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Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Pride and Arrogance still playing

Veigas: Oh, but you are pathetic.

Veigas rose his cube and a laser beam came out of it, aimed directly at Tiane.

Xaizor: Tiane, look out!!

Xaizor jumped in time to save Tiane, but he couldn't get his sword in na good position to defend himself and took the hit.

Marina: Xaizor!

Veigas: Gallant yet foolish. Your effort was for nothing.

Agito: This girl's dream will be fine for both of us!

Jin: Shit, I can't get to her! Marina, can you do something?!

Marina: N-Not right now...!! Miss Tiane!!

Veigas: Die knowing your dream will be no longer yours.

BGM: The Lost Emotion

But before he could attack, Veigas and Agito had to evade a flame projectile coming from behind them. When they and the others looked, Lucent and Kaito had just arrived.

Xaizor: They got reinforcements, we got even more of ours!

Marina: Mister Kaito! Mister Lucent!

Kaito: The Luminary of the Stars and his faithful sidekick have arrived! Evildoers, time to meet justice!

However, Lucent ignored Kaito's remark. Both Agito and Veigas were staring intensely at him, smiling from ear to ear.

Lucent: You two... unlike the one yesterday I know you... Veigas Terre and Agito!

Veigas: Ahaha! Look who's here, Agito! If it isn't the traitor Lucent himself!

Agito: You finally decided to show up, eh? Doremy told us about your backstab, you son of a bitch!

Lucent: I wasn't your ally. Not even once.

Veigas: We already know you were a "special" case, but this oversteps the boundaries. Attacking your fellow brethen, how dare you!

Kaito: I said yesterday to that girl and I'll say to you too. Don't lump Lucent with the likes of you!!

Xaizor: Lucent wouldn't do something as cruel as eating people's dreams!

Veigas: Naïve. He already did, more than once.

Marina: He had a reason behind it, unlike you!

Jin: Enough talk! Let's finish this fight!

Jin: We'll leave Veigas to you two! Leave Agito to us!

Kaito: Roger that!

The Nightmares were surrounded now. With the new target splitting, Veigas faced Lucent and Kaito while Agito faced Xaizor, Marina, Jin, Tiane and Kalina once more.

Veigas: How long have I wanted to meet you in person. I've been waiting to get my hands on the traitor and take him down myself!

Lucent: We share the same feeling. The cruelty you have done with innocent people ends here.

Veigas: Oooh, brave. Do you think you stand a chance, Lucent?

Lucent: I have to. It's the way for me to atone for my past sins.

Kaito: We're taking you down here and we won't play easy just because you're a girl!

Veigas: Imbecile, I'm not a girl!! I'm stylish, it's very different!!

Lucent: Your style won't save you...

Lucent summoned wolf Nightmares and sent them towards Veigas with Kaito following them from behind. Veigas shot his dark orbs once more but only managed to defeat the wolves, as Kaito began to attack with his flaming pair of chakrams.

Agito: Well then, where were we? Ah yes, the part where I end you all!

Jin: Don't press your luck. You're outnumbered.

Agito: Heh, I have a truckload of those meeks. You think I'm scared?

Xaizor: 'Course we do! Jump up and fight like a man, you coward!

Marina: And even if you can summon these beasts with no end, we shall not lose to you! We will free this people from your grasp!

Agito: ... Alright, that does it.

Agito called upon a new type of Nightmares. They were bigger than the others, standing ten in total.

Xaizor: Me, Tiane and Jin at the front line! Marina, give us backup with thunder lady over there!

Marina: R-Right! (Xaizor, I swear to God...)

Jin: You guys ready? Here he comes!

Agito: I'm not just eating your dreams... I'M GONNA EAT YOUR DREAMS, YOUR BODY AND YOUR HEART!!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy still playing

Mia lost track of Yoru and had to shield herself from the fire. However, unlike the fierce danamku that didn't give her time, she used Aegis' special function to drain the damage she took.

Mia: (Where did she go?)

Rasel defended Yomi's sommersault kick with her parasol. She closed it and revealed a blade right on the tip, preparing herself to slash Yomi.

Rasel: Ahaha! Feast my blade!

Mia: Not while I am here!!

With the energy she drained, Mia charged with Aegis directly at Rasel, who attacked Yomi with a thrusting attack. Their weapons clashed in time, but thanks to Aegis' remaining energy, Rasel was pushed away.

Rasel: A shieldbearer?

Mia: I have no intentions on betraying your trust, if you are to help me in arresting this girl. Whatever secret you held, I swear to never speak of it, in the name of the Holy Order.

Rasel: You and your secrets are dying here!

Meanwhile, the beds went directly at them, but Fear Mace slashed one. Another followed suit.

Fuindor: I don't want that to happen either! My dreams are precious to me!

Fuindor followed Fear Mace and slashed the other bed coming at her. He then breathed out fire and burned the remaining beds.

Doremy: My my, you do seem wanting a fight. Did you forget that I can fly?

Fuindor: Flying, ground, it doesn't matter to me! We're beating you!

Doremy: That we shall see. Sheep Sign "Nightmare of Chimera"!

