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I'd be interested too, I love a good RP where I have no idea what's going on and it's supposed to be that way!

Still working on it a little, please let me know if there's anything that needs to be adjusted. I haven't found an image reference I like yet; I'll continue to look for one.
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Name: Anya Zieskewicz

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Hetero/Demisexual

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 136lbs

Style: Military casual, usually combat fatigues and a dark tank top when she's not on duty, uniform if she is.

Color: Yellow

Ability/Control: Description
Lightning manipulation: The ability to direct and manipulate electrical energy.
Control: Very good, especially at fine applications
Lightning capacity: The ability to store electrical charge in her body and release it at will.
Control: Excellent so long as the charge is beneath her maximum stored energy; full discharge at going over this limit is instant and unable to be controlled
Lightning generation: The buildup of electrical energy within her body.
Control: None - it is slow, constant, and unconscious.

Personality: Driven, dedicated, and extremely focused.

Thoughts on this whole situation: Anya sees it as necessary that New Earth be explored and colonized. She's frustrated with the lack of support from the first wave of New Earth team members, as she feels that advanced age is not an excuse for not doing what she sees as their duty, and that in fact it would be better for them to take the risks on behalf of others. She is more than willing to step up, but is disappointed with the previous generation.

Gregor Zieskewicz, father - One of the original members of the New Earth team, it is from him that Anya inherited her ability. He was a biologist prior to his recent death.
Kaia Zieskewicz, mother - A retired professor of Ancient Cultures, she met Gregor after his return from new Earth.
Anya is their only child; after they determined that the New Earth abilities were capable of being passed on genetically, they chose not to expand their family any further.


Anya performed well academically as a child, not so much due to natural brilliance as due to determination and effort. Her father always stressed to her the importance of control in all things, as the ability she inherited from him could be extremely dangerous if not kept carefully under control.

Against her parents' desires, she enrolled at the University of Copenhagen on a United Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. When requests were being made to former members of the New Earth Expedition and being declined, Anya had a feeling about where the project was likely to turn next, and contacted the organization and the University to request a chance to complete one additional senior-level course as an independent study, allowing her to graduate a semester early from her program with a BS in Physics and a minor in Electrical Engineering, as well as the lieutenant's commission from her UROTC experience.

In return, she signed on with the project voluntarily, also against her parents' wishes. Her father died less than a week later, officially of a heart attack. Anya is aware that the heart attack was medically induced on request, due to faltering control of his abilities as he aged, making him more and more a danger to others around him.

The same may be in her future.
Nice! Is there a CS template you prefer people use, or just wing it and make sure the important bits are in there?

Edit: never mind, found it! I didn’t realize you guys had tabs, that’s neat.
Oh, I’m interested, this sounds really neat. Can I go yellow / lightning?
Ready for consideration as well!

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of the

Liatra Alsace

Name: Liatra Alsace

Race: Human

Physical Description: Tall for a human girl, lithe and athletic, with hair like embers and eyes like ash. Wields a rifle, and usually bears a bruise on the front of her right shoulder from the recoil where she braces the stock.

General Backstory: Liatra was raised in Carrynax, a fortress at the seaside, and learned to shoot from the ramparts as a child. Raids from the sea were a constant threat, and between needing to defend the fortress or shoot birds out of the sky for food when under seige, she's been carrying a rifle for more than half of her life, which, at twenty-three, is not such a long span of years. Six years past, the fortress finally fell, razed to the ground and nothing left but burned and crumbled stone. Liatra's parents managed to slip her and her brother outside the walls, to make their own ways. Together, they tried to join the navy, but while he was accepted, she was not.

Liatra did not take this well, and determined she would fight for whoever would have her. She's seen enough of raiders and armies to know that none of them are any better than any other, so when piracy was offered as an opportunity, she decided to take it. Her skills are as a sharpshooter, preferring to avoid direct hand to hand combat but able to pick a man out of the crow's nest on another ship across the water.

Special Abilities: Marksmanship and visual acuity, calm under pressure.

Personal Goal: To reunite with her brother, wherever he may be.

Oh, perfect, thank you so much.
Thank you! It seems like it's all pretty straightforward.

One question I do have - is there a BBCode list somewhere that would let me know what codes are enabled on this site and what syntaxes work here? There's a lot of variation from site to site, and it's nice to be able to check a list and see what's going to work rather than just freehanding it and wondering if it's broken because that's not how code works here or it's broken because I forgot to close a tag somewhere.
Hello! I'm new on the site but I love a good fantasy pirate RP setting. If you still have space, I'd love to get involved.
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