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I am so sorry for being gone. I was so burned out from work and life in general. I'll try to tell you when I'll be gone in the future. again I'm sorry!
Haki felt his face changed into several different shades of red. He still could not believe that Chance accepted his offer. A part of him wanted to believe that this was all a dream and he would soon wake back up in the fairy realm. If it was then he would make the most of it. “I-I can Change my size if you would like…” Haki whispered as if anything louder would cause him to wake up.

He wasn’t sure if Chance heard him but he followed his instruction none the less. They were basic but his body refused to listen as he stumbled about. All he could focus on is Chance. It was too unreal to have him in his arms. It nearly made his heart explode just thinking about it. “I’m sorry I’m so bad…” Haki said after nearly falling. He wanted to show that he could dance but Chance was way too distracting. His beautiful eyes and small stature were mesmerizing.

Adrian was fixated on Nessa as they move to the sound of music. His heart was pounding against this chest but he felt completely calm. It was a strange feeling to not have to worry about everything around him. He only needed focus on Nessa. As the music name to an end, he didn’t want to let go of Nessa. Instead, he pulled her into a tight hug.

He never thought he would allow himself to love again. He swore to never get close to anyone fearing he might lose them. In his life, Haki had been the only consistent person. He was the only family he had but Nessa was different. He wanted to hold her and be with her. After what felt like an eternity, Adrian finally lets go of Nessa. “Thank you for the dance,” He signed.
A sense of dread suddenly filled his stomachs when the forest went quiet. Did he make a mistake? He didn’t have a lot of people that he could call friends. Chance was one of the very few and he was afraid this would push him away. He was ready for Chance to say no when Chance suddenly fell into his arms. It made his heart skip a beat his butterflies to fill his stomach. “I...” Haki was at a loss for words. He couldn’t believe what Chance was saying.

“You are an amazing person. You are the first stranger to have shown this much kindness to me in my entire life,” Haki said then pulled Chance into a tighter hug.

Suddenly a large explosion of magic radiated through the forest causing the trees to glow. The leaves turned into a bright blue while the bark became a pale white. “Just in time,” Haki said. Now it dawned on him that he didn’t know to dance. Sure he had seen it many times in the past but never bothered to learn. It didn’t occur to him that he would need it one day. Hesitantly, he let go of Chance and held out his hand. He hoped that a past Druid knew how as he sifted through the millennium of memories.

He managed to find nothing and admitted defeat. “Um, I’m not particularly good at dancing. Do you know by any chance?”

Adrian quickly opened his arms to catch Nessa. He smiled at her and took a dancing pose as soft music began to play. While his hands are intertwined with her he wouldn’t be able to speak but knew that Nessa could understand him. Slowly, he swayed to the beat of the music while staring deeply into Nessa’s amber eyes. Until now he didn’t notice hoe beautifully her eyes were. They glowed a glisten under the light giving them a mesmerizing quality.

Until now, he didn’t allow himself to get close to anyone else fearing he might lose them. It would be all too common in his line of work but Nessa was different. He wasn’t afraid when he was with her. The exact opposite in fact. She made everything so much more vibrant and alive. All the doubts he had before was gone. All he could focus on was this single moment.
Haki continued to throw pebbles into the forest while listening to the many conversations going on around him. While it wasn’t in spoken words, the plants and animals were communicating and he could hear all of them. It was a calming sound but it wasn’t always like that. When his powers first manifested, those voices drove him crazy to the point of abusing alcohol. It made the voices stop and everything to be quiet. He left those habits a long time ago but he would occasionally look back to remind himself of how far he had gotten.

While listening to the conversations, he didn’t notice the griffins or Chance until his voice broke through his thoughts. “Chance!” Haki yelp in surprise. He quickly jumped to his feet causing him to drop the bunny in his hand. It landed safely and scurried away.

“H-Hi Chance…” Haki could feel the heat rising to his face and the pounding of his heart. He didn’t know why chance would be here until he noticed the griffin watching them from behind the tree. It made him go quiet for a moment. “Chance…” It was hard to find the right words to express what he was thinning until he remembered something he picked up earlier that day. Carefully, Haki reached into his robe and took out a crystal rose. It was translucent and was surrounded by a light green halo. He then stood up and walked over to Chance. He reached out, grabbed Chance’s hand, and helped him onto his feet.

“Chance I have only known you for a little while but you are more important to me than anyone…even Adrian.” Haki held out the rose for Chance. “There is a tradition here Du'vir where you ask the person you loved to a dance with a rose. So Chance will you share a dance with me?”

“I'm okay just thinking,” Adrian said. He was about to take a bite of his food when music suddenly started playing, and the street burst to life. Petals of flowers began to rain down from the sky as people left their homes and head off towards the city center.

Adrian smiled then suddenly stood up. “Come I have something to show you!” Adrian signed. He took Nessa’s hand and urged her to get up from her seat. Smiling, he guided her out of the store and into the crowd of people all heading to the same place. After a small walk, they reached the city center where a large tree and hundreds of people stood. All of them waiting for a once in a lifetime event. Unlike any other year, this year’s festival was different. The tree at the center of the city was grown by magic and would react to the high magic in the air causing a spectacular sight.

Adrian continued to walk until they were at the center of the square and next to the tree. At its root was a large garden of roses with dozens of colors. Carefully, Adrian picked a rose from the bush and showed it to Nessa. Then like clockwork, the tree began to glow. Its bark turned a bright white. Its leaves a pale blue. “Nessa, will you share a dance with me?” Adrian asked along with everyone else under the tree’s canopy.
Haki sat down against a nearby tree and began to throw small stones into the river. The quiet sound of splashing water began drawing the attention of nearby critters who came and invested the sound. They immediately noticed Haki and came to greet him. Most animals, though not capable of speech, can understand Druids and thus community with them. This coupled with the ability to calm down any animal no matter how dangerous makes then a beacon for animals. "Hello there little one," Haki said while handing a squirrel an acorn.

Back at the city, the two griffins circled the inn searching for Chance. Once they saw him appear on the side of the building, they dove down and snatch him off the building. They were careful to not hurt chance and to keep up their glamor as to not be seen by anyone without magic. once they got a secure hold on Chance, they flew off into the distance towards the direction of Haki. being Haki's familiar, they can sense his distress and knew Chance can help.

After a short flight, the griffins dropped Chance off in a nearby clearing to where Haki was sitting. They do not approve of Chance but knew that Haki did so they could make an exception. So they block Chance's escape and push him towards the direction of Haki, who did not know that Chance was here.

Adrian continued to drink his tea while occasionally poking at his. "I agree that some memories should never be forgotten, but they will never stop being painful. The pain is what drives me to do better, so it should never be forgotten," Adrian signed.

"I'm sorry I brought up old memories. Let's change the subject. Have you been enjoying the festival?" Adrian signed.
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