Doremy suddenly transformed into a giant sheep and began shooting beds into random directiosn. Fuindor slashed and used fire to fend them off, while getting closer to Doremy.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Xaizor: And Tiane joins the battlefield!

???: More of 'em? Wasn't expecting that.

Marina: Thank you both for your aid. That man just keeps summoning non-stop.

Xaizor: He's powering up those things with his power. But now that we're together, we beat him and those Nightmares won't do a scratch!

BGM: Pride and Arrogance

???: Agito, what are you even doing...?

As the man, whose name was Agito, prepared to summon more demons, a portal appeared right next to him. A flying person came and looked at the group

???: I finished my portion already, shouldn't you be done with yours?

Terrifying Nightmarish Scream

Agito: Well then help me if you're so damn good, Veigas!

Dream's Fallen Apostle
Veigas Terre

Veigas: Perhaps I should, since you're so incompetent on doing such an easy job. I'll let you give me a hand, though.

Agito: Ugh, fine... we're sharing the wins, though!

Veigas: I can't make promises. Although I'm full for now, so I'll consider it. Now then...

Veigas turned to the group. His prideful look made him feel as if victory was easy against them.

Xaizor: We're fighting a girl now? Damn...

Veigas: E-Excuse me?! Who are you calling a girl, you brat? I'm a guy, brainless idiot!

Marina: You said you "ate your portion" earlier. What do you mean with it?

Veigas: I mean that humans lost their dreams to me. A lot of them!

Veigas: A girl who dreams with a charming prince, a man who dreams of riches, a child who dreams of playing with its parents... all of them. I ate it all! All of them! Ahahahaha!

Jin: You bastards!! Don't think you're getting away with this!

Agito: Nyeeehahahaha!! Oh, but you bet we are!!

Veigas: This whole town is doomed to despair eternally. With the Vestal of Dreams gone, we can run rampart for as much as we want and nobody can stop us.

Marina: That is not true! We shall stop you, no matter what it takes!

Xaizor: We ain't letting you do as you goddamn please! You're getting beaten up right now!

Veigas: So you're saying you're opposing us. Is that it?

Jin: Yeah, that's the gist of it! Got a problem?!

Veigas: To be fair, I do.

Veigas' orb began to shine and it soon dispersed a lot of dark orbs around him. He shot them at the group's direction, but Marina casted a shield to protect them. Using the window of time given, Agito summoned another wave of smaller Nightmares.

Veigas: I. hate. people. who oppose me.

Agito: You guys are so damn screwed! We're beating you all to a pulp and then your dreams will be ours!

Agito screamed on his megaphone again, powering the Nightmares, Veigas and himself up. They all charged at Xaizor, Marina, Jin, Tiane and Kalina, with Veigas launching more dark orbs at them.

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy

???: That is simple. It is only Nightmares doing what we must do to survive.

Doremy had already stopped shooting because of Fear and Yoru's arrival, but she didn't even answer the question. A burst of dark fire near her revealed someone else.

???: Good morning to you, Doremy. How has it been with your breakfast.

Doremy: Rather well, Rasel. I've managed to taste a lot of dreams this morning.

Elegant Nightmare Lady
Rasel Coriander

Rasel: That is good to hear. I have been tasting some delicacies myself and they were wonderful.

Rasel: But enough talk. We have enemies in front of us.

Doremy: My, you came to help me then?

Rasel: Of course. Besides, facing resistant hosts are the best I could ever imagine for this morning. The thrills of it will please me even more when I devour their wishes away!

Fuindor: Another weirdo came in.

Mia: You both are being arrested here! Surrender or face the consequences!

Rasel: You have been shielding danmaku for the last minutes without attacking. Do you truly believe a puny human like yourself would ever be able to defeat us?

Fuindor: She's not alone in this. I'm here with her too, and with those other two as well!

Doremy: Pitiful, poor children. Any suggestions, Rasel?

Rasel: Let us devour and savor their dreams at once.

Rasel snapped her fingers and a wall of darkness separated the four of them. Doremy stood facing Fear and Fuindor while Rasel stood facing Mia and Yoru.

Rasel: Come then. Entertain me before I feast on your deepest hopes!

Doremy: I will swallow all of your dreams before you can even think of them!

Doremy dashed towards them, while summoning beds that flew at fast speeds towards Fear and Fuindor. Rasel called upon a fire rain and casted it above Mia and Yoru.

Country: Cyprus
Location: Ship - Cafeteria

BGM: Shion's Theme still playing

Eliza nods at Shion's shift in mood before she said her next words, "Investigator Dias, Shion really is serious about... Not being serious. He's allowed to be unorthodox. Either way, give us the orders and we can move out to apprehend the Agents - Assuming that the CIA don't have a person here keeping tabs on us." She then looked at Shion and Pablo and said, "It is very much possible that this could be a diversion from the actual CIA activities in Operation Symbiosis as they are not blind to Pablo's power and its potential."

