff for themselves, what's this crap about unity and rebuilding America. On my travels, I heard of one group trying to do it. The Enclave or something like that. And they seem to want to make it better for the natives and not horde all the useful gear and tech. But the Brotherhood, Nah they're just in it for themselves. And I guarantee she's just saying this stuff to get a higher standing in the group. She and her partner couldn't care if we all died before we even left the subway tunnel. While she had tried to keep the little talk between the three of them. She knew others will have heard
Seeing Emil's reaction throughout his tale she remembered her own when Kyle first enquired about her past. She thought to herself that while she had managed to find a partner for herself and a father for Marius after her escape, it looked like Emil hadn't had anyone to open up too in a long time and that the first times are always the most difficult.

Offering Emil a cigarette from the pack in her front pocket. She tries to change the topic to the here and now. "Listen. I understand how hard it can be opening up to strangers. Especially if you've never done it before.

"So" She said clearing her throat. "What do you reckon the Pariah wants us to find in there. because evause it can't just be riches for ourselves?
The look Emil gave her sent a slight shock through her system. It was one of understanding one she had not seen in a long time. While her husband tried his best he would never truly know what she had been through and the best he ever did was comfort her in dark times, so a look like this was refreshing.

"Looks like you had a lovely family. You said Oregon so that rules the Legion out. But I'm guessing by the look you gave you've been a slave too?"

having noticed Bailey had stepped out she stood up and moved to sit on the bench, gesturing for Emil to sit next to her. "They killed my father, sold my mother and took my brother to become one of them. 5 years, 5 long years I suffered as a trophy of the Local Legion leader."

"Now all I've got is these two." she pulled the locket out from her shirt and opened it revealing another picture of her son and Kyle her husband.
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