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So is this rp still open to people? I would be interested in joining.
Thornwood Asylum For The Criminal Insane

Thornwood Asylum was built by Dr. Odysseus Thornwood in 1896, the asylum was built for housing human criminal patients. The asylum was unassuming to people who did not work there. But underneath the building is a maximum prison housing criminal with meta powers. Varies experiments were performed on the metahumans by Dr.Thornwood, The reason for this experiment was so Thornwood could become a metahuman himself. His plans were stopped by the police. The asylum was closed for forty years, being reopened in 1935 by Thronwood’s son Plato. Plato refurbished the asylum and made the asylum more secure, in part with the American government. For the next nine decades, the asylum was the home of villains whose plans were foiled by various superheroes. During the early 21st century the mysterious Dr. Novis took over management of the asylum from Dr. Diogenes Thornwood. From the early 00’s to the present time Dr.Novis has been using Odysseus Thornwood’s research to further study metahumans. Secretly experimenting on them to see how their powers manifest, and how he could become a metahuman himself.

This roleplay will take place with your character inside of the underground facility that houses various metahumans. The first arc will explore your lives as inmates in the facility, and then have them escape the asylum. The story will unravel as we move along with the different arcs I have planned. The facility underneath the asylum is called “ Project Borehole” officially, but to the prisoners: it’s usually known as “The Shithole”. The facility is heavily guarded, with top-of-the-line technology to house the many metahuman prisoners. Escape would seem impossible, but even the strongest chains have a weak point.

Inspired by The Borehole: A Supervillian Prison Break-…

Bump N Jump.

The Big Collab

Ameliya held out two handguns toward the group. From the looks of things, some of the people in the elevator had no practice with fighting and if she wanted to get out of here, the more hands causing chaos the better.

With the lack of response from his flirtatious attempts, Kanata scoffed and walked to the wall leaning his back against it making note of everyone's condition and combat potential for the fight that has yet to come. Only a few of the members he sensed had an active dangerous air around them as for the rest they seemed more or less akin to wolves in sheep's clothing. His hand rested on his sheathed blade waiting for the need to use it.

Korbl, potentially a strong ally for what may come through without a weapon could pose a hindrance unsure of his hand-to-hand combat capabilities Kanata was thinking of asking him to be his disciple with his potential. Julia, a quiet girl who hadn't seemed to have the killer instinct a lot of the other members had and worried for her safety taking note of her specifically if she happened to get into trouble he would rush to her aid.

Looking at the alien who turned from a massive scorpion to the now cute demonic little girl kinda like a pet lion, keep her fed and she won't eat you. Alfred, an interesting beast Kanata, felt something from him: an extreme amount of power radiated off his icy feathers. Abby the other girl Kanata was relatively worried about next to Julia who he looked at as a child who he would also step in to help specifically if she gets into trouble both her and Julia's existence within this place bothered him to his core whoever put them here he would make sure understood pain.

Not much to say on the rest rue was injured and he already knew her but then his eyes settled on Ameliya. He stared as his thoughts became absorbed in her. She was gorgeous right now the flames that lifted off her body made him yearn for her. The sniper she held only made her dangerous beauty more effective against him; the slightest look towards him would make him feel as if she shot him through the heart. He became lost in thoughts on what he should do to woo her in the coming days for the rest of the ride up.

In the end, Hemlock had successfully done his thing and taken command of the facility, lights and all. And Brock…

Brock didn’t want to comment on how he’d done it. So instead, he focused on the rest of the group, once they’d all made it into the elevator and it was riding up to Escape Level. And to be perfectly honest, they were scary. Half of them were spattered in blood, at least a couple were soaked in it. He was pretty sure the little girl had eaten some guys?

In other words, this was what the media might call a Bad Crowd. And what an araneologist might call Pretty Concerning, Actually. As for him, only kind of an araneologist? He didn’t have any spiders to protect himself properly, and the closest set was still a good fifty meters or more from the building itself, let alone him personally. If one of this group wanted to have a go… they might have an easy time with it.

So,” Rue rumbled with her demonic face, voice distorted by her mask to sound even more like gravel than usual. “What’s the rest of our escape going to look like? We need to get the fuck outta here ASAP before they send any fucking heroes to put us back where they think we belong.

