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What's this site again?

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The fact that you used Newb attests to your generation. I haven't seen that in a couple of decades myself.

Also... Ah, RDI and the Forest. Takes me back.

Welcome to the Guild.
O.o one user and six guests viewing this page.

Y'all fuckers really standing around watching me sleep?

You guys are freaks xD
-yawns and rolls over-
Oof, who dares disturb my slumber?

Oof, I can make hiders, but there's something wrong with the attached link for the embedded img.

Hmm 🤔
I have a gif, but for some reason my coding seems to be off. Been too damned long since I've done anything on this site.
Kind of got that out of order. Create the Legions, then take the war to the Altmer. Promise to leave Skyrim to the Nords. With the Emperor dead, the Empire in disarray, and legions of berserkers and dragons hounding the Altmer and Empire embroiled in civil war, it'll be easy to forge a new dynasty.
Is this.... Is this serious?

Imperials are the Altmers bitches. Stormcloaks are racist AF.

Solution is simple. Kill the Emperor, become the dragonborn, take over the Empire, and leave Skyrim to the Nords. If they step out of line, nothing a few dragons can't resolve to put them back in their place.

Create new Legions loyal to the Dragonborn.
Okay, Sandor.
Yeah, just took a journey down the rabbit hole.

It was all cringe and edge and wondering what the fuck happened.

Now I recall why I left. Reminiscing about the glory days when it was all cancer.
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