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Glad to hear it. I'd like to keep everything moving smoothly.
I have two questions. Can I make a mercenary group? And what is the technology level.

First question's answer is yes. Second question: It's pre-WW1 (around 1907) so bolt-action rifles, machine guns, artillery, things like that for the main continent, around 1750 (muskets, swords, cannons) for Soiryndia (the Asia-equivalent, basically)
Yllendyr Imperial Sovereignty

Tha prostatéfsoume tous echthroús mas apó ton eaftó tous... we shall protect our enemies from themselves.

A long time ago, a golden age prevailed in the world of V’landriel. Adventurers traveled across the realms, and from them arose great heroes. Mighty and ancient races clashed on the battlefield, elves and dwarves, humans and orcs, halflings and ogres alike. Brotherhoods were forged, and many quests for the destiny of kings and peoples were undertaken. All who lived in this time knew it was an age of glory. Honour was found in arms and service as knights, in wizardry and mastery of powerful magicks, in communion with nature and spirits. Many names reside still in the books of lore of the great and mighty.

When a golden age such as that passes, when its luster begins to fade, how does the world move on? What, indeed, is the bravery of heroes worth in an age where it is set against the swift, cold, and merciless delivery of mechanized death?

Greetings and welcome to the world of V’landriel, your stereotypical generic high fantasy setting… taken seven hundred years in the future, taken to a grim, dark mockery of what it once resembled. Most of the known world is ruled by the Imperial Yllendyr Sovereignty, a jingoist, nationalist dark elf empire which has enslaved millions of individuals belonging to other, “inferior” races, with the remaining parts embattled in futile resistance. Is it possible to rekindle the dying light of a world descending inevitably into dystopia?

This RP will function as a dual/hybrid system of both nation and group/individual RP. I, as the controller of the Imperium, will essentially function as the canvas on which most of the RP takes place, and guide the RP’s major events and plotline. Other people will be playing the Dominions, constituent subjects of the Imperium which exist under their control at the start of the RP, as well as the remaining independent nations outside of the Imperium in its vicinity. This RP is also open to people wishing to play organizations or groups of some kind, as well as individuals, and sign-up sheets for people interested in those aspects have also been included below.
Map and Lore:

This map represents the whole Northern Hemisphere of the world of V'landriel, the central stage for this RP's events. Blank regions are uninhabited by civilized peoples. Onindyr nations (those on the left) have a early 1900s pre-WW1 tech level, while those in Soiryndia (the right continent and islands) have a more outdated tech level due to lack of contact, equivalent to around the mid-1700s.

World Summary:

Listed below is a simple summary of the Imperium, its constituent Dominions, and the other independent nations which currently exist in the world of V'landriel.

The Imperial Yllendyr Sovereignty (Otherwise known as the Yllendyr Imperium or just Imperium):

The incredibly powerful, autocratic, and heavily discriminatory Yllendyr Imperium stands at the centre of this world, as a superpower and hegemon which has successfully subjugated the entire continent of Onindyr. With industrial and military technology currently existing at pre-WW1 levels, it was able to conquer the majority of the more backward countries surrounding it with ease, and has begun expanding railroads and industry to many of the dominions under its rule. Its economy runs extensively to this day off of slave labour, which all non-elves are potentially subject to (unless vassal nobility or rich enough to pay themselves off) The nation is run as an absolute monarchy under the control of the Vyalviur dynasty, of whom the current Emperor is the 75th Emperor Naerzo Vyalviur. The thirteen conquered nations of which the Imperium is comprised of are known as the Thirteen Dominions, and further details about each are listed below.