What the hell? So my superior can act as freely as he want...? André thought. For him, that was one of the worst ideas someone in the military could ever let happen. Shion could only giggle at him. "W-Why the hell are you giggling about? What are you, an innocent maiden?" André questioned, somewhat angry. "Oh, it's just that it's funny teasing you, André-kun. And if you're that worried about me being that unortodox, I'll give you permission to be as yourself around me and snap for as long as you want to." Shion answered. "I still can't believe that of all people in this ship, they chose you to watch over Ein... not only that, you're my superior." André complained. "Bothered that someone like me is ranks above someone like you?" Shion asked and smirked. "Watch your tongue, buddy. If you're able to know much about me, I'm very competitive too and I'm not willing to lose to someone like you." He answered and twitched his eyes. A rivalry between these two is setting from now on.

Pablo smiles at Shion dropping his mask, then says, "This transport ship has a surprising number of rooms, but an earlier use of my power has given me the location of the Agents and the Torture Equipment - It's in a hidden chamber beside the kitchens. That said... I don't think they're torturing anyone now, yet, so I think that the best plan would be to take photos of the equipment, then destroy said equipment, and then get the CIA Agents expelled from the expedition and ship so that we don't cause an incident by 'terminating' them."

BGM: Voile, the Magic Library (CtC Ver.)

After their bicker, the attention returned to the mission at hand. Thanks to Pablo's power, the location of the equipment was easily found. "Good idea, little Pablo. With the pictures, we'll have proof that they were with the exquipment and then we'll be able to-" André thought about the idea, but someone interrupted him. "The equipment was hidden because Operation: Symbiote asked us to! It isn't ours, we were accomplices to their plan! They talk about bringing "peace" but this is their way to do it!" Shion spoke words and André soon picked them up. "I'm not saying Pablo-chan's plan is bad, per se. Don't forget this is our ship and they're our "guests", though. As the party hosts, the blame immediately shifts on us if we simply show photos of it." He explained. "Yeah, you're... right. And an international, powerful organization such as the CIA has more credit than an operation like ours. Unless concrete proof is made, we're in risk of being blamed." André said.

Shion walked towards Ein. He squatted down and looked at the frightened boy. "Ein-chan, do you have any ideas? Anything that could help us will be great!" Shion smiled. Ein stepped away and didn't even look at him. "Hey, don't get too close to Ein! He doesn't like it and gets easily scared of people like you!" André spoke. However, Ein mumbled a little. "... prints." He said. "Prints?" Shion asked once more. "H-Handprints... in the... e-equipment." He spoke a little louder, but not too much and still didn't look at them. "Handprints! We can get the samples in the equipment before we destroy it and then we get samples from the agents!" André spoke. "Not just that, if we can get particles of blood and prove they were used in a prisoner, we can even have more proof they were tortured." Shion complemented the idea, much to André's dismay.

"That was a nice idea, Ein-chan! Here, hi-five!" Shion extended his hand. However, Ein didn't respond at all. He happily shrugged it off and got back up.

She looked at everyone, certain that Shion was still putting up a 'Cone of Silence', and said, "I watched Pablo use his power on the waters around the entire expedition earlier, just before we met with Ein and Andre. The objective was to see the Operation's possible futures, as well as any secrets that can potentially disable them. However, despite this gain in information, there's only so much that one person can do, which is why we need your help - If I were the CIA, I'd toss literal hundreds of distractions at Pablo Legazpi so that he won't be able to stop their real agenda. That or just kill him and damn the consequences."

"Which is why I'm prohibiting Pablo-chan to stay with us during the questioning." Shion issued an order. "Wait, what?! Why?! With Pablo's power, we might be able to draw an answer out of them!" André questioned. "It's a backfiring method, at best. They know Pablo has the power to see the truth, since this is primordially why he's a prime aspect in the first case. Questioning thme with the truth fully active will only endanger us, especially when the higher-ups aren't watching us to understand." Shion spoke. That still didn't make sense to André, but Ein managed to understand his logic. "... cording." Ein mumbled once more. They looked at him, which startled him for a bit. "Do you have another idea, Ein?" André asked. "Recording... t-the torture. Wrong... but it w-works." He spoke.
Location: Glory Star Orphanage - Corridor

Kaito, Lucent and Kiragi reached Reeta, Lady Amara and the some of the kids. The rest of them were accompanying the trio.

Kiragi: Good morning, everyone!

Kaito: We went to fetch Kiragi and the rest of them said they had bad nightmares. We comforted them, so they're more calm now.

Lucent: (They're all being affected at a fast rate... the Nightmares are growing out of control. I need to do something...)

Kaito's cellphone started ringing. He picked it up and saw it was Xaizor calling him.

Kaito: Hey, Xaizor. What's up, man?
Xaizor: Dude, we need you and Lucent here. There's a Nightmare attacking us here!

Kaito: What?!
Xaizor: I'm not joking! He's calling a bunch of the smaller ones, but they're all powered up! I'm with Marina and Jin, but we need your help and fast!

Lucent: ...! Kaito, give me the cellphone!

Kaito: A-Alright! Hold one a bit, Xaizor!

Kaito quickly passed the cellphone to Lucent.

Lucent: X-Xaizor? I-It's me, Lucent!
Xaizor: Hey, man! I know you might not be all better yet, but we're in a pickle here!

