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Current Loving myself a but more each day
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I am back from Hiatus
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Had to get a new keyboard for my laptop, I will be getting to all my rps hopefully soon
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My rolepaying will be slowing down again due to the fact my alot of my laptop keys don't work right now. Sorry for the inconvenience
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Luna's Profile (Under construction)

Hello! My name is Luna, most who are from the old guild know me as Luna Ren from the guild before the Guildfall. I am still sad about it. I haven't found all the people I did one on one roleplays with, but with this new site, I can create new roleplayers and memories with new people I haven't rp'ed before. I have been a roleplayer for as long as I can remember. I mostly did LARP or tabletop rps, but in the year of 2013, I was introduced to an amazing site called Roleplayer Guild and I have gone so much since then. I have slowly worked my way up from pure one-liners and slowly am working my way into Advanced rping

Posting Schedule

Every other Monday and Friday will be days I will focus purely on thread rps that group. I sometimes will work on them if I have a late shift like 12-10 sort of shifts.

Every other weekend I will focus on one on one rps, both PM and thread up. I will be random whether I will answer both areas or focus on just one. Depends on if my RP partners are online and if I am bored.

Basic Info About Me

Username~ Luna
Age~ 2-

Zodiac~ Gemini
Location~ USA

Active Roleplayers

Advance Roleplays

Casual Roleplays

Blood Act: Ghosts of the Past

One on One

Love in the Strangest Places

New Country New Mystery

Black Butler: Curse of the Zodiac

The Places We Go

Amazing People
These people made a serious impact in my life and my roleplaying life. I am honored that I ever had the chance to meet you ad role play with

@Demonic Angel-You are the light of my life. I love you so much and I didn't know what I would have done if we have never talked that first time in Skype. You make me feel special and make me smile so much, as well as blush, You are still evil for that lol just kidding
@Wintersunshine-This person is an amazing roleplayer and I love the rps that we do
@Vesuvius00-You are one of my best friend I have ever met. I would trade you for anyone else. Love you Vessy!
@Lucius Cypher-You are one of the best roleplayers I have ever had the chance to meet before the guildfall. You taught me so much and helped me get over so much stuff
@MegaraFoxfire-You are one of the first people I got to roleplay on this site and I am glad you have continued to roleplay with me even after my disappearances multiple times over the year. I hope we continue to roleplay together
@Fallenreaper-You by far the most amazing GM and roleplayer I have ever got the chance to know. You taught me so much about roleplaying and I am glad you were so patient whenever I vanished for so long from every rp we have ever been in. You are like a big sister to me and I hope we always keep in touch
@Cyndyr-You by far are one of the most understanding roleplayers I have ever come across and that means a lot to me. I hope we can continue roleplaying
@SilverRoseRosey Posey You are the most amazing best friend I can ever have in my life and I honestly would have become lost if I ever stopped talking to you or we stopped being friends. I love you so much for being here with me and I wouldn't trade you for anything

Most Recent Posts

Mina looked at Bane. "Bane she will be alright. I am very hopeful she will be fine. She just needs rest. Thiugh I am sure the phantomhive boy is very curious about things" She said
"I noticed that. Meaning we are dealing with someone who is an expert in hiding who she is. It might take some time, but if I ask around the supernatural world, I could perhaps find answers we need" She said rubbing her chin.

"Oh its fine, just annoyed with the rich bastards over there," she said pointing to the group of men.
Hello! Welcome to the site

Luelle was standing in the dorms. She was pondering over the hero battles and she felt down. Other than some parts here and there with her quirk, she felt completely useless in the battle. She felt like she wasn't proving herself to anyone, her father including. She sighed and messed with her white hair a little before walking towards the elevator.

”Am I really cut out for this” She said to herself as she pressed the up bottom. She was there for several moments when she heard someone approaching her from behind and hard a voice call out her name.

”Oh hello. I am alright. Just trying to figure out how to better my battling skills. How about you....Yukari”

Bleh life is a pain when it wants to me, how are you
HCL V: Insert Witty Title Here
Reason-Replies came slower
Type-Free, group

Name: Luna Ren
Age: 21

  • She can turn into a wolf (not a werewolf)
  • She can control darkness
  • Shadow blending (she can use this as a way to hide when needed, emergency power)
  • Enchanted crossbow (cannot run out of bolts, like Susan from Narnia)


  • Her dark powers are useless during the day unless she is in a shadowed place
  • Her rash and reckless ways tend to back fire on her a lot
  • She can only be in her wolf form for so long

She grew up in Japan most of her life and during her teenage years, it turned out to be the worse. Between her parents and her twin sister dying and her getting into an abusive situation with her ex, she ran away from her cousin's home and anonymously turned her ex boyfriend (he is dead and wont be popping up). She was always a reckless child and very hot headed. She always got into fights when she was in school and she was never allowed in Chemistry for many reason (*cough* kept blowing the room up *cough*). Luna has been proven to be very unpredictable.

She learned around the age of 17, about the age she ran away from home, that she had these powers and began to train herself with them. During those years, she constantly moved around, mostly sticking to forest near rivers and good place for rest and food. Anyone who got on her bad side quickly found out why it is never a good idea to piss this girl off.
Theme Song: Bad to the Bone
Star Wars: Traitors
Type-One on one

Jana Larker




Level-Jedi Knight

Appearance: She stands at height of 5'6" and her eyes are a bright green color with jet black waist length hair and her skin is a pale color. She also wears the usual jedi robes

Equipment-She carries two light sabers, one that blue and one is a light purple color. She also carries hair ties to keep her hair out of her face when she is in a fight or is about to fight, she carries communication equipment, some first aid things, and grappling hooks.
[*]She can battle with two light sabers
[*]She knows some force healing to get her by
[*]She can use telekinesis very well
[*]She has a good understanding on ships and how to repair them

She was born on a desolate planet that never really had a name for it. She was born in a lower middle class family. Her mother was a merchant while her father was paralyzed and couldn't work. She spent more time with her dad while her mother worked hard during the day and she listened to his stories of how he was mechanic and made many ships that they had. She began to basically learn by his stories and if she didn't become a jedi, she would have done that like her dad did.

She was taken by the Jedi knight to the temple on Coruscant, where she immediately began her training to be a jedi. She was like other jedi's who would be passed along with a master and they would spent a couple years under their mentor ship and she excel in the trials. She became a jedi knight at the age of 23.
New Country, New Mystery
Status-On going
Type-One on one

Name: Yukina Tomaru
Age: Unknown
Appearance: [img]…\img]
Status: Grim Reaper of the Japan Division of Grim Reapers
Coruscant Sacked-Aftermath
Status-Reboot, ongoing
Type-Advance, on going

Roleplay-Manifest Anima
Status-On going

Azulia Ellison

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not"

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