She rolled her right shoulder and grimaced as it pulled on the healing ligaments in her wrist and arm, but bore the pain with ease as she pulled a dagger out of the shadows with her injured hand, the blade hanging semi-loosely in her fingers. Her strength in that hand was slowly coming back, and if she’d had enough stored power she could have used it to accelerate her healing but alas, twenty-two years without access to her inner core meant little stored energy and power. She would have to start storing mass amounts of it all over again once she was out of this hellhole and out safe.

Focused on handing out the guns, Ameliya sharply turned to see Abby now along with two young-looking boys. Eyes wide, Ameliya took in the sight of the two kids. They barely looked like they were old enough for primary school! Glowering, Ameliya was instantly back on her feet. How dare they keep such young children! What the hell could they have ever done!? A walking human pyre, she walked over towards the rest of the group and almost protectively stood near the children.

As the elevator doors slid open, one shuddering with the effort after the roughhousing below had dented it, the reveal of the unfortunately familiar Doctor Novis was very unwelcome. No doubt he had overseen more than one of their ‘assessments’ or ‘rehabilitation’, as much as they could be called that.

A piercing shriek cut the air and the elevator jostled as the alien took one look at the advancing Doctor and leapt, shifting mid-air as she moved alongside Körbl in a frenzied opening strike. With those rows of matter tearing teeth bearing down on a single man, Kailani was set to snap the man in half even as he deflected Körbl’s strikes with a strange shifting of his body. So it was a surprise when the Devourer found she couldn’t close her jaw. And her claws never landed on the ground from the leap. He was grabbing her teeth.

The smaller legs down Kailani’s body wiggled in the air frantically as she was lifted in the air, and before she could grab onto the man with her front claws the alien’s back was slammed into the ground behind him with an almighty crash, cracking the floor all around her. His grip didn’t loosen, allowing Novis to heft her up again to slame into the ground once more - but this time the ground shuddered and began to break. As Novis released his prisoner, Kailani lay dazed - only to make a screech of alarm as the damaged floor gave way beneath her bulk, sending the alien back down to the cells below.

The Frostbite hissed at the prospect of having to fight what seemed to be another metahuman, or perhaps a symbiotic creature just like themselves. Judging from the kinds of prisoners that this asylum held under its iron grip, the doctor was no doubt a powerful one, surely enough to put down some unruly powered criminals. Alfred sifted through all the memories of the ice phoenix, vainly hoping to find something remotely close to the man or creature that stood before them. There was nothing.

Our brethren are waiting,” Frostbite mulled to those that happened to be standing near them. “The other phoenixes. They yearn for my return. This must not go to waste.

With that, Frostbite attacked, breathing forth a cone of cold wind and frost that would flash freeze any mortal human that dared stand against the onslaught, but probably not this. At the very least, the drain on kinetic energy should slow him down enough for the other members of their unruly crew to do what they did best.

Snapping her head to the entrance of Dr.Novis, Ameliya’s fiery form started to get brighter and brighter as she glared at him. If she was correct in remembering this bastard’s arrogant face, not only was he trying to keep them all imprisoned but he was the reason they were here to begin with.

Watching the so called Doctor remove his coat and reveal a large blade, Ameliya just scoffed. There was no way that this man was ever going to keep her from getting out of here. Turning to the group, she quickly went over the different people and what she knew about them before landing her gaze on Rue. She didn’t know too much about the other lady, but two things she did know was that she was both ferocious and once had been a mother herself. “Watch out for the little ones, will you?” She asked but before any proper answer, she was already striding forwards. Reaching the magical shield, Ameliya took her stand and sent forth a flaming torch of white flames through the wall and towards the threat.

Rue turned her head in the direction of the “little ones” to see two young boys and her instincts told her that at least one of them wasn't exactly a child in the normal sense, but was still vulnerable. And her instincts told her it didn’t matter if they were actual children or not, they needed protection. She gave a sharp nod to the humanoid flame woman before the shadow travelled to crouch in front of them.

You see that man over there?” She asked them as she pointed to Novis. “He will kill you without a second thought, so regardless of whatever abilities you may have, stay close to me. I’ll tear apart anything that tries to harm you. Understood?

She rolled her injured shoulder, rotated her wrist and grimaced at the pain that told her they were a third of the way healed, good enough to fight if needed.

