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C.O.I.N (Covert Operations Inter Navigators) is an independent militaristic organization that is seemingly dedicated to conserving the peace in the shadows to protect humans from supernatural threats. Initially created for the purpose of enriching supernatural beings; The
"Draw!" The aftermath of the two top notched swimmers gave their all, and neither of the two can defeat each other. Coach Ko may have declared it as a draw but it's clear who had a faster acceleration and the stamina to beat each other. Internally, both swimming clubs are divided for they can't decide who is the real victor; for one Weiss had the acceleration point to where at certain points, she swam faster than Ria whereas the latter got the stamina to last long enough in the battle. The exhaustion on both faces are visibly seen, more so one can tell that Ria is much more exhausted than Weiss because she put more effort into winning.

Hazel gave Ria a big clap offering for doing her best, "Way to go Maria!" While at her aide, assisting the worn out Ria. "Don't call me that Hazel... I'm tired... I'm hungry..."

Weiss approached Ria and the two shook hands, she had a strange look on Ria; "Nice game, Tsurara-senpai. Strange though I may sound foolish but don't you think the water got colder on our last two rounds?" Both stared at each other briefly and tensions cut as Weiss simply laugh it off. "Oh well.. it doesn't matter. I look forward to watch you in the trials. Hopefully your crystal clear victory doesn't fall into a loss."

Interactions with: @FourthKingKyo @Tenma TendoMisaki @Bornlucky Zen

Reina watched with guilt for how other students are being downed by the blue haired girl and thought she could have done something. For one she didn't bother on how the blue haired girl downed the other students and asked herself (Why don't I help?). Why let the weak get stomp by the strong? When in fact, all of them are just first year students who know little about each other, there is no valid point to judge each other. Why bother? Why just why? She sighed to calm herself in regard to the situation. Reina hates people who have such superiority complex.

Popping out of nowhere, Reina barged into their conversation without warning. Surely they would have been startled and have their spines send chilling like seeing a ghost. Reina's presence alone is intimidatingly cold, literally cold. "You know.." Shebreathes heavily as she initiated the conversation with the lot. "Let's not mind people like that and chill. Talking to such mongrels makes us as mongrel too. So focus on things that ummm that gives growth" Reina is referring to the blue haired girl who berated them a while ago. Since she's not used to initiating a normal conversation, things tend to get awkward.

"All of you... continue to where you guys left off and bond. Heroes are suppose to bond and connect with each other. Kaito I heard you love fish..." Every single thing that spurs out of her mouth sounded mature but the way she said it have the funny bone to it. For one, connect can mean perverted and growth can particularly mean let's make babies. At the long run, Reina's habit of popping out of nowhere would give the vibe of who the heck are you and don't do that! Then again, she's been observing the ruckus.

Chihaiten Academy, School Grounds

Morning comes hot for Reina as she awoke and proceeded with the daily things that a human should such as eat, sleep and get dressed for the day, lock n loaded. Preparing to leave, Reina is escorted all the way to her family's limousine, she's escorted by ten bodyguards and ultimately denies their escort of taking her to school. Reina believes that she should be independent and not rely on her family's resources, she does not care on what her parents think even though they'll receive the news late; renown pro-heroes like them are too busy to take care of their children.

After such time the limousine reached Chihaiten Academy, front gate, Reina mentions to her driver that she'll take it from here and making it the start of her independent life. Reina proceeds to the hallways and witnessed a handful of students, she keeps it lowkey as she does not want attention. She walks fast enough to avoid it. (Chihaiten... I couldn't care less on why I picked this school.) A small glimpse of Reina's flashback, declining offers to most school that she had take the entrance exam as well as ultimately declining U.A's offer in spite of passing it.

Reina gazes at the school hall and quickly listened to what the superior had to say but barely listened anyway. With full of confidence and "minding my own business" mindset, she is determined to achieve her goal not because she's the daughter of two renown pro-heroes along with her heroic lineage but it's because she knows for a fact that her quirk is dangerous. Secondly she dislikes meddling with other people's affairs and hates rivalry, she would rather focus on her own growth than to downplay others. (Today, I am not defined by bloodline nor walking the shadow of my parents. I will show you my way of becoming a hero!)

@SilverDawn @Etranger @Suku Thank you so much, now I'm not the only girl here.

Also Charrie. Do our characters know each other? maybe not.

Guys... I feel like I'm in a reverse harem~ well for now.

Quick suggestion~

We really need to have our own discord chat guys. Just sayin' to keep track of things, to cooperate better etc.


@Avant I'm loving your character right atm. Funny how we share quite a handful of similarities.

@1Charak2 I need some advise on dealing with my character. While I do admit I'm a Todoroki fan. What ways can I make my character different in all aspect.
I look forward for the best of everyone.

I'm curious on how'll an Ice Queen, Mermaid Boy and Loud Electric guy will interact hmm....xD

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