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Sorry all, but my situation has changed in such as way that I am no longer able to run this RP; I'm going to be closing the game as of now, with my apologies. If anyone wants to continue this on you are more than welcome to use the materials produced for this and start a new thread, but I'm not able to dedicate any more time to this. I appreciate everyone who has joined and been involved in this process, and I'm sorry I was unable to keep this going for longer.
Hey! Interested in writing for this, not sure of as who yet though but thought I'd say hi.

Hiya! Glad to have your interest
so i looked it up in the rules of the overall board and it was very generalized, but they did say to refer to the GM. Seeing as how i'm writing Punisher stuff, how brutal or graphic is it ok to be when i write a torture scene, or have a cop describe one Punisher's victims, ect?

No problems on that front

I also want to have Ben intervene in the ongoing anti-mutant riot, but I wanted to ask permission first before I have the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing butt-in.

Yeah, that's fine. Just so you know, the X-Men are not involved with the riot mentioned in my post, and they will be out of the area in general after my next post
Just a heads-up to

@Byrd Man

it's been two weeks without any posts in the IC. Could you please drop in when you can and let me know if you're still interested? If I don't hear back from you in a week I'll have to take you off the active roster - you're free to resume later if you want but the character will be open to competing apps while inactive.

@thatguy Daredevil is a main character himself and someone might want to play him, so i'd probably say hold off on him for a bit. Apart from that, i did have an idea for Red Vulture, so if you could hold off on that, it's fine. But yes, Mysterion is good for you to use.

Also, i'll be very interested in what you do with Mephisto... An appearance from Frankencastle or Cosmic Ghost-Rider maybe?

Yeah I'd have to agree in regards to Daredevil

Congratulations! The Punisher is

Please feel free to add them to the character tab!
OK, here's my Fantastic Four AKA The Future Foundation application:

Congratulations! The FF are

Please feel free to add them to the character tab!
<Snipped quote by ErsatzEmpress>

OK, I also agree that it's probably too early in the RP to bring alien threats directly to Earth's doorstep, so I'll say that one of the FF's prior missions was space exploration (a second attempt at Reed's experiment, which was to test a form of FTL propulsion) that sends them on a short trek through space where they encounter Skrull, Kree, and 'hear rumors' of the "Planet Eater".

Since returning, preparing Earth to stand strong on the galactic stage has been a constant nagging at the back of Mrs. Fantastic's mind. The FF have since fought off a few Skrull scouting parties, but nothing full-scale yet.

Sounds good to me

Competition clock has now started for Punisher, see you in 48 hours!

<Snipped quote by ErsatzEmpress>

Ah, given that the FF are really old as an IP, there is definitely some anachronism. I wasn't sure how many omega-level threats the world has yet encountered up to this point in the RP, so if you think the world isn't ready for Galactus' arrival to have happened yet, I can definitely exclude it. On that note, what about skrulls?

Yeah Skrulls would be fine, but I'd like to refrain from having had a large secret-invasion scale event revolving around them prior to the start of the game. For clarity, if you want the FF to have faced Galactus off-world, or any of the other larger scale threats I have no problem with that at all. I don’t want to restrict your use of FF enemies, just trying to use common sense in terms of where we are as a game. It's not "Year One" but it's still season one.

If you would like to implement a Galactus style invasion at a later date, would love to discuss and coordinate that with you as that could be a fun cross-player event.
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