Abby watched as Novis was running toward them, looking unfazed by the combined attacks of Alfred and Ameliya. “Pathetic.” Scoffing at their efforts trying to fight back. Opening his mouth, and letting out a swarm of large wasps to come out. Novis was tanking the hits from Ameilya’s flames, most of the fire brushing passed his body. The wasps were coming toward them, Abby used her powers to kill as many of them as she could, but they were quicker than she could fling her radioactive projectiles. Through the swarm in front of her, she could see heavily armed and armoured guards rushing toward them. Abby was being stung by the wasp, large welts were all over her upper body. Some of the armed guards were standing behind Novis, some of them firing their assault rifles at the group. Abby felt a few bullets hitting her in the side, causing her to fall to the ground. Mr. Q’s shield having been dissipated by the incoming attacks, was more focused on helping the group. Using his magic to summon smaller demons to wear down Novis and his guards. Novis meanwhile was focusing on Ameliya and the other groups taking the offensive. Spraying a large amount of water on Ameliya, his whole body became covered in the fire as Alfred was trying to attack him.

The moment Julia saw that there were more armed guards behind Novis, she finally grabbed one of the pistols in the rifle case and opened fire on the guards. She was not a good shot, but she was firing a lot of bullets. Some of them hit, and one of the guards fell dead. Novis was approaching them, and Julia was watching him. He was adapting to their attacks, but one by one. It looked like he had to stop adapting to Ameliya in order to adapt to Alfred, at least to Julia. She had a thought and ran up to Ameliya’s side.

” I think he can only adapt to one of us at a time. If I get a hold of him and keep hold, It might make him vulnerable at least.” she stated, before moving away from Ameliya so she didn’t become a target, and crouching against the wall as she took aim and fired at the other guards. She was still not a good shot, and they were wearing body armour, so it was slow going. One of them fired back at her with a burst of rifle fire. She instinctively shielded herself and felt several bullets enter her right arm and two enter her thigh. She didn’t cry out, she just puffed a very strained breath, lowered the gun, and then charged the guards, run-crawling along the floor.

Ameliya stood there in complete shock and disgust for a moment as she was completely drenched from head to toe. Glowering, she turned back to Dr.Novis and threw her arms toward the man on fire. Grabbing hold of the flames within her sight and making them her own, she pulled them towards her and ripped them away from her opponent. Turning to look at Julia, she nodded, if there was any time for someone to do something it was now when he was still imatitating her and failing to control the flames.

The guards were coming closer to the group, filling in the gap between them and Novis. The bullets coming from Juila’s gun were bouncing off their armour. Novis meanwhile was rushing towards them, targeting Abby and Mr.Q. Novis knocked around the demons that were climbing on his body, Quickly picking up Abby by the neck. “You will never leave, you will be a part of my work until your very last breath.” Novis then threw Abby at Kanata. Kanata would need to catch Abby or be knocked to the floor with Abby. Novis hardened his body so Juila’s bullets are bouncing off of his body.

As Abby’s body flew towards Kanata, he reached out his hands to catch her. As she fell into his arms, he spun around to have her face away from the fight, winking at her, “So you're falling for me now?” Setting her down, he turned to the looming threat that approached him. Grabbing his sword, he dropped low. Leaning forward, he willed the surrounding air to gather around his blade before rushing forward through the chaos at high speed, striking out against Novis at a speed that almost no one could react to. His blade swung horizontally to the man's torso, but to his surprise, Novis looked down as their blades clashed, the resulting force sending a shock wave across the room. “Well, then” immediately caused a torrent of air to launch himself up and backwards he landed next to Ameliya. “I think we should run, Red. I do not think we can win this fight, he just blocked my Doragonsutōmusurasshu, which is my strongest attack”.

Reaching down, Ameliya landed her hand on the ground and brought forth magma that shot straight from her to surround Dr.Novis in a circular cage of molten liquid. She knew that wouldn’t keep him long but she at this point she was unsure if any of them could actually harm this guy. “Escape where?” Ameliya growled out to Kanata frustrated at the situation. It really was starting to look like they were not going to win this fight.

Yo! I don’t think this is a fight we can win,” Rue roared to be heard above the sounds of combat, flicking the hand that held her scythe to decapitate a security guard who came too close to the younglings she was currently protecting, blood splattering her again. “He’s too fucking strong and some of us are weak from having our powers locked up for too long.

She snarled and made a claw with her hand, sharp-edged shadows surrounding her and the weaker fighters protectively, lashing out at anything that was hostile and too close.

A Tactical Retreat would be wise as fuck!