Administrative Regions of the Imperium

- Imperial Crownlands: The core territories of the Imperium, from which the Yllendyr hail. The beating economic heart of the Imperium, as well as its centre of authority in the capital, Ylleria. Formerly a disparate variety of squabbling Yllendyr kingdoms, it was unified about 250 years ago, and shortly thereafter its imperial expansion began. (Played by me)
- Vershellen Dominion (First Dominion): A largely rural, peaceful country of Silvyr (wood elves) annexed by the Imperium early on and integrated very well into the Imperium. Also known for being a cultural heartland of the Imperium, source of many of its musicians. (NPC, currently run by me)
- Solynen Dominion (Second Dominion): A highly religious nation of Solendyr (sun elves) worshipping the sun. A very traditional and regimented society, whereby the Son of the Sun rules with absolute authority, overseen by the Imperial viceroy. (Played by @Crispy Octopus)
- Hrothgrad Dominion (Third Dominion): A nation composed of three parts, humans, elves and dwarves. Though dwarves are the dominant race there, they exist in a symbiotic and dependent trade relationship with the other two. A major mining and industrial heartland of the Imperium. (NPC, currently run by me)
- Avalyr Dominion (Fourth Dominion): --- (Played by @Aptrgangr)
- Cragenland Dominion (Fifth Dominion): Once the primary homeland of the orks, from which they would ravage and pillage most of the rest of the continent of Onindyr, invasion by the Imperium and subsequent annihilation and slavery of most of the ork population has decimated their numbers and left the country for the most part a barren wasteland of harsh climate and harsh conditions. (NPC, currently run by @Zealossus)
- The Old Forest (Sixth Dominion): The one truly undocumented area of the Imperium, the Old Forest is not so much a country as it is a loose coalition of forest denizens in many diverse varieties, mostly untouched by civilization. After the beginnings of an Imperium invasion, the residents of the forest agreed to become a tributary region rather than face further devastation. It exists in a state of limbo, both part of the Imperium and not. (NPC, currently run by me)
- Kingdom of Endaria (Seventh Dominion): Land of war and opportunity, the Kingdom of Endaria is a factional nation of Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. The factions vie for dominance to unite the people of this nation under a single banner. The island was recently unified under Zealossus Laniset, the Seventh King of Endaria. (Played by @Doom Chief)
- Supreme Monarchy of Evrimalar (Eighth Dominion): A largely agrarian country of humans ruled by an "elven" dynasty of humans masquerading as elves to hold it over the general populace. In practice, however, this government is largely incompetent and has little control, serving as puppets to the Yllendyr and intelligent dragons whom us them as cattle and servants. Many wild dragons inhabit the southern mountains, and periodically raid both southern Evrimalar and northern Avalia. (NPC, currently run by me)
- Principality of Ahnr (Ninth Dominion): --- (NPC, currently run by me)
- Lierian Dominion (Tenth Dominion): A nation of immigrants, locals and hybrids, Lieria is a bit of an oddity within the Imperium. Having joined peacefully years prior it has now evolved into a complex mess of old superstitions and religious practices intertwining with sprawling modern cities. Known for it's multi-layered, colourful cities, vast railway networks and gigantic factories, Lieria is a land of opportunity, commerce, industrialisation and danger. (Played by @Rina Daltis)
- Otomazu Shogunate (Eleventh Dominion): A traditional, hierarchical society whose ruling dynasty embraced the Imperium upon their arrival with open arms, seeking to bring progress tot their nation. The country is still very much split to this day, with a ruling class who have gradually become more and more Yllendyr-oriented and cooperative, and lower classes whom still harbor resentment for their nation's conquest. (NPC, currently run by me)
- Avalian Dominion (Twelfth Dominion): A society split between Valkyrians (bird humanoids) and humans, in which many ideological and societal rifts exist. Historically united against external enemies, but with the Imperium's rise these threats have more or less been tamed. A civil war is inevitable if the Imperium's authority ever wanes. (Played by @Skepic)
- Vaspen Dominion (Thirteenth Dominion): A former strong rival of the Yllendyr, and consequently the last to be defeated by them. A highly militaristic and disciplined society, which takes itself and its military service seriously. Contains an active resistance movement against the Imperium in the deepest parts of its northern mountains, with the general support of the populace, even though they haven't been able to rebel directly. (Played by @Ben1730)

Independent Nations

The independent nations of the world of V'landriel all currently exist on the continent of Soiryndia, to the east, where they survive outside the clutches of the industrialized and much more technologically advanced nations of the West. Only a thin connection exists between the two continents, and crossing over was until recent years fairly impossible due to the extreme difficulty of the terrain and sea monsters common in the region known for being able to take down wooden vessels quite easily.