Lucent: I-It's fine... listen, how does the Nightmare look? Can you tell me?
Xaizor: Eh?! Uh... tall guy! He's blonde and, uh... looks like some character! And he has a megaphone!

Lucent: (Blonde and a megaphone...? Could it be...?!)
Xaizor: Shit, they're coming! Come quick! We really need your help right now!

Xaizor turned the call off. Lucent looked at the phone and remembered his promise with the rest.

BGM: Dream End Drama ~ Border Between Dream and Reality

Lucent: Lady Amara, I promise I'll explain later, but I... I'm skipping breakfast!

Kiragi: W-Where are you going, Big Bro Lucent?

Lucent: There's a Nightmare attacking in the town. I'm going to stop it.

Kaito: You're not going alone! I can fight now, so I'm going too!

Lucent: ... I won't be able to do it alone. I was attacked yesterday and I didn't manage to heal entirely yet.

Lucent: And even if I said "no", you would come too, right?

Kaito nodded, with a proud smile. Kiragi was going to raise an idea of him going, but he remembered Lady Amara prohibited him from leaving the orphanage today because of his escape yesterday. At the very least, he could cheer on them.

Kiragi: Big Bros, do your best out there! I know you can do it!

Kaito: Thanks! Let's go, Lucent!

Kaito ran to the entrance. Lucent looked once more at Lady Amara.

Lucent: I... I know you didn't expect me doing this, but... it's something I need to do, Lady Amara. I'll explain everything, I swear. It's what I've been owing you ever since you took me in here and made this place my home. I'll ask that you wait just a little more, that's all!

After that, Lucent looked at Reeta.

Lucent: And I know that, deep inside, you don't want me fighting, Reeta. You and Kaito are the last people wanting me in danger. But you know my promise and that I need to fulfill it. I... I can't back out on my word with Rayla and the others.

Lucent: I'm sorry if I'm hurting you, but... I need to help them.

With those words said, Lucent ran after Kaito. He wanted to stop that Nightmare, or else things could get really dangerous.

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

After turning off the call, Marina's Aeroga dissipated and the fight kept going on. They returned to defend themselves, as the number of smalled Nightmares increased.

Xaizor: Goddamnit, they increased in number!

Marina: What are supposed to do now?! They are really strong!

???: You guys should call it quits and let me eat already. It's gonna be less painful.

BGM: Rumble Temple

Jin: Like hell I'm giving up! It'll take me a long time before I can ever call it!

???: Mate, no one likes the non-givers. They're such a pain in the ass.

Jin: Nice sob story, but I'm going to be a pain in the ass for as long as I can!

Jin: Magatama "Warding Blaze Circle"!!

Jin stood into meditating position as magatamas surrounded him and the Arcadia brothers. They began to spin quickly, forming a ring of blue flame around them. It expanded and burned every Nightmare currently surrounding them.

Xaizor: Whoa, nice!

???: The hell was that, dude?

Jin: There's more where that comes from!!

Jin shot the burning magatamas at the strange man, who jumped back in order to evade them. Soon, more Nightmares rose from the ground.

Marina: More of them are coming!

Xaizor: I've called Kaito and Lucent to help us. They might be on their way here!

Jin: If that's the case, we just need to hold them for a while. I'm game!

???: Nyeeeehahaha!! So, you guys just won't quit, huh? Fine! I'LL DEVOUR THE THREE OF YOU!!

The man screamed on his megaphone once more, powering up the Nightmares as they rushed on the trio. Jin, Xaizor and Marina returned to fight then, until Lucent and Kaito were to come.

Location: World Crossers Guild - Main Lobby

Lilina and Heather went downstairs from their room to the main lobby. Kail was already there, so they decided to greet him.

Heather: Good morning, sir Kail. Are you doing well?

Lilina: G-Good morning, Kail... (I have a feeling Kail's a little angry with me for activating the Glaive when he said not to...)

Country: Cyprus
Location: Ship - Cafeteria

After the briefing given by Eliza, the group left to the cafeteria. There, they found Sergeant Sumizome no Shion, waiting for them at the table. They walked towards him as he got up from the chair. "Good morning, Sergeant Lopez. And you three must be Pablo Legazpi, Ein Rubicante and André Dias." Shion spoke. "Greetings sir. I am Private André Dias, recently enlisted to Operation: Symbiote and caretaker of Ein Rubicante." André saluted. Shion, with an imposing figure, looked at Ein. "A-Ah...! H-H-H-Hi..." Ein stuttere, while hiding behind André. "Forgive me, Sergeant sir. Ein is... completely adverse to strangers." André apologized. "Ease your worries. As his new mentor, I was well instructed on Rubicante's current mental stability." Shion spoke.

"Allow me to introduce myself then. I am Sumizome no Shion, Sergeant of Operation: Symbiote's Intelligence Squad. You will be under my care from now on, Private Dias and Rubicante." Shion introduced himself. "T-Then... I-I can... stay with André...?" Ein asked. "Yes, you two will be together on the same squad." Shion said. Ein felt relieved after hearing those words. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. I would like to know about our mission, if possible." André asked. Shion nodded and opened the note he received, laying it on the table.

