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1 yr ago
Current Well...after coming back I still run into the start a rp then dumb after three posts...come on people! I mean, I’ve had five people in a row vanish on me. Is it me?
3 yrs ago
So is anyone else in this state where no one, and I mean, no one is replying anymore?
3 yrs ago
Okay....I’m getting sick of this. I have no one answering anymore. I started four rod and all four backed out. I’m not sure why I’m even trying seems no one wants to write with me anymore
4 yrs ago
Sorry to everyone I am writing with! I have been gone on trips and road trips and finally just got back so I will be replying very soon
4 yrs ago
I am sorry to all those I have been playing with. I had my wonderful baby girl beginning of December and and now just finally getting back to normal life. Well as normal as it can be being a mom.


I am Megara Foxfire and I have been on the site for around five years now. I am married to a wonderful man who makes me happy every day and I am a interior designer. I am at home with our daughter and I love to write to pass my time when I'm not cleaning my house or doing other wife things.

I love doing 1X1 role-plays and I love using thread or pms. I either go off my interest thread, which I have one that is more updated going or I have a list of charters that I am working on to base plots on. If you are interested in being partners just PM me and I'll talk with ya on ideas. I write causal, sometimes higher if the story grabs me.

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When they found the inn ash got down carefully and rubbed her horses neck while leading him into the stables. She looked at Carth and as she got her horse settled said “I don’t know about you but food sounds amazing right now. And a bath after. Shall we find a room and dinner?”
Ash nodded and said “yes, my captain sometimes calls me the Siren. I’m not sure where I picked it up, I was just able to do it when the captain found me...” she looked around and pointed up ahead. “Up there, just follow those lights”
I bet, it’s been one nightmare after another here.
Ash laid on her horses back, letting her ears recover as they kept going on their path. After a while she was able to sit up again and said softly “thanks...we should reach the next village soon...then we can get food and rest for the night...with all of this traveling at night is not a good idea...”

She watched his back for a while then said “so your a fire user?”
No worries, I totally get it. Hubby is working from home now and I’m expecting a new little one in November. It’s been crazy
Sounds perfect. I’m excited.
Alright that sounds good. Would you like to start us off?
I’m fine either way, so that’s up to you
So is there anything else we need?
Easy to do that. We can use the imprinting idea on here.
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