Radiant Empire of Amrea: An ancient empire ruled by the Amarapito, said to be born from the union of elves with mystical beasts of the forest, the Empire of Amrea stands as the foremost power in the lands of Soiryndia. Flanked by the Tunza Mountains in the East, the sea in the West and the Aarehan Jungles of the South, the Empire's sole frontier is that of the steppes occupied by the former Fararual Luminescence. Such safety has in turn allowed the Amreans to prosper in relative peace and security; bountiful harvests from the Rivers Yin and Kara allowing its population to boom, people to prosper, and civilization to flourish. From the Golden City in Chojin the Empress Kömyö rules, though much of her four-year reign has been spent in silent contemplation of the state of the known world, and what must be done to set things right. (Played by @Predawnia)
Free States of New Galia: New Galia is a country of runaway slaves, who at one time fled away en masse, even willing to risk the perilous sea journey to Soiryndia. Though many were sunk en route, still others arrived on its shores and managed to pull together the rudiments of a new civilization. The country exists today as a paragon of democracy in an overwhelmingly authoritarian world, bound together by their common ancestral plight even as they are threatened by the Imperium's newfound colonial expansion. (Played by @Sigma)
Miranid Empire: The Miranid Empire is a rising and upstart power in the north of Soiryndia, having sprung, together with the Unbroken Host, from the collapse of the Fararual Luminescence a century ago and its ensuing power vacuum. The Empire is built not on hereditary claim or lineage, but entirely on right of conquest. The Empire's namesake is Miran Shaykh Gurkani, the warlord that stands at the helm of this nation with a divine mission to reunite the lands. Miranid is thereby not an ethnic denommer but a purely political one; 'The subjects of Miran'. The nation comprises of many tribes and races, both pastoralist and sedentary. The most prominent race, to which Miran himself also belongs, are the 'Üarim', a bastard race of Man of Fire Elf descent. (Played by @Grijs)
Unbroken Host: The Unbroken Host is an aggressively expansionist theocratic regime that sprang up in the east of Soyrindia in the wake of the fall of the Fararuals. Formed from both Üarim states from the north and nomadic steppe peoples from the southeast, it is ruled by the God-Seer, an enigmatic figure that preaches a faith built on ancient prophecies and claims of his own divinity. Not unlike the Miranids, the Unbroken Host is based entirely on political and military influence, and is thus highly ethnically diverse. It currently seeks to spread its dominion at the cost of advancing at an unsustainable rate. (Played by @Oraculum)
Al Baqi Sheikhdom: Al Baqi is a desert sheikhdom under the rule of Sheikh Said IV Abd al-Aziz ibn Fawzi. Its thousand years of history along the four ancestral river valleys of Eastern Soiryndia carry the influence of war, politics and religious and cultural disputes that still impact the country to this day. Separated into four major clans, the human majority all live their lives in accordance with their cultural contexts, many of which have led to disagreements with their peers. While the nobles have recently grown more and more interested in Amrean technology, the majority of the country's population still live as they have for millennia, reaping the rich bounty of the four rivers to fuel an extensive caravan economy. (Played by @AdorableSaucer)

Sign-Up Sheets:

Character Sign-Up Sheet (Open):

Gender, if applicable:
Appearance (Height, build, facial structure, etc.):
Titles, if any:
Strengths (including magical ability, if any):
Special Equipment/Tools/Clothing:

Organization Sign-Up Sheet (Open):

Type of Entity (religious group, revolutionary movement, corporation, etc.):

Nation Sign-Up Sheet (Currently Closed):

The northern hemisphere is currently full of nations, however this will be updated if any spots open. For now, feel free to drop a post in the OOC if you're interested in filling in as one of the Dominions (already-existing fixed NPC nations) or playing in the southern hemisphere, when this region is mapped.