BGM: Mission Briefing

"As Sergeant Lopez explained to you, we will need your investigative skills, Private Dias. Our mission is to uncover torture methods being used by CIA agents aboard this very own ship. They deny the usage of said methods, but it has been a recent remark that captured enemy soldiers return injured from these interrogations. Some more than other, with few not resisting some of those injuries and dying. Operation: Symbiote holds itlsef by the banner of peace, which is why such things cannot go on anymore." Shion spoke. "T-Torture... methods..." Ein muttered to himself. "Understood, sir. However, if you permit me to ask, why is this task imposed on Pablo and Ein as well?" André asked. "As you know, we cannot send them to war, due to both being underage. However, the reason is the value their powers will present in such missions other than actual combat." Shion spoke. "How so, Sir?"

"Legazpi's power will allow us to cause a breakthrough to whatever lies these agents will spawn. Rubicante's power will allow us to use him as a spy, in order to catch the actions right into place. I am certain these two will prove themselves well, even if this is their first mission. I will be there to instruct you all, so you will not go unprepared." Shion spoke. "Understood. Well, Pablo and Ein, we'll be working together from now on. I'll be counting on you two." André spoke to both of the young boys. "R-Right..." Ein spoke. "That will be all for now. I shall await good results from the three of you." Shion finished the instructions. André saluted firmly, with Ein saluting nervously a little afterwards.

*BGM ends*

Right after the salutations, Shion's mouth wriggled around a little. He seemed to be holding something back. "Uh, sir? Is everything okay?" André asked.

Shion's Theme: Blackjack

"Pffft... alright, new reminder: never act as imposing. It doesn't work since it cracks laughters on me. Eliza-san, remind me to leave this "serious talking" stuff to you, alright?" Shion laughed. They got confused. Was that imposing presence just an act? That was confirmed, since Shion took out a lollipop out of his pockets and started to savor it as if it was nothing. "Want one, André-kun? I have some here with me." He asked. "N-No sir... wait, what did you call me?" André asked. "I'm not calling you as Private or Dias or whatever of these technical stuff. I don't work that way." Shion spoke. That made André wonder if Shion was really taking this mission seriously or if he was completely out of his mind. "Sergeant, perhaps I should remind you that we're in war. We're supposed to treat each other according to our ranks and-" André began to speak, but Shion interrupted him. He took another lollipop, removed the plastic around it and put it in André's mouth while he was speaking. "Strawberry. It's a nice flavor, if you ask me." He said.

He had to admit, it was good. However, the taste of candy was the last thing scurrying over André's mind. Seeing his superior act so friendly and nonchalant put him in a tough spot. "Sergeant, could you please take this more seriously? This isn't the time for us to be joking around, you know!" André complained. "So you're really going to play two pairs while I have a four of a kind, André-kun? You should change your taste, since you're so much of a tower that you're the last piece to be moved." Shion said, all while smiling. "What... what does poker and chess have anything to do with the mission?!" André questioned, visibly irritated. "Look, your investigation skills were recommended and you seem pretty organized, by the looks of it. Yet still, you let your perfectionism stand in your sight so much, the world's always black or white to you. Only walking through straight paths will take you nowhere." Shion spoke.

Now André was left impressed. He was a perfectionist, well-organized young man, always preferring to be safe than sorry. However, he has been toppled by this stranger whom he never seen before. On top of that, he was thoroughly described by Shion, in a conversation that couldn't have gone for more than 10 minutes. "W-What the... what is this? S-Sergeant Lopez, with all respect, but is this some sort of joke?" Wordless, that was all he could say for the moment.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

???: Nyeeehahahaha!! Dude, this is the best!!

As they walked to the school, a loud laughter could be heard from the distance. On a street going on a different direction, there was a strange man in the middle of the street, while people walked around.

Xaizor: What's with that laugh? And who's that dude right there?

Marina: Perhaps something is going on over there. We should check it out, just in case.

BGM: Team Skull Leader

Xaizor, Marina and Jin approached the man laughing at the street. He lookd at them and beamed an evil smile.

???: Whatcha lookin' at? Can't ya see I'm busy here?

Xaizor: What the hell are you doing, laughing like a maniac in the middle of a street?

???: Imma eatin' stuff here, brat. Now scram!

Marina: Eating? What do you mean "eating"?

Jin: Hold on a second... these people are all like this and this guy is here... are you a Nightmare?!

???: Crikes, got found out... shit, I wasn't expecting some nobody would know 'bout this?

Marina: Are you devouring people's dreams?! How dare you!
???: Gotta do what it takes to survive, girlie. I thrive on this shit, you get it?!

Xaizor: Hope you did your eating, because this will be your last! No one's gonna eat people's dreams on my watch!

???: You telling me you wanna fight me? You crazy, mate?!

Jin: Yes, we're lunatics. At least, we'll put a halt on your tracks!

Marina: I shall not let this continue any longer! We shall not lose to you!

???: Oooh, feisty. But I don't think you know who you're messing with.

