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Current I'm going to have access to a computer 2morrow and will replyy
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Writer info:
Name: Faina
Age: 26
Time zone: GMT +2 (Israel)
Discord: iFain#3605
RP info:

- Casual to low advanced writer. I usually write about two paragraphs, sometimes more, sometimes less.

- I only do 1x1 PM RP. I'm up for group rp's as well, but im kinda of bad at keeping up with those.

- I will RP on gmail, facebook, google docs, discord

- I love using chractersheets and face claims! send me gifs send me pictures, anything!

- 18+ only. I'm 26 and ask that my partners are 18+ at the very least

- Third person only. Past tense.

- I don't mind fade to black but I also don't mind playing out the smut if its part of the roleplay, but I do not want it to be the focus of the story, it gets boring.

-Talk to me outside of the roleplay! Lets come up with ideas together!

- If I don't like or dont feel a roleplay anymore, ill tell you, I expect the same responsibility from you.

- I am on daily. I post minimum once a day unless something serious happens

Things I enjoy in RP:
Romance, Drama, Fighting scenes **** , Blood, dark themes.

Fandoms I'm willing to try;
- The 100
- The Hunger Games
- Twilight
- Pokemon
- Avatar TLA
- Legend of Korra
- Grey's Anatomy

Open to ideas and pairings.

I can play male, female characters, whatever you wish.

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Been looking for a long term partner! I'm a casual writer ( about two or three pararaphs per post , of course if its intro then longer) Im online almost everyday, so I can promise to post at least once a day. I dont expect my partners to do so, but at least once every other day.

I can play MxM, FxM - I dont mind playing the male or the female.

I can roleplay here, on discord, gmail, google docs..

So as for ideas, I didnt have something cut out but maybe we can work something out.

Also, these are fandoms and I prefer playing OC's not canon characters, that being said I dont mind if you take canons.

I really want to do something with mental illness too.
Regarding mature themes:
I don't mind violence, gore, blood, drugs, death , sex etc.

so plot ideas :
Pokemon: I always wanted to do a proper Pokémon roleplay but never got the chance to,
You know the jist, a pokemon trainer going out on a journey and meets friends, and together they have adventures.
We can do:
Pokemon coordinator X trainer
Trainer X Trainer
Team Rocket (or any other evil team) X Trainer

Whatever you have in mind.

Harry Potter:
We can either do next gen kind of thing where the death eaters come back and try to take over the magical world, or the muggle world and enslave the muggles.

I was thinking here that MC (male or female, doesn't matter) is a Hogwarts student, and has a power that he\she can do the spells without a wand, so the deatheaters force him\her to join them, and spy Hogwarts' staff from the inside. and YC would be a classmate noticing something is wrong.

The 100:
Here I would actually like to do some canon pairings:

Mc X John Murphy
Mc X Bellamy

A Handmaid's Tale;In this roleplay Id like to play a female oc, and Id like it t be set at the beginning of it all, when the revolutions started.

I'm open to original stories and pairings as well

again, my chara can be either male or female.

If you have any other ideas that include fantasy, original plots and whatever, feel free to PM me.

Hello everyone, I've been wanting to do a Hand maids tale roleplay. Something from the very start, when the whole shit was starting to happen. For this one I want to play the female, I wouldn't mind doubling up and play side male characters. PM me if you're interested.

Truly want to roleplay a plot in which the couple is in a long term relationship, possibly married, one things lead to another, and they start falling apart and leading to a very dramatic painful breakup.

-cheating is possible
-abuse is possible
-drugs are possible, so is alcohol

Perhaps something like the relationship between Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skasgard in "Big Little Lies".

I'm open to all roles and all setting, PM me if you're interested
Thank you for everyone who answered. I'm a girl, and I'm by no means getting attracted to the people I'm rping with, besides, I sometimes even play the male role... Thank you for helping me, it made me a bit more secure.
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