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4 yrs ago
Current Awooooo
5 yrs ago
Dear everyone. I know I had a little burst of energy and time to reply but I lost that kinda quick with work again :c I'll reply soon. You're not forgotten.
5 yrs ago
Sorry I've been silent lately. Work has got me running ragged. I'll reply to everyone soon enough :c
5 yrs ago
I gots a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone so now I can make replies from work c:
5 yrs ago
I'll be home in two hours or so! Than I'm available all night again!


I'm a twenty two year old woman from NY and I love doing FxF pairings. Feel free to send me a message anytime and see if we can hammer something out.

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I think I'd love to get a little 1x1 going with Girl's Frontline as the setting. T-Dolls and T-Dolls or T-Dolls and Commander or even Sangvis Ferri. Open to suggestions.

Looking for someone to play a F role. I can easily do F as well or M if that's what you'd like. Just shoot me and a PM and we can hammer out some ideas!
Bump. I know I didn't have much to write about the setting or plot but I think it's pretty straight forward so just hit me up if you're interested.
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