BGM: Battle! Team Skull Leader

???: You guys should've told me you wanted me to devour you that badly!! TAKE THIS!!

The small Nightmares that attacked the shrine yesterday rose from the street. The man grabbed his megaphone and screamed loud at their direction. Suddenly, the monsters all began to twist and twirl, growing berserk and charging at Xaizor, Marina and Jin with fierce attacks.

Xaizor: *defends attacks* What the hell?! How are they so strong?!

Jin: It must have something to do with that guy! He might have powered them up!

Marina: *casts Aeroga around them* We must do something and fast!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Mia was doing a patrol before she could go to school. As she walked in the Summer Area, she noticed how hopeless people seemed.

Mia: No matter how much I walk, the people seem dread and without ebergy. What could be doing this state of affairs?

As she walked, distracted with the people, she bumped on someone.

Mia: Ah, my apologies!

Fuindor: N-No, it's fine! I wasn't looking where I was going anyway.

Mia: I see. Are you a high school student? Shouldn't you be in school now?

Fuindor: Y-Yes, I study on Kanzakai, but it's closed off today.

Mia: I've heard about the attack yesterday. I wish I've gone there to help, but I was unable to.

Fuindor: I-It's fine, I guess. Well, I should be going then.

Mia: Very well then. Watch out and don't cause trouble.

Fuindor: Alright, miss.

BGM: Eternal Spring Dream

However, before Fuindor could leave, Mia suddenly jumped on him and evaded an incoming danmaku bullet. When she saw, Doremy floated right at them.

Doremy: I thought walking in another area of the town would guarantee no one would interrupt me. Alas, I was wrong.

Mia: You... you are from the attack yesterday!

Doremy: I don't remember seeing you there, but I guess you do know about me somehow. Would you kindly let me eat that boy's dreams, please?

Fuindor: Eat my dreams?! What the hell are you talking about?!

Doremy: You see, I need to eat human dreams for survive. I've eaten quite a few for the morning, but you two were the only ones which I haven't feasted on yet.

Mia: Honestly, all that you have been saying makes no sense, but I will make up for the mistake and have you arrested for the attack yesterday!

Doremy: If you wish to disturb me, I will satisfy myself with your dream then!

Doremy shot danmaku at Mia and Fuindor once more. She activated Aegis and shielded both of them before the magical bullets could hit them.

Mia: You there. I sense aura flowing within you. You know how to fight, don't you?

Fuindor: M-Me? I do, but-

Mia: Then I'll request that you aid me. That, and I hardly believe she will not go after you as well.

Fuindor: Oh, right! If that's the case, let's go!

Fuindor transformed and took his blade out. Once the shots ceased for a moment and got out of cover.

Fuindor: I have something else to do, but if you want a fight, you have one, you freak!

Mia: As a knight, I shall not let you harm the civilians! Prepare yourself!

Doremy: Let me see what you two are capable of.

World: Renovation
Location: Gummi Ship "Renovation's Might" - Command Room

The very next day, the Gummi Ship arrived over yet another version of Earth, only large portions of Europe were literally shrouded in Darkness. Tocsax, despite still being miffed at the people he himself had turned against him (slightly in Asher's case, almost violently in Ignitio's), spoke, "All right people, we're here. I'll make this simple," he brought up a holographic map with London, Berlin, and Moscow outlined in glowing white letters everyone can somehow understand thanks to the Keyblades' language-translation magic. "Those of you going to the Princess of Heart go to London, while those going after Hitler and Stalin go to Berlin and Moscow."

Tocsax turned towards the group, his eyes settling on Asher's face for one minute before shifting to Astus' and then saying, "As for me and the Master of Trickery, we will be going to seal the world's Keyhole - A Keyhole is a special entrance into the Heart of the World, which if left open will allow the Heartless to eat the World's Heart and doom it to being consumed by Darkness."

A frown, as Tocsax thought, Next world after this, I am going to need to retrieve the true Felix's Heartless, then have the Lucy use her Princess of Heart powers to restore him. Won't Psilvux like that? His frown then shifted to a small grin directed at nowhere.

"As for how we will get to our destinations..." Tocsax trailed off as he looked towards the group as they gathered in the Operations Room, then tapped the ground with his right foot, causing a hologram of a smaller Gummi Ship to appear. "This vessel has a hangar that contains an even smaller Gummi Ship for transportation purposes - This can go from Orbit, where we are now, to the atmosphere and thence to the ground. The Gummi Shuttle - Shuttle being one of our terms for for smaller ships - will go to London first and drop off the negotiation team, then Berlin, then Moscow. Any questions?"

A holographic map of the ship then opened up to indicate just where the hangar and the Gummi Shuttle was. More automatically-translated words indicated that said shuttle, though small, had a couple of Magitech guns, a missile pod, and an energy shield of vague strength, though nowhere near what Empress Maria can muster.

Tocsax waited for some questions, then said, "All right, everyone except Astus - Move out!"

