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Current When going to the abyss, you must ask yourself, "am I still sane?" constantly.
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what do you do when you are both mildly sad, and mildly happy all the time?
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<Snipped quote by Nimda>

<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*These two effects create chaos in the ranks; even Red perception is skewed; everyone stops attacking each other and all do nothing, surrendering*

*Trys to put those affected by my spell to sleep.*
[@Attack Team]
*The remaining mercenaries form into a layered battle line in front of the spire's entrance*
This is the last of them—if we get through these, we can get into the spire and find the last access points, so long as X, Martyn, and SPirit succeed.
*Oranges, Blues, and Reds make up the front line; the Oranges begin strategically shooting a multitude of dagger-like items wreathed in raw, chaotic, destructive energy; the Sky Scribes also target the fighters with an onslaught of elemental attacks and plasma blasts*

*Sets some small null zones up in front of any of our other defenses to absorb some energy.*
(Light is being refracted so that those affected see our position at a different angle then where it is. Those smart enough to notice will still have to spend some time trying to dispel it or adjusting to relying on something other then sight.)
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*Some of the mercenaries look warily at the now empty regions but are too busy filing up and attacking to respond with purpose*

*Those surrounded by the now invisible mist notice no changes at first, but as time passes by it looks as if our position has shifted left or right of our actual current position, and as the scribes try to adjust their attacks to line back up we seem to rotate further in that direction for a moment before stopping again. Those unaffected by the mist witness those affected slowly turning to their left or right and attacking their own comrades as if they were unaware that they were there.*
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

darlit I do not understand fully what the scribes inside of the cloud are seeing

For now the scibes inside the cloud just see it vanish and their vision is returned to normal. Those who can sense it though will notice that the ice melted and that the ensuing water mist is redirecting light to make itself invisible.
At this point though it's just a distraction if it doesn't work and a disruptor if it does.
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

*Some of these melt and others veer away, but some, including those that veer away, strike and wound some of the scribes*

*Instead of doing damage on impact, the shards shatter into dust and rise up in front of those scribes, impeading their vision slightly. From over where I launched them I utter a short phrase that the scibes can't hear.*
Delayed illusions.
*To those looking at the dust from both within the clouds and outside of them, they seem to melt and vanish with no harm done for now.*
<Snipped quote by Stabby>

In fact, it is. I am counteracting all mind-related aspects of the Yellow Magic in the area.

Oh. Then I'll see if I can't confuse them further before my other surprise comes back down.
*Swings my staff towards the scribes and ice quickly appears in front of the metal wall and starts racing across the ground towards them.*
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*The momentum of the gold needles continues to be reversed*
-They don't need hands to work their transformations—but the mercenaries in red are reversing your attacks!

Nix: *Stops firing and grabs my staff again.*
Is there any way to disable their ability to do so?.
*As I ask this the needles that are being reversed melt and their forms fuse to the ground, making it impossible for them to be returned.*
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*The needles strike home, taking down several scribes before they realize what's happening and attempt to reverse the momentum of the needles*

*As some of them shift their focus towards trying to stop the gold needles flying through their golden city, stainless steel erupts from the ground at their feet and quickly entangles several of the scribes, restricting their ability to move before also restricting their ability to speak while still letting them breathe. In the few moments that distracts their attention, I fire several black colored needles up into the sky before resuming with the gold needles on the scribes left untrapped by the metal from the ground.*
Imma bed, night guys.
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