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Current When going to the abyss, you must ask yourself, "am I still sane?" constantly.
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what do you do when you are both mildly sad, and mildly happy all the time?
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<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

Yeah, I definitely agree. For a lot of mine, I can pinpoint which part of me they represent. But you can have one if you want.

David Dynamo is mine, Sven (Galaxy Raider) has Toby, and Spirit Blitz has someone I'm struggling to remember the name of. Let me ask.

Same here so far. I probably won't be throwing the character in anytime soon since they still need some work, but it's nice to know the option's there.

<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

I think 3 (though I would say that every one represents some part of ourselves). But 3 were designed explicitly for that purpose.

(It's hard to write something completely separate from oneself.)
So having them isn't completely out of the question.

Curious as to who those three are though.
I'm actually curious, how many (if any) self insert characters have there been in the history of MR?
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

[@Attack Team]

*In a last ditch effort, the last Blue and Indigo Scrives free work together; nuclear reactions occur away from the Nul Zones and the energy is transformed into rapidfire blasts of lightning at the various members of the group*

*Quickly stops in place and starts manually spinning my staff at the same absurd rate I was moving at just a moment before, causing the melted gold from the unsuccessful needles to shoot up into the shape of small, leafless golden trees within milliseconds, diverting at least some if not half of the lightning bolts. Any that hit the short metal wall from earlier or the trees I just made are diverted into the ground, while any directed at me are deflected by my staff, though this leaves me stuck in place.*
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*This is highly effective, and the Scribes are generally at a loss. There is only minor retaliation*

*I take care of those who fight back within seconds, leaving those that faint from a lack of energy and life force alone. I quickly go to help take down any remaining scribes that happened to be outside of the nul zone, taking out any that are still fighting the other members of our group.*

@Darlit Glitch

Drake: anything I can help with?

*A short burst of air happens near you, carrying my voice.*
I should be fine, but we need to finish off these scribes quickly. Try to help the others advance forward when you can.
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

Darlit, just in case you're looking.

I noticed it, just didn't want to post and have it end up buried by other post activities. Thanks for that though.
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*Indigo Scribes, now free, begin to perform nuclear reactions in the air, empowering the other Scribes with the energy, bolstering their attacks and defences*

*The the energy created by these reactions is also absorbed, though not so quickly that it dissappears before it can be used. As this happens I become even faster, now just a blur as I knock out the scribes around me and move towards those in our way.*
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*The Blue Scribes suck away that energy and reflect it at you*

<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*The Scribes attempt to resist using physical training but are unable to withstand the effect of the Nul Zones*

*As they stand within it for longer and longer, more of those who aren't being taken out already are simply fainting from a lack of energy and exhaustion as I continue to fight and knock them out at an inhuman rate, slowly getting faster.*
@Darlit Glitch

Drake: *in tandem with your advance, I activate the Mimicry stone as specified, an one of each color mentioned shows up*

<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*Casts a multitude of runes that boost their strength*

The red scribe mimic does its best to interfere with any efforts by the opposing red scribes, making the force of their resistance weaker and easier to push through.

The blue scribe mimic helps Aron restrain and knock out the scribes being freed.
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*They look confusedly at the spot where the nul zone is, regardless of whether or not it is visible, with analyzing eyes, but those you affect fall asleep*

*With their realmatic capabilities, they're able to get a few basic insights on it like how it changes the authority of energy and then stores it for later use, but how it achieves that is left unknown as I shift back to human form and start knocking the scribes out left and right through a combination of physical attacks and magic, drawing their attention away from other things.

All the while, they feel their energy and life force continue to drain, making them weaker and more lethargic.*
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