BGM: To the Battlefield

"Very well then, we're ready to depart." A voice spoke from the door. Agni, Ignitio and Victor came in to confirm their presence and greet everyone. "G-Good morning, everyone! L-Let's do our very best out there!" Victor spoke. His voice was shaky, indicating that he was nervous, but he still did his best to sound brave. As for Ignitio, he stood quiet and looked at the command's room windo, ignoring every other presence in the room. "The three of us will go unarmored in order to negotiate better. The more humane we look, even with clothing not appropriate to the era, the better for the mission." Agni spoke. With that, Victor touched his pendant and Ignitio covered himself with even more miasma until his body was entirely dark. Victor went back into his normal form, wearing a white long shirt, casual jeans and social shoes. A black necktie also appeared and his pendant was still visible. Ignitio, however, became a little more eccentric: his hair and eyes kept the same, but his ears were covered by his hair. He also was wearing a gray shirt and jacket with shredded jeans and black boots. It looked pretty human. "Let us depart then. There is nothing else to be discussed here." Ignitio spoke. "Wait, we still need to see if someone else wishes to go with us-" Agni spoke, but Ignitio turned his back and began walking away. "... Good luck waiting for someone to follow us. I still hold to the opinion the three of us are more than enough. Any more hindrances will make us lose time." He responded, leaving the command room.

Agni sighed at his brother's lack of compassion and trust. Still, there was nothing to be done in his case. It's something he should decide on his own. "W-Well then, shall we go, Agni?" Victor asked. "I guess so... we'll be waiting a little more at the hangar. I wish the best of luck to everyone. Know that my prayers are for your success." Agni smiled at everyone and left with Victor to the hangar.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Beautiful Morning

Xaizor, Marina and Jin left the shrine and walked towards the school. Reimu agreed to have Jin accompany them, since having a nightmare could present some undesirable effect in the rest of the day.

Xaizor: ...

Marina: ...

Jin: Are you two really OK? I'm starting to get really worried...

Xaizor: Ah! Sorry, I was just distracted for a second...

Marina: As for me, the nightmare I had never left my mind even once.
Jin: Was it really horrible to let you guys down like this?

Marina: I would rather abstain from commenting it publically. We are not alone in the street, so we might tell you more back at the shrine.

Jin: Alright then, but you're telling me once we head back to the shrine, got it?

Xaizor: Fine... sheesh, I'm not even in the mood to train today...

Marina: I would do a sarcastic response, but I really need to rest my mind...

Both were completely lost in thought and were unable to think on anything else. However, out of nowhere, Jin kissed their foreheads, each at a time.

Xaizor: W-What the hell you're doing, dude?!

Jin: What? I always did this on Lumino when he was younger and it worked. He'd always calm down.

Xaizor: Ergh, c'mon! I'm not a kid anymore! Besides, that's a weird thing for you to be doing!

Jin: Uh... my bad. Instincts, I guess...

Marina: ... I have noticed that you do seem to be very fond of my father, Mister Jin. You were speaking his name quite a few times while you were sleeping.

Jin: No point in denying it. For me, your father was like a little brother I never had. I'd always play around and watch over him. His beaming smile and kindness are what always made my day.

Marina: I see. I believe Father will be very happy to see you again.

Xaizor: Still, that doesn't make us Dad and that was completely not cool!

Jin: I-I was just trying to help!

Marina: Well, it did help me. Thank you, Mister Jin. I feel a little calmer now.

Jin: It was nothing, Marina. I'm glad you're feeling less under the weather.

Xaizor: ... Well, it did distract me a bit, so I can't say it didn't work somehow. Still, that's not what's going to calm me down though.

Xaizor: I know! Since my mood's back a bit, you're training with me today, Jin!

Jin: Well, I got nothing against training, so it's fine for me! My regimen is hard, so I hope you can keep up!

Xaizor: I'll show you then! You'll be pale once we start!

Albeit weird, Jin's idea worked somehow. With Marina and Xaizor now distracted, the walk went far more calmer and they began talking about other topics.

Location: Summer Area - Forbidden Forest

Fuindor looked to the town at the very entrance of the Forbidden Forest. It was the home of many beastkin, but it's considered a haunted spot for the rest of the city. People who went inside were attacked by violent beastkin, all happening in secrecy and during the nighttime. With the number of disappearances growing, the town prohibited entrance to the forest, even to the authorities.

Fuindor: (Will there be a day where we can walk alongside humanity once more? If not, are we fated to live in secret until when?)
???: Hey, whatcha looking at?

Fuindor: GAH!! Get away!! *draws sword*

BGM: An Unpopular Location

???: Whoa, whoa, calm down! Put that blade away, dude!

Fuindor: Oh, it's just you Zeroken. You startled me...

Wind's Prideful Wolf

Zeroken: Did something happen for you to be like this right up in the morning, swinging your sword at everyone you meet?

Fuindor: Had a nightmare... a horrible one. Hunters everywhere, burning the forest and killing the others...

Zeroken: That's... horrible indeed.

Fuindor: Yeah, I know. It's what I'm trying to avoid at all costs. I don't want us to go extinct...

Zeroken: I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. You wouldn't let your family die as if it was nothing.

Fuindor: You're right. I won't let that happen. I swore that to Gramps and I'll see it through.