Turning his attention towards Mr.Q, muttering some magic words. Hitting Mr.Q with a barrage of sharp swords. The demon felt a few of the swords entering his torso. “Damn it, this human is harder to kill than I thought.” He thought, his head swimming with ideas. He needed Abby alive, and fighting Novis would only end up with her dead. His boss would not be happy with their ace in the hole dead.

Speaking an ancient language, a large portal is opened behind them. Abby was blushing when she heard Katana’s comment, Being held in his arms was something that made her quite flustered. She had not been held or touched by anyone in a very long time, so being held the way she was currently made her face quite redden from blushing. “I think it’s best we all get out of here before all of us get killed.” Abby watched as Mr.Q used his magic to summon a huge wall to protect the group. Novis was trying to break through the barrier, shoulder slamming into the wall. The horrid-looking demon slowly circled his hands, while chanting some words in a dead language. A large portal opens up behind the group, “Can ya help me up?” She asked Katana with a slight smile. Abby slowly got onto her feet, she slowly hobbled over to the portal wrapping her arm around Katana’s shoulder for support.

Turning to look at Kanata and Abby, Ameliya raised an eyebrow at the interaction. This was not the time for this shit. As soon as the portal opened up, her eyes widened up and then a smile crossed her face, that was their out. Turning to look around at Rue and the two younger ones, she yelled out to them in hopes to get the retreat started, “It’s time to go!

Ah, finally, someone listened to the advice to get the fuck outta here, Rue mused. She turned to the two young boys again, tested her wrist and bit back a grow of pain. Okay so her right one could only hold her weapon at the moment, but she would have to hold the boys with the left. Not a problem.

The tall demon managed to get behind them in the blink of an eye, wrapping her left arm around their waists and shadow and travelling to the portal before gently but firmly shoving them through. She looked back at her mentor and father figure and yelled at him.

Come on! You’ll get left behind if you don’t hurry your ass up, old man!” She couldn’t keep the teasing tone out of her voice before she too disappeared into the portal and what awaited on the other side.

Really…” Frostbite paused and gazed upon the portal, if only for a moment. For that one dull second, time seemed to freeze in place, the other members of the unruly crew forgotten. The outside is finally within his grasp after so long. Freedom was, at long last, at hand. Reunion with the other phoenixes scattered across the planet won’t be too long after that either. And so, the Frost Phoenix spread its wings, and propelled itself forward into the portal, leaving behind a trail of icy air and snow. The cold that had afflicted the room at the behest of his presence disappeared with that as well… and just like that, through the magicks of this Mr. Q, the Frost Phoenix was free.

Brock chose his moment carefully. There wasn’t a chance he’d survive for more than a second if Novis there noticed him - it was as bad a scene as the rest of these people combined. At least they weren’t actively trying to kill him, after all. If they were social spiders, Novis was a funnel-web spider. Or another kind of exceedingly-venomous spider. Or a new kind of spider with superpowers, those probably existed somewhere in this place.

So, he’d waited just out of sight with Hemlock, and waited, and waited until just the right moment: when the girl who had probably eaten people started her escape. Then he ran forward, making an effort to pull Hemlock along with him at least, and whilst he couldn’t just charge on at full speed, he did get the additional help of the ice bird making its own scene, and so barrelled through the portal with the Frost Phoenix as cover. It was… probably his best move, ultimately.

Kanata chuckled as he watched the smile light up on Ameliya's face. “Don’t forget about our deal," he said as he watched the other members exit through the portal until the only people left were Kanata, Abby and Ameliya. CRACK. Kanata swung his head in the direction of the noise to see Novis’s blade break through the barrier aiming directly for Ameliya. Without a thought, Kanata threw Abby forward with one arm into the portal. Quickly drawing his blade, he appeared behind Ameliya, catching Novis’s sword at his handguard, forcing Kanata to his knees. Using the moment as an opening, he created a pocket of air that burst, pushing Ameliya out through the portal. An indignant and surprised scream escaped from her lips before she hit the hard ground on the other side. Grunting frantically, he pushed Novis back with all his strength, causing an updraft against his arms to lessen his force downward. He struggled to his feet before yelling at Mr.Q ``Get in the portal and close it if I'm not out in 1 minute.” Mr.Q nodded his head and went through.