Nation Name:
Flag (Optional):
Type of Government:
Head(s) of Government:
Economy (Main imports, exports, industries, technology level, etc.):
Primary Species:
Religious and Other Beliefs:
Magic Prevalence/Usage and Elemental Alignment (see note below):
History/Background Info:

Note for Magic: This RP uses a slightly unique magic system essentially based around elemental magic (fire, earth, water, air).
Mages of each type can only manipulate the physical world in that element. There is also a fifth element of mage. Mind mages are able to access other creatures’ minds, and perform feats such as telepathy and vision through and control of animals and low-intelligence sentient beings such as goblins, etc. Each species will have an alignment towards one of the five elements, and that will be specified under each species or national data. The alignment means most individuals of that species that can use magic will be able to use that type of magic, but not all. Mages are a small proportion of the population, perhaps 1/1000 for most races and 1/250 for most elves (but elves have a higher proportion of mages with limited or little abilities). Finally, magic should not be extremely overpowered, as technology has more or less usurped its role in this universe.


1. Obvious stuff. No godmodding, no powerplaying (beyond a healthy interest in your nation/character/organization's welfare), generally follow the spirit of the RP and be courteous to your fellow RPers.
2. Time. So time in this RP will pass at a fixed rate of one month per two IRL weeks, unless agreed upon to skip forward to the next month. This means the first two weeks are February, the third and fourth weeks are March, and so on. During the two-week intervals, however, you should be free to explore the events of that month on whatever pace you deem fit. You could talk about what happens on the 2nd and what happens on the 31st all in the same post. You are free to do as many flashbacks as you like as well to previous months. As long as it's consistent with your neighbors and people you're interacting with. The time is set that way to allow you freedom of creativity while still having a fixed passage that’s easy to understand. If you miss posts during a month, you’ll just have to catch up by posting about events during that month, but don’t expect people to change past events or posts to accomodate you.
3. Posting rate. Please follow the general rule of allowing two or three people to post before you before you post again for a second time. If you want to do dialogue back-and-forth, try to consult with the player and post the whole conversation as a co-op post.
4. Deal with the prospect of separatism, revolution, and the repressive government seriously. Your organization/individual/nation should *not* simply be able to overthrow Imperial control in a single or a few posts or totally evade any sort of difficulty with them, there should be a duration of time that it takes to be able to overcome that kind of resistance.


If you've read this far, I greatly appreciate it and hope you'll sign up for this RP and help to build a very unique fantasy world along with our already dedicated group!

Major credit to Voltus_Ventus and Willy Vereb for ideas that went into the making of this RP.

There is a Discord for this RP, if you are interested, drop a message in the OOC or PM me and I'll PM you an invite. We conduct a great deal of our discussion there, but I'll try to check the OOC frequently and keep it lively.
The Final Hours of Peace

February 17th, 4907 YDC (Yllendyr Dynastic Calendar)
Ylleria, Capital of the Imperial Yllendyr Sovereignty

Temdra awoke from her slumber at the sound of banging on the door. "What on earth is it," she mumbled to herself. She opened one eye to the clock on the wall. Four AM. Of course. She had quite enough of these stuffy nobles and their sense of entitlement. They couldn't be bothered to find any of the maids on duty, so naturally they would rap on her door. She begrudgingly rose, throwing on her uniform as fast as possible before answering the door. What she expected was some drunken nobleman, but what she saw instead was one of her fellow maids, Idedri.