Zeroken: There, that's the spirit! Now don't get all gloomy for the day.

Fuindor: Heheh... thanks, Zeroken. You managed to cheer me up a bit.

Fuindor: Say, I still don't buy the whole demon thing. Are you sure you're not a werewolf, wolfskin or something like that?

Zeroken: No, I'm a demon. I come from the Netherworld and I'm not related to beastkin.

Fuindor: If that's the case, then what are you doing here? You haven't told me that yet.

Zeroken: Ahaha... you see... I was trying to get somewhere and I, uh, took the wrong the direction and ended up here...

Fuindor: ... pffft... that sounds like you a lot...

Zeroken: Hey, don't laugh! C'mon, I'd be miserable if it wasn't for you helping me!

Fuindor: Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I'm heading down to town. There's something I gotta check there.

Zeroken: Alright then. Good luck to you! Hope you find whatever you need!

Fuindor: Also, don't talk about my nightmare with the others. I don't want Kaden going all worried and listening to Keaton and Yoichi making fun of it will be too much for my head...

Zeroken: Sure thing! Your secret's safe with me!

Fuindor transformed into his human form and left to the town. He wanted to see if he could visit Sumireko at the hospital, but he needed to find Orie first.

Location: Summer Area - Ryoukan Tsurugiya Inn

After a good night of sleep, Lizzy woke up and left the inn. She was rather tired of all the walking yesterday and rather bothered, but she still needed to do what she was instructed.

Lizzy: OK, so if I remember right, I need to go somewhere called "Hakurei Shrine"... right? I think that was the name but I'm hell as unsure as I can be.

Lizzy: But seriously, he could've explained more to me! I mean, for God's sake, throwing me into another world again?! I do owe him, but be more gentle! I'm a lady, not some sort of toy!

Lizzy: I don't even know where I am exactly in this town! ARGH, this is so FRUSTRATING!

She looked around to see if there was someone who could help her. However, there was no one at the street at the moment. She sighed and sat at one of the tables.

Lizzy: I hate my life... this is so annoyingly frustrating... all I want is to see Agni in peace. Is that so bad?

World: Renovation
Location: Gummi Ship "Renovation's Might" - Cafeteria

The raptor skidded to a stop in front of her and wiggled with anticipation, and followed along with her as she led him closer to Victor and Agni. "Hey." She said. "Want to see a trick. C'mon boy." She patted the dinosaur on the side and it stopped its wiggling as Georgia laid the steak perfectly across his snout. "Easy, easy. Wait for it." She said, stepping backwards as Snopes held stock still, his eyes intently focused on the treat. Georgia snapped her fingers, and in a flash the raptor jerked his head, tossed the steak into the air and snapping in down in three quick snaps of his jaw. "Hahaha, good boy." She said, walking over and scratching him on the neck. He made a low rumble in his throat and leaned into it.

Georgia turned back to Victor as the third brother now sauntered up. "You can touch him if you want. C'mon over here, I've got him well trained. He's gentle as a lamb if you're not trying to kill me."

BGM: Dose of Innocence

"*gasp* That was SO COOL!! He's so smart! Dinosaurs are awesome!" Victor spoke, showering whatever shards of innocence he had. He loved animals and, for whatever reason, animals tended to love him. That's when Georgia told that he could pet him. "Really?! Pet him?! Agni, I can do that, right? Right?!" Victor asked, completely excited. "I am against the idea. He could bite you off and-" Ignitio commented but Victor interrupted him. "SHHH!! I'm not asking you, stupid Ignitio! I'm asking Agni!" Ignitio could only look and get mad at Victor's snarky attitude. "Well, but you are a spoiled 22-year old brat, are you not?! You are a prince, Victor! Act like one!!" Ignitio tried to correct him, but Victor looked at him and showed his tongue, like a 6-year old child would do. The eldest of the trio was ready to snap, but Agni began to talk.

"If she gave you the permission, then you can pet him. Be careful, though. he's a dinosaur, not a dog." He spoke. Ignitio stood dumbfounded, with his mouth open, as Victor smiled from ear to ear and approached the raptor. He then began to pet the dinosaur's head. "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Who's the best meat-eating boy? Yes you are, hehe!" Victor laughed, completely happy about the situation. Ignitio sighed at how Victor was being innocent while Agni also rose a smile. "I still cannot believe you are letting him pet a dinosaur, Agni. You are far too lenient with Victor." Ignitio complained. "Stop complaining for at least two minutes. We're trying to get a friendly ambient here." Agni spoke.

"Hehe! He's so obedient and cool! This is the best!" Victor commemorated, but hit Agni's chest. Suddenly, his armor began to glow and fade away. Agni's hair grew all white, his heterochromatic eyes went into a deep shade of purple and normal clothing appeared under his armor. The last thing was a pair of pegasus wing hairpins forming on his hair, both on the left and the right side. "A-Aaaahh! I-I'm sorry, Agni! I didn't mean to deactivate your armor!" Victor apologized. "It's fine. I was planning to deactivate it sooner or later, so it's OK." Agni spoke.
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