Now that they’re gone, I don't have to worry about holding back without hurting them.” As horns formed on his head, his eyes burned bright blue and his features changed. his olive skin turned to a dark gray, while his hair grew to his waist, turning a bright white as the wild mess draped over his shoulders. His ears morphed, combing with the black horns. The muscle on his body grew as his coat ‌morphed with it. A bright red and blue diamond-shaped gem formed in the middle of his chest, protruding slightly.

Novis grimaced as he was pushed back from the newfound strength before growling, “What is this form?”

Ignoring his question, Kanata roared a fury of air formed around the two into a vortex, closing onto Kanata’s body. Novis struggled to keep his foot before the air exploded, throwing him back thirty, then forty, then fifty feet before catching himself with his blade. Walking forward he swung his blade to the side while cracking his neck. “I am not used to using this form fully yet so” dropping down into his stance “don’t die too quickly”.

Kanata rushed forward, swinging his sword outward before letting it fly from his hand straight at Novis. Clenching his left fist, he punched forward causing a torrent of air to push off the end of the blade, causing it to spiral at sonic speeds towards Novis. He watched as Novis reacted by putting up his sword to the guard. Annoyed at his ability to react at that speed, he brought his foot forward, slamming it into the ground thrusting his hand up as a vortex appeared under the blade, forcing it to change trajectory upwards above him. Smiling at Novis’s surprise, Kanata used an air pocket similar to before around his back before allowing it to burst to gain speed, thrusting himself forward, his fist outstretched.

Is this the best you can do? I got surprised for nothing,” swinging his sword as Kanata’s fist came close to the blade and met his shoulder. With a clean slice, Kanata's arm flew off into the air. A smile broke across Kanata’s face as he spun himself, catching his arm with his other hand. Using the momentum, he flung the blood from his arm into Novis’s eyes watching with a smile as the man tried to wipe it away. His plan had worked, knowing he was no match for novis as he was. The only way to win was to cut off his senses and surprise him. Using this moment to his advantage, he jumped up and drop-kicked Novis in the chest. Letting his arm go he reached out to grab the blade before a burst of air at his feet launched him away into the portal, tucking his head into his shoulder before dropping onto the other side. Quickly he turned, stabbing his sword into the ground using all of his might, conjuring a force of air around him blasting it through the port while screaming “Close it damn it!” Mr. Q quickly dropped the portal at his behest, looking down at Kanata.

Panting heavily, Kanata smiled at Ameliya before saying, “Might be a bit before we can go on that date.” As his words escaped his lips he dropped to the ground, passing out from the blood loss his form returned to normal.

"You fucking idiot," Ameliya growled out as she quickly came to Kanata's side and kneeled down next to him. She had been watching over the small group that had piled through the portal but now her focus was solely on the bleeding out man, who somehow still had the fortitude to mention their date. Their date? Shit, she had said something about agreeing to one if they made it out hadn't she.

"You can't go on a date if you're dead," She muttered to the now unconscious man before bringing her burning hand up to the gaping wound where his shoulder used to be. Using the fire that trailed from her hands, she began to cauterize the tender cut. This might hurt at the moment, but it would help him stop bleeding out and hopefully any future infections. As she finished her work, the smell of burnt flesh reached her nose and she grimaced. He was not going to be in fighting shape anytime soon.

Julia got shakily to her feet, having dived through the portal during the chaos. Now the adrenaline and hysteria were wearing off, the searing pain of her bullet wounds was flaring up and she slowly ambled a few laps around the group, trying to walk off the pain. She was hurt, and she didn’t like it, and she wanted it to stop and seemed frustrated it wasn’t stopping more than anything else. The status of her teammates or their new location hadn’t even registered to her yet.

Mr. Q closed the portal as soon as Katana went through the portal, just as Novis was about to hit Katana with his hammer-like fist. Abby took a look around his comrades wondering if any was seriously hurt. Noticing that Hemlock, Kael and Simone were walking away from the group, chalking it up to them wanting to get as far away from the group as possible. The group noticed they were transported to the middle of an amusement park. “Q, why the hell did you bring us here?” Abby spoke up after coughing up some blood. “Well, this was not the desired destination. But you would have to forgive me, the situation did not give me enough time to bring us to the correct place.” Mr. Q checked his surroundings with an annoyed look on his face. “Well it looks like we're in the clear that’s all that matters. Best to separate for now and lay low for a while.” Abby suggested to the group. The first thing she wanted to do was to see her father. Although she didn’t know if she wanted to bring the others with her, Katana and Kailani would be the exception.

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