"Temdra, I'm sorry to bother you so early, but they called for all of our attendance." Temdra's eyebrows shot up in surprise even before the next words came out of her mouth. "The Emperor is dying." The elderly king had been sick for a long time, so this shouldn’t have surprised her, but still, it was a shock.


Temdra stood alongside Idedri and the other maids at the edge of the room. It was the royal bedchamber, a place Temdra had only before dreamed of seeing, as personal maid to the Fifth (and last) Prince, Nidrak, a young boy of sixteen years old. The old stone castle walls were adorned with the personal sigil of the 75th Emperor, a basilisk on a yellow shield. There in the center of the room, the wizened old king lay in the ornate silver-framed bed, speaking softly with his wife the Empress. The two twin brothers, the Second Princes, Olarth and Ecruir, sat on opposite sides of the bed next to him, and for good reason. The two had been rivals ever since they were born, since some maid had mixed the two up sixty years ago and it wasn’t sure which one had been born first. They were convinced they both couldn’t be second, which meant one of them had to be third. The two’s bitterness was born in those early years of their childhood, but it only grew more intense over the years as they competed for their father’s favouritism. Only their father’s imminent demise calmed the two enough to not fight while in the same room. They couldn’t resist occasionally directing a stray glare at the other, though. The Fourth Prince, Filadi, sat at the end of the bed, crying.

Missing was the Crown Prince, Vomlur. He was a handsome, strong, confident man, the man no one doubted would rule powerfully in his father’s absence. He mourned his father’s sickness when it began, but a gleam had begun to shine in his eyes for the last few days. It was clear he relished the thought of his reign beginning after so long standing in the background at official events.

The absence of the Crown Prince had begun to disturb the Empress. Empress Madessi called Temdra over, and she hurried swiftly to her side.

“Do fetch my son for me, I have no idea what he is doing but it surely can’t be more important than this.”

“Yes, my Empress. At once.”

Temdra quickly scurried out of the room, as a mouse might when commanded by a lion. She had never before even been spoken to by the Empress, and to have been issued a task like this was a great honour. She retraced her steps back down the royal hall, towards the Princes’ rooms.

Arriving at Vomlur’s door, she reached out, and then trembling, hesitated to knock. That brief seconds-long hesitation was just long enough for another sound to ring out.

A cry of terrible pain. A cry of death.

Temdra jumped in surprise, and slammed the door open. “My prince, what happene…”

Before her, lying in a pool of blood, was the Crown Prince himself.

It took some time for Temdra to collect herself, and then she sprinted. Sprinted to the royal bedroom, because she had to tell the Emperor before –

The Empress was crying. The Emperor lay lifeless, eyes closed.

And at this moment, Temdra became the first person to realize that the Imperium itself was about to die with him.

Empress Madessi turned to her. “Where is he? Where is my son?”

“Assassins… someone killed him.”

At that exact moment, you could have heard the tiniest pin drop. The Empress’s face fell, and the tears flew down her cheeks. And the two men in whom the future of the Imperium rested looked up at each other. A look of challenge, and a look of hatred.

Olarth spoke first. “It’s necessary that someone step forward to lead this nation in this difficult time. Clearly we need someone with maturity to handle that task, so my brother obviously doesn’t fit the role.”

Ecruir rose from the bed and stepped around it. “Maturity, you say. What kind of maturity do you show, sleeping with human harlots desperate for a chance with dark elf royalty, exactly?”

Olarth visibly bristled. “My personal choices do not impact my ability to lead this nation. I have consulted with many of Father’s advisors about the business of state. Whereas you have done what, exactly? Played with your toy soldiers and swords in the business of war which has been obsolete for sixty years?”

“Perhaps it impacts the nation, indeed.” A fire blossomed in Ecruir’s eyes as he approached his brother. “How many filthy halfbreeds have you brought into the world, polluting our nation’s blood with that of pale-skinned savages? The last thing we need as a monarch in this country is a disgusting human-lover.” Ecruir spat on Olarth’s shoe.

Olarth looked utterly in shock. “Fine then, if it’s a battle you want to play at, it’s a battle you’ll get.” He pulled his sword from his waistband. He gestured for his guard to move up alongside him.

“Gladly.” Ecruir did the same. They appeared about to leap at each other, when their brother, the Fourth Prince, shoved his way in between them.

“Stop! This is madness! You’re literally fighting over our father’s dead body! Do neither of you have any shame?”

Ecruir growled. “Step out of my way, right now, or face the consequences.” Filadi crossed his arms and shook his head.

“So be it.” Ecruir skewered his younger brother, to the shock of everyone in the room. He pushed his body to the side, and waved his rapier disdainfully. “Less competition.”

“You’ll pay for that!” Olarth leaped at his brother, and the first shots rang out. Temdra, fearing for her life, hid under the nearest table. “Idedra, get under here!” she shouted at her fellow maid, standing stock-still and frozen, right before crossfire ripped through her chest and she fell to her knees.

Guards were shooting at one another, the two princes were dueling, and all the while the now Empress Mother wailed at the carnage that had taken two of her sons and her husband alike.

Temdra, during a brief respite in the fighting, leapt out from under the table and bolted out the door. Her first thought was to warn the Fifth Prince. She didn’t want to get him caught up in all this. But when she opened the door, she was surprised to see the boy already packing.

“What are you doing?” Temdra asked, dumbfounded.

“What does it look like?” Nidrak shook his head at his maidservant. “You never were particularly good at this sort of deductive reasoning, were you?” He smiled. “Do you think I’m just going to wait around for one of my brothers to kill me because I might be a threat? I need to get out of here as fast as possible.”

He grabbed his bags and just before departing the doorframe, added: “Ecruir probably killed the Crown Prince to have a shot at the throne, and I certainly expect he won’t have second thoughts about killing me.”

“But where will you go?” Temdra replied.

“Anywhere. It has to be better than here.” The sound of gunshots reverberated down the hall, and pricking his ears, Nidrak nodded. “Thank you for everything.” The boy ran the opposite direction, towards the entrance to the Vermillion Citadel and the city outside. Temdra ran to her room to gather her things and do the same. On the way, she ran past Olarth, wounded and being dragged by the Empress Mother, with her bodyguard providing cover fire from the troops after them.

The fate of a world had been set in chaos by a single knife. Not a soul outside of the Vermillion Citadel knew it yet, but the world was about to change… forever.

February 17th, 4907 YDC (Yllendyr Dynastic Calendar)
Outskirts of Treaty Port of Nilrandell, Otomazu Shogunate

It was fairly cold, cloudless night in the camp, just outside of the city walls of Nilrandell, the full moon shining brightly in the otherwise empty sky. The city had been built as part of the surrender terms of the Otomazu Shogunate, as a provincial capital from which the Yllendyr could do business and oversee the country, and was home to many different species, much like the inhabitants of the camp itself.

This was the 27th Auxiliary Legion of the Imperial Army of the Yllendyr, a dignified name for a group of recently cobbled together recruits from the various provinces. The army was mostly human, dwarf and ork, with a few others mixed in and of course the Dark Elf officers.

One such of these officers, likely one of the lowest ranked in the entire camp, sat idly on her bunk, polishing her revolver and swinging her leg back and forth. She was waiting for dinner. It was her last month in the Army, having served nearly all of her five-year term, and she could feel her sense of impatience surrounding all things growing. Her name was Lunastri Gamma; as an orphan discovered in the Hrothgrad Dominion she was given a letter last name according to the number of that dominion, in this case the third.

A bell rang in the distance, a bell every soldier knew by instinct: it was time for food. She heard the sound of boots plopping into the sand all around her, and after a moment’s hesitation, she followed along.

It wasn’t long before she arrived in the queue at the mess hall. The centaur in front of her was complaining loudly about the quality of the food being unfit for him, so she quickly tuned that out. Hoping for a good conversation, she glanced behind herself only to be met with the glare of a Yamato man. Okay, not a particularly wise idea. She sighed, resigned herself to dinner alone, and grabbed her food as it came.

Sitting down at a random table, she slowly and reluctantly consumed the corned beef in front of her. The seats around her rapidly filled up, and strangely, there was a lot more silence than usual, other than the usual murmuring of the radio. She tapped the shoulder of the human next to her. “Hey, do you know why everyone’s so quiet today?”

The human looked at her dumbfounded, like she was some kind of weird bug. An ordinary Yllendyr would slap him across his face for his insubordination, but she just let it go. “So? What is it?”

“You haven’t heard?” He gestured at the dwarf radio operator across from him. The dwarf pulled it out of his satchel and placed it on the table in front of him, turning it on. “It’s some right unpleasant business, that's for sure.” The dwarf shook his head.

“-for our listeners just tuning in, the Imperium is formally in a state of civil war, a war that observers are terming the ‘War of the Twin Emperors.’ The 75th Emperor Naerzo is dead of natural causes at the age of 162, and the Crown Prince has allegedly been assassinated by hostile foreign spies.”

Lunastri gasped in shock.

“The twin Second Princes, both claiming legitimacy to the Sovereignty’s throne, have both been crowned as the 76th Emperor. Ecruir has been crowned in the Vermillion Palace, and Olarth in the major southern city of Altairis. The War of the Twin Emperors has sharply divided the nation, as various territories of the Crownlands have declared for either side, and several dominions have as well. The followers of Ecruir claim he is the legitimate heir, having been officially sanctioned and receiving coronation in the Vermillion Palace, and the followers of Olarth allege that Ecruir is responsible for the death of Filadi, the Fourth Prince, and that his rule is illegitimate. Initial skirmishes between the two opposing pretenders have already broken out in the Crownlands.”

“As follows, these Dominion governments have declared for Emperor Ecruir: Evrimalar, Anhr, Cragenland, Vaspen and Otomazu. For Emperor Olarth: Vershellen, Hrothgrad, and Avalia. The remainder of dominions have chosen to remain neutral thus far. As well, the Order of Imperial Sentinels has declared neutrality in this conflict. When a representative was contacted for comment, he replied, ‘The Order’s role is to serve the one true Emperor or Empress. If there are two Emperors, there is no true Emperor. We will not intervene until one is found.”

“News of this succession war has given way to massive protests and riots in cities across the Imperium. There are rumours of especially severe unrest in Vaspen and Otomazu, and chaotic and conflicting reports of military clashes in Avalia. The Imperial Auxiliary Legions are being deployed to quell unrest from counterimperial, barbarian forces. The Securitariat is advising all citizens to remain in their homes to avoid this dangerous..."

"Well, there goes my bet on getting out of the army without ever having to fight a war." Lunastri grimaced, and stabbed the beef in front of her in a futile expression of rage.


When she had finished her meal, Lunastri wandered outside to look at the moon, as she often did. Her fingers wandered to the crescent shape on her neck, touching it idly.

"Eluna, you know I'm not a praying woman, but... if you exist, please help me. Please save my world. Do something."

She looked up for several minutes, but the moon did not much more than glow in response, much as she expected. She sighed. She went to clean her rifle, since she was almost certainly going to need it.
This is the thread where completed, approved sheets (either for nations, organizations or individual characters) will be posted.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or want to sign up, post all of that here!


-reserved for prologue-
In light of how few people have signed up, we're going to have to move this back to the NRP section simply because the majority of posters will be NRPers. I suppose it was an ambitious experiment which didn't work out because the world is too overwhelming to get into. I'll be posting a new RP tomorrow there and get started. However, if you saw this RP and remain interested, don't hesitate to post here or message me, as the ability to play characters and organizations will remain open forever. Thanks for reading.

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