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Current Figuring out the ways of RP and my long forgotten writing skills.
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Okay, some quick facts:
Dutch, not new to writing RP but it's been a long time. 25 years old. Loving the fantasy, romance, 18+, medieval kind of stuff. I paint, I knit, I daydream about all the things I still want to do sometime and thus figuring out my way in life.

Oeh, roleplay experience.. So I play DnD with some friends and I've had a character who I thought was really rocking it. She was cold (literally, shadow-sorcerer) arrogant and rather clumsy. The glass-canon of the team and also a bit of a drama queen, since she had to die a couple of times to learn her lesson.

Roleplay wishes: I like it mysterieus and I like to tease. I'm terrible at horror and not really the manga/anime kind of person so please don't ask me for that. Don't mind writing a guy, but mostly prefer the female role.

Anything else, just send a PM.

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Hey Deia, welcome!

Fellow Dutchy here, wishing you a nice time in the guild and in writing :).
@POOHEAD189@Obscene Symphony Thanks! If I ever had to pick a role model, she would probably be it.

@Kuro Thank you :) Yeah I already found some stuff that seemed interesting. Really glad I found this place.
@Rusty Just give us a moment to build some dikes and add tons of water Wait.. what was that?
@Lyly Woot woot!
@Rusty Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
Hi :) I'm kinda new to this, but I liked your interest check and wondered if you're still looking for someone to RP with?
Hi there!

The last few days I've been pondering about getting back to RP in a forum and today I just thought to jump into it and see what happens :).
For now I will go by the name Ginouxe, I'm 25 years old, living in the Netherlands and enjoying the first signs of autumn already. Years ago I participated in a very small forum someone made for a few friends to RP in and I just loved to create my own characters and to wait in anticipation to read the response of the others. I liked how I could see a clear image of where the story should lead and it would take a whole other direction instead by a single post someone else would write.
Nowadays I fill my time playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, knitting, painting and figuring out what I want to do.
I like to write fantasy, medieval, 18+, and mostly prefer small groups. I look forward to explore all the possibilities here and to